1 September, 2006

Bill O’Reilly and Kirk Cameron

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Saw this on Fox News for Children and Jackalopes a couple days ago – Bill O’reilly interviewing Kirk Cameron.

Cameron, as you may or may not know, was in a popular sitcom in the eighties. Shortly thereafter, he came down with the Jeboo, a big, bad case. He promptly peckered into parasimilitudinous existence six (6) presumably white kids! Way to go, Kirk! He appeared quite happy with his decision, and only partly in that eccentric, floaty way that Christians are happy.

Anyway, I was flipping by, not watching this. But God decided to gift me a Moment I Could Use. Even though I don’t pray to him. Kirk, who is known these days for his role in the “Left Behind” movie series based on the million-selling books, said to Bill that a Hollywood acquaintance said to him, shortly after his conversion, “Boy, you sure picked the wrong religion for this town!”

Somewhere shy of a nano-second later, O’Reilly responded, “He was joking.”

Cameron started to laugh – then realizing Bill hadn’t said quite what he thought, but trying to be diplomatic, said, Well yes, and no.

But of course the guy wasn’t joking at all. And Bill O’Reilly knows he wasn’t joking. But Bill O’Reilly is a cunt. A jew-fearing, ZOG-shillin’ caesarstein-salad-tossing 666-carat male cunt.

And that is the moral of this tiny tale.

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    1. Mark Says:

      O’Reilly is a Judas Goat, a term popularized by Peter Shank. I think it’s a good description of the typical media mouth, especially ones that pose as the average white person, conservative, Christian, etc.

    2. Agis Says:

      Funny related commentary:

      “Most recently, Cloud Ten Pictures is trying a variation on Mel’s promotional strategy with the third movie in the Left Behind series, based on the novels about [b]post-Rapture America[/b] [lol]. You won’t be able to see Left Behind: World at War in movie theaters. However, hundreds of churches around the country will screen the movie on DVD on the weekend before the October 25 DVD release.

      I didn’t realize there was even a first Left Behind movie; I guess I was too busy waiting for the resurrection of Terry Gilliam’s career. So I didn’t know that the movies all star Kirk Cameron, the former Growing Pains kid. Maybe he’s hoping that audiences viewing his latest film in a church will pray for him to get better roles—he hasn’t been in a movie that’s had a theatrical release since 1989. ”


    3. Peter-Gene Budarick Says:

      Hi Alex

      This is perhaps a bit off the current topics.

      I just wanted to reply after listening to your radio interview on “The Conway and Whitman” CBS/L.A. radio show.

      I have listened to that event and it got me thinking about the process of politics and propaganda in regard to what we are trying to achieve. In regard to what we are up against. Here in Australia it is even more hopeless since we have no free speech on these subjects. I live in a police state were i could be arrested simply for posting this message to you.

      The biggest single problem we have is the Jewish problem, but 98% of the population will just turn off, if the subject is mentioned, because of profound ignorance and denial.

      I think i understand this ignorance and denial very well because i am now nearly 60 and it was only 5 years ago when i awakened to the menace which The Abomination of the Known Universe represents.

      When i was 50 i believed what most mainstream people believed about Jews and about Hitler and so on. I had no concept about Jewish culture, solidarity and Jewish memes, nor about the “Holocaust” and the condition of my own people during the 1930’s and 1940’s. I believed ALL the propaganda and all the Jewish holywood films about the WW2. I id not think about it and did not question. If it had not been for the abuse of the Palestinian people and the genocide comitted against the Iraqi people over the last 16 years, i never would have woken up.

      Then when i saw 9/11 happen live on TV, i knew instantly what had happend. I know that this was done by the Jews. And i knew most Jews don’t know this. They are in denial too and are also being lied to. The “Holocaust” myth keeps the Jews under control as much as it keeps the Goyim under control. We are all innocent victims of a tiny but hyper-powerful minority who control every aspect of our lives as well as the lives of their own kind [people of Jewish identity who seek security in their group].

