24 April, 2006

“Foreigners Out”

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Foreigners Out
Resistance Imagined and Perceived

By Michael O’Meara

I wrote the following proclamation on the afternoon of April 22. That evening I happened upon the video entitled “La révolte des petits blancs,” which had been posted at fr.novopress.com on April 21. Every white nationalist ought to take heart from this video. I was especially moved: My naive proclamation, inspired by ancestors who fought alien interlopers of another kind, seemed suddenly transformed.

Not everything is clear in the video, especially when viewed on the antiquated technology I have at my disposal. But one thing does stand out: Europeans are beginning to resist the invasion.

The video begins with footage from the French Muslim race riots of November 2005. At the time, Jeunesses Identitaires (JI),the video’s producer, announced that it had staged a scouting expedition to the burning, gang-controlled suburbs north of Paris. From what follows, it is evident why these identitarians (“white nationalists” in U.S. parlence) were able to do so.

The video then turns to a daylight scene, apparently from the recent demonstrations against the globalists’ new anti-labor laws. This time we see white youth challenging the black and brown hordes who participated in the anti-globalist demonstrations in order to carry out another of their anti white raids. In one scene, a group of colored thugs attacks a white woman, intending to take her purse. Rather than the usual outcome, this time the tables are turned. A squad of JI pounces on the thugs, giving them a good beating. One identitarians says to the rescued woman: “Remember me: I’m one of the dirty whites (sales blancs)” — a term that leftists, Jews, and the controlled media apply to petits blancs whenever they fight back.

This scene is followed by several others, and then a series of slogans, not all of which I was able to decipher.

“In the face of terror, a single response.”

The “response” is illustrated by a street scene in which JI youth confront a horde of thugs and succeed in driving them from the street. This is followed by shots of a demonstration in which the JI appears in military-like formation, behind a banner bearing a mailed fist. Another series of slogans appear.

“Because we no longer want to see our people live in the misery imposed on them by big capital and ethnic [read Jewish] bankers.”

“Because we live in an age of unprecedented challenges and have an enormous responsibility to history.”

“Because we want the right to live, like every other people, in our own land in our own way.”

“We’ve chosen to resist.”

“Our revolt is legitimate.”

“You will find us wherever the battle breaks out…”

“We refuse to let our people be treated like strangers in their own land.”

“We’re guided by solidarity. A fighting solidarity if need be.”

“Against the multinationals, the corrupt politicians, and the colored scum, JI forms a single bloc.”

These slogans are followed by scenes of more leafletting. And then the secret of this remarkable assertion of white pride is revealed, as we see the JI at its training camp, preparing its members for the street battles to come. The final scene is a torch-lit march in which the JI symbolically takes back the night.

The final slogan: “Join the resistance.”

Below is the text of my proclamation. I wrote it without thought of posting it. But it’s obviously a manifestation of something greater. For in the heartland of our ancient race, the Resistance has at last begun. It is my fervent hope that its spark will be fanned and that the ensuing conflagration will burn away the scum that threatens to engulf us.

The subversion is approaching its tipping point. Our mismanaged lives no longer risk mere exploitation, manipulation, and humiliation, but the terror of extinction.

Though the New Class politicians and the Zionist mafia controlling the corporate, electronic, and brain-washing apparatuses of the existing anti-white system have governed us for decades for the sake of their predatory interests, their perfidy still remains a mystery to most of our benighted people. But what fool among us doesn’t instinctually feel that the foreign hordes — born of a different line and color — are not an imminent threat to our survival?

To those who care to see, it is obvious that if we don’t soon reassert claim to our lands, our biosphere, our destiny, we will die. For the hordes have already begun to control our streets, siphon our wealth, violate our daughters and sisters, soil our culture, and offend everything we hold dear.

They will soon replace us — us being not just the present generation of whites, but those also who have gone before, who have given us Homer and Charles the Hammer, Heidegger and the Aryan horse-masters, the secrets of the atom, the aesthetics of the clipper ship, and the heroism of Degrelle’s Walloons.

The state, liberal or conservative, is the instrument of these subverters and collaborators, beholden as it is to foreigners. It actively promotes the destruction of Europe’s ancient bioculture. It refuses to secure the borders, caters to anti-national interests, wars on those it’s entrusted to defend. The state is no longer the unbending arm of Europe’s destiny, it’s not actually a state at all, only a mercenary enterprise to keeps us down.

