31 July, 2006

OOH, OOH, Mel’s Career’s in “Jeopardy”! – Shrieks O’Bilgy

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Guy makes a movie against every form of fast-mutating kike pressure, that movie grosses roughly ONE BILLION DOLLARS, he gets drunk, speaks a few common truths about jews, and now HIS CAREER IS IN DANGER!

Maybe Bill O’Reilly’s trying to speak to his middle-class morons in a language they understand: fear of losing one’s All-Holy Job. Ok, that’s great. Even a mope can see it’s misplaced fear in that particular case, but even if it weren’t so what. Remember Canny Sammy, mouldering career girl? He “couldn’t” say what VNN says – because he was afraid to, and for no other reason. Then he died. It doesn’t last that long, folks. As the kikes say, if not you, who? If not now, when?

* * *

Bilge’s grandmother made bad remarks about blacks. She was “uneducated,” says loyal Bilge. “Have you ever met one?” he asked her. Bilge, of course, met many Nazis.

Too fucking funny. Not for Juan Williams and Bilgy to say whether  jews should forgive Mad Mel. Those jews may just have to make a business decision next time he comes a-askin’ for money. These jews turned down his billion-dollar baby last time, but certainly not because they’re prejudiced against Christians!

It takes a Christian coprophage not to vomit these Foxmen.

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    1. brutus Says:

      Did you notice that warble in O’Really’s voice?

      That was caused by his vibrating butt-plug. However we can’t mention that because a man’s personal perversions are his own business, so says the jew.

    2. Kievsky Says:

      NPR’s Marketplace had a mention about it. There was much hand-wringing, but in the end the woman said, “I have an old joke about Hollywood; they would work with Hitler if it was profitable.”

      Mel’s troubles are all the fault of someone named Badonicus. He says so himself right here:


    3. Stronza Says:

      Never heard of littlegeneva until you posted it, Kievsky. One juicy thing I found on that site is a link to a little video on youtube of Nelson Mandela and his commie friends singing a song about killing the whites. Look this up, everyone. It is beyond belief. Watching this is like a bad acid trip.

    4. John Smith Says:

      On a serious note, let’s maybe assume that Gibson did and said absolutely nothing. He’s simply being bald facedly smeared and railroaded.

    5. Fuck You Mel Says:

      Fuck you, Mel, for sobering up. We like you better drunk. Have a few drinks on me, and we’ll hold a press conference where you name the jew and announce your candidacy for president.

    6. burrhus Says:

      Imagine if Mel, instead of apologizing, had said,” Yeah, I said that stuff and I meant it and I mean it now. Kiss my ass. I’m going to run for the senate against that Boxer bitch or the other jew bitch senator from California and clean this country up. But first I’m going to make a movie that tells the truth about the hollow-hoax and Burrhus is going to be the lead actor playing the role of Robert Faurisson, one of my greatest heroes.”

      Imagine. Too bad that Mel chose to crawl whining to the jews.