      However i have been aware for a long time that there was something fundamentally wrong with the world. But i was not able to clarify it until very late in my life. You Alex by comparison are still very young and you have discovered some things much earlier in your life. If i was 40 again and understood what i do now, Oh, how different my fate would be!

      In the radio interview you stood your ground. Your interviewer represented the mainstream and was not interested in learning anything. I think that when you said he would be fired if he asked serious questions about the Jews, your interviewer had no clue what this was all about. He probably thought. “On not Jews again”. When he said “we love Jews” we was being cynical! As you know people who are abducted and enslaved come to love their masters.

      The question is this: “Why make your daily life miserable, and risk the safety of your young children, by facing up to this – the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered and which most likely will lead to the exterminatiom of most of the human race, or worse its reduction to a primitive barbaric state, when you know you can’t win?”.

      I am only asking the question Alex. I actually believe only the impossible is worth attempting. So i am not asking the question to discourage you. I am only trying to point out to you the magnitude of this evil and their immense power and especially the incapacity for 98% of the population to see it. An evil who has destroyed my people, family and my life. I take it very personal. I can emphasize with the Palestinian and the Lebanese people.

      So why not live in a guilded cage which the Jews offer us, if we bow done to them and serve them?

      You have got my email and website Alex.

      Best wishes


    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex, it’s tiny tales like this that make VNN worthwhile as a news source. So do publishing little backgrounders’ on cats like Dan Senor, and Mark Steyn—make a difference.

      How difficult is it to put a $10 or a $20 in an envelope with your address on it? Those who don’t are either lazy or jew cheap.

    5. Schmuley ben Jewhadi Says:

      Everybody has assumed offhand that the Theater is Jew-controlled. Few, if put to the test, could prove it, but all believe it. The reason they believe it is not so much what they see as what they feel; the American feel has gone out of the Theater; a dark, Oriental atmosphere has come instead.

      Not only the “legitimate” stage, so-called, but the motion picture industry-the fifth greatest of all the great industries-is also Jew-controlled, not in spots only, not 50 per cent merely, but entirely; with the natural consequence that now the world is in arms against the trivializing and demoralizing influences of that form of entertainment as at present managed. As soon as the Jew gained control of American liquor, we had a liquor problem with drastic consequences. As soon as the Jew gained control of the “movies,” we had a movie problem, the consequences of which are not yet visible. It is the genius of that race to create problems of a moral character in whatever business they achieve a majority.

      Every night hundreds of thousands of people give from two to three hours to the Theater, every day literal millions of people give up from 30 minutes to two hours to the Movies; and this simply means that millions of Americans every day place themselves voluntarily within range of Jewish ideas of life, love and labor; within range of Jewish propaganda, sometimes cleverly, sometimes clumsily concealed. This gives the Jewish masseur of the public mind all the opportunity he desires; and his only protest now is that exposure may make his game a trifle difficult.

      NOTE: A trifle, Mr. Ford? Perhaps. No matter. In reward of your petty Aryan protest, my Tribe will see to it that your writing is suppressed forever and ever!

      It will soon become such that the mere mention of your scribble will warant loss of job, social exile … So great is the power of my Tribe! Behold, dirty Goyim!!

      The Theater is Jewish not only on its managerial side, but also on its literary and professional side. More and more plays are appearing whose author, producer, star and cast are entirely Jewish. They are not great plays, they do not remain long. This is natural enough, since the Jewish theatrical interests are not seeking artistic triumphs, they are not seeking the glory of the American stage, nor are they striving to develop great actors to take the place of the old line of worthies. Not at all. Their interest is financial and racial-getting the Gentiles’ money and Judaizing the Theater. There is a tremendous Judaizing movement on; the work is almost complete. Boastful articles are beginning to appear in the Jewish press, which is always a sign.

      — Henry Ford, 01 Jan 1921

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      Bill O’Reilly is a cunt. A jew-fearing, ZOG-shillin’ caesarstein-salad-tossing 666-carat male cunt.

      Pretty accurate descripiton of yet another craven, worthless Zogoid Slave. What happened to real Men?

