1 April, 2006

March’s “Missouri Conservationist”

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Missouri produces, with taxpayer dollars, a monthly magazine called Missouri Conservationist, free to residents. In it are frequent references to foreign species clashing with natives – for every animal but man. I’ll record these examples here, as they make nice and pertinent parallel to our human struggle with mexican and other non-native weeds.

Second LTE:

I do hope that Jeff Briggler and Joan McKee find time to reflect on words written in their article “Invader Alert!”, maybe in haste, and apologize to Missouri educators. I strongly believe that most educators who take the trouble of maintaining live animals in the classroom probably are doing so to teach ethical treatment of animals and various science concepts…including environmental concerns.

I am aware of ignorance in all sectors and understand the need to educate people of all ages to not release exotics. I rather doubt that teachers are the culprits to blame for the increasing numbers of exotic species. — Trish Smith via Internet, Life Science, Warrensburg Middle School

Editor’s note: We agree with Ms. Smith that most educators strive to teach ethical treatment of animals and environmental concerns when teaching scientific concepts. We are glad she is one of those people. However, the exotic African clawed frog is marketed to educators to teach metamorphsis and it is important to warn children and educators that they need to take special care with exotic species. The article also states that many of these frogs escaped from or were released from labs or by pet owners.

Teachers who want to learn more about using native species to teach metamorphsis can request the free publication Raising Tadpoles, which tells how to legally collect and use native species in the classroom. For more information about the threat of exotic species, please ask for the free publication African Clawed Frogs — Keep Them Out of Missouri Waters! Email requests to [email protected] or write to MDC Free Publications, (publication name), P.O. Box 180 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180. [p. 2]

Next up is taken from “Purple Martin Mania,” a feature story on a type of swallow.

In the northern half of their range — generally the states north of Missouri — and in pockets of the southeast United States, purple martin numbers have been declining since about 1960. Pressure from European starlings and English house sparrows likely is contributing to the decline. Both species successfully compete with purple martins for nesting sites.

Many experts believe we have only about 10 percent of the number of purple martins that was present in the 1800s. There’s little old survey data to compare, but in notes dated February 1821, John James Audubon wrote in New Orleans of “prodigious flocks moving over the city… I walked under one of them with ease for upwards of two miles.” [p. 6]

Non-human animals are discussed freely, their characteristics, their points good and bad, the way they interact and collide with one another, and with humans. There’s not the least problem stating in plain language that one species is more attractive or desirable than another.

We can do it for African clawed frogs but not for Africans. Not to belabor the point, but it does bear reflection. How insane is the world, has it been made by the jew on everyman’s shoulder. Without that jew, how straightfoward life would be. We could recognize a problem, discuss it, solve it. Until we eliminate the jew, we will be forced by state edict to play make believe in all our official publications.

Not that Missouri Conservationist is jewy. It is written by wardens and outdoorsmen, hunter-managers. There’s no obvious political intent beyond mixing in pictures of urban congoids to spread the false impression they’re as concerned as deer hunter Steve or duck hunter Larry about conserving wildlife. Beyond this, the magazine does its best to present MDC’s efforts in a positive light, and doesn’t hit on the NWO partnership themes quite as heavily one might expect. On the whole an Aryan honesty is struck, which is something for a government publication. Missouri has one of the older and more successful conservation departments, and is apparently looked to by other states as a model, if I haven’t been snowed.

Next is a feature on the 50th anniverary of the “Wetland Initiative.”

Discussing a conservation area, the writer says:

Today, an elevated water table…has killed most of the bottomland forests on the area. As a result, the wetlands are being invaded by exotic reed canary grass. [p. 10]

Can’t help but note that the Army Corps of Engineers had a hand in creating the problem. The government’s good at not doing things precisely right.

A picture on the next page shows a trapper. Caption:

This trapper was given special permission to remove muskrats at Ted Shanks CA. Managers are combating the invasion of exotic reed canary grass on this wetland.

“Managers are giving hunters special permission to harvest exotic mexirats, which are invading pristine whitelands.” Oh, was that me?

