6 January, 2007

Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice

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By George Lenz

Dear readers of the VNN financial column,

Year 2007 is likely to bring with it significant economic and political challenges, that would influence the lives of most Americans and Europeans. In turn, the economic reporting at VNN would be increased: you can expect this column to appear two times a week, instead of one, in Tuesday and Friday. The column would be covering the following main modules:

1) First experiences connected to creation and introduction into circulation of WN currency, Aryan dollar (AD). I would be covering both main advantages and challenges of using Aryan Dollar, since I believe creation and spreading of WN currency the first step towards achieving economic independence both for individual White Nationalists and WN organizations from hostile globalistic capