14 July, 2006

Why They Fear Kennewick Man

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Deciphering Kennewick Man’s Origins

– Why Kennewick Man Can’t Be White and Must Be Reburied

The profoundest of all infidelities is the fear that the truth will be bad. -Herbert Spencer

Does race matter?

At the finish of NOVA’s report on Kennewick Man (KM) – a PBS program that aired in February, about the racial origins of a 9,000-year-old human skeleton found near Kennewick, Washington – the narrator invites viewers to watch two scientists argue on-line over the question of whether or not race matters (NOVA’s website at pbs.org).

To ask such a question about humans is much like asking if breeds of dogs really matter, as if dog owners’ care in choosing a certain breed is of no consequence to the owner or to dog breeders.

There are, of course, distinct breeds of men – or races – who exhibit unique mental and physical attributes, not unlike how breed-specific attributes may be found among canine breeds.

For example, a pit bull and poodle represent speciation–or distinctly evolved traits to be passed on to their respective offspring.

Pit bulls and poodles are distinct gene pools. A similar example may be found in humans, like the differences found between, say, African and Chinese men, which breeds display distinct heritable potentials in physicality, temperament and intelligence (scientifically measurable potentials).

Although it’s not politically correct (PC) to acknowledge them, or acknowledge their relative importance in human history, 5 distinct human races exist: yellow, red, white, brown and black. And mongrel offspring from interbreeding between the races may, through thousands of years of speciation, evolve into distinct racial categories.

Race does matter, because the heritable traits distinctive to a racial group determine its own survival, as well as the survival of humanity if a particular group displays talents (or combination of talents) which other groups do not, and which critical talents might be lost from interracial breeding with a less capable race. This is also true among intraracial ethnic groups.

For example, Englishmen exhibit a higher average IQ than Irishmen, displaying heritable differences in both intelligence and temperament. In the history of English “racism,” the Irish were thought to be both difficult to educate and bad tempered (this scribbler has Irish heritage). That difference in intelligence potential may be lost in offspring of English/Irish couples, but the offspring generally will display a lower IQ potential than the parent with the higher IQ (matrilineal links to heritable IQ notwithstanding).

You may deny it, but it’s either denial by ignorance or by purposely hiding the truth for, say, political reasons–the latter case being the primary reason today for denying any existence of distinct race-based potentials. These naysaying folks – mostly progressive Jews, liberal Christians and secular humanists – wish to deny reality in order to legitimize their mongrelization of racial groups in Third-World-immigration-strapped Western democracies, using tyrannical forced-integration of racial tribes–for building Marxist/socialist/feminists’ one-world, socialist Utopia.

If human races do exist – and if they display unequal heritable potentials in temperament, character, physicality and intelligence – then Marxists’ dream of Utopia can’t ever be realized. Biology forever will block creation of the perfectly fair society. So strict denial of heritable differences between racial and intra-racial ethnic groups – denial of the idea “race” – must be defended at all costs by Marxist/socialist/feminist Utopians.

If heritable differences in intelligence potential exist between the races, andthey most certainly do exist, then race-mixing naturally will produce conflicts between contesting groups while those differences necessarily manifest unequal leadership roles and living standards.

Liberals’ answer to the above truth drives them to remove any tests or evaluations which might expose heritable racial inequalities–driving American civilization down in academics (and other critical areas) to meet the standards of the lowest common denominator, to effect “social justice” (whole language, new math, feminist studies, African studies, Latino studies, set-asides, affirmative action, quotas, and proportionalism; all working to reduce the conflicts that heritable differences between the races, and between men and women, may cause).

It has been left-wing emoters’ pursuit of fairness this century- using various applications of Marx and Engel’s idea for Utopia, as outlined in their “Communist Manifesto” – whichhas resulted in an unnecessarykilling of millions this century.

The following is a rough overview of NOVA’s report on the origins of Kennewick Man, narrated by Joe Norton:

***Anthropologist and forensics expert James Chatters collects bones of an apparently modern human found on a riverbank near Kennewick, Washington (1996?).

***Chatters decides that the bones are “Caucasian” (his term) because the skull is long and narrow, with prominent brow ridges and extensive nose, and near- rectangular eye sockets–features which identify white European skull types (Native Indians have wide, flaring cheek bones, a rounder skull and round eye sockets).

***Chatters finds part of a spear point embedded in KM’s hip bone and decides to test the age of the remains, which he’s stunned to find dates back 9,000 years.