The print and electronic media, the universities and high schools, the army of ignorant school teachers and pettifogging professors — purveyors of base instinct and vulgar taste — have, in alliance with the state, corrupted our youth and made us indifferent to our impending demise.

Together, these anti-whites keep open the flood gates, so that all the muddied waters of the world are able to submerge our once green and beautiful lands. Worse: The “welfare” of this refuse, they insist, is our concern — their housing, medical care, education (if the word can be used), and their monthly check — are to come from our pockets because they, the subverters and collaborators, have deemed it so. Never mind that these hordes are bankrupting us, undermining our security, polluting the social scape, making us more vulnerable, more emasculated, more contemptible.

Either we send the aliens back to the god-forsaken places from whence they came or else we die: That is the choice — in all the starkness of its unambiguity.

For the next time it won’t be the vigorous Germanic tribes, the “barbarians,” who will re-start the cycle of white being. It will be the colored savages who have invaded our living spaces. There will be, then, no Lif and Lifthrasir, secure in Yggdrasil’s embrace, to re-found the line, to follow the sun in its darkening descent and in its inevitable rising. There will be nothing, except the chaos and horror we failed to resist.

This is what death means.

Freedom, Hegel says, is the recognition of necessity. If we desire to remain free — free to be who we are, free not to accept the termination of our unique bioculture — we must learn again to worship our gods of war, those spirits standing for what is strongest and most noble in our being. Otherwise, the hideous deities of the darkening tide will seize the reigns.

We must stop lying to ourselves. Our ancestors defended their lands with sword in hand. Have we forgotten this most fundamental principle of human existence?

The gods of war must be our Juggernaut. It’s either that or death.

Foreigners Out!

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  7. 12 Responses to ““Foreigners Out””

    1. Sally Bowles Says:

      Michael O’Meara has given us a precious gift, a lyrical call to resistance. We need to remember that every occupation creates its own resistance which, if we can find our own, can overthrow the hateful occupation of our lands.

    2. Martel Says:

      It’s true!

    3. Outis Says:

      You’d think at that point he would just say “jewish”. Here he is extolling war, and still cannot bring himself to say “jewish”. Has there ever been a war in history where one side was afraid to even name the other? That could be VNN’s next contest: find such an example.

    4. Outis Says:

      Still, that was fucking inspiring.

    5. alex Says:

      Yes. Great video. Great music.

      To reclaim our honor, we must exterminate the invaders and the JEWS WHO LET THEM IN.

    6. alex Says:

      I’d love to see the petit blancs pull some burnouts of jewish vehicles, such as those media outlets calling them ‘petit blancs.’

    7. Jim West - Unjustly Banned Member of VNN Says:

      Watching that video, it’s clear that these French white nationalists are a tougher bunch than anything on the American side. They waded right into to the Muslims, kicking ass. By contrast, the NSM hides behind chain link fences walled off by a thick layer of police. The French white nationalists are shown during boxer training, so as to be better prepared to defend themselves. By contrast, the NSM have big bellies from eating too many jelly rolls at the local Dunkin’ Donuts. Really, can you see Lurch from Stormfront or Twinkle-Toes from National Vanguard leading such a face-to-face confrontation aganist that huge mass of beaners sliding over our border from Taco Land?

      God, but that video made me sick, but not for anything I saw in it. It’s what I saw OUT of it, here in America, where WN is lead by blubber-bellied morons who are too cowardly to confront the beaner invaders in the streets, as the French WNs would have done, had they been here.

    8. Jim Says:

      Jim West:
      A lot of what you say is true and I agree. However, you can’t forget that in many places in Europe, the police and courts tend to look the other way when such things occur. In the JewSA, police can’t wait to fuck you over for nothing so they can get a Scooby snack from their kike masters. There is no racial loyalty to be found in this shithole from fellow whites. And I can speak from first hand experience.

    9. Carpenter Says:

      The police and courts do not look the other way, they follow the same rules of oppression as everyone else. Just ask the French nationalists. Or the British, or Austrian.

      Jim West, I doubt the French would be fighting the Mexican invasion any more than Americans do. They have huge numbers of muds in their country, and how much have they fought them? One video does not a country make. Only fifteen percent vote for Le Pen’s Front National, when it should be a hundred percent. And when the muds and commies are out rioting, twice in a year now, the French don’t confront them.

