30 July, 2006

Of White Mice and Men

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Hezbollah: Model for Manliness

by Joanna Francis

As I watch the genocidal war crimes being committed against the Lebanese people, I’m struck by the images that come across my television screen. I see women and children badly burned by the illegal chemical weapons our tax dollars provide to the Israelis for the incineration of their enemies; bridges, homes and roadways bombed into oblivion; hundreds of thousands of internal refugees; and death and misery palpable from halfway around the world.

But I must confess that what strikes me the most profoundly is the sight of young Lebanese men marching proudly, as they trample an Israeli flag underfoot. Hezbollah. Many of them don’t even look old enough to shave, and yet, they are truly men. The rest of the world hems and haws at the carnage the Jews have wrought on the once modern and beautiful country of Lebanon. But the average (so-called Christian) American merely echoes the mantra of his Zionist masters as he has been trained to do all his life. Americans confidently state that the Khazar Jews have a right to “defend their country” and that Hezbollah are terrorists, militants, and now, insurgents. What they fail to mention is that those Khazar Jews have about as much right to Palestine or Lebanon as the Chinese have to France, i.e., none. They are simply Jewish squatters on Arab land. And the Arabs intend to evict them. That is not terror. That is justice. And that is manly.

So, Mr. Brave Christian Weekend-Warrior, call Hezbollah terrorists if you will, but one thing you cannot call them is: cowardly. With few exceptions, they are the only people brave enough to stand up to the Jew and spit back in his face. They are willing to fight to the death for their homeland, their honor, their religion, and their women. Yes, I said “their women.” You see, unlike you, they will not let the Jewish pornographers and abortionists defile their culture and turn their women into whores. You have been brainwashed into believing that Muslim women hate their plight of being protected from sexual predators, getting married young, becoming mothers, being treated with respect and dignity, being taken care of in their old age by their children, and living like innocent, strong, beautiful women. To your surprise, they do not seem to miss the beer-guzzling, Playboy reading, commitment-phobic, narcissistic men-children who turn their women over to the Jewish enemy. Their men are truly manning the frontlines, as you strain your back to bow as low as possible before your Jew masters, in true lackey fashion. They own you, because you have sold yourselves (and us) out to them. You, Mr. Macho, have become their bitch.

You are the unworthy sons of the great Christian men who built Western Civilization. They were not cowards, and they did not fight for the Jew, but for their own religion, for Europe, and for the safety and honor of their women. They kept the evil Khazar monsters locked up in cages where they belong; only to see their descendants unleash those beasts at the time of the Protestant Revolt. How our Christian ancestors must be turning over in their graves. Today, Christian men will only fight against other Christians (World Wars I and II) or against brave, honorable Muslims (World War III), at the behest of the Jew. Now, the Christians are the beasts in cages, only allowed out long enough to pimp for their Zionist masters, and buy the latest edition of “Girls Gone Wild.”

Those “girls gone wild” are your sisters and daughters, yet you contribute to their exploitation for your own dirty, secret pleasure. You have abdicated your role as men and defenders of the Faith. You have allowed yourselves to be emasculated by a bunch of ugly, Jewish feminists. You did not fight for our honor. It is truly stunning how quickly you ceded Western Civilization, deciding that if you can’t beat them, you’ll join them. And so you gleefully set about exploiting our vulnerability, using us like unpaid prostitutes, too weak and selfish to accept your responsibility as head of a family. As a Christian, I do not believe in polygamy, but I can’t help but admire the kind of man who can take care of four wives, and all their offspring; while American men put their one wife to work and then expect her to cook, clean, feed their insatiable egos, and then have to compete with their childish, Jew-inspired fantasies in bed at night.

So admit that you are powerless before the Khazar, step aside, and let “your women” do the fighting. I have only my pen with which to fight, but at least I’m not afraid to wield it, full blast, aimed right at my enemy. Criticize me if you will, but I will pull no punches, use euphemisms, or grovel before my enemies. I have lost too much to them. I will not be their bitch. Unlike you, with your sycophantic pen, when you dare even broach the subject at all, regarding who has usurped the great heritage our ancestors created. You make me ashamed to be an American woman. Muslim women need feel no such shame. Their men would die (and are dying) rather than hand their daughters and sisters over to the Jew to be defiled and degraded. Their honor is safe in the hands of their Muslim mujahadeen. That is manly.

And don’t tell me that Jesus Christ was a pacifist and that you are only turning the other cheek. Christ was not the effete, kumbaya, Birkenstock sandal-wearing, proto-hippie that the liberals would have us believe. He wanted us to love one another but He also believed in justice. Render unto Caesar, and all that. He confronted the Pharisees face to face with words that you could only fantasize about using, and wouldn’t dare utter, even though we live in the last country in the West where it’s legal to confront the Pharisees. Yet you cower before them, justifying their incineration of Lebanese babies, while you pay the Jew to murder the babies you create with us. You bow before the Israeli flag, a foreign flag, while the young men of Hezbollah march on top of it. Don’t hide behind Christianity. It is not for wimps and cowards. Let us not forget the image of Christ turning over the tables of the money changers and whipping them out of the temple! That was manly.

So the next time you turn on the Zionist-controlled television news and see images of dead and wounded women and children in Lebanon, just remember: their men are fighting for them against a far superior military force (thanks to us). But they are not cowering in fear. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to steal victory after all of this is over (if it ever is). Because all they have to do is survive and they have won. The Israelis have to eliminate Hezbollah to win, and that is unlikely. You can’t beat a force that is fighting for their families and for their homeland – in their own homeland. The home team always has the advantage. Truly, a moral victory is already assured for Hezbollah. Regardless of the outcome, they win just for having withstood so much firepower, and still being able to launch their hapless little Katyusha rockets back over the fence. Yes, that is manly. Maybe you American Christian men could learn something from them about fighting for honor, family and homeland. Maybe you could try to emulate Hezbollah. They might teach you a lesson or two in manliness. And if you’re nice, they might even lend you some testosterone.