***Chatters talks with Smithsonian anthropologist Douglas Owsley, who tells Chatters of similar skeletal remains from that period, which small collection reveals a surprising pattern of white- appearing skeletal specimens dating back before the time modern-day Indians’ ancestors were thought to have arrived from northeast Asia (Native Americans are thought to be offspring of Asians who migrated to the New World from Mongolia after the last ice age– because they possess a very similar morphology, or physical traits; a theory which has been the “gospel of American archeology”).

***Word gets out about the KM find, and several northwest Indian tribes quickly claim the bones under N.A.G.R.A. (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act). Chatters learns of the claim and has one hour to videotape the bones and make a cast of the skull before a coroner arrives to take possession.

***Chatters, Owsley and other scientists find themselves embroiled in a fight for possession of KM, filing a lawsuit in federal court–as well as having to handle politically and culturally sensitive arguments over who the first Americans were: Native Indians or some other race of men, possibly Caucasoids (Caucasoid types appear to predate Native Indian types in North America, and even the Mongolians in ancient northeast Asia, which latter case is premised on a 28,000-year-old skull found in China)?

***None of the ancient skeletons “looks like modern American Indians, who are presumably their descendents . . . [and] Chatters was holding one of the most important anthropological finds of the century,” Norton reports. But Indians of the Pacific Northwest have claimed ancestral property rights to KM, no matter the bones’ origins, seeking to bury them in a secret location.

***An Indian spokeswoman relates the importance of ancestry to Indians’ cultural identity and lands, which importance may explain why Indians desperately wish to bury KM–to stop scientists from possibly discovering that a white tribe had been camping in the New World centuries before the Red Man.

***In 1930 near Clovis, New Mexico, spear points were found in Mammoth bones dating back 11,400 years, which find established the theory of a nomadic migration of Mongolian-like people into the New World, arriving over an ice-age-created land bridge between Asia and North America. Because human remains have been found in the Americas dating back before the last ice age ended, and because those remains now appear so morphologically diverse, that theory no longer can hold (human remains have been found in Brazil and southern Chile that don’t look like present-day Indians, dating human habitation in South America back 12,500 years, proving that Clovis habitation was not the first).

***One theory holds that KM’s tribe might have arrived here by traveling along the Pacific coast- line, where marine food could possibly sustain a migration southward during the ice age.

***Another Caucasoid man, named “Spirit Caveman,” was found 60 years ago in the Nevada desert. He is 9,400 years old, having a skull morphology close to KM’s. After his facial features were reconstructed by a forensic specialist, the man appeared more European than Indian.

***After Chatters similarly reconstructed KM’s fleshy features, the face of British actor Patrick Stewart emerged in the model, which, Norton reports, had caused controversy after a newspaper published a photo and article about it. It’s at this point in the NOVA report that a bit of anti-white bias appears when Norton – who likely had little or nothing to do with writing the script – asks, “We’re the first Americans really Euro- peans?” A more scientific question would be: “Were the first Americans more closely related to white people?” Norton then tries to make a distinction without a difference between “Caucasoid traits” and “white looks” by misquoting the newspaper headline that viewers could clearly read for themselves. In the newspaper article, Chatters uses the term “Caucasoid traits,” which term relates to white-appearing people, whereas the headline over the article reads: “Old Skull Gets White Looks”. NOVA falsely raises an issue of racial bias by having Norton state: “The headline said ‘white,'” rather than having him quote the headline accurately by using “white looks,” which quote would have made NOVA’s reference to any racial bias a pointless exercise (“Caucasoid-traits” and “white looks” mean the same thing; the reconstruction looks like a white guy!).

***PC pressure appears to drive Owsley (and the other white anthropologists) to try claiming that even though the ancient skulls have Caucasoid traits: “[They] do not [statistically] fall within the range of Europeans . . . don’t fall in the range of Europeans or any other modern people either . . . except the Inu [of Japan].” In other words, its better that those white- appearing skulls are not related to any modern-day racial type, rather than be related to modern-day whites at all–so as not to offend Native Americans.

***The Inu of Japan, who have Caucasoid traits, preceded the modern ethnic Japanese, who arrived on the island some 2,000 years ago. Curiously, NOVA writers do some word games to keep the “He’s just another white guy” theory out of the viewer’s mind. They admit that the Inu appear more European (read “white”) than Asian (Inu have hair and morphology like whites, and they historically have been referred to by anthropologists as “Asiatic- Caucasoids”) but, then, they narrate this disclaimer: “The key to understanding the first Americans is not that they look like Europeans but like Asians.”