The article says today we know “far more” about wetland ecology and management than fifty or 100 years ago. We know a lot more about Mexicans, blacks and jews, too.

“We would build wetlands differently today based on our knowledge and experiences.”

“We would build Whitelands differently today based on our knowledge and experiences.”

The mystical belief that human interactions don’t follow the same laws governing other animal behavior produces giant problems for the white subspecies. Of course, obscuring connections between cause and effect is one of the white’s competitors’ main strategies.

Next, from an article about blackberries:

If you decide to plant blackberries for your own use, avoid Rubus bifrons and Rubus procerus. These non-natives can be invasive, crowding out native blackberries and other beneficial plants. [p. 28]

They’re the Mexicans and niggers of the plant world.

Meanwhile, Missouri quail have declined in numbers. This is not something to embrace, it’s something to be concerned about. The decline must be arrested, proper habitat restored.

Thanks to the training he received as a teenager, Beavers understands the habitat changes that have caused the bobwhite quail’s decline. He also knows what can be done to turn the situation around. He said he has noticed an increase in quail numbers over the last couple of years and wants to do something to make sure those birds survive. [p. 29]

It is important to restore habitat, arrest decline, and secure a future for quail – but a future for White folks should be left to chance?

That is insane.

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  7. 59 Responses to “March’s “Missouri Conservationist””

    1. apollonian Says:

      Thanks much monkey…; u’re now merely repeating urself mindlessly and excessively. My ref.s will remain “Judaism’s Strange Gods” by Michael A. Hoffman II, and Ted Pike’s “Israel: Our Duty–Our Dilemma.” I’ve made my arguments and given my references for which I’m satisfied. U may continue with ur own “beliefs” which amount to ur own solipsistic religion–I doubt u impress anyone. I ck’d ur site given, above, and I gotta say it’s pretty weak; it itself gives no ref.s for its statements. U reveal ur own prejudice when u indicate “neo-nazis” ought not be respected; I consider nazis patriots and heroes. As I’ve stated, I have more essays published on NewNation.org for further ref. Do u think God gives u points for sucking up to Jew-puke? U’re just a brainless little psycho of a queer aren’t u? A.

    2. Christopher Says:

      This is all just brilliant. Young White Nationalists need to follow closely because these exchanges are exactly the sort that will be experienced from this day onward. The tone is, as we should expect, paternalistic. It reads like an argument that a father would have with his drug addled son over whether the younger of the two has gone out in the world and found all the answers to life’s problems in the corner saloon. These “Monkeys’ that shriek with glee about the splendor of diversity, sound as though the street-corner pimp has just given them their first free taste of a life long habit.

      I can’t tell for sure if these young men are White, but I can say that if they are, they aren’t White enough. I can’t say that they are jews, but I can say that they have be jewed. Squeal on, you proud protectors of the status quo, time will have to wear you down. What we are doing here and on sites similar, is a form of viral marketing that will increase knowledge exponentially. What White Nationalists learn here and apply in their everyday lives will begin to present a larger and more pronounced cultural footprint as we progress. Every argument you pose makes us stronger. Every time you gain the upper hand we learn to fight harder. Don’t forget, we are trying to rescue you from yourselves. In doing that, we will allow you to take some shots from your true enemies as well. They will work on wearing you down even harder than we will. We have time and the decay of this era working on our side. If you are young enough that you have another 30 or 40 years left in your life, it is a foregone conclusion that you will either join us in our struggle or you will wither away and finally be swallowed by the masses of undifferentiated humanity that you hold in such high esteem.

      Young White Nationalists must remember that these men, who swear they are your enemies, are exact replicas of the type that have come before. In their bravado, they scream insults at the only part of our collective body that will hear them. For them, it is impossible to get to the heart of who we are and what we are capable of creating. It is always they who are first to invite us into the ring or into the street. They remain smug in their confidence that all we need is a good thrashing before we will come around to their way of thinking. This is an impossibility for us. There is no way to back because there is no way to forget the truth. Even in victory, all they can do is sulk. Below their inflated chests and trembling smiles lay soft, weak men perpetually defined as useful idiots by their true enemies. What you gain from them is the opportunity to regroup and heal. You have learned to engage your enemy and from that you have learned his weaknesses. Whatever the cost, the value of conflict is unmeasurable. What you must do is fight to get in the game, fight to learn the tactics, and fight to win.