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    1. Jim Says:

      Bravo …….. you said it all.

    2. Antagonistes Says:


      But I would add two things that may have a bearing on what you have so competently already said, Ms. Francis–

      1) Many Western men today do not have a conception of manhood. This has been written about by Robert Bly (in his book, Iron John) and others.
      The father and the initiating male elders are nowhere to be seen with the young Western men today. Islam seems to be more sympathetic to men.

      Many men are overgrown boys (but many are enabled by women to be so!) and have shamed true men by their behavior. Many Western men degraded themselves in the sixties by acting just like skid row bums– doses of drugs, immorality, a lack of healthy self-respect. Many Western men in the seventies made fools of themselves before the whole world by streaking around naked. These are men older than the Hezbollah warriors, acting like three-year-old children! And I suspect true men, of whatever religion, were making sensible judgments about the Western men of that time.

      2) Modern men are divorced from reality. By reality, I mean physically hard work and a commitment to the things that matter to him–family, land, religion. I am 55 years old and I work concrete, do carpentry, electricity, plumbing, etc. I am not bragging, but just stating a fact when I say that I outwork men half my age. And I have worked with men in their late sixties and seventies, men of the old school, who can outwork me.
      And it seems that no man of the West today puts everything on the line for his family, much less his religion. Why, I have seen marriages last less than a year, breaking up over what in earlier times would have been thought of as a trifle.

      Yes, I think we men can learn valuable lessons from the young men of Hezbollah.

    3. Mike Says:

      What can I say, hard to admit and my face is burning, she is right.

      I’ll leave it that that. Nothing, that I can add, no excuses except:

      No jews-just right

    4. Lutjens Says:

      That is some kind of article *speechless* I would interested to see more of her writings if there are any.

    5. Bond.....James Bond Says:

      What this women writes is 100% true! Why do we let these jews pimp-out our beautiful ayran women. They have pimped-out America like she was a ten dollar crack whore.
      Joanna you will get your wish! It took many years of eating jewish shit before Hezbollah came about. They have hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from other islamic nations especially from Iran. They have acces to expert military instructors and to the type of weapons needed to fight a guerilla war.
      What type of military wing do whites have? Nothing yet!
      I say yet because as I write these words there are white men preparing for an all out war against ZOG and its puppet police forces.
      Revolutions cannot be forced. They come about only when the conditions are right and right now is not the time. Soon but not now. Our media outreach is growing and more and more whites are waking up to the jew/sub-human problem. America will not make it another decade! The writing is on the wall but the time is not next week or next month. My personal belief is that we are a good 2-3 years away before the shooting starts.
      We will have an IRA type of group fighting for us. We will have our own version of white christian holly warriors who are willing to die for their race and God. Their will be white guirella groups making War on ZOG.
      I feel your anger and frustration and yes you are right about muslim men fighting for their women and land, but these muslims are not white ayran soilders. Its the whites that the jew fears the most because then your dealing with a different animal all together. A high IQ animal with brains!
      The IQ of the average non-white muslim is about 85 points.
      What will ZOG do when it has to fight the best soilders in the world. Whites! What will ZOG do when the white alfa males decide its time for war?
      Right now the jews have a muslim tiger by the tail but soon it will have a white tiger by the tail. A very smart pissed-off white tiger who can smell blood. Jewish blood!
      We will settle the score with the jew and all the self-hating white traitors. We will drive the sub-humans from our white lands and deliver a savage knock-out blow to their kind for the misery and suffering they have caused our people.
      We will take all of Mexico as reparations for the shit its people have put us whites threw. After Mexico we will take Canada,South Africa and Rhodisha.
      We will fight and we will smash ZOG into a million pieces!
      We will have our revenge!

    6. Mark Says:

      Let’s not praise them too much, they are non-white scum who gang-rape white women, such as publicized in Australia.

      How they treat their women is far from respectful and honorable, tho they do “protect” them with totalitarian control. I highly doubt Joanna Francis would care to be treated like that, she sounds like a very outspoken and independent woman who likes many of the freedoms Jews have given to women by our cultural changes.

      Let’s be honest, this is still somewhat of a feminist rant against men. Men give women what they want, freedom, their right to choose, and then they complain about that and tell men that it’s their fault they make the wrong choices!

      I think women should appeal to women more, try to change them. Would make a more interesting read.

      “As a Christian, I do not believe in polygamy, but I can’t help but admire the kind of man who can take care of four wives, and all their offspring”

      They typically don’t, many of these polygamist families are on welfare. You should only have what you can afford.

      I think the problem isn’t just replacement or expansion, but rather the reproduction of more intelligent people. The lower classes breed too much. One of the theories of why Europe leapt ahead was because of the black plague that killed so much of the lower class and let more intelligent people replace them. Now we are experiencing a non-white plague engineered by Jews to have the opposite and more permanent effect.

      As far as the mindless and idiotic support of Jews and Israel, I definitely agree with your thoughts on that. Christians are in a submissive and feminine role. Just look at how so-called manly men, like Mel Gibson, grovel at the feet of Jews when the Jews play the anti-semitic or morality card! Disgusting.

      Mel said that when he made Passion of the Christ, he was at a point in his life when someone asks what’s it all for. He supposedly had evolved past just being a consumer, a hedonist, and wanted to transcend. Well, Mel, you certainly haven’t transcended past being a bitch for Jews. Come on, you’re a multimillionaire. You can make and fund your own movies! Why still kiss the ass of people who hate you and work to destroy your people?

    7. Terry Phillips Says:

      Let there be jihad.

      We shall eat lamb in paradise.

      May the blood of the infidel jew run on our swords.

      If there are differences remaining between us after the jew is no more, then we shall have a settling up between the muslim and ourselves. As for now, let us unite in the holy cause of cancer removal.