      Still, a good video. I only wish there were more of these guys.

    10. Carpenter Says:

      I took a look at their website, http://www.jeunesses-identitaires.com/



      “Neither veiled, nor raped: don’t touch my sister!”

      [“Don’t touch my friend” is an old “anti-racist” campaign in France, the posters of which are still in use by SOS Racisme, a state-sponsored organization present at every university, usually with office space donated by the university, right next to the classrooms. Thus, this is a challenge against an official party-line slogan.]

      Through the ancient divinity of the Virgin Mary, whether passed down by the tradition of courtly love or the women who have set their mark on history (such as Catherine de Medici, Joan of Arc or the Irish revolutionaries of 1916), women have always been respected and protected in Europe.

      And that was well before feminism or equality…. European women, and especially young women, are today the primary targets and the primary victims of the Islamization of our society and of a new form of violence, marked by the sexism and the anti-White racism of which the infamous “tournantes” [slang, gang rapes] are the most odious expression.

      Whereas we do not want to see the women of Europe in veils tomorrow, whereas we have had enough of the gang rapes and the verbal and physical abuse of our young women, the Identitarian Youth has launched a campaign since March 8 2006 under the slogan “Neither veiled, nor raped: don’t touch my sister”.

    11. New America Says:

      While my knowledge of French is exactly none, I think the video offered US some ideas on how to equal it – at LEAST equal it.

      I would hope someone could find an original and download it for VNN Media…

      The video offered two basic themes – chaos, and hope, along STRICTLY RACIAL LINES.

      It was HOW this was done that is most useful for us.

      The opening shot was at NIGHT, showing very active RACIAL ALIENS rioting, destroying in minutes what they could not develop in millenia.

      A male newscaster is heard, but not seen, commenting; underneath HIS commentary, you hear a woman broadcaster being to speak; her voice gets louder, and the music begins to build to a crescendo as the camera switches to the woman broadcaster, still speaking – it is the renowned Beatrice Schonberg of France 2, her speech unbroken, is broadcasting, and the contrast COULD NOT BE GREATER – she has a light blue background behind her, and the music BUILDS – note the nonverbal message – the dark framed chaos of our RACIAL enemy, versus the light blue and bright lights of Civilization, and Organization – Third World Trash versus Beatrice Schonberg – DAMN this is effective!

      THEN, the ONLY response to the evil…

      The next shot is DAYLIGHT, with clean shaven, well groomed, upper working class people first one man, and then a group – organization! – passing out pamphlets…

      The music softens, and builds, and builds, and BUILDS to shots of …

      OUR PEOPLE in DAYLIGHT, in casual martial arts training – people in uniforms watching them approvingly – the camera shifts to…

      OUR PEOPLE at NIGHT, taking back the steets of OUR CITIES from the Aliens using the same force that the Aliens used against US.

      Note that the uniform of both sides was the color of their skin…

      This is just transcendent in its GREATNESS!

      Remember a big difference between us and France; we ALWAYS had another frontier to move to to escape the Aliens, from suburbia, we could always move one or two beltway exits away…

      Until now.

      The French never had this option.

      A government policy of importing and FAVORING an ALIEN people, to the point that Paris is the second capital of Algeria, has left the French people no choice – it is literally organizing along RACIAL lines, for RACIAL preservation…

      Say what you will about Hal Turner, he is flat on the money on this:

      IF we yield to them, and are not willing to defend ourselves even when we are attacked – WHATEVER FORM THAT ATTACK MAY TAKE – then our grandchildren will curse us, and rightly so; our MULATTO grandchildren, who will have been groomed by State Education and the Propasphere to HATE us, and Western Civilization…

      And hundreds of thousands of years of human RACIAL evolution will have been squandered…

      Give credit will credit is due – the ONLY people even trying to accomplish this in America – and the ONLY people the Jeunesses Identitaires (JI) would recognize as their RACIAL brethren – are few in number – Hal Turner, and the NSM.

      The more I look at the situation, the more I look to those who criticize the NSM (AND VNN, AND Peter Shank), and adopt the Ideal of Alex Linder:

      The best rebellion is excellence.

      Don’t just criticize.

      DO BETTER.


      New America! An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    12. Friedrich Braun Says:

      That was a very powerful, well-written manifesto.