    3. apollonian Says:

      Internet, Analysis, Patriotism: Potentially Devastating For Jews
      (Apollonian, 7 Apr 06)

      What happened to “shit-for-brains”‘ post?–ah well–I guess it got deleted by means of editor, a lethal foe indeed.

      My conclusion in observation, one of them, is “farting monkey,” above blog-poster, is one who, apostle-like, decided to go out and evangelize for his own heretical version of heretical “Judeo-Christianity” (JC). We got some interesting repartee as “monkey” attempts then to style himself scholarly by means, for one, of citing an upstart website full of brainless propaganda (see above in blog). I note the lie Judaism comes fm Bible no less than Christianity, no mention of Talmud; Jews not followers of Pharisees, etc.

      Thus we observe Jews telling lies-as-they-go along; THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING, insane and hysterical as we see they are, generating websites full of crap to pretend to back up their stupid lies. The little shit (“monkey,” above) thinks Christians are supposed to be such lickspittles for the Jew, the “elder brothers.

      Another observation, psychologic-theologic, is farter-monkey is not only JC, but also Pelagian heretic as he bats around with “evil,” etc.; he seemed to be possibly playing up to particular Jews or “Sadduceans” who saw fit to attempt a make-shift theology, bold and breath-taking for effrontery. I was almost impressed somewhat.

      Thus we observe the mind of the “Sadducean” so perfectly subjectivistic, Pelagian, heretical, a sad and tragic spectacle, yet so briefly brimming so brightly with a crock full of freshly brewed lies and heresy like a well-rested puppy dog in the morning.

      CONCLUSION: And the point is VNN provides not only outstanding journalism for these invaluable blogs, forum for forthright debate, but also drama and psychologic analysis therewith. The internet does not always help the Jews at all, even w. stupid websites, does it? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. Farting Monkey Says:

      On the Talmud:

      It is often taken out of context by Nazis and is generally said to have a higher place in Judaism.

      I am sure you won’t appreciate this quote from the Anti-Defamation League but I am going to include it.

      “By selectively citing various passages from the Talmud and Midrash, polemicists have sought to demonstrate that Judaism espouses hatred for non-Jews (and specifically for Christians), and promotes obscenity, sexual perversion, and other immoral behaviour. To make these passages serve their purposes, these polemicists frequently mistranslate them or cite them out of context (wholesale fabrication of passages is not unknown)…
      In distorting the normative meanings of rabbinic texts, anti-Talmud writers frequently remove passages from their textual and historical contexts. Even when they present their citations accurately, they judge the passages based on contemporary moral standards, ignoring the fact that the majority of these passages were composed close to two thousand years ago by people living in cultures radically different from our own. They are thus able to ignore Judaism’s long history of social progress and paint it instead as a primitive and parochial religion.
      Those who attack the Talmud frequently cite ancient rabbinic sources without noting subsequent developments in Jewish thought, and without making a good-faith effort to consult with contemporary Jewish authorities who can explain the role of these sources in normative Jewish thought and practice.”

      Allot of what has been said here is true of many Nazi accusations, similar with your study of the bible, or views on the holocaust; you take things out of there context, produce false evidence, and your inability to look at something objectively.

      The link to the BBC is good, the BBC is impartial and the examinations of religions on this area of there website is accurate when I compare it to my study of some of the other religions.

      On your assertion the Jews are led by the Pharisees. The Pharisees are dead, they died long ago. Because they once held power under the Romans does not mean they were led by them, or are still lead by them millennia later. Would you call Bush your leader? I don’t think so. Less so if he was installed by a tyrannical occupying force, and less again in 2000 years time.