      Thank you ever so much for this article, Joanna Francis.

      Kith, kin, and kind. First, last, and always!

    8. Graachus Says:

      This self-flagellation is shameful. I served with the 2/8 (USMC) in Beirut as an ant-tank assaultman (Dragons),in the early eighties, so I can say I know of what I speak. The Arabs in general, and the Lebanese in particular were animals. There is no respect for life. No recognition of any one outside of immediate, male family members as even human. The women are worse than chattle, at least chattels, such as a gun, or a vehicle are valued and maintained, a sister can be executed on the spot by a father or brother for the least perceived slight.
      The men are permanently stuck at a mental age of about 12, and are so emotionally retarded as to be wholly, pathologically, self centered. Violence and revenge are the only consistent family values. A man’s word was only good as far as it was guaranteed by the threat of pain and death. We routinely saw animals tortured by children and adults for no other reason than it gave them pleasure to do so.
      Only a fool believes in the ridiculous myth of the noble savage, somehow ‘purer’ and better than ‘weak’ civilised men. Bullshit and nonsense. Barbarians and savages are just that, barbaric and savage. White Americans built a new home in a savage wilderness by force of CIVILISATION, not superior savagery. The savage is lazy, shrewd and weak. The savage relies on superior force over superior reason, the savage takes and steals rather than earn his daily bread. White men are becoming like any other savages. Only a civilised man stays with his mate, raises his children and supports his family with an honest day’s work. Only a civilised man tries to improve his lot by dint of sustained effort and logical thought, improving the lot of his fellow man as a consequence. Whitemen are being made into infantile savages like all the other two legged parasites.
      Islam is the religion of the ignorant savage and the brute, it is a death cult, pure nihilism, the Indian death cult of Kali made global. It offers nothing. Dying is easy, killing is easy, war is easy. BUILDING, LIVING, STRIVING, LEARNING these things are very hard.
      The Finnish have a word: SISU. It stands for the philosophy that what must be done will be done, regardless of what it takes. Sisu is a special strength and persistent determination and resolve to continue and overcome in the moment of adversity. That is what makes the white race great!
      There is no such concept in Islam, or modern Christianity. They take the easy way out. Die now, as ordered, your great reward will be not having to live a life anymore, nice and easy paradise, no worries. As long as you die now, like you’re told to. Good little slave.
      All you people who complain and whine, and denigrate your own race disgust me. How dare you compare my race unfavorably with any other! As if we don’t have millenia of our OWN traditions and culture to draw upon? How dare any of you say the religion and culture of retarded racial mongrels who wallow in their own shit as far as history can record back through the ages is superior or favorable for my race in any way? Grow a pair already, or get out of the godsdamned way! We don’t need such racial treason, ignorance and cowardice from any one.

    9. Mike Says:

      To Mr Grachus:
      Point TAKEN. I unnerstand. Point is, that if You can’t stand up to Your Woman, for her own good, who can You stand up for-and by what artificial legal construct are You gonna justify it b4 Yourself?

      Ms Joanna has it right. I am not self-deprecating. I’m simply realising the manifest reality of our times. I’m not accepting it(femisism’n such) my life, including my beloved Mom, but simply accepting observed gravity.

      It IS.

      Better believe it, they have a fight coming…OTOH, they will realise, as You should, that our girls are not the enemy. When they try and reach out for us – is a rear occasion nowadays to give them a helping hand.
      I believe this to be such an occasion.


    10. Steiner Says:

      So Mr. Graachus observed the many unsavory qualities of the Arab – while fighting for the Jew ! No Aryan wants Arabs on his land – or any other mud race. Miss. Francis’ point is that White men in the West are, as Arnold puts it “girlymen” who will not stand against any atrocity commited against their people. Whites on the N American continent used to be tough, but not now in this Judaic culutre. In the face of he almost systematic extermination of Whites under the Juden regime in this country (murder by Negros, Mexicans, etc), institutionalized legal discrimination against Whites and pathetic Jew worship, the typical White attitude is subservience. Example: Whites seceded from the Marxist Lincoln government in 1860 and fought a bloody war against his goverment and his Irish/German hirelings for what they believed was right. Forward to 1957 – the Swedish Jew Eisenhower dispatches the much vaunted and overrated 101st Airborne to Little Rock , initiating the Communist Revolution of the 1960’s. The people protested, but there was no attempt at armed revolution – even though the Southern governors could have converted the local National Guard units to State militias – including the Air Guard. With the threat of a real civil war, what would the Jew Eisenhower and his gang do ? Who knows – but Russia was cocked and primed for a Nuke War. The point is, nothing happened militarily and now, after almost fifty years of total Jew control of TV and Hollywood, White males have been transformed into boy like creatures with no real set of values, generally indecisive and even somewhat effeminate.
      Look at the “brave” US soldiers in Iraq – give these punks weapons and they murder children ! Just like their Jew role models. It takes guts for Hezbollah to face the staggering military superiority of the Jews – something White western men today would never do.

    11. Stronza Says:

      Graachus, there is wisdom in some of what you say. I thought that Joanna Francis overdid it, appearing to present Arab/Lebanese/Moslem males as the terminal point of evolution. She presents this picture of a lovely society where the women are happy to walk around in 115-degree weather with those stupid black scarves and entire robes, just in case one of Ms. Francis’ highly-evolved men might catch a glimpse of of their hair or their ankle and be seized with horniness, necessitating rape right on the spot.

      I will never stick up for Israel, ever, but the other branch of the semitic people are hard to love.

      We may have millenia of culture and traditions to draw on, but we, on the whole, haven’t a clue where to start. I can’t think of one field of human endavor in the west that has not been completely judaized. We can’t handle the measliest of problems in our daily lives, it seems, without running to some field of “expertise” dominated by you-know-who.

