18 April, 2006

Jewish Atrocity Myths Promoted by Bushy

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President names nine to Holohoax council

Bush names nine to Holocaust museum council
JTA  Tuesday, 18 April 2006

WASHINGTON — Elie Wiesel and Judy Yudof, former president
of the Conservative Judaism movement, are among nine people named to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.  Others named by President Bush to serve until January 2011  include Debra Abrams, of Florida; Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis,  of New York; Norma Lerner, of Ohio; Marvin Pomerantz, of Iowa;  Alan Neil Rechtshaffen, of New York; J. Philip Rosen, of New York;  and Bradley David Wine, of Maryland. The council oversees the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.


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  7. 6 Responses to “Jewish Atrocity Myths Promoted by Bushy”

    1. [email protected] Says:

      Looking for an easy way to drive the moneychangers from the public temples?

      Try this: Keep a lookout for the Nuremberg 60th Celebration coming to the major shitty nearest you. Attend and ask the Talmudic sycophants why they celebrate the legacy of Julius Streicher’s hanging for his Freedom of Speech, First Amendment Judeo-Exorcizer Machine, Der Sturmer cum Der GiftPilz, et al.


      Don’t be polite during the Q&A. Get that question in.

      Look the Beast in the eye as it trembles in fear of the truth. Great fun.

      Every chip at this petrified house of cards of a Hoax brings the world’s tyranny closer to crisis. What follows is not clear, but dragging along as we are has lost its appeal, wouldn’t you say?

    2. WhiteFight Says:

      Wow, I look at what’s happening over here compared to Russia and I’m astounded. Putin in Russia is planning on having the body of Stalin removed from their main square in Moscow with the intention of putting communism to rest. Here we have the jew communist mentality running rampant with Bush helping it grow by adding to the holohoax museum more treacherous jews bent on destroying our country. I guess things will have to get as bad as it was for the russians in order to stop what happened there from happening here. The only problem is, russia wasn’t infested with 3rd world scum so when she finally deceided to set things right she had the stock to do it. Here in America we’ve got to go through the homo,nig,spic,whigger,hippie,christian and white elitist before getting to the jew. I hope we’re smarter than the russians because I’m not sure we’ve got the muscle at this point to fight this tide of decay…

    3. Lutjens Says:

      Russia is clearing out the Jew – took a while but looks like it is getting done. Belarus is following suit, this is a beautiful sight. We may get some help from mother Russia in the end, you never know. Unfortunately for the US, they may have a hand in kicking the US’s ass first. This ‘help’ may be sparked in the coming Middle East escalations. Buckle up.


    4. Carpenter Says:

      Why are all the members of the council Jews? Isn’t that racist?

      Putin has several Jews in his government. Like Stalin, it seems he isn’t anti-Jew at all, he is just anti-anyone who might challenge his power. Putin has also allowed floods of muds from Central Europe to migrate to Russia, and he is suppressing racialist dissent. He is not one of us.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      Ah, the holocaust, our new secular religion, complete with holy temples (Holocaust museums), holy sites (concentration camps), holy rituals (movies, lectures in school), and holy dates on the calendar (Jewish Month, date of liberation). It even has its exclusive interpreter, the Keeper of the Faith (Simon Wiesenthal Center). And like any religion, its tenets are not up for scrutiny – the faith itself is what’s important.

      Note how it is just like the Jesus myth: Jesus died for our sins, the Jews died for our racism. You can only be pardoned for your sins by constantly worshipping Jesus’ sacrifice for you; you can only be pardoned for your White racism by worshipping the Jews’ sacrifice. And while the Romans symbolize the evil in all of us, the Germans symbolize the evil that is the White race.

    6. van helsing Says:

      The way I remember the story, Pilate relented (washed his hands) because he was tired of the kikes screaming about some israelite who turned over their tables.