    7. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      What do we expect from O’Reilly, a guy who was anchor on the yellow journalism and sensationalist tabloid TV show “Inside Edition”? Don’t waste your time sending these people emails trying to change their views.

      It’s just like Rush Limbaugh. Once when he was cornered by a lady on air who said “Last week you said A, but this week you say B about this same subject, so which is it?” Limbaugh responded, “Look, I’m just an entertainer.” So just like the kike Rudolf Vrba who used “poetic license” in his FICTIONAL book “I Can Not Forgive” about what he allegedly saw at Auschwitz, Limbaugh doesn’t give a damn about the foundation, facts or truths of his public statements as long as he can fool most of the people most of the time. Ratings = popularity = big bucks. Unmonitored capitalism lets the greedy run rampant and provides fertile soil for scams to flourish. The scams by O’Reilly/Limbaugh are some of the worst kind as they lead to so much death, destruction and brainwashing and not simply a less-thick wallet or purse.

      A decent synopsis by Professor Robert Faurisson of the Zundel trials in Canada that includes Rudolf Vrba are at the IHR here:


      Did you all catch this disgusting story in the new, niggers-in-charge South Africa? Headline is “100 elephants killed, tusks hacked off” here:


      So all the research, study and care devoted to pachyderms by white wildlife conservationists is trumped by the animalistic and low IQ behavior of yard apes in Africa. I’m sure the nogs who slaughtered these elephants can only “think” in the limited mental fashion: need money-tusks get money-kill elephants-get tusk-sell tusk-got money. They’d look at you with that Buckwheat expression if you ask them, “what about the ecology?” “Huh? What be dat?”


    8. Donger Says:

      Hmm is Bill O’Reilly irish like Giant Head Jew Kerry is Irish?

    9. Zoroastro Says:

      You know this is strange as to this monstrous massacre of the iSouth African elephants. Has anyone noticed how virtually all creatures, especially dogs and cats, are instinctivly repulsed by blacks? Is is the skin odour or some malicious vibrations or what?? I noticed that in both dogs and cats. Wonder if animals aren’t by nature dem ehvil racists?
      On the other hand, if there wasn’t for the Mr Whipper, I am sure that animals, especially some higher primates, would have completely ruled Africa. Instead we proped up our frightfully remote “cousins” from some altogether different evolutionary tree.

    10. jackumup Says:

      yes! yes bill is a cunt

    11. brutus Says:

      Little Billy settles his sexual harassment lawsuit and says that he’s not going to discuss that matter any further. Does that mean that I can’t speculate on whether or not he’s still sticking a lubed vibrator up his ass while talking dirty to his petrified assistant producer on the phone?

      The jew knows what Edgar J. knew. Covering up for the perversion makes a great leash.

    12. alex Says:

      The question is this: “Why make your daily life miserable, and risk the safety of your young children, by facing up to this – the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered and which most likely will lead to the exterminatiom of most of the human race, or worse its reduction to a primitive barbaric state, when you know you can’t win?”.

      My daily life isn’t miserable. My children will be safer for knowing the truth. There’s no evidence we can’t win. I believe we can. I watched Hizbollah defeat Israel. I see the fear our own government has of the awakening number of jew-wise, thanks to the Internet.

    13. brutus Says:

      RE: PGB

      The question is this: “Why make your daily life miserable, and risk the safety of your young children, by facing up to this – the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered and which most likely will lead to the exterminatiom of most of the human race, or worse its reduction to a primitive barbaric state, when you know you can’t win?”.


      To the question:

      Regardless of the context that it is posed, only one not considering the next generation would ask such an ignoble question.

      Do the “14 Words” ring a bell? It’s all about posterity. It’s about the transfer of our intellectual, philosophical and racial inheritance to the next in line, who we will teach to have the wherewithal to appreciate it. We earnestly consider the type of world that our children and their children will exist within and we take seriously our responsibility to hand them something pure and untainted.