      On the other hand, Graachus, white men need to receive a bit of a shitkicking, but not because they can’t “stand up to their woman”. I mean, really! WN will continue to go nowhere real fast if its female-hating contingent (the leadership) doesn’t soon come to grips with the fact that there are TWO sexes, and none of them are going back anytime soon to that vaunted place where these men-children want to place them.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “Graachus Says:

      The 30th 2006f July, 2006 at 12:59 pm

      This self-flagellation is shameful. I served with the 2/8 (USMC) in Beirut as an ant-tank assaultman (Dragons),in the early eighties, so I can say I know of what I speak. The Arabs in general, and the Lebanese in particular were animals. There is no respect for life. No recognition of any one outside of immediate, male family members as even human. The women are worse than chattle, at least chattels, such as a gun, or a vehicle are valued and maintained, a sister can be executed on the spot by a father or brother for the least perceived slight.”

      This narrow mindedness is what keeps us under the invading rule of the jews. The jews have taken over our government and is destroying the intitial White values that this country was built upon. With their pornography; their destructive organizations in every city; support of the invading mexicans who are killing innocent Whites in neighborhoods and on highways; hate laws against whites but not against the criminal non-whites (this law is to really protect the jews); the profuse abuse by jewish and non-white organizations bitching that Whites can not have schools exclusive for Whites; bitch and mandate law suits against Whites for having orgainzations; lack of laws to enforce strict laws against homosexuality and pedophilia (therefore, our blood supply is tainted and children are being raped so that they can grow up to be dysfunctional adults); lawsuits against any employer who doesn’t hire non-Whites (non-whites are too stupid to work or go to college); false prosecutions against Whites; and Whites are being jailed when speaking against a Holocaust that never happened and the jews can’t prove with substantial facts that it did happen. These are some of the lawlessness the jews produce against Whites not to mention the carnage against the Lebanese with their weapons aiming aimlessly at children who can not defend themselves.

      Do you call the jews humans? If you do, then you are not a human. You support these criminals? If you do, then you are no better than a criminal. Don’t ever preach or try to compare the Arabs with the jews and TELL ME I’m wrong for pointing my finger at the jews and yelling at the top my lungs — THEY ARE GUILTY! THE JEWS ARE GUILTY AND THEY ARE TO BE PUNISHED!

    13. John D. Says:

      Oh shit, another screechy bitch who hates white men.

      The same tone of victimization used by the feminists. The hatefulness of the nigger-lover: he’s a real man, you’re not. The threat: do what I say or I’ll leave you for Abdullah. Even being one of four wives to him is better than marriage to a white man.

      No mention of the fact that the shame and harm suffered by white women is at their choosing. The suffragettes were not jewish. Strippers aren’t Russian sex slaves. The women in our military weren’t drafted. Abortion isn’t forced. The white women proudly showing off their black babies weren’t raped.

      The white man did give up his manhood. He did it when he gave his woman what she asked for. She said she was miserable because she didn’t have “rights.” He gave them to her, and the result is the mess we have today.

      When we learn again what our ancestors knew, that woman’s only function is procreation and homemaking, when menfolk again take control of our society, we’ll have begun to reclaim our manhood.

      In the meantime, it would be appreciated if Joanna Francis would emulate a muslim woman and shut the fuck up.

    14. Jim Says:

      Graachus – hero of the race

      While you were faithfully serving ZOG in the occupation army did it ever occur to you that the whole thing couldn’t happen without the cooperation of tens of thousands of white men like yourself? Having white skin does not a WHITE MAN make. Nobody wants nonwhites in their living space. That doesn’t mean we can’t have and show respect to those fighting our common enemy. Normally I wouldn’t bother responding to a vituperative post like yours as I don’t believe in spreading divisiveness. However, the level of your vehemence towards fellow WNs with a different point of view was obnoxious. You say to ” grow a pair or get out of the goddamned way “. Get out of the way of what? You got a revolution ready to roll? While you were playing good goy soldier I was in the gulag for refusing to pay taxes to this stinking government. Who’s the hero here? And do you know who caused the most problems for me? Guys just like you. Veterans of ZOGs’ army who are now useless to do anything but oppress their own people in their own country. I think you vets suck. Harsh maybe, but true. Think about where our race would be today were it not for the brainless ZOG vets.

    15. New America Says:

      Look in the mirror, and admit something to yourself.

      She’s right; she might be right for the wrong reasons, but, Goddamnit, history is being made before our eyes – Hezbollah is WINNING!

      Islam is a very patriarchal religion; while we can criticize it’s outcome in terms of human potential, they are doing what we will not – standing up, and NOT FIGHTING THE ENEMY’S WAR ON THE ENEMY’S TERMS.

      That’s SMART.

      You can make sure that pictures of the worthless 101st Airborne forcing girls to attend Little Rock High school at BAYONET POINT went all over the world, and every real man thought, “Well, the clock is running on America, too.”

      “Only the Jew, won World War Two.”

      You can just bet if the Israeli Defense Forces tried this in Gaza, even a people with nothing, and nothing to lose, would fight with strength unimagined by us.

      Mark made a point that may be more prescient than we realize; on another thread, dealing with National Socialism, “Shmuely” noted it would be no real loss if TWO THIRDS of the White Race just plain died off.

      Mark noted how the Black Death acted as a eugenic force, clearing away those who were of a certain station, while others survived; if the great test of intelligence is to survive, and flourish, then, be defintion, THOSE are the genees and memes we want around.

      Peter Shank and Edgar Steele made the most astute observations on all of the issues of Jewish control – WE LET IT HAPPEN.

      THEY, the Asiatic Hive Mind, were ALWAYS organized, and we NEVER were.

      This must change, and it must change quickly.

      The Jews attack on VNN means one thing; they KNOW we are right, and they KNOW we are beginning to Awaken our kith and kin to RACIAL thinking.

