3 October, 2006

Loxism in Advertising: HOLIDAY INN

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Question: What does Holiday Inn think will get people to “look again” at its brand?

Answer: A bunch of white men acting faggoty.

[Campaign’s home, where you can see all eight spots in this June-November ’06 series:

Ad rule number one is that all spots featuring more than two people must include a mud. Rule two is all muds must be portrayed positively. If these rules conflict, rule one yields to rule two. Thus, an all-White group is only possible in a televised commercial if it is composed of freaks, weirdoes, deviants, nerds, dweebs, or, as in this case, homos, stuffed shirts, and, well, I don’t know how to characterize white corporatoad the third.

Are Whites supposed not to notice the regularity with which they are shit on by corporate America? Is white corporate man even capable of perceiving he’s being mocked? Zack referring to his Holiday Inn room as a “crib”? Does anyone really believe petrified nigspeak is cool?

It must be so, because ads like these are par for the course these days.

America has become a nation of children, an outdoor Romper Room. Take a look sometime at print commercials from, say, the 1950s. They are written to appeal to the intellect: here are the reasons you ought to purchase our car or workbench. Today’s ads are aimed almost exclusively at emotions. The only things that matters to Kwans are how to make more money and use it to create a cooler image than the next guy.

guy wants to feel another guy’s throat

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    1. William J. Smith Says:

      “Are Whites supposed not to notice the regularity with which they are shit on by corporate America? Is white corporate man even capable of perceiving he’s being mocked?”

      It appears to be true that white American men fail to recognize when they are being insulted. The good news is that web sites like this one are more and more aware that “sticks & stones” make an important issue, namely, that defamation of the white American peoples may, just may, be part of a plan to shame and silence us.

      For a long time, identifying and speaking out against anti-white defamation was “not done” in white circles.

      But defamation is as important a tool in the war against us as is discrimination, immigration, minority crime, fixed elections, snuffing our natural leaders in wars, and the use of the criminal justice system to implement genocidal policies against us.

    2. Lutjens Says:

      All that being said, Joe Buck is a fucking faggot so he fits that role perfectly. Normal men do not allow themselves to be mocked in that manner.

    3. Hans Schneider Says:

      Boycott the bastards, that is the only language they understand. White people have tremendous power if the really want to !

    4. JACKUMUP Says:

      UNFORGENITLY THIS IS EXACTLY HOW A LOT OF WHITE MEN ACT, WHERE AND WHAT STARTED IT I DON’T KNOW My best guess is from political correctness in collage. If regular white men frowned upon this behavior and made the denouncing of unproductive members of our society (niggers & jews) political correctness this problem would disapear very quickly

    5. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      The stats for the ownership of American hotel properties in (dot head) Indian hands are astonishing. And they *do* hate White people.

      This includes the major chains.

      Yes, sleep in the rentacar or on a park bench, if you have to. Boycott the living shit out of the *entire* industry. For that matter, nobody can afford to be pissing their money away on vacations – not at this late hour. Remember the “terrible power of the purse”. Keep your money out of the Judensphere.

      It’s laughable the way all of you steely-eyed Schutzstaffel killers are financing your own destruction by handing over your paychecks to Hymie. “Oh, the Jews are SO UNFAIR – we keep paying them to stomp the living shit out of us – and they keep stomping the living shit out of us.. A big, cosmic “Duh.”

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Letter to Fred Schwartz, President of the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association
      March 10, 2005

      Mr. Fred Schwartz
      Asian-American Hotel Owners Association
      66 Lenox Pointe, N.E.
      Atlanta, GA 30324

      Dear Mr. Schwartz:

      We understand you are honoring Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat in India as chief guest at the 2005 Asian American Hotel Owner’s Association’s (AAHOA) Annual Convention and Trade Show, to be held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Florida on March 24-26, 2005.

      Before firming up your plans, we would like to encourage you to read the findings of Human Rights Watch reports on the massacre of more than 2,000 people during riots in Mr. Modi’s state in 2002. As the chief administrator of his state, he failed to protect minority Muslims from attacks by his political supporters. There are allegations that he approved the violence and that he instructed his police not to intervene. His Printer Friendly Version

      Related Material

      Country Page

      Free Email Newsletter

      Contribute to Human Rights Watch

      administration has since failed to deliver justice, allowing his supporters to literally get away with rape and murder.

      Not only has there been a deliberate attempt to stifle due process in the prosecution of those responsible for the killings — India’s Supreme Court has observed that state prosecutors have often acted essentially as defense lawyers — Chief Minister Modi himself has publicly claimed that the riots were a result of justified anger and on several occasions made racist remarks about Muslims.

      The attacks on Muslims in Gujarat in many cases were directly encouraged by Hindu nationalist organizations as part of a concerted campaign to promote and exploit communal tensions. These groups have also been blamed for brutal attacks on Christians. Chief Minister Modi has allowed these militant groups to operate with impunity and under the patronage of the state, often rewarding the hate campaign by giving them key government positions.

      Our reports are available at http://www.hrw.org.

      We think your attendance will lend underserved legitimacy to Mr. Modi and could embarrass you and NBC. We hope you will reconsider your attendance or ask the hosts to revoke their invitation to Mr. Modi.

      Best regards,

      Brad Adams
      Executive Director
      Asia Division

      Cc: Mr. Nash Patel, Chairman, Asian-American Hotel Owners Association
      Mr. M.P. Rama, Vice Chairman, Asian-American Hotel Owners Association

    7. Thoughtcrime Says:

      I’m very happy now that I no longer watch television or rather the ridiculous programming available for it. Television itself is a marvellous invention though, and doesn’t deserve people’s scorn.

      I wish I would have stopped tuning in to my regularly scheduled ‘brainwashing’…err…’shows’ a lot earlier, say ten years ago. When I think of all I could have accomplished during that lost decade….

      I actually had a German Professor in college who hadn’t owned a television for over twenty years and when asked, “Why?” his patent response was to softly state: “Because television makes you stupid, read a book instead.”

    8. johnny b. Says:

      Fred Schwartz is the President of the “ASIAN-AMERICAN” Hotel Owner’s Assc.????

      Fred f—ing SCHWARTZ????????

    9. jackumup Says:


    10. mike stanford Says:

      They especially like to use very Nordic looking men to mock.