27 April, 2006

Evolving in Reverse…

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Dysgenics a Reality

Reverse human evolution plausible, testable, U.S. biologist says

A much-derided theory that five people who walk on all fours are products of “backward evolution� is plausible, and testable, said a U.S. biologist who weighed in on the controversy last week.


The debate erupted last month after a Turkish scientist proposed that the five siblings in Turkey, who also speak what he called a primitive language, had undergone backward evolution. The claim met with skepticism, even jeers, from some fellow scientists. But Keith Crandall of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, said the idea is nothing extraordinary, calling it a “nice and testable hypothesis.�

Reverse evolution occurs when an organism returns to the genetic state of its ancestors, said Crandall, who wrote a paper on the topic in the Oct. 2003 issue of the research journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. In that work, he wrote that reverse evolution is documented in various organisms, such as fish that lose their eyes after living in dark caves for generations.


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    1. Aryans from Apes? Says:

      We Aryans evolved from apes? … Sure. Whatever you say professor.

      Descend towards apes? … Now you’re onto something, Doc.

    2. Friedrich Braun Says:

      George “they hate us for our freedom and democracy” Bush proves the theory of reverse human evolution every day.

    3. H,Schneider Says:

      there are enough white women that run around with blacks, that proves the theory quite well. Amazing however that barely any white guys go around with black women….

    4. Mark Says:

      In our former, natural, non-Judaized state, we had a masculine-feminine balance. Our men were masculine and our women were feminine. Now we are in disarray. If we can rid ourselves of the mental illness, our men and women will return to each other.

    5. whiteskelet Says:

      “there are enough white women that run around with blacks, that proves the theory quite well. Amazing however that barely any white guys go around with black women…. ”

      That’s what the observant notices. Not our doctors in sociology. So here’s some unofficial research:

      There may be various reasons for miscegenation to occur.
      1. Propaganda
      Movies and the media consistently push some forms of miscegenation. The PC political view encourages miscegenation. Any criticism of miscegenation is forbidden. There could be destructive aims behind this propaganda.
      Propaganda could explain part of miscegenation cases, but not the really ubiquitous White male / Asian female cases.
      2. Biology
      The lighter girl / darker boy paradigm is entrenched in almost all cultures, all races.
      There’s a biological reason: in any race, women are lighter because they have more fat under their skin. In addition to colour, women pay attention to muscles, they look for muscular men. Blacks are more muscular than Whites, who are more muscular than Asians. It seems perceived IQ plays a little role in a modern woman’s tastes. Then, there is the shyness factor: Black men are very assertive, White men are more timid. White women are “easy� to allow a shy White man to score. But for a Black, they are easy sluts.
      When races live by themselves, it’s OK. When they are mixed, the paradigm causes miscegenation:
      – Black men with White women
      – White men with Asian women
      3. It’s hard to distinguish propaganda from biology among the reasons for miscegenation.
      The biological explanation seems to better explain miscegenation than propaganda, since it accounts for all striking tendencies observed.
      But if we see both reasons, maybe both exist.

      1. Short Run
      In today’s world, miscegenation couples get instant rewards, they are considered as “cool� by the media and all the PC people.
      2. Long Run
      White people, men and women, who practice miscegenation must be conscious that they are leaving the White race for good, betraying their ancestors, and choosing the side of coloured people.
      The other party in a miscegenation couple is also a race traitor.
      There’s no way back. Their offspring will share, for good or bad, the fate of coloured people, more precisely of bastardly coloured people.

      We live in very particular times, when miscegenation is looked upon favourably, and coloured people are reputed the same as White people. But times, they may change again. Something will happen, it’s almost certain.
      We live in times when one cares very little about the long term. It also shows in the economy/environment question. So you may think miscegenation is cool if you also think economic growth is cool.

      Policy Recommendations:
      It’s possible to counteract propaganda, at least in theory. But against the undeniable biological issue, segregation is the only solution. If anything, propaganda would be needed to counteract the enormous biological factors, as was the case before (when other races were implicitly regarded as inferior by Whites, one would think twice before committing miscegenation).

      A final note: it’s a good thing that at least white men don’t go for black girls, not something to regret!

    6. van helsing Says:

      Men of lighter complexions are outside more than their female counterparts and thus tan more. End of story.

      Black women, while sometimes shapely and only very occasionally facially not unattractive (whitey in the woodpile?), often appear unfeminine in some regards… man-hands anyone?

    7. Tim Johnson Says:

      I have a viscerally negative reaction to them, val helsing, not only for this reason, but because they are arrogantly stupid; you can see it in their faces. This extreme of arrogance and stupidity is achieved by them without even trying. I cannot stand to deal with them and go to any length not to do so. The first arboreals to go, comes our society, must be the females. Hell, and the males too. All of them should go. All of them. All of them.

    8. van helsing Says:

      That is how primitive warfare has to happen. Take away the ability to produce more kiddies.

    9. Jackumup Says:

      This cannot apply to the dark skin newly (Jewish) aprroved intelectuals that I view in television and movies. For they have not evolved yet

    10. B. D. Nigga Says:

      Why listen to a bunch of cracker scientists? You crackers are the same ones who invented cars (or at least you claim to have) only to discover that the cars pollute the air and kill people. Very smart! I also love to hear about the endangered species etc. When I hear “Save the whales!” my first question is , “What happende to the whales?” Then the answer comes, “We crackers have killed almost all of them!” Seems as if you crackers create chaos in order to have something to solve thus making yourselves look like saviors.

    11. vampares Says:

      The Black/White phenomenon is largely due to a degenerate influence. Things like washing hands and the frequent use of soaps and fragrances as if to wash off away an unseen dirt is in fact a biological responce to “bad” blood or unviable genetics in the population.

      Darwin would say that fish who didn’t have eyes swam into caves an this became their place. So too maybe the pale ones and these two fishes swam together into one fishes, maybe.

      It is at anyrate not a retrolution, it is an adaptation and that adaptation may be due to genetic deterioration or devolution.