***At this point in the program, two scientists are examining a 28,000-year-old skull (the oldest human skull discovered in China), comparing it to the 9,400-year-old Spirit Caveman skull. To the un- trained eye, they appear to be not just similar but identical!: long and narrow head, fairly prominent brow ridges, narrow jaw with protruding chin bone, extensive nose, and near-rectangular eye sockets. They both look like modern-day Caucasian skulls.

***NOVA might have added a footnote here about the ancient Caucasian remains that were found in a re- gion of northwest China: White-appearing corpses about 4,000 years old were uncovered in 1978 by Chinese archeologist Wang Binghua. The well-pre- served bodies had white skin and morphologically Caucasian skulls with blonde hair! This is a sensi- tive issue in China because historically the Chinese have taken pride in having developed their culture without any outside help or influence. Having a bunch of dead white people buried in their back yard – and found to be possibly tradesmen, and dressed well and having use of both metal and the wheel – might put a crimp in their cultural self- esteem. So we may have evidence that ancient ancestors of white guys were settled in ancient China, Japan and North America, influencing or being influenced by racially different human gene pools.

***Let’s follow NOVA’s purposeful distraction: The very oldest skull found in China looks to be Caucasoid (white), which looks like the skull of the Inu in Japan, which looks like the skull of Spirit Caveman found in Nevada, which looks like the skull of Kennewick Man found in Washington–but all of which, according to NOVA, are Asian-related not European in orign; an arbitrary bias? So it’s not asked why scientists can identify Native Indians’ relatives to such a high degree of certainty, through morphology, but identification becomes quite complicated when identifying Europeans’ morphology–when an ancient skull can look so apparently like a modern-day white guy but be set aside for more critical analyses and doubt. This is PC taken to absurd levels.

***A more critical analysis for explaining KM was given by Joseph Powell, one of seven government scientists who were assigned to determine KM’s racial origin. Powell first spoke of the “genetic drift” theory, where mophological diversity among various tribes sharing territory would, over time, morph towards a near-common appearance. Some tribes, or parts of tribes, might remain unabsorbed and die out, leaving only bone records of their distinct morphology (like what the Japanese Inu are about to do, now having only 100 full-blooded relatives surviving–a decline from a substantial population of Inu found in Japan in the 1800s), never disappearing into the melting pot but left to stump archeologists who find and examine their bones today. Another theory – the one responsible for the PC folks’ fight to shutdown scientific inquiry – is the possibility that “the first Americans were actually displaced by an incoming group that brought a different physicality.” Could the white man have been the First Americans? Or there may have been multiple migra- tions of diverse groups by different routes, and only the Red Man’s morphology had survived the competition (Chatters makes the point here that a human tendency towards conflict with strangers appears to have been the rule not exception. Anthro- pologists have mostly agreed that hunter-gatherer groups were egalitarian and peaceful. But the injuries on ancient skeletal remains don’t bear this out, as too many of those injuries are related to fighting and not accidents).

***Owsley believes that Kennewick Man was replaced by invading Mongolians. Had Mongolians also dis- placed a similar-appearing Caucasoid tribe in northeastern Asia? In any case, the Mongolian types appear abruptly in the fossil record in the New World, suggesting they may have displaced another distinctly different tribe of humans. There are stories of white- appearing tribes coexisting for a time with the Red Man, as found in some American Indian tribes’ oral traditions.

***Norton states that “it may never be possible to connect a 9,000-year-old skeleton with any particu- lar living group,” which isn’t true if DNA testing is possible. Researchers are certain of one thing. KM is not closely related to any American Indian tribe–but is closely related to the Inu, who just happen to appear with a close-to-European morphology! “Because he predated Christopher Columbus, Kennewick Man is, by legal definition, Native American,” Norton concludes.

***Joseph Powell: “To say that these early skeletons are not related to modern American Indians has political ramifications for modern groups of people in the Americas . . . [but] to deny that they are different also has potential ramifications from a scientific and political standpoint . . .” In other words, in order to keep guilt strong in white people, the Red Man has to be first in settling North America. One underlying fact drives the controversy over Kennewick Man: Race does matter; especially to minorities and their left-wing handlers.