      Yes, we are up against the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered, but you seem not to understand that we, the White Nationalists, are the greatest good in all humanity. And within that innate goodness is to be found all of the noble virtues, including but not limited to Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Industriousness, Self-Reliance, and Perseverance. And from these noble virtues we derive our indomitable strength and the power to prevail under the most unlikely circumstances. This great struggle has always been this way, cyclical. Nothing is static and the jew’s day in the sun draws nigh.

      Racial awakening is a process, a maturing. Even though you claim to be 60 and newly awakened, you still have a way to go. BTW, Giving yourself the cheap excuse of saying that you are a realist, tells us that you are nowhere near an understanding of your own Whiteness.

    14. John Says:

      Yes O’Reilly is a lying jew worshiping cunt who needs to be exposed.

    15. Curt Maynard Says:

      But Bill O’Reilly is a cunt. A jew-fearing, ZOG-shillin’ caesarstein-salad-tossing 666-carat male cunt.

      Damn, I wish I would have entitled my article “Bill O’Reilly is a lying son of a whore,” “Bill O’Reilly is a ‘cunt. A jew-fearing, ZOG-shillin’ caesarstein-salad-tossing 666-carat male cunt.'” Good one!

    16. New America Says:

      In reply to Peter-Gene Budarick:
      The question is this: “Why make your daily life miserable, and risk the safety of your young children, by facing up to this – the greatest evil mankind has ever encountered and which most likely will lead to the extermination of most of the human race, or worse its reduction to a primitive barbaric state, when you know you can’t win?”.

      in reply:
      I agree with your description of the nature, and ultimate goals, of our hereditary RACIAL enemies, the serpent-seedline hook-nosed Satanists.

      “THAT JEW,” to use Phil from Omaha’s elegant formulation, DOES seek to reduce the vast majority of us to “extermination,” and they are already doing this by essentally making much of “America” into Mexico, in the South, and Africa, in much of the South, and the cities. By sending these feral monsters to attack us on all levels, they actively support our “extermination” on ALL levels.

      We have entered into the world of Orwell, with Jew control of the Propasphere, and, more importantly for the long view, the world of Huxley, with his “Brave New World” of Alphas (JEWS), Betas (their shabbas goy managers), and Gammas (Mexicans, the Colored, and Whites who identify with their RACIAL enemies to the active antagonism of their own RACE).

      Note that many of the Gamma whites do not necessarily live in trailer parks, or sleep in their cars. In fact, a lot of them are barely Betas, and, all too soon, will realize how easily their “jobs” can be sent to Bangalore, today, and Shanghai, tomorrow.

      So, the plan of “THAT JEW” is essentially to get rid of those who might remotely pose a threat, and those it can not use. Then, dumb down the rest, and replace them with even lower levels of goyim – “animals” – as the technology becomes available.

      Why, then, do we fight back, when we “know” we “can’t win?”

      Glad you asked.

      We WILL win, and I won’t go into complex analyses of the structure of Culture and the derivation of human society therefrom, nor will I discuss the deep nature of the War between Mankind, and the Tribe.


      I will point to basic demographics.

      The Jews are, let’s say, THREE percent of the population.


      More and more people realize The System is not working for them, and are Awakening to the idea that ONE THEORY explains most everyting that is structurally wrong in our System; JEWISH control of the media, JEWISH control of the “educational” system, JEWISH control of our financial system, JEWISH control of our legal system, JEWISH control of the vast majority of our political system.

      The irony, is that the JEW is simply a parasite, and controls the Host through the Host’s indifference…

      I don’t think America, as we know it, can be saved.

      But, remember, it was OUR RACE – OUR NATION – that made America a great country, and when WE go, the Light of Greatness gos with us.

      Want proof?

      Go to your library, and look at the copies of “LOOK” and “LIFE” magazines from, say, fifty years ago – before mandatory integration, and the widespread adoption of color television.

      Look at the pictures of the cities; see how beautiful they are, how clean and bright they are.

      Look at the picture of the men and women – sorry, “ladies and gentlemen.”

      See how clean they are, how bright, how positive the looks in their eyes?

      NOW, tomorrow go to the same cities, and go to the same street corners.

      See how it looks like a horror show?

