5 October, 2006

Christians: “I think of a man, and then I take away reason and accountability”

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There is no earthly power the chrizzling won’t truckle before. As the jews are top dog, the christian cunt, to be redundant, adds racism to his anti-evolution Schimpflexicon in his neverending jeboohad against fact.

[Reader:] This is a comic penned by some radical christians that are claiming evolution is racist.

The comic reads:

“Don’t you know that evolution is basically a racist concept?” says the negroid, “Some evolutionists still teach that white people evolved from “negroes” who evolved from apes – Meaning white people are more evolved.” Who writes this shit, christians or the jew?


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    1. Thoughtcrime Says:

      It is not my intention to offend anyone by stating my opinion that Christianity, like all religions, is simple fantasy. Christianity itself essentially creates and fosters what I like to call a ‘suspension of critical thought’. The rational parts of their brains are simply shut down and non-functional. Try to reason with these people about the origins of the universe and you get nothing but unsupported babble and repetitive mantras about having ‘faith’ and ‘believing’ and other such nonsense.

      Oh, they may also tell you that if you are not a Christian, then you are going to ‘hell’ like this is something they know for a fact. Unfortunately these people don’t live in a world with facts, they prefer a system based on faith and fantasy. I relish in telling them that hell doesn’t exist for me and that the threat of ‘hell’ (IMO) is actually just a simple mechanism for ensnaring more weak-minded fools to hitch a ride on the ‘bound-for-Glory train’. I mean, after all, you don’t want to end up in ‘hell’ do you??

      The interesting thing is that most modern religions, if you go back far enough, are based on some form of Sun/Moon worship initially and gradually morph out from there. They also don’t like to hear that Sun worship is purely a pagan system, and at this point in my life, I am definitely pagan. My stance is, if you are going to worship something, why not Nature? Why not worship the Earth, the Moon and the life-giving Sun, objects and events that are truly astronomical in scale and can be supported with facts?

    2. jimbo Says:

      wait a minoota!

      that wb/st looks suspiciously kikish to me!

      looks like they’re ‘taking the PISS’ outta xianity!


      whn are these xians gunna wake UP! & realise who their REAL ENEMIES are?!

      AFA ‘evolution’ is concerned: if there are ‘scientific problems’ with the theory, then i’m all FOR an objective and rigorous investigation!

      Aryans have NOTHING to fear from true science!

    3. Seedline Says:

      Both VNN and the anti-racist judeo-christians overlook Christian Identity, with its polygenetic creationism. That is, whites and niggers were created separately.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Ah, the Christian. The man who doesn’t have to care what fate his golden rules are pushing the planet toward, as we’ll all go to another dimension anyway. Converting non-Whites for 2,000 years and counting.

      That site has a link to this piece about Left Behind the videogame. Go on a shooting spree and massacre the non-believers! Blood and gore, blood and gore, kill the atheist! It is comforting to see the Christians are human, after all, with the same natural bloodlust and hatred against their enemies as the rest of us. They’re just asshole hypocrites about it.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      Oh, come on, I can’t do links in the texts? Okay, here’s the videogame:

    6. CZ Says:

      If you read through the stories, everyone seems to have the evildoer as white with blonde hair, whether it is some fat dyke, a drug user, a porn addict, a slut or a womanizer. Fuck these christians, they hate me and my race.
      It’s time for some chick tracts of our own.

    7. White Survival Says:

      It is funny that the nigger in the comic realizes the truth of evolutionary progress while real niggers never seem to. I always have to laugh when I hear niggers preening about how “we be’z the original peeples” when all that means is that they are closer to monkeys and whites are the result of more evolutionary progress than the nigger, who is left half-way between apes and fully-developed humans. Of course, the comic was written by a white person, a nigger could never make that simple analysis of what their place in the evolutionary ladder truly means.

    8. Timothy Says:

      Organized Christianity has cast its lot with the subhumans.

    9. whiteskelet Says:

      What fascinates me about the picture is that the “black” and the “white” are pictured as of about the same colour, with as fine traits. Also, the white boy has a big green chain that looks like a slave’s chain. He looks very weak, very stupid. The black is better dressed. But his big wristband could be of a slave too!

    10. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      on the christian side: subhumans are easier to convert to a superstitious belief.

      on the jew side: subhumans are easier to control and enslave.

    11. Mark Says:

      That comic looks more like a black and an Asian. That’s what whites need, Judeo-Christian propaganda illustrated in Japanese anime style to teach our children about the “truth”.

    12. Carpenter Says:

      What if religion wasn’t part of the debate at all? What if religion had no place at all in debates about politics, foreign policy, philosophy, race, culture? What a relief it would be, to cut away such a big and meaningless part of the debate. We wouldn’t be missing a thing.

