17 December, 2006

Letter from Zundel

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26, November, 2006

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Dear C,

Can you believe it, I just received the letter you sent me on 18, July, 2006 today, November 24, 2006!?! That’s four months and six days! This gives you an idea of what’s happening with my mail – it’s ridiculous! I also received several other letters today from different people dated in the first part of July. I received a letter from a notable professor yesterday that had originally been sent on July 17 – it was received by the court on July 25, and I just got it.

The power of those in charge of my mail is such that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it – there isn’t any such thing as checks and balances here – it is one of the many negative holdovers from the occupation of conquered Germany by the United States. Unfortunately my countrymen still don’t have the guts to contest unfair and undemocratic rules and regulations originally imposed upon them by an alien occupation. What a pitiful bunch – what a sad, sad place – yet they continue to take it. Amazing!

I am afraid I have to plead guilty to having become “Americanized,” in my expectation of Human and Civil Rights protections. “Die Zeit,” one of Germany’s most conservative newspapers had a five page article on November 9. 2006, about one of the first [2003] German Civil and Human Rights lawyers . In previous letters to you, Ingrid and Lady Renouf, I had decried that there never were such organizations in this country, like the ACLU, or the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which by the way, I have been a member of for decades. Well apparently after more than sixty years of occupation, Germany is finally coming around to the point of view of relatively civilized nations in respect to the civil rights of its own citizenry.

In the past, “Right Wing” folks held the fact that I was a member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association against me, they fretted over my ideological flexibility,” my “convictions,” etc… but when it comes to Civil and Human rights and those of the Constitutional variety, I embrace no “ideology,” over that of truth, the truth is these rights must apply to all men! The problem with many people on the right is that they are prisoners of their own “law and order” mentality. I have often become dismayed during interviews and/or conversations with different individuals when that person would say something to the effect that “there ought to be a law against this, or a law against that.” They never understood that this very attitude is what has led us to this current “Bush-Cheney-Gonzalez-Rumsfeld” impasse. In other words,, this mentality is what has brought about the growing “Police State,” you now face in the United States. The so-called “patriot Act” has eroded a thousand years of hard fought for “Magna Charta” type or inspired freedoms from oppression and invasive government interference in the daily lives of Americans. There is no doubt whatsoever that the American War for Independence and the Constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights,” developed as part of struggle to free a growing number of people from the oppressive will of a corrupt dictator. The American Revolution remains a high water mark of western civilization’s struggle to balance order with maximum personal liberty, but wisely always checked with common sense, accountability and oversight!

Unfortunately Americans slacked off on the “eternal vigilance” necessary to maintain their free republic – slowly but surely individual liberty is being stripped away, not all at once, which would set the masses off to Washington DC with pitchforks and rifles, but ever so slowly, insidiously, they are being taken away – incrementally. Each increment not being significant enough to dust off the rifle above the fireplace, not urgent enough for the citizenry to saddle up their horses., but sure enough, they are being taken away. As I understand it, in January 2007 Americans will no longer be able to leave America without governmental permission. [This is true – see here http://hasbrouck.org/IDP/IDP-APIS-comments.pdf ].

9-11 was orchestrated by the same people that want to deprive you of individual liberty, and no, it wasn’t the Arabs. 9-11 was employed in order to usher in the final power grab, after the infamous “coup d’etat “ of the hanging chads and the Supreme Courts decision to go with Bush, despite the fact that he lost the popular vote and that the election results in Florida were anything but certain. The “Patriot Act,” as we have come to call it was written long ago, only the flash point or moment of opportunity was needed in order to introduce it without it and its ramifications being too closely scrutinized by a half sleeping American public.

An informed electorate would never have fallen for it – not if they had been steeped in their own traditions – not if they had been familiar with their own history – especially in how it related to the development and purpose of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. A constant, never ending agenda of “warping” the Constitution, along with an intentional and well orchestrated program to “dull the vigilance,” of the American citizenry has been the name of the game for more than sixty years now. It really started before WWI – the perversion of the meaning of the Bill of Rights has been one of America’s greatest problems since the Wilson and Roosevelt Presidencies. Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation and his attempted packing of the Supreme Court allowed the termites access to the attic so to speak and now the roof is damaged beyond repair.

The last group that I ever heard seriously discussing the breakdown of American traditions was, strangely enough, the John Birch Society, as well as a few Goldwater type Republican holdouts. The rest had “adapted” and had come to accept the stripping away of individual liberties as necessary for a variety of reasons. Americans have never fully realized how terribly warped and distorted their society has become as a result of the constant assault from within by the termite Fifth Columnist. The Marxist-Socialist mind set expounded by refugees from Europe and the intellectual baggage these people carried with them literally infected the relatively healthy political system in the United States. Canadians too saw the same thing happen to them after WWII. Quebec even gave it a name, they called it “La Revolution Traunquille,” or the “Silent Revolution.” This phenomenon perverted the French Province first, it then spread to the English speaking Provinces – starting with the colleges and university system and then infecting the print media, then broadcasting, and finally into Parliament itself. That is when the infection began to trickle down into laws, like “hate laws,” and legislation that allowed “abortion on demand,” and changed the rules associated with immigration – all of these things transformed Canada into the basket case it is today. Of course the Americans, British, French, Germans, Italians, Spanish, and Portuguese finally succumbed too the “quiet revolution.” The entire western world has been under assault by a curare like toxin that has affected our minds, numbs and paralyzes us. That is what has brought us to the here and now.

This brings me to the trouncing of the Republicans on November 7, 2006. Boy was I glad I took Ingrid’s advice and bought a television for my cell and thus could watch all of the interesting election coverage and commentary on CNN, BBC and Monde 5 [French TV]. I also watched Spanish and Italian coverage as well as some German commentary. The German networks are rather boring and parochial/provincial – again, my long absence and living in the European Diaspora, namely North America, has made me less tolerant of the blinkered approach the German media takes on such issues. I thoroughly enjoyed the US election campaign and coverage, the short interviews, glimpses into the lives of New Englanders, Texans, Californians, etc… What I saw was Americans touting the virtues of traditional American values, despite all of the media smoke that followed their comments. What were those traditional American values? Non-interference in the affairs of foreign governments, I.e. zero support for the occupation of Iraq. I was hearing Americans essentially restating the ideas espoused by George Washington in his farewell speech.

Curtis, hundreds of thousands of Americans would not today be dead and/or rotting away in Veterans hospitals, in wheelchairs and in diapers, if they [Americans] HAD ONLY STUDIED THEIR HISTORY and drew the obvious conclusions. Instead, they DID NOT and now they along with the rest of the world have paid a steep price. I heard one of the newly elected politicians on CNN say that it would take 15-20 years to repair the damage done to the American image by the Bush administration, if it could in fact even be undone. I was floored by his lack of self delusion. It was inspirational, even here in this German prison!

At this point even Bush’s father and his friends and advisors like Scowcroft have concluded it’s time to rope in the errant cowboy and the bad company he keeps. It’s “save your ass time” at the Bush dynasty brain trust.

So while I sit here in prison, thanks to the vindictiveness of my enemies who have schemed for more than thirty years to bring about what has thus far unfolded, all this goes on – while my enemies have rubbed their hands together in glee their power has peaked and now is waning. Their International scheme is in shambles – the helicopters are being prepared as I write this for a Saigon like evacuation from Iraq and Afghanistan. As America’s power and influence declines, other power blocs and emerging “super powers” are rising and will eventually replace the old decrepit and degenerate order – There is no Israeli lobby in Peking or in New Delhi, in Putin’s Russia or in Tehran.
All the best.

Ernst as always


  • 3 Responses to “Letter from Zundel”

    1. GB Says:

      …“La Revolution Traunquille,” indeed.

    2. Vendetta Says:

      Nice post but some ass holes like to tell lies about revisionists locked in jail…see here >>> http://iamthewitness.com/Ashkenazi-Nazis.html

      Puff’n’Stuffschmidt and his jEW partner Daryl B.Sniff have been busy little Bees slandering White Nationalists and generally muddying the waters in an attempt to sow dissent and confusion.
      Well Busy Bees keep it up , just you keep it up….you’ll get your comeuppance !


    3. Mati The Estonian Says:

      to Vendetta: Unfortunately those guys have a point. Looking around I have noticed whites have bunch of organisatsions but WE lack unity and cooperation amongst ourselves. When we receive critics we start fight and picking others side – thats useless – we need harder look inside our cause and act more united.
      I have told few times about “working the system” from inside. This has putting some guys up to fight – “no way”. This thing is actually good. Right now WE DO NOT HAVE leader with wide audiance and recognition. We have David Duke, Alex Linder and few others but allmost no one knows them !!!!
      Do we like it or not WE NEED POPULAR support and WE ARE NOT get it if we dont have US (world wide) organisation everyone can remember. I like Duke – he talks – he trys find outlet so as much of possible peopl ecan heard message. At this point we MUST move more or less between the lines of law. I dont like it and I guess lots other allso …
      But think:
      We have nationwide organisation runned by Duke/Linder (or Linder/Duke) wich has WIDE organisation in EVERY state. Tightly controllid NO crack so zio-feds can sneak in and cause havoc. We have newspaper, webpage and TV. We act like intelligent people not like drunken skins (we REALLY need to start educate those guys – at this point they doing more harm then good). Like a said WE NEED support and mostly Joe Sixpack and WE do not get it if we act like drunken idiots mashing some windows and cracking some jew noses.
      Point is – AmeriKwa is crashing – maybe tomorrow maybe next year but it will. If it will happens tomorrow we dont have a shit. We have SOME people and thats it.
      But if we have nationwade organisation like I imagined then when the time comes and AmeriKwa collapses we have POWER to rise and tkae over – now we dont have a scuat ….
      When US collapses the jews will come out take over and we have even worst situation then now – think about it …

      So THE PROGRAM: Unite- Unite fast and Unite in great numbers and find outlet so EVERY white Joe Sixpack knows we are there. Oh yee and remember The Second Amendment ;-)
      Remember when collapse happens THIS organisation wich rises first and have wider support will SURVIVE.