      Once the Awakening begins, the Quickening begins, and you can not go back to sleep…

      Power follows responsibility; if your thinking has a true RACIAL basis – family, extended family, nation – then you will earn more power, and the duty to use it responsibly.

      Once the Quickening begins, you can not look back; your only focus must be to the future, and to the RACE.

      THIS, more than ANYTHING, is what the Jews fear, and the sources of this Greater Light – like VNN, Edgar Steele, and Peter Shank – MUST be destroyed while they can, as they planned for Jesus in the cradle.

      If we don’t send money to Alex Linder, we have no business being here.

      “Doc” Schnider spoke on an NSM show, where he looked at the illegals marching in the street, turning America into Mexico North, and said, “It’s down to boots, or bullion. Put your feet in the street, or send money to those who are doing it for you.”

      And, I don’t want to hear any bullshit about accountability, and how Alex should post the amount of the donations and where they are going. I don’t know, and I don’t care to know; I SEE the work the man has done for US, and I SEE the price he has paid.

      When I was a younger man, the old time backwoods Baptist church I attended had an old-school, “no bullshit” preacher. He lectured to us on the Law of Tithing, and one vistor said he would like to see an accounting of where the money went. He told the visitor that if he had that little faith, then don’t tithe, and don’t put any money in the plate.

      The Test of Faith is upon us.

      Say what you will, Hezbollah jumps in front of Merkava tanks and throws shaped charges under them, while hitting them and their support at point blank range with AK’s and RPG’s.

      THAT IS COURAGE; wait until you get out the shower, look at your fat ass in a mirror, and ask yourself, “Would I do that, if this was happening to MY wife, and to MY children?”

      Why not?

      I am not calling for you to demonstrate that level of courage, or that level of faith – although those opportunities are coming sooner than you might think.

      I am simply mentioning that YOU have the opprtunity RIGHT NOW to support the men who do what we like to think we would do, if we didn’t have to worry about the wife, the kids, and unemployment.

      If YOU have not put SOME money – ANY money – in an envelope, and sent it to who you think is doing the job for us that YOU would like to do, be it Hal Turner or Alex Linder – if you think so little of their efforts that it is literally worthless to you, fine.

      Just go your own way, and leave to your betters the duties of rebuilding Civilization.

      Think RACIAL – Act LOCAL!

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. Jim Says:

      New America

      I too could care less about the accountability of where the donations go. I trust they will be used where needed. However, coming from a background in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company, I recognize the need and value of creating a sort of competition among VNN’ers as well as rewarding their actions with recognition. Most organizations in the business of raising funds for a particular project will chart contributions on a thermometer to let their followers know where they stand in relation to the goal. This is what I was talking about. I would go one step further and suggest that a VNN medal be established and awarded based on the amount of funds raised or contributed by an individual. This would massage those egos that neeeded such things as well as encourage others to follow their example. REWARDS work. Think Cross of Iron.

    17. Complete Anti-Semite Says:

      Regarding the kikes, the ragheads and their endless bickering:

      Both groups have very similar outlooks; the jew detests anything non-jewish, based on the Talmud, and the ragheads detest anything non-muslim, based on the Quran.

      As a Caucasian, I see Jews and Muslims as detrimental to my existence and the existence of my descendants. In my opinion, the world would be better off if if both groups were annihilated.

      Always remember that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

    18. Chuck Coats Says:

      Stay on track folks…back-biting and infighting benefits the enemy. Many good points, but filled with mostly emotion and short on facts. She correctly points out that the Hezz is facing down the enemy and not afraid,…point taken.

      We won’t have to fight yids here…they don’t want to get dirty….but who will fight for them against us..? Military and law enforcement need to decide now……

    19. New America Says:

      Good point, Jim.

      I am just amazed at the incredible provincialism I see in what the Movement/”Cause” has historically been, and I am just amazed at how we stand like deer trapped in the headlights while the Goddamned JEWS just pick us apart. My concern was that all attempts at beating Alex to death over some damn nickel and dime contribution has to be stopped before it gets started.

      I worked with a very wealthy man who woned a resort hotel, and watched one morning as he went through the guest list and assigned them numerical values after check-out. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he used a simple model he developed to determine the value of a customer. In a time where we are told, “The Customer Is King,” he said, “No. The Customer Is A Customer. The Partners Are Kings.” He then told me that about five percent of the customers were simply not worth it; time-wasting, niggling little pains in the ass, and were removed from the marketing list. Further, if they called, somehow, we could not find a room for them on the terms they wanted.

      Let me repeat that.

      At $150/night, they were too expensive for us; they took too much time and energy for the return they generated. So, they disappeared from our marketing.

      I think VNN Forum should incorporate this principle; some people are just, let’s not mince words, lacking in discernment to be allowed on board.

      The stakes just got raised, and it is not going to get any easier from here on out.

      In an above post in this thread I noted:

      “Say what you will, Hezbollah jumps in front of Merkava tanks and throws shaped charges under them, while hitting them and their support at point blank range with AK’s and RPG’s.

      THAT IS COURAGE; wait until you get out the shower, look at your fat ass in a mirror, and ask yourself, “Would I do that, if this was happening to MY wife, and to MY children?”

      Why not?”

      Think about that.

      Hezbollah is facing the same Enemy we are, and that Enemy would just as soon treat us the way they are treating Hezbollah.

      A shift in mindset might do us all some good, and the analogy to Hezbollah is not altogether inappropriate.

      (1) Israel attacks Hezbollah.

      (2) Israel does not destroy Hezbollah.

      (3) Hezbollah gets smarter, and stronger; a new generation of Hezbollah is formed.

      Students of eugenics, pay attention.