    13. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      “I’d rather be descended from a monkey than a nasty African.” Christians don’t want evolution taught in schools. Liberal cunts only want the part of evolution taught that undermines Christianity, while completely ignoring what Darwin said about race. This may end up helping us if Christians get people thinking about Darwin’s entire body of work.

    14. MB Says:

      “I think of a man, and then I take away reason and accountability”

      I remember that from somewhere. Was it George Carlin?

    15. Heads Up Says:

      Seedline Says:

      “Both VNN and the anti-racist judeo-christians overlook Christian Identity, with its polygenetic creationism. That is, whites and niggers were created separately.”

      Hey, Seedy! Aren’t you the nimrods that believe that Cain is descended from the devil and so are Jews? That the chosenites are Adamic Israelites who are Celto-Germanics? In essence that white western man were/are the Troooo Joooos? That the old testament, a kikeish book if I’ve ever seen one, is of our white heritage? That I suppose we are the vampires that are the chosenites depicted in that book?

      I DON’T THINK SO A**HOLE! I have nothing in common with the scum in that book who parasites off of their neighbors and are the physical & spiritual ancestors (aside from the Khazars) of today’s Jews. F**k you Christinsanity Identity freaks. You’re NOT pro-white, you’re pro-Christinsanity. A huge difference.

      Go back to Jebus gibbering websites where you would be more welcome with your fellow trooo jooos.


      if i were prez, i’d ban ALL SUPERSTITIONS!
      the ussr had ONE good idea in doing that!
      they just weren’t fierce enough about it.
      the nazis encouraged the same thing, i think, but again: WERE TOO SOFT.
      yeah, those “evil” nazis were TOO DAMN SOFT.
      they were soft on the british at dunkirk.
      they were too soft on the jews.
      we can learn from history…

    17. sgruber Says:

      MB, everything is attributed to George Carlin by default.

      But the quote you have in mind comes from the movie “As Good as It Gets,” starring Jack Nicholson. Jack plays a mentally ill novelist/drunken prick who writes chick lit swill. When one of his female readers gushes at him “How do you create such realistic female characters?” Jack replies “That’s easy. I simply think of a man – then I take away” etc. Jack also said “You can’t handle the truth” but that was from a different movie.

      I don’t think of a man at all, when I think of muds. They aren’t men (humans).

    18. jimbo Says:

      ‘Brian Gareth Martinvale’ sez:

      “Christians don’t want evolution taught in schools. Liberal cunts only want the part of evolution taught that undermines Christianity, while completely ignoring what Darwin said about race. This may end up helping us if Christians get people thinking about Darwin’s entire body of work”

      yr right!

      Ironically, ‘The Origin of the Species’ probably contains Darwin’s weakest arguments: many of which have been cast into doubt because of advances in fields like molecular biology in the last 50yrs!

      Scientifically, that interpration of ‘Darwinism’ is on shaky ground. However, we must also remember that most of ‘Species’ is speculative: Darwin was making NO hard-and-fast scientific claims as such
      and most of his observations from the famous ‘Voyage of the Beagle’/Galapagos Islands several years before were more in the nature of ‘correlations’ rather than ‘causations’

      Where Darwin is clearly vindicated is in his second major work: The Descent of Man (with revisions) which ushered in the field of eugenics, by way of his cousin, Francis Galton. Those theories were enthusiastically adopted by many early American eugenicists and, ultimately, by the Third Reich. Darwin’s scientific views on race & eugenics have since been overwhelmingly vindicated.

      As BGM observes, because ‘The Descent’ does not correlate with the jewish mind-set re: Boasian ‘anthropology’ by way of that kike shill Margaret Mead, it is now conveniently ignored whilst the kikes and their chabbez-gois ‘cherry-pick’ bits & pieces from ‘The Origin’ & else-where in their continual endeavour to under-mine the White Race by under-mining their religious belief(s); erroneous as those beliefs may or may not be!
      (without a doubt, such ‘Darwinian spruiking’ is absent from Turd World countries espousing some flavour or other of xianity: conclusively proving, once again, that the issue here is NOT religion but race!)

      Ironically, Darwin was any-thing but ‘irreligious’ His wife was a fervent xian and Darwin never made any adverse public pronouncements against xianity! whether this was due to ‘social pressures’ or not is debatable. Darwin even contributed the annual sum of £5 to a South Sea Island missionary society. He was apparently impressed by the ‘amazing changes’ xianity had supposedly wrought on the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego or some such place(those details are just vague….but it’s in Darwin’s letters some-where!)…..£5 of that era would probably amount to something like £500 to-day: a not in-considerable sum!