      See how much of Detroit looks like Dresden AFTER the firebombing?

      America WAS a great country, because it was the geographic home to a great people, the WHITE RACE, the CREATIVE RACE.

      Absent the WHITE RACE, America was an empty continent inhabited by aboriginals who routinely practiced cannibalism, and, if memory serves, didn’t make it to the technological level of the wheel.

      Want to see what happens to America after the WHITE RACE, the carriers of Western Culture, leave?

      Go to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and remove all vestiges of Western technology…

      Go the downtown Detroit at night, but make sure you go heavily armed…

      When WE leave town, the Lights go OUT, and I mean ALL of the Lights – Culture, Society, Technology, Industry, ALL of them go out, and the savage comes to the fore, in his element.

      They have turned the cities we built, into the jungles they came from.

      There’s a lesson in that.

      Alex Linder made a masterful statement:

      If you could take ANY state in the country, no matter how barren and inhospitable, and make it WHITE ONLY, you would see the greatest land rush in American history.


      Because Culture reflects a group dynamic, and ONLY the men of the West, of CIVILIZATION, can CREATE a modern Western society.

      Peter Shank, of shankradio.com, made a masterful point:

      DEMOCRACY only succeeds in the West.

      There is SOMETHING about the Western soul that makes a TRUE democratic system possible.

      Thus, as a matter of form, African nations can have “democratic” elections; however, it is impossible for those elections to lead to democratic outcomes.

      THAT is how, and why, we CAN win, and we WILL win.

      America, as we know it, requires just THREE PERCENT of us to Awaken, and neutralize the Jew; by doing that, of course, their Colored feral animals will be neutralized, as well.

      Having cleared out the underbrush, we can begin to rebuild, anew.

      And, if WE don’t win, ALL of Mankind loses.

      The irony is this – it is OUR energy, OUR power, OUR System, that THEY are using to control US.

      ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS DETACH from the Propasphere, first, and them replace their negative, Satanic institutions with the latter-day version of positive, truly American institutions THEY replaced with their cuckoo-egg imitations.

      We don’t have to fight them in the street.

      ALL we have to do is, first. fight them in our house – NO MORE TELEVISION.

      Then, fight them in our schools – first, homeschooling using the Robinson Curriculum, and then forming demischools together.

      If we can do this for ONE generation, our children and grandchildren will gladly finish the job, and if they have to go into the street to do it, they will go as street lights, and remove the street dogs they find there, by any means necessary.

      A motto for the Interregenum?

      We SHALL prevail.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. Bill O'Reilly Says:

      I like Bill O’Reilly!

    18. Bob Says:

      Bill O’Reilly is the only person that likes him! Bill O’Reilly is the most dangerous man on television, if not the USA. He claims to be “fair and balanced,: yet he vilifies anyone that doesn’t parrot his own sick agenda! Bill O’Reilyy should be taken off TV and horse whipped in the street. I bet that would draw more ratings than his TV show!

    19. Rudolf Says:

      Fuck that douche. ‘Nuff said.

    20. Indiana John Says:

      Could that O’Really creep actually be a cryptojew ? That is a “hidden” jew? If not, he is a dirty white for sure.

    21. Fed Up white Says:

      Hello everyone,
      I have had enough. Enough of the whining Blacks, Jews , Mexicans, Gays.
      I know this has nothing to do with the subject of the post it is on but hear me out please.
      I say its time to strike back, not with violence, ( at least not yet) but with propaganda.
      I have several ideas to make their agendas backfire on them.
      My first gripe is every time i turn on a TV show or a movie some stupid white bimbo is slobbering all over some Baboon .
      We all know its part of the Jewish plot to mix us all.
      They are in control of most of the TV networks and movie producers.
      Lets try this.
      Every chance you get on any post or conversation say that its the Jewish women who love the Blacks because the Jewish men have small a penis.
      Also tell your women when a boon hits on her to tell them its Jew women who want them.
      Kinda puts it to both of them, leads blacks to their women and cuts the men’s pride.
      If we all start this and push our friends to use it it will become the way it is.