26 December, 2006

500 Freakins Get Their Smelt On!

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A ruptured gasoline pipeline burst into flames Tuesday as scavengers collected the fuel in Nigeria’s largest city, killing at least 200 people. The death toll was expected to rise as rescue workers tried to document more charred corpses.

Scores of bodies could be seen jumbled and fused together in the raging flames at the blast site. Intense heat kept rescue workers back as smoke billowed over the heavily populated Abule Egba neighborhood in Lagos.


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  7. 12 Responses to “500 Freakins Get Their Smelt On!”

    1. jackumup Says:

      We must look at the bright side, there are 200 applicants for the gas station attendants job that won’t need to be reviewed.

    2. alex Says:

      no sympathy for coon-chimeras:

      “are you sure those are dead burnt people? not just tricky africans laying down pretending to be post-on-fire-d?”


    3. saltriver Says:

      Got the oil. Got the niggers. VOILA–French Fried NIGGER

    4. Stan Sikorski Says:

      A holocaust ITZ!

      KFC – Kero-Fried-Coons

      419 Scam Letters coming to an email box near you:
      Dear American Friend,
      I am Jumomma Shaneekwa Magumbo, a Nigerian Pipeline Explosion Holocaust Survivor and I be beggin you to help me transfer $100,000,000 of Nigerian Government compensation assets to American investment opportunities…

      Waiter: Who ordered the extra crispy coons in a basket?!

    5. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Got the oil. Got the niggers. VOILA–French Fried NIGGER”

      And it happened in NIGGERIA. . .

    6. Hans Schneider Says:

      can anyone imagine the havoc and the propaganda if 200 of the chosen would have been fried ?

    7. jackumup Says:

      “Got the oil. Got the niggers. VOILA–French Fried NIGGER”
      Or they are just smoked nigeretts

      Q) How many niggers does it take to operate a fuel depot saftley
      A) zero, Because they can’t

    8. Jim Says:

      Koon Dawgs – a new fried treat from deepest Afreeka.

    9. Reck Less Abandon Says:

      Proofe there is a God ! And he’s Had it with these freaking freak’s too.

    10. CT Wolf Says:

      Why don’t they shop the Krisped Koons to Zimby! Might be a tad better than fried rat suprise!
      Stealing gasoline by torchlight! TNB at itz finest and most evolved. Go niggers, GO!

    11. Dave Jones Says:

      Some chimp said “Hey look der beez a cracked pipe” another thought he said crack pipe and lit it..

      POOOF, way to go niguhz

    12. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Instead of them smoking the pipe, the pipe smoked them.