25 October, 2006

The Ultimate Perversion

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Someone sent me these pictures.

I do not know who the woman Heidi- whatever, is, but the pictures made me sick.

That this lovely woman- the epitome of white, female, physical perfection should so miscegenate makes me angry at her, in spite of myself. I appreciate that females biologically do not have a moral sense- as the Talmud, the bible, Koran and most law courts and philosophers, psychologists and behaviourists agree. But I am still angry. Of course my anger should be directed at the white males of my own race- the father of that unfortunate white child. (who looks so much like my own little girl did at that age)
Yet, in truth I know that all female mammals are by nature UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to males they see as dominant, while also desiring acceptance by (their concept of) societies ideals and mores.

While males seek to project their dominance. This is what the coon is doing, in full contempt of the emasculated white males, who, in a free society would have the guts to protect and preserve the best of their female stock by all and any means.

In other words the coon would never have got within sniffing distance alive.

The true recipients of our hatred and contempt are not the jews, nor even the white politicians, but the white trash who do their bidding in the police service and the law courts, who, make no mistake, would equally enthusiastically carry out the orders of a Stalin, a Hitler, or a William the Conqueror, as they now do, and for a pittance- at least the jews are loyal to their kind and like the politicians, stand to make a fortune from their misdeeds.

The fact is that the jew has bred us for centuries, like the cattle we are, exaggerating traits beneficial to them. By way of the execrable lunacy of their appalling religion, imposed through hellish torture, massacres, wars and social exclusion, via the agencies of tyrant kings, where anyone with the intellect, guts or forthrightness to speak out was eliminated together with his rebellious and intellectual genetic traits, until we have become a race of cringing cowards and superstition ridden fools, ever ready to accept the latest junk dogma in opposition to truth, natural feeling and factual evidence.

It is possibly a natural developmental consequence that the Chinese should be the next rulers of the earth, for despite the fact that they are the least ‘inscrutable’ race and go off like a five bob watch at times- as the killing spree under Mau they nevertheless have maintained a racial integrity- so absent from whites- witness that little man with the shopping bags, bravely confronting a tank in Tiennanman square.

Did the tank driver simply rev up his engine, engage third gear and crush his fellow Chinee protestor to a mangled heap, as any trained shithead, English or American would have done to his fellow countryman?

No, he vainly tried to drive round the man. Would an Israeli driver have run over a fellow, dreadlocked yarmulke wearing, jew? I doubt it.

This is the contrast of action between the perversion of the natural reactions of whites- to instinctively blow out the brains of a lowlife who approached a white woman, and to absolutely refuse to attack a fellow white, or the extreme reverse, where the former is seen as ‘unthinkable’ and the latter as commendable.

Kind regards
John Bayldon

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  7. 55 Responses to “The Ultimate Perversion”

    1. brown skin Says:

      im happy to be non anglo american, minority

      the future is changing
      before no ffemales nor black males could vote
      or have the right to discuss how they feel freely

      anglo – american women know the feeling
      of discrimination so the side with minorities before and still now
      but not only for those reason, its because they know what is morally
      wrong, women have those morals

      i want all people to be free and
      live peacefully, whether its a baby in NOthern Parts of ice land
      or the southern habitats of Nairobi in africa

      Now with Barack and hilliary

      our future has hope

      i happy to be non anglo american, minority

    2. Jon Says:

      Someone by the name of Jenn Lovelace said:

      17 November, 2006 at 12:00 am

      The pictures of Heidi, Seal, and kids are of love!

      THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

      Your sense of beauty originates from the sewer, you dopey dingbat. Let me clear up your warped admiration of this unwholesome coupling:


      Case closed.


    3. Jon Says:

      Some troll by the name of OsamaBinLaughing pooped:

      31 October, 2006 at 11:06 am

      “Seal has white women throwing their panties at him every time he performs. He has fucked more white pussy than most of you will ever see.”

      Yeah, and that includes YOU, you vile punk. FYI, far more popular (compared to this simian) White rock stars have gotten way more White pussy than this jungle man will ever get.



    4. Jon Says:

      Dan Mac Turd Says:

      3 May, 2007 at 2:19 pm

      “Oh dear, such vicious pustulating hatred. With honourable exceptions -Jenna, Lovelace, Osama bin Laughing, maryland, Pathetic&Sour White Boy”

      Yeah, sure…and horse dung has a most wonderful, pleasant fragrance.


    5. Jon Says:

      Dan Mack Turd further pooped:

      “Adam was BLACK. So was EVE.”