-Founders’ America

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    1. -JC Says:

      A reading of Kevin MacDonald’s work exposing the roots of so called anthropology uncovers the racist propaganda of the usual suspects.

      However, based upon their behavior, I’m not a big fan of the Indians I’ve met who claim they are White, e.g., Cherokees and Lenne Lenape (Lenni Lenape, Delaware Indians). Judeo-Christian Identity adherents J.C. Chisum and Timothy Coombs, respectively, come to mind

    2. Mark Says:

      “In the history of English “racism,â€? the Irish were thought to be both difficult to educate and bad tempered…”

      Gee, I wonder why they had a bad temperament and resisted “education.” Maybe because they didn’t want to be conquered and ruled by a foreign people? The same could be said for whites now being ruled by Jews. You know us white supremacists have a bad temperament, we’re hateful, and refuse education from our Jewish masters.

    3. Tim Says:

      I was already familiar with the story. Did the article conclude anything concrete about the race of the KM? If DNA testing can be done then why hasn’t it been done already and the results released to the public? If it can’t be, then this is all speculation and a waste of our time.

      A highly readable chapter on lost white migrations here:

    4. confederate Says:

      are there pictures of the skull published anywhere?

    5. Chief Wannabee Says:


      Confederate White Debil, here good site you check-um out:


      Rezistani want peace with Ebil White Brothers.

      You gamble in Talmudafia-controlled ca$ino on Rez [ZOG-tax-free], we no burn-um wagon.

      No, we just like drink-um. Drink-um, drink-um cause YOU KICKED US OFF OUR LAND.

      Kennewick Man, Schmennewick-um Man. We got Jew-um lawyer say Spirit Cave Man Native American too. Him got red hair? We no care. Like drink-um. Great White Shabbos Chief Clinton bury Kennewick Man site in rock, dirt & thousands of trees. We get Army Corps of Engineers give us access to Great White Kennewick Native American. Great White Shabbos Chief Bush hush-hush-um too.

      Peace, Ebil White Brothers!

    6. jimbo Says:

      i second what ‘Tim’ says.
      white-history is an invaluable resource

      this prtclr pg contains vlbl material re: ‘Kennewick Man’

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      This can’t be! What happened to the “We all came from Africa” propaganda? Therefore, we must all be negroes according to the jews. This must be the reason for the great push for the great black civil rights movement. You think?

      Can anyone tell me why there is evidence showing that at least one jew in every and any archeological dig or findings exists?

      Such wonderful democracy we have. So much information, but yet one certain group is determined to suppress the “Caucasians” into believing that we – “Caucasians” – came from Africa.

      I still believe the jews are negroids or, better yet, negro albinos in some cases. They are taking every efforts to hide the truth. Well, why shouldn’t they? They certainly have control of the media, the FBI, the CIA, and the politicians. What a wonderful democracy we have. This certainly could be the reason why the Russians have exterminated democracy from their nation.

    8. jimbo Says:

      re: coup d’etat

      there are basically only three racial groups:
      caucasian, negroid & oriental
      in fact, it could be argued that there are only really two: viz: caucasian & negroid; with ‘oriental’ actually being a ‘diluted’ form of caucasian ( i hesitate to say ‘degenerate’ because some asians have up to 95% white genetic material!)
      whatever: utilising the first categorisation, jews are basically a negroid/oriental ad-mixture with predominant negroid characteristics hence: kinky hair & wide, flattened proboscis.
      (as opposed to the straight-haired, mid-size probosics’ Asians)
      some yoos, of course, have a deceptively caucasian appearance even a Nordic appearance.
      this is because, @ some point in the past, the oriental/negroid yoo has inter-bred with the Aryan gene pool.
      In effect, they have stolen valuable white DNA to which they have NO RIGHT!
      in such cases: genetic profiling is an invaluable tool in identifying the semitic gene(s) which can manifest in full-blown kike features in later generations.

    9. Coon Man Says:

      jimbo, your information on racial groups is shit. sorry, bro.

    10. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘Coon Man’


    11. Totenkopf Says:

      Jimbo says jews have “wide, flattened proboscis”. How about pronounced hook shaped beaks? This does not resemble a negroid in my estimation. Meanwhile, Coup d’ Etat asks, “Can anyone tell me why there is evidence showing that at least one jew in every and any archeological dig or findings exists?” Yes.