      I have failed to care however, you guys are not in power and never will be, all you will ever complain about the state of the world, and never get to enjoy your freedoms, the ability to relish in more than one culture. Until you come to terms with your insecurity and ignorance this will not change.

      I am not white enough??

      Well if my views are shared with the majority of the country and you want a country based on whiteness, well you’re kinda screwed.

      Remember this:
      – You are free (I have proved this earlier in the comments)
      – Races don’t really exist (your beliefs are unfounded)
      – Pharisees are not the same as Jews
      – All you arguments are unfounded and have been shown as much above.
      – don’t type ‘goatse’ into google image search (safe search off)

      God bless the internet indeed, god bless the internet and its Jewish creators. Also remember I have treated you as humans, equals, some would argue you do not disserve this, but it’s a good deal better than you do for your enemies, who you seem to consider less than human.

      Farting Monkey

    5. Christopher Says:

      The Farting Monkey delivers another plastic missive from Uncle Abraham. Here the man-child bleats again. After another round of drinks at the corner saloon, his head, full of the love that can only smother, he deigns to offer us the same sickly-sweet ambrosia he found among gods fanciful creatures.

      What “cultures” do you speak of that we might relish? Better yet, what other “culture” would enjoy your presence in their ascent to power? If you mean watching black men purchase Cadillacs with televisions in the headrests, than by all means, invite the whole neighborhood over for a look-see. If you mean sitting back, carefree, while jews steer our posterity into a living hell that they weren’t sure they could actually conjure, but what the hell they gave it a good try all the same, then you’re not simply some dilettante, aloof and edgy, you’re suffering from the chronic effects of brain-washing. What good could possibly come from what you champion? How craven must you let yourself become before you realise that, for the white man, there will be no concessions offered and none accepted.

      The opening of the 21st century has seen to it that we continue the fight from the 19th century. Yes, over a hundred years of conflict as we’ve watched the jew’s plastic persona shift from one shape to the next. All the while promising to finally unveil the perfect man: you. Pliable and naive. The odd little man with stars in his eyes. The one that waits patiently for his jewish keeper to parade out another zoological exhibit for his express entertainment. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just you and the jew and an ether rag, but what you don’t understand is that you’re their tool now. They’ve imprinted upon you all that they need from you. You’ll walk around like a living and breathing billboard conjecturing about the Land o’ Milk an’ Honey, where’st the beast lay down with the blonds and everyone wakes to the shrill cries of the tiniest of Halle Berrys. I certainly hope that this might startle you into “ignoring judaism’s long history of social progress.”

      What is there to take out context from the Talmud? How the hell could this trashy, long winded pamphlet written by god’s chosen desert elves provide a moral compass for anyone other than a pederast or sneak-thief? How telling that Foxman, jew king of the polemicists, squeals painfully that his ancestors are misunderstood only when the presence of their progeny is obvious to hateful goy. To Foxman there is no understanding of any part of history unless a committee of jews have signed off on it first. The stupid goy misunderstands the talmud. The stupid goy misunderstands the New Testament. The stupid goy misunderstands the code words for the final solution in all of the German High Command’s dispatches. Finally, the stupid goy misunderstands all of judaism’s long history of social progress.

      So, who have you proved free in your earlier posts? It certainly wasn’t yourself. What freedoms do you think you exercise that you haven’t let atrophy daily? Your freedom of speech is under assault, yet you promise not to waver while protecting our freedom to express ourselves. Pardon me if I don’t immediately show my gratitude. From what vantage point do you feel that you are able to protect even your own rights? It can’t be by voting. Your vote has never made material any freedom that wasn’t present two generations before you. Why? Because you’re not allowed to vote on anything that will have a meaningful impact on your safety or security. Your promise to lend aid, even to those you find repugnant, is disingenuous at best. The truth is, your freedom is for sale to the highest bidder. What has escaped you is that it was put on the auction block long before you were born. In perfect lobster-pot fashion, once you see that you’re losing out to forces bigger than yourself, you’ll try to pull everyone else down with you. It’s a not very unique characteristic of this and every other “culture” that you pine over. So, in the end, set yourself up in front of the buffet of world cuisine. Eat heartily. It’s pig’s trough, slopped daily for your vigorous consumption.

    6. ALEXLINDER Says:

      Sorry Apollonian,

      I will NOT remove any posts again. Here is the full text of what SHITFORBRAINS said:

      Hey Monkey Fart,

      Give up! You are better off spending your time with friends and family than wasting it on this BLOG. It is unlikely that this luxury can be afforded by any of the white boys on this site.

      Better yet, I found an al Qaeda BLOG site where we can post our rantings, and maybe we can convince them to employ peaceful means for conflict resolution. Or, as at a minimum, we could introduce the al Qaeda webmaster to Axle and they could form an unholy union.

      Regardless, I’m outta here as my spring training is underway, and my new Cervelo with carbon/titanium Campy groupo and Texas Nimble wheels is my new spring and summer hammer friend. Alex, Appleseed, Carpet Man and King Tut can kiss my ass good by.

      It’s fun, a complete waste of time, and an eye opener into the sewer of America.

      SHIT OUT!

    7. apollonian Says:

      Thanks for the shit-for-brains posting; it makes this little magical episode of dialectic so complete with the side-commentary fm the peanut-gallery.

      “Farting Monkey”-u had ur chance (as above) to make ur arguments. Ur words must stand for themselves now. Note Talmud must stand by itself without “explanations.” All u do is apologize for Jews (then apologize for ur apologies), lying so stupidly (as when u say Judaism isn’t Pharisaism–which is only admitted by the Jews themselves, u little fool).

      Very well, u’ve made ur arguments; now we let a candid world judge. Thanks for all ur commentary. Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

    8. Farting Monkey Says:

      What I find most disturbing about this is you reluctance to accept the truth when it it staring you in the face.

      I also find it scary that there is so much pseudo-science and pseudo-history to back it up. Rest assured this has being shown to be incorrect repeatedly, the holocaust is possibly the most well researched historical events in history, major attempts to deny it have been destroyed in the courts. See the case of Irving vs Lipstadt, in witch Irving claimed that Lipstadt libelled him in publishing a book the ‘Denying the Holocaust’ witch exposed Irving holocaust denial as bullshit. In the case Lipstadt presented evidence showing Irving had deliberately misrepresented sources and knowingly used forged documents as a source. Irving unsurprisingly lost.

      The pseudo-science is even weaker than that, just based on ‘they look different, therefore they are’. There are large amounts of scientific research showing races don’t exist, and there is greater intra-‘race’ variation than inter-‘race’ variation.

      Yet you turn to these sources to back up your ideas, you have nothing else. It is all you have to confound your emotional insecurities and ignorance.

      I do not know what caused you to be like this, but I do feel that you are, in part, a victim. I will not be posting anything more here (unless you post any thing of particular retarded-ness such as ‘internet invented by whites’), it seems like a lost cause. I hope you will change and learn to see your fellow humans as equals, I feel, however, you will not.


      Farting Monkey

    9. apollonian Says:

      apollonian Says:
      The 13th of April, 2006 at 11:06 am

      Fart-Brains Continues Trying (To Convince Himself)
      (Apollonian, 13 Apr 06)

      Right fart-brains, u demented little shit. It makes u feel good to be so patronizing doesn’t it? But I’m confident people looking at our stuff here in black and white will appreciate what’s truth.

      Problem is an objective reality and standard by which to judge such truth; there is none for fart-brains, truth being merely what he wants it to be, in which he comes off as the condescending little shit, “feeling sorry� for people for whom he has no respect.

      CONCLUSION: Thanks God for the internet by which this drama of cultural warfare is accessible for so many. Fart-brains’ insanity is founded on his guilt-complex by which he has to demonstrate–TO HIMSELF MOST OF ALL–how “good� he is, so much better and smarter than patriots and racists who don’t accept his fantasy world assertions and wishful thinking. Apollonian