      (4) Israel does NOT get smarter, and its strength comes at a price. It’s subsequent failures to destroy Hezbollah reflects in part the weaking of the Israeli gene pool. By letting in all manner of whatever claiming Law of Return, which is an inhereently dysgenic policy, Israel is engaged in a vain attempt to battle Arab demography in general, and Palestinian demography, in particular.

      (5) Hezbollah survives, and gets smarter.

      Now, the comparison to us.

      (1) Jews attack White Nationalists with great intensity, including VNN and those closely affiliated with it.

      (2) The Jews does not destroy the White Nationalists.

      (3) The White Nationalists gets smarter, and stronger; a new generation of White Nationalists is formed.

      Students of eugenics, pay attention.

      (4) IThe Jews do NOT get smarter, and its strength comes at a price. It’s subsequent failures to destroy White Nationalism reflects in part the weaking of the Jewish gene pool. By letting in all manner of whatever claiming Law of Return, which is an inherently dysgenic policy, Jews are engaged in a vain attempt to battle the Awakening of White Nationalists in general, and VNN and those closely affiliated with it, in particular.

      (5) White Nationalism survives, and gets smarter.

      That last part is the key.

      The reason for the all-out attacks by Israel and the Jews NOW is because they are maxed out on all fronts; if just THREE PERCENT of the White population in America begins to Awaken, the Jews are TOAST.

      They know this better than we do, and THAT is why all of the stops are being pulled out.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. jimbo Says:

      MY enemy is the FCKN kikes NOT mudslimes….i couln’t give a
      brass, FLYING FUCK how mudslimes treat their wimmen.

      In fact, now that i think of it, there’s a few feminist cunts getting ’round these days who might even BENEFIT from some Mudslime ‘bitch slaps’!

      If Mr Gracchus had any FCKN SENSE, he would’v been blasting the Yidsraelis NOT Lebs.

      The kikes hv FUCKED my life UP…now, the gods willing, i’m gunna FUCK THEM UP!

      (hope THIS pst makes it!)

    21. jimbo Says:

      re: Bond…James Bond

      when the Great Day dawns, i advocate indiscriminately using every weapon avlbl against the kikes and their lackeys/hirelings: WP, napalm, germ warfare, poison gas, nukes, cluster bombs, depleted Uranium &c as well as the more conventional bombs and bullets….just like these Talmudic FUCKs are currently doing to help-less women & kids in Lebanon RIGHT NOW

    22. Mark Says:

      If the Jews were attacking and killing black Africans, would we be defending blacks? Would some supposed white nationalist female be writing about how much she admires the manly blacks? There is little difference with the current situation.

    23. New America Says:

      Mark’s analysis deserves analysis:

      Mark wrote:
      If the Jews were attacking and killing black Africans, would we be defending blacks? Would some supposed white nationalist female be writing about how much she admires the manly blacks? There is little difference with the current situation.

      in reply:
      We are not defending “black Africans” in the least, and all of us would at least admire the Warrior Spirit shown by those who fought back – for a change – even if that spirit was in the bodies of African savages.

      “The difference with the current situation” is pretty much absolute.

      Hezbollah is operating as a nation within the nation of Lebanon, and is expanding its reach well beyond Lebanon, possibly to being the Voice of the Dispossessed Shi’ite Community – including those in Iraq. (Incidentally, the idea of ‘a nation within a nation’ has a certain appeal for us, doesn’t it?)

      Hezbollah is playing a very deep game here, on all fronts – strategic, tactical, economic, cultural – and seems to be winning.

      Hezbollah can claim, uniquely, for the first time since the founding of Israel, to have defeated the Israeli Defense Forces, with essentially World War II caliber weapons; the F-16’s, satelllite reconnaisance, and atomic weapons are of little real effect against the amorphous Shi’ite entity that Hezbollah has become.

      Hezbollah did something different; they REFUSED to accept the Israeli’s terms and defintions of their situation, and how they relate to Israel.

      This is pretty much where VNN just shines; it delivers brutally effective countermemes to the Jew-controlled Propasphere, winning the battle of Ideas at an easy to convey verbal level.

      I think this happened on a deply profund level; too many young men saw their fathers unable to defend their mothers against the Israeli incursions for over a generation, and said, “I can not do much, but I shall do what I can, with what I have.”

      Take a LOT of young men who feel this way, and network them with smart, Elder Warriors, over a generation.

      Remember, if there is ONE feeling in the mind of the men of Hezbollah to Israel, it is this – you are cowards, who attack women and children from the sky, and with tanks – OUR DEFENSELESS women and children, MY mother, and OUR family.

      The Arab society is based on consanguinity; the idea of TIGHT extended familes as the foundation of tribes, which are, in essence, extended families.

      All of these young men are fighting to make their mothers proud, defend their mothers and sisters, and earn the Warrior’s Prize for valor in battle – the approval of women who see they he is prepared to sacrificed himself for HER, and their family.

      Their opponents are merely fighting for gold, and treasure; wars are started by businessmen, but they are ended by accountants, who decide the cost of battle is too much for the shareholders and stakeholders to bear.

      We have had the Warrior Spirit drained out of us through television, and the public school’s indoctrination system; our sons are routinely gelded in a public school/indoctrination system, where they are forced to live at the mercy of African savages who organize gangs along RACIAL lines, and attack OUR sons, and OUR daughters, with impunity.

      The lesson is learned, and our sons either retreat into symbolic acceptance of their gelded status, buy dressing and acting as whiggers, OR they retreat into drugs, and other fantasies. Worse, our daughters accept the Enemy’s terms…

      This has to stop.

      It might take something as primal as our mothers and sisters being brutally raped and murdered for us to recover the Spark of the Warrior State of Consciousness, and fan the flame into the Light we need to recover our true power as Warriors. Remember, we did not come to this continent as “immigrants”; we can here as CONQUERORS.

      As to the instant situation, three words: Money on Hezbollah.

      Money on the Warriors, money on the young men who approach Merkava tanks with a satchel of charges, with his brothers covering him with RPG’s and AK’s.

