26 December, 2006

MAYNARD: Bush, the Inept Marionette

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Bush, the Inept Marionette

By Curt Maynard

Al-Jazeerah, December 25, 2006

Many Americans are beginning to realize the obvious, President Bush has completely wasted any capital that he may have once had. Foreign leaders are already aware of this, nobody takes him seriously, he is seen for what he is, a weak, inept marionette. Recently we saw the new Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki literally stand Bush up at an allegedly important meeting in Jordan – he literally left Bush standing alone waiting on his own subordinate, at least from Bush’s perspective. The Associated Press did their best to mitigate what happened and to spin the implications, but it did a poor job at best. According to the AP the meeting that Bush and al-Maliki were scheduled to meet at was scrubbed, not because al-Maliki “punked” Bush by not showing up, but for some other reason, but not before Bush was expecting al-Maliki as evidenced by the fact that when the meeting was scrubbed, he was already inside Raghadan Palace and had posed for photographs alone with the king. White House counselor Dan Bartlett denied that the delay was a snub by al-Maliki directed at Bush or was related to the leak of a memo written by White House National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley questioning the prime minister’s capacity for controlling violence in Iraq.” Yeah, whatever, the AP can write whatever they like, but the truth is al-Maliki “punked,” Bush, which is modern vernacular meaning that Bush was intentionally disrespected publicly. To my knowledge nothing like this has ever happened before – as a rule Presidential advisors do everything they can to ensure that the President of the United States never gets embarrassed in such a manner. In any case, al-Maliki’s absence spelled out something quite clearly – Bush has no influence in the Middle East any longer – zero.

To further support this fact and to support something else the mainstream media would prefer that you don’t know, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently admonished George Bush publicly too, he stated the obvious in response to a comment Bush made about him, when Bush said that Ahmadinejad was out of step with the rest of the world. Iran’s President replied by saying that perhaps Georgie needs to step out of [his] glass palace and go to [his] people to see how isolated [he is], not only across the world but also in your own country.” Ahmadinejad continued by saying “Mr. Bush can travel to one of the American states, inviting the people to a stadium to see how the people would treat him… I am sure that the American people would treat Mr. Bush as the Indonesian people treated him,” he said referring to protests that greeted Bush on a visit to Indonesia last month. Yeah, fat chance that’ll ever happen.

Ahmadinejad then stated what everyone but the most avid Fox News viewers are starting to conclude, and that is that Some so-called superpowers have gathered together and they think that they can control the whole world. I’m telling them: Open your eyes, today, the world no longer thinks your decisions have any value…By God’s grace, the enemies have not been able to do anything (against Iran) as yet and they will not be able to do anything in the future either,” he said.

The above comments weren’t made lightly, the Iranian President is well aware of the fact that the power elite in Washington DC cannot afford to allow him to make them look like monkeys, but nonetheless that is exactly what he has successfully done. Another thing the Iranian leader has done that truly has exposed the so-called modern western democracies to the embarrassment they so desperately deserve is to hold the holocaust conference that he did a few weeks ago, and to do so under the provision that it was held because it could not be held in the west, which by the way is an empirical fact. Despite the fact that President Ahmadinejad is the leader of a nation that according to our media suppresses freedom of speech, Ahmadinejad correctly pointed out that it is the west, not Iran, that throws its historians in prison for questioning certain aspects of the holocaust story, not as the media would have you believe, whether or not it occurred, but rather numbers and methods.

The fact is, not a single holocaust revisionist would state that the Nazis did not persecute Jews during the Second World War, but most of them question the idea that six million were killed or that any of them were gassed at Auschwitz. By holding that conference and by emphasizing the undeniable fact that the so-called modern democracies in the west imprison skeptics, the Iranian President has further highlighted the fact that Bush is a “limp dick.” The media wants you to believe that anyone that would question any aspect of the official holocaust story is crazy and/or a “conspiracy theorist.” The fact is, the reason some people question certain details associated with the holocaust is for exactly the same reason that many people question the “official version” of 9-11, because there are a tremendous amount of perfectly legitimate questions and no forthcoming answers.

The media would have you believe that only uneducated fools, anti-Semites and racists would question their version of what happened to Jewry during WWII, the mainstream media pumped out more than 1,000 articles about the holocaust conference in Iran, but not a single one of them ever mentioned that every scholar that appeared in Tehran to speak was a credentialed academic, meaning that they had at least a graduate degree. Nope, the Mainstream Zionist media doesn’t want you to know that. They do however want you to know that David Duke appeared, so that they can cast aspersions on the entire conference by dredging up the fact that Duke was associated with the KKK some thirty years ago, but at the same time not a single one of those so-called “objective” articles mentioned the fact that Duke has a PhD in history or that he appeared, not to question the holocaust, but in order to authoritatively speak about how the mainstream western media spins and distorts the facts, as evidenced by their very coverage of Dr. David Duke and what he actually said. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to disregard what the media said took place in Tehran and what the speakers said, and to see for themselves what transpired there by reading the words of the revisionists that were there, and by reading what Dr David Duke actually said in regards to free speech and its suppression in the west, in his own words.