      According to the Bell Curve, jews on average score a full 10 points higher than average Whites in intelligence. Furthermore, they are racially and culturally more predisposed to both seek powerful positions, ie. government, military, courts, education, media, as well as band together to aid in the propagation of their own kind into these positions versus the fragmented often fratricidal traits observed in Whites.

      What is critical here in my estimation is to diligently search for the DNA proof of these various skulls, then disseminate the truth to as many people as possible. The rib on the Irishmen is unwarranted and counter productive to our aims of racial survival as well. Just because the writer has some ancestors in his blood line who danced drunk around the fire in kilts does not excuse this self-hate type of guilt in the least. Mark was correct in pointing out of the Irish that, “Maybe because they didn’t want to be conquered and ruled by a foreign people…” is why they are predispositioned to fighting.

      I believe it is most vital to stay on point here and diligently work to expose the truth in all venues regarding racial uniqueness and the preservation of White sovereignty everywhere. Indeed, to do otherwise only invites disaster for the future of our race and posterity. If we choose to bicker amongst each other, we may find ourselves face down in the muck like the Kinnewick Man, relegated to the trash heap of history with those same hooked beaked scientists disposing of the evidence of our lineage as well.

    12. jimbo Says:

      re: Totenkopf

      ‘How about pronounced hook shaped beaks? This does not resemble a negroid in my estimation’

      OK:……’wide, flattened proboscis tending to hook-nosed’

      ‘According to the Bell Curve, jews on average score a full 10 points higher than average Whites in intelligence’

      yeh….the ‘Bell Curve’ was written by a kike (OK: ‘co-written’…re: Herrnstein & Murray) so, naturally, it’s gunna glorify such hunh?

      although it’s correct AFA niggz are concerned(that’s been indepedently verified by vrs Aryan scientists any-ways!), the ‘IQ score’ re: yids is ‘verbal IQ’ not logical, analytical and/or ‘problem solving’ IQ

      and AFA ‘hooked beak’ scientists are concerned, virtually ALL major scientific discoveries and innovations in the last 400-500yrs have been courtesy of ARyan scientists
      in fact, this continues to this day

      the n° of Jew Noble Prize Winners (re: physics, chemistry, medicine &c) is a pretty short list indeed.

    13. George Crane Says:


      The one salient fact to remember, when some jello-spined weasel — particularly some 200-pound sobbing White female — starts blathering about ‘they were here first’:

      Of all the oldest human remains yet found in North America (which are carbon-dated at 9,000 years-plus, and PRE-DATE the so-called Native Indians), NONE … repeat, NONE are genetically Native American Indians, nor genetically linked to the Siberian gene pool!

      Kennewick Man
      Spirit Cave Woman
      The Clovis People
      Monteverde ____? [There is a significant find from the coast in one South American country, along these same lines.]

    14. Gerry Frederics Says:

      A similar situation exists here in Chile. It is claimed that the Spaniards tried to wipe out the indigenous population, consisting of Mapuche Indians. To this day, the Mapuches hold rallies claiming to have been pushed off their land etc. You know the drill. Fact is, they were so primitive they did not even have loin cloths to wear! Landownership requires a bit more civilization, me thinks. Several young Chilean historians and archealogists have in the meantime found documentary evidence, that the Mapuches came to the land only 200 years prior to the Spaniards and very literally wiped out the people whom they had found here. When the findings were made public (in a scholarly way, in no manner disparaging the Mapuches or anyone else), the scholars were derided at once as ´Nazis´(can you believe that?) and publication of the findings is being hindered at every turn. Gerry Frederics

    15. Totenkopf Says:

      “the scholars were derided at once as ´Nazis´(can you believe that?) ”

      Yes, Gerry I can believe that. Come to grips with the fact that you perhaps are a Nazi. A “Nazi” in the modern sense is anyone who is winning the argument against a zionist indoctrinated, emotionally driven, and emotionally retarded person. So wear that moniker with pride my friend!

    16. van helsing Says:

      Dunno if Kennewick Man beat the ‘Indians’ here, but they sure are scared. Also remember “the guilty man flee when no man pursueth’. They benefited from him then killed him, I bet.

      A whole slew of Indian tribes ‘prayed’ to their Great White Father. Who I bet many of them ‘suicided’. Witness the Mandans. Some Indian languages have similarities to white languages of very recent antiquity. And some have legends about how they ran out and killed ‘invaders’ (who they doubtless outnumbered) after disagreements over beliefs, resources, labor apportionment, or imho the most likely thing they disagreed about – WOMEN.