      Money on the young men who have had everything taken from them, and now, like Solzhenitsyn, with no material attachments whatsoever, see everything in a pure, clear, clean Light, and KNOW that they must do.

      Now, ask yourself which is more attractive to women?

      Now, when you get out of the shower, look at yourself in the mirror.

      What nonverbal message do YOU send yo YOUR women, and what nonverbal message do the young Warriors of Hezbollah send to THEIR women?

      The Jews hit VNN with EVERYTHING they could, and they did it NOW.

      There is a reason for that.

      The two things the Jews fear – being identified as Jews, and losing control – are coming to pass, and they have to stop it from gaining speed. Hezbollah, like white RACIAL Unity, are like a locomotive; slow to start, but when they get going, don’t get in the way.

      Sent any money to Alex yet?

      Want to let the Jews win by default?

      Hezbollah isn’t, and we should learn from them.

      Grab an envelopes TODAY, and send some money to the men who fight FOR you, until you can fight WITH them.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    24. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘Mark’

      OF COURSE the situation re: Yidsrael vrs Hizbollah is different from Afreakans. many of the pics i’v seen of dead Lebns children would almost categorise them as white or close to it…….
      take this site, for instance

      also: the ‘angryarab’ blog spot

      the dead kids @ both of these sites certainly look genetically closer to Aryans than those two repulsive kikettes ‘auto-graphing’ the Yidsraeli ordinance!

      all that aside, i, for one, don’t really car who knocks off the kike as long as they do so

      the kike is our deadly enemy: the rest are merely ‘also rans’

    25. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘New America’

      i’d hardly call ‘Mark’ `s ‘off-the-cuff’ comments an ‘analysis’

      his ‘remarks’ sound like typical agent provocateur stuff to me.

      Honestly, i think u waste too much time & effort with some of these people….there’s literally a plethora of material @ VNN that any new poster could examine & inevitably reach the conclusion that the kikes are cunts! worthy of little except target-practice!

      the fact that they don’t examine the extensive material (and/or don’t already appear with firm and well-thought-out WN viewpoints) lends creedence to my assertions that such characters are not to be taken @ face value as ‘honest brokers’

    26. Tyler Durden Says:

      I know many so called American “men” who spend their time playing computer games, paint ball, watching cartoons (south park) and trash shows (jackass), waisting time watching sports, doing bicycle and skateboard tricks, getting stoned or drunk. Most American “men” are nothing more than old little boys. If your over 15 and doing any of these things “YOU ARE A LITTLE BOY”. You will be no good to real men when the time comes to fight for our race.

    27. New America Says:

      Brother Durden:

      See http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-07-31-violent-fight-clubs_x.htm

      Looks like our young men are taking matters into their own hands.

      And remember The First Rule of Fight Club is…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    28. New America Says:

      One more for Brother Durden.

      And remember, the SECOND Rule of Fight Club is…

      This one should be right up Linder’s alley, by the way



    29. jimbo Says:

      here’s an interesting article from our local jews-ppr concerning Hezbollah that might be informative as its reasonably even-handed & analytical

