4 April, 2006

Letters of Eric Thomson

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17 MAR 06. Hail [X]! Greetings, also from [Y], who sent me a copy of your letter & your great rendition of “The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich,” by the jew, Shirer, who made lots of anti-German propaganda during World War II, followed by “The Rise & Fall…” Shirer was author of the “carpet-chewing myth”. This is German slang which would translate as “climbing the walls,” which sounds equally grotesque & insane if the English expression is translated, literally, into German. In proper English, both slang terms mean that one is “extremely anxious,” as Hitler was, according to Shirer, over the Czech crisis. But Shirer suddenly ‘forgot’ his German & used the idiomatic expression in literal English. That was Shirer’s technique: Make Hitler out to be a nutcase, & the Germans hardly any better. When a talmudic twist of words would not suffice, Shirer had no scruples about omitting facts & telling outright lies, as with the “gas chamber” hoax, which was written after Germany could no longer defend herself.

One example of Shirer’s kosher editorializing, as a ‘reporter’ who was permitted to work in Nazi Germany, for foreign newspapers, with full knowledge of the Gestapo, was his thoroughgoing anti-German slant on every issue. I understand that Shirer was both a jew & a U.S. citizen, so he was able to work in wartime Europe until 1941, when Germany & the USA were officially at war. I have also read publications of the German Consulate in New York City which were dated as late as 1941.

So what facts did Shirer omit? Mainly the degree of Nazi-Zionist collaboration. Rabbi Leo Baeck worked with the Nazis in the formulation of The Nuremberg Race Laws, which were based on jewish race laws taken from the Old Testament. In today’s Israel, such race laws are used to determine if one is jewish, & is therefore entitled to Israeli citizenship. I have known several half-jews who told me that their applications for Israeli citizenship were denied because their fathers were jews, not their mothers, as is required for one to be jewish.

In those days, jews & Communists were equated, so Zionism, jewish National Socialism, was very little known, especially among Gentiles, although it goes back to teOld Testament. I do not capitalize “jew,’ since it is not a proper noun. Jews are Afro-asians, so they may remain jews, in their national-biological terms, while being members of any religion or none at all. If we equate jews as practitioners of a jewish religion, such as orthodox, reformed, conservative, &c. we thereby omit 2 thirds of Israelis who are deemed ‘secular jews” or non-religious jews. Jews are not an ethnic group, since they come from all over the world. I do capitalize proper nouns like Sephardim (Arab jews), Falashim (Black jews), Ashkenazim (Russian jews), Benai Israel (Indian jews), as well as Chinese jews. All jews resemble, to one degree or another, their host peoples, whom they rule as colonizers in their traditional role as traders & moneylenders. That is why most jews do not want to live in an all-jew state, just as Benjamin Franklin predicted in his warning not to admit jews into the USA. Jesus allegedly warned: “What profiteth a man to gain the whole world & lose his own soul?” Obviously, he was tlaking about jews & their ilk.

Hence, the German National Socialists wanted to work with the jewish National Socialists to help jews “go back” to their chosen land of Palestine, which they would rename Israel, even if most jews are not Arabs (Semites). The jews have a Semitic religion, as do Moslems & Christians, but few Moslems are Arabs. Iranians & Indonesians, Somalis & Nigerians, et al. are Moslems, but not Arabs, & Christians are mainly non-Arabs, although there are Arab Christians. Some morons have claimed that there is a “Christian race,” for example, but there is not! For an Ashkenazi jew to call an Arab of any religion “anti-Semitic” is as absurd as a homosexual calling a heterosexual “anti-heterosexual!” Let’s say that Whites were to become Chinese Confucians & then invade China & start killing Chinese, while calling their victims “anti-Chinese”! That absurdity  is what we see in Zionist Occupied Palestine, alias Israel.

