8 September, 2006

A Jewess’ Jewess: Sarah Silverman

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Brother Zionist:This video of the Jewish Princess Sarah Silverman is a blast. She has achieved racial enlightenment. The video came from our Sister Zionist. There is a loss of audio for about 15 seconds at the 2 minute point of the three minute video.



  • 11 Responses to “A Jewess’ Jewess: Sarah Silverman”

    1. alex Says:

      In the history of the world no one’s ever had a more irritating voice than la Silverman.

    2. Jim Says:

      Listening to that was very painful.

    3. DIEWALKURE Says:

      I think this video is hysterical! It has something to offend practically everyone!

    4. Mark Says:

      Interesting, I didn’t hear anything directed at whites. :)

    5. Mr. Outis Says:

      “I think this video is hysterical! It has something to offend practically everyone!”

      That makes it ok, right?

      Oh but [nigger or jew comedian] offends EVERYBODY. Haha.

      Linder and Pearson are the white man’s Comedy Central.

    6. walter hingerty Says:

      Im witcha on Silverman. She is ENLIGHTENED. I havent laughed so hard since I watched that other Jewish kid, the Mad Racist? Shes not hard to look at either. A real doll. I hope she records more. Kind of like a Skeeter Davis with a racial consciousness.

    7. van helsing Says:

      I enjoyed this.

    8. tattoo-bob Says:

      Beautiful, talented, makes fun of almost everyone, if she can cook & clean house & is great in bed then she’s perfect.

    9. Paul87 Says:

      Much of her stuff is typically Jewish: disgusting scatology and unfunny sex related, but her racist stuff is very funny. Also try:

      Can you imagine a white blonde making those jokes? She’d be arrested for “hate crimes”.

    10. JewsRuleYourAss Says:

      No one is forcing you to watch or listen. Alex you’re obsessed. Very unhealthy. Jews have done a lot of good for humanity but that fact is inconvenient. Pass the mayo you whitebread piece of shit.

      So what do we DO with the jews, especially the ones hiding out in the upcountry, intermarrying and polluting the culture by building businesses, employing people and serving the local community?

      The world can get along fine with jews as part of it. Its people like you that make clear the vileness of antisemitism. I pray for Christ to save your hate-filled soul.

    11. Victoria Says:

      Didn’t know Jews “pray” to Christ? Why? Will Christ listen or answer a Jew?