      it out-lines the basic military/political structure of Hezbollah……


      “An adviser to a senior political figure in Beirut explained Hezbollah’s organisational tightness with an anecdote: ‘An expatriate Lebanese called us from Paris because he was anxious about his 73-year-old father, who lived in a southern village that was being bombed…..
      We made extensive inquiries before we established that his father was alive and well and fighting for Hezbollah. The son was shocked — he knew nothing of his father’s part in the struggle’
      The exile’s father is among small Hezbollah units that come together for just minutes at a time to fire missiles into northern Israel from Hezbollah’s hidden launchers, confident in the knowledge that they can be back in their homes within the 10 to 15 minutes that it takes for the Israelis to identify their location and return fire.
      They do not wear uniforms and are impossible to pick from among their neighbours who may — or may not — be aware of their activities. They can invoke the protective silence of their local communities or hide behind their women’s skirts at the same time as they can throw their weight around because of the political and military weakness of the central government.
      In today’s Lebanon, they are the biggest kid on the block. They have been trained to operate new-tech missile launchers; they are computer-literate and internet friendly. Their only armour is their faith and everything is pre-positioned in the valleys and hills of the south — they don’t have supply lines that might be targeted by the Israelis.
      Seemingly unaware of the fire-power of Israel’s sophisticated American-made weapons and its command-and-control structures, a US military observer complained about Hezbollah’s six-year preparation for this war — including the stashing of an estimated 12000 Iranian- made missiles along the border.
      He told a reporter: ‘They dug tunnels. They dug bunkers, they established communications systems — cell phones, radios, even runners who are not susceptible to eavesdropping. They divided southern Lebanon into military zones with many small units that operate independently, without the need for central control’
      Military experts have coined a name for this kind of confl ict — network war. In a network war, the rigid hierarchical structure of a conventional army has difficulty engaging the flattened structure of a hybrid force such as Hezbollah, in which the sophistication of a conventional force is packed into a horizontal cell structure.
      And in the judgement of Anthony Cordesman, an analyst at the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Hezbollah has the Israelis foxed.
      In a progress critique on the Israeli performance, he writes: ‘It may simply be too late for Israel to react in this war. It entered it based on deeply flawed grand strategic, strategic, and tactical principles … (Non-state armies like Hezbollah) compensate for … conventional military superiority by using populations and civil facilities as a shield and constantly finding and exploiting new ways to use civilian casualties and collateral damage as ideological, political, psychological, and media weapons……It is a duel that favours (Hezbollah). It is easier and cheaper to disperse, shelter and hide……. ‘
      This invisible, below-the-radar military structure has defied attempted infiltration by Israel’s fabled intelligence services. Mocking their efforts to co-opt Hezbollah’s strictly disciplined fighters, Nasrallah told a reporter in 2000: ‘But they were always confronted with rejection because … Hezbollah is a group seeking the heavenly world, martyrdom and death. So members cannot be easily drafted by the enemies’
      Every Hezbollah fighter goes through deep-immersion spiritual training and, leaving nothing to chance, an extensive internal party security apparatus also vets every member and maintains a file on their movements and contacts.
      Nasrallah heads a standing army of about 3000 paid fighters, which includes an elite commando force, which is reportedly trained in Iran. But he also has thousands more reservists to call on. The military lines of organisation are such that some, like a group of reservists interviewed by The Guardian in the south this week, were still biding their time, waiting for explicit orders to join the fight.
      During the 1980s and 1990s, Hezbollah or its associated groups mounted a series of menacing suicide missions. The most lethal were six months apart — the death of 90 Israeli soldiers in Tyre, in the south; and six months later, the death of 80 Americans in an attack on the US embassy in April 1993.
      In the 1980s, Hezbollah or its front groups were involved in the abduction of dozens of foreigners. They were also implicated in several aircraft hijackings — charges the group has denied.
      But, despite Israel’s outrage at Hezbollah’s claim that the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, which sparked the present crisis, was intended to set the scene for a prisoner swap, both parties have done so in the past. In a German-brokered exchange in 2004, Hezbollah won the release of 435 Arab prisoners from Israeli jails in exchange for the bodies of three captured Israeli soldiers and a former Israeli army colonel who had been abducted in Lebanon.
      After the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000, Nasrallah set about the meticulous planning for this war, with help from Iran and, to a lesser extent, Syria.
      Despite US and European prodding on the need to disarm Hezbollah, few in the Beirut political establishment seem to take the idea seriously. An adviser to one of the Christian leaders argued that the only way to disarm the party’s military wing would be to co-opt it into the Lebanese security forces.
      For now, Hezbollah’s military leadership has gone underground. But other senior figures go about their political, welfare and media work seemingly with little regard for their own security. One of the non-military leaders told The Age: ‘At a time like this you feel there is an element of risk — but we have this sense of sacrifice’
      But they also have time on their side — to fall back, to regroup or to plan new attacks. Elaborating on the claim by a Taliban leader in Afghanistan that ‘the Americans have watches, we have time’, the Hezbollah fighters who spoke to The Guardian explained that part of their training entailed spending days at a time, alone in an empty building.
      Their leader was quoted: ‘Patience is our main virtue. We can wait for days, weeks, months before we attack. The Israelis are always impatient … I know them very well’
      In a country with few credible institutions, Hezbollah’s followers take the word of Nasrallah as gospel. Talal Salman, editor-in-chief of As Safir newspaper, told The Age: ‘In this war, Hezbollah is showing that it can do what it says it will do’

      some pssbly interesting lessons here for committed WNs….!…..

      THEY DUG TUNNELS. THEY DUG BUNKERS, THEY ESTABLISHED COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS– cell phones, radios, even runners who are not susceptible to eavesdropping.
      (i read that they use low-to-mid-power ‘walkie-talkies’ which are also not susceptible to ‘eaves-dropping’; in fact, probably LESS SO than ‘cell ‘phones’!)
      (sound suspiciously like ‘leaderless resistance’ IMHO!)

    30. Outis Says:

      Yes, yes. We’ve become so miserable, we need a woman to preach to us the doctrine of masculinity.

      This article would be nothing special if it weren’t “penned” by cunt.

      What one really needs is Linder at his most candid. Mark my word, people: when the shit hits the fan, it won’t be Joanna Francis whose name comes up.

    31. Edgar Steele Says:

      This woman’s screed ripped through my mind like fingernails on a chalkboard, quite literally compelling a response. Maybe some of this needs to be said, but her strident nag simply proves the old adage: never send a woman to do a man’s job. Before responding, I read through comments written by others and happened upon one that said it better than could I. It deserves repetition and a round of applause. In fact, I’m going to post it in a couple of other places and try to track down the screed’s author so that I can send it directly to her.

      John D. Says:

      The 30th 2006f July, 2006 at 4:46 pm

      Oh shit, another screechy bitch who hates white men.

      The same tone of victimization used by the feminists. The hatefulness of the nigger-lover: he’s a real man, you’re not. The threat: do what I say or I’ll leave you for Abdullah. Even being one of four wives to him is better than marriage to a white man.

      No mention of the fact that the shame and harm suffered by white women is at their choosing. The suffragettes were not jewish. Strippers aren’t Russian sex slaves. The women in our military weren’t drafted. Abortion isn’t forced. The white women proudly showing off their black babies weren’t raped.

      The white man did give up his manhood. He did it when he gave his woman what she asked for. She said she was miserable because she didn’t have “rights.” He gave them to her, and the result is the mess we have today.

      When we learn again what our ancestors knew, that woman’s only function is procreation and homemaking, when menfolk again take control of our society, we’ll have begun to reclaim our manhood.

      In the meantime, it would be appreciated if Joanna Francis would emulate a muslim woman and shut the fuck up.

    32. Denmon Westmoreland Says:

      I find it hilarious that a small counrty the size of Isreal has steadily beaten their Muslim neighbors for years. Quit telling us in U.S. how “tough” the Muslim man is and show it. All they do now is kill Civilians. I would rather die fighting a soilder then crawl on my belly occasionally killing civilians. Get real Muslims, you outnumber Isreal 500000 to 1 and cant do shit without sneaking and sliding like a snake on its belly. Poor Poor Muslims, just cant get a break huh?

    33. Mitchell Says:

      Look you little zionist creep, you scum in israel would be nothing without the billions that the USA gives you per year. Muslims do not get that kind of cash, nowhere near.

      So quicher bragging you arrogant piece of shit! Let’s see you fight the weapons without your billions from the USA.

      You don’t DARE, do you, you whiney wimpy Zionist shits.