According to the British Foreign Office archives, the British Psychological Warfare Executive (PWE) was dropping “gas chamber” leaflets over Germany-occupied Poland as a means of countering the reality of The Katyn Forest Massacre by NKVD jews, which was discovered by German forces shortly after their invasion of the USSR in 1941. I have seen both films on the atrocity, the first by the Germans, with Red Cross witnesses to the exhumation & the second by the Soviets, who blamed the Germans for a massacre which took place in Soviet Territory before the Germans arrived! The British officially omitted the “gas-libel” from their internationally published statement on Poland’s “German atrocities” as of 30 AUG 1943. Himmler was aghast at reports of such rumors, so he dispatched SS Judge Morgen to investigate German internment & labor camps in Poland. Morgen discovered no evidence of gassings of inmates, but he did discover a couple of camp commanders who’d been stealing inmates’ Red Cross parcels, whom he had hanged in front of the inmates. Himmler later published an ad in the Swedish newspapers, officially denying the existence of the homicidal gas chambers, which were never used outside the USA, to my knowledge. I understand that they were used in Maryland, Nevada, Missouri & California. As I learned, they are still ready for use in those latter two states, & I know Warden Bill Armontrout who testified in one of the Holohoax Trials in Toronto, Canada, in the 1980s, in regard to the operation of Missouri’s gas chamber. Whne I was in California in 1958, the jew, Caryl Chessman, was gasseed in St. Quentin’s two-seater gas chamber. Oy veh! The jew attorney, Pinter, reported that he learned of no autopsy reports on any victims of “gassing” in German camps, such as Dachau. The Allies officially claimed that inmates of Dachau were “gassed” in the mock up built for Hollywood movie director, George Stevens, a jew, so he could make the official Allied atrocity film, which I’ve seen. Now, the All-Lies claim that it was “never used.” In 1960, all “gassees” were miraculously transferred to the six camps in Poland.

Adolf Eichmann worked with the jew, Joel Brandt, to smuggle jews into British occupied Palestine. First, the Zionists killed Brandt, so as to cover up Zionist-Nazi collaboration. Then, they murdered Eichmann, after a show-trial, in which he was accused of transporting jews to “gas chambers.” That’s why they tried Eichmann in a glass booth, so he could not hear the questions he was asked by the court. The question he heard in the booth was something different, such as: “Is your name Adolf Eichmann?” but in the courtroom, the question would be, “Did you participate in the mass-extermination of jews?” The answer the court would hear from Eichmann, over the sound system, would be, “Yes.” Eichmann’s “diary,” which I’ve not been able to read, is cited as ‘proof’ of the Holohoax, but people like to forge “diaries,” such as “The Anne Frank Diary,” “Hitler’s Diary,” “Howard Hughes’s Diary,” et al. The Gentiles who forged the latter two diaries went to prison in Europe for “literary fraud,” but Otto Frank’s case was adjourned sine die, so he could avoid punishment for his forgery, some of which was done in ballpoint pen, which did not exist until the 1950s, after Anne Frank had died. “Another miracle!” as jews like to say, in explanation of their “survival.” Sure, & if you can believe such fables, there’s some nice offshore real estate you might wish to buy in Florida. The Allies now admit they used torture to extract “confessions” of atrocities for their Soviet-style Nuremberg show trials. The last commander of Auschwitz, Hoess, was tortured to the extent that he invented a non-existent “death camp” which he called Wolzec.” I understand that his “confession” was written in English, in pencil. The fact that Hoess could not speak English was, apparently, unimportant. He was murdered by the Communists in Soviet occupied Poland, so he could not be questioned in any court about his alleged written statements. The jew, Fried, testified that he’d edited the Nuremberg Trial transcripts, so the Canadian judge ruled thta such material did not qualify as transcripts, & “had no more weight in a court of law than did newspaper clippings.” I was there when he said it. The “transcripts” include the many volumes of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals & The International Military Tribunal.  They are full of blunders & absurdities, such as “gas chambers, electric chambers, vacuum chambers, steam chambers, & erroneous recipes for “soap” which are actually recipes for soup. No soap without fat. Meat & bones make soup, not soap. We made our own soap during World War II by saving our cooking grease, becaues of rationing, in sunny California! The proper recipe is to use fat & lye: no bones & no meat! But at Nuremberg, accusations had nothing to do with reality. In those days, pre-emptive war, as committed by Bush, was called “aggression” & “aggressors” were hanged. That’s why sane people called Nuremberg’s “War Crimes Trial” “victors’ justice.” The only “crime” in war is to lose!

It was no crime to be a jew in Nazi Germany, as jews themselves have told me. They were there, during World War II. The Holohoax serves 3 purposes, at least: Concealment of Nazi-Zionist collaboration; extortion of “reparations payments” to the bandits of Israel, & ‘justification’ of Israel’s crimes against humanity. A 4th purpose is to instill White guilt.

I believed the Holohoax before I began to study the facts about it, so it’s good you began with the jew-lies, which further knowledge will put into proper perspective. All the best & ORION! – Eric

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