      What we do have, however, are a whole gallery of kikes of the same time period who were voiciferous in their condemnation of xianity….Marx, for example: who wanted to dedicate ‘Das Kapital’ to Darwin. Darwin declined: probably recognising this jew bastard for what he actually was! And, of course, not that long after Marx, that detestable kike: Freud!

      It is possible that Darwin may well have recognised and/or anticipated the jewish attack on the White Race and wrote
      ‘The Descent’ in an endeavour to counter this threat by bolstering the genetic strength of Aryans. From my under-standing, ‘The Descent’ was Darwin’s most favoured work and the one he most ardently advocated. This advocacy was continued after Darwin’s demise by Galton and T H Huxley.

    19. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Given the state of our people today, it seems that the “scientists” have us evolving from apes to niggers to white men and are now devolving back to into niggers. Or should I say wiggers? (LOL!) I’m sorry folks, but the notion that we evolved from Congoids is simply absurd!

      “What if religion had no place at all in debates about politics, foreign policy, philosophy, race, culture?”

      Carpenter, I think our nations would be much better off. Religion should not have a place in these discussions but it is very difficult thing to avoid with many people. And what about secular ideologies such as Marxism and Liberalism? They are adhered to by their proponents, in many ways, much more piously than you find with believers in Christianity. In fact, given that they do not believe in an afterlife, those who believe in the tenets of Liberalism and its spin-offs are more likely to be even more assertive, as the Bolsheviks demonstrated in the USSR.

    20. bryanod Says:

      I remember when living in the US often seeing a bumper sticker which stated: ‘God said it, I believe it, that settles it.’ It sums up the Christian fundamentalist mentality perfectly. No rational argument will be allowed to penetrate that stubborn, self-satisfied mindset. Of course this attitude is not limited to Christians, or even to other religious sects. As Scipio states liberals and communists and conservatives, or supremacists like the kikes have the same mentality. If truly rational, scientific evidence does not fit or support their beliefs then it is simply discarded or warped so that it appears to support it. These types only deserve scorn even though they are always dangerous to free white men. I believe that all religions are and always have been rackets run by intelligent individuals for personal power and gain. They succeed because sheep-like people want to believe despite any shred of real evidence to support the cult’s claims. White people would be much happier if they just realised that there is a Universal Consciousness and that they are better off accessing that reality by themselves. There is no need for priests or temples. Who cares what other races believe so long as it does not affect us?

    21. R.G. Says:

      I love my own people.. and I love the Lord Jesus. I just want to be up-front. You are right to work towards the survival of western european peoples and cultures. And if that worthy goal leads to conflict with others, I will do my part to help insure our survival. But I will not hate. And I will continue to offer the Gospel to anyone willing to listen. Especially any of you.

      But I do appreciate the (brutal) honesty of this site.

    22. [email protected] Says:

      It is easier for me to believe that evolution exists, and that men evolved as primates, than it is for me to believe that an elderly jew built an ark of wood in a desert and put aboard pairs of animals from which all of todays mammailian land dwelling life originated. It is especially more absurd, after seeing the “ark” they claim to have found to prove their claims. Ps on these rotten math challenges, aren’t they combined in order presented. since there are no perintheses surrounding the multiplied values?

    23. Russian Czar Warrior Says:

      First of all I want to disagree with the fellow at the top in stating that Christianity is fantasy; to you Sir I say I respect your beliefs and your ability to not be persuaded to believe in concepts that weaken your mind; But ( and that is a big but) I cannot agree with you for one big reason; I had an out of body experience and saw the Lord Jesus Christ and he was a beautiful site! ; this was not a dream and I have never taken drugs or have any mental illnesses.

      I know it wasn’t a dream because when I came back into my body and went outside and every single thing was in the exact spot (cars, etc) as when he gave me the vision; I had no previous knowledge of that outside area before hand.

      I know without a doubt that you will not believe me no matter what I say but as I said I was similar to you; after that I can no longer deny Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the existance of God.

      Maybe if you seek something faith based something supernatural will happen to you; I will say this though; I believe that Jews, Blacks, and other mud races are from no other then Satan himself; God has children so Satan decided he needed his; it is that simple.

      If you look into it Blacks(and Jews secretly) do nothing but kill, steal, and destroy just like their father. Oh yes, Heaven and Hell exists sir and if you don’t repent of this nonsense of yours and realize their is a God you will end in in Hell; did you know that Scientists cannot explain these voices coming from the middle of the earth! Yes they are screaming and sound just like Human voices; they detected this with sonar and major scientific equiptment that you probably know about already. I know you will laugh at me but go ahead it is my job to warn you and I have.