Was the holocaust conference a success? You bet it was, not three weeks after its conclusion, Austria released David Irving from prison, no doubt as a result of the embarrassment brought upon it by way of the truths spoken at the conference. David Irving owes a large debt of gratitude to those that spoke out on his behalf in Tehran, now let’s hope he recognizes that fact and reciprocates without succumbing to the pressures of political correctness that often bar those seeking fame in the modern era.

Bush has taken the world to the very edge, he has threatened the leaders of nations with absolute destruction, as he did with Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, when he sent Zionist lackey Richard Armitage to Pakistan after 9-11 to tell the Pakistani leader that the United States would bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age,” unless Musharraf cooperated with the United States in its war on terror. The fact that Pervez Musharraf even admitted this publicly as he did back in September also is a strong indicator that Bush’s impotence is well known among Muslim leaders. None of them believe anything he says, which has led to the inevitable, a “broke dick” foreign policy approach by the President and his Zionist sponsors. “Broke dick” is another term I learned while in the U.S. cavalry, it essentially means “irreparably broken,” and better describes Bush’s misadventures in the Mid east, than any other word that comes to mind.

It isn’t just Middle Eastern leaders that have called Bush’s bluff, the entire world sees the fool for exactly what he is, a “limp dick” with a “broke dick” administration. The only thing holding Bush up at this point is the Zionist media, who have been busily engaged in making him appear as if he weren’t the moron that he in fact is – a tough job to be sure. The Russians and the Chinese have absolutely no respect for Bush, no matter what he does they ignore him and move on with their own interests. Hugo Chavez the popular and democratically elected leader of Venezuela accurately labeled Bush the devil and did so before the entire UN assembly, in New York City no less, and stated something else that should wake up the American people, and that is that Bush’s government [Democratic and Republican elite alike] are the first enemies,” of the American people,” and that the Zionist-American elite’s empire is on its way down.

Chavez provided several examples as to why this eventuality is in fact inevitable, one of which was witnessed by the entire world, and that was when a United States veto at the United Nations allowed the Israelis with impunity to destroy Lebanon in front of us all as we stood there watching.”

Americans must wake up, their government is ill, it has become a pathological liar, unable to tell the truth, because the truth will lead to its downfall. Bush allegedly sent the US military to Iraq in order to bring “democracy” to the Mid east, but democracy isn’t working out very well for Bush and company, because democratically elected leaders aren’t siding with the Zionist warmongers that inhabit Washington DC and the western media – in fact – they are doing exactly what Bush and the Zionists least expected, they are standing up to their bullying tactics – they are no longer afraid, which leaves Bush in the unenviable position of having to do something about the world’s lack of fear. Unfortunately for Bush, he has no real options, he can go nuclear which will lead to his downfall and the collapse of the American government at best, and at worst, death to tens of millions of people worldwide, including most likely millions of Americans, which will also lead to his downfall and the collapse of the American government.

No, the truth is, Bush is completely impotent, there is no guarantee that the American people will fall for anymore lies or another staged attack everyone knows Bush lied us into a war in Iraq and its subsequent disastrous occupation, everyone now knows that Bush, despite his rhetoric, supports the amnesty of twenty million illegal immigrants in this country, not because he gives a damn about them, but because his Zionist puppet masters want them there for a variety of reasons, to disenfranchise the American working man, to water down the voting power [if any still exists] of the majority, to force down wages, and most importantly to create disharmony and discord among the American people by way of disingenuous accusations of racism, which will distract Americans from what Bush does elsewhere – Machiavellian principles at their finest.

No, it’s very difficult to tell whether or not another staged terror attack like 9-11 will have the desired effect, but that isn’t to say Bush and his Zionist masters won’t attempt one, in fact, I’d say it’s inevitable, I don’t think they see any other way out of the mess they created, they’ll fabricate a new 9-11, not so much to provide an excuse to nuke Tehran, which will come later, but to impose Martial Law here in the United States – an attack can wait, but the growing dissent among Americans cannot – that spells imminent doom for the Zio-American entity. The question that must be plaguing their minds though is whether or not Bush still has enough credibility to compel Law Enforcement and the National Guard to kill American citizens in the millions. Personally I doubt it – the imposition of Martial law will prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the Zionist-led government in Washington. That doesn’t mean I’ll be around to see it, the Neo-Cons will follow to the letter the policies of their ideological predecessors and eliminate with extreme prejudice any opponents, but nonetheless I’ll leave this world knowing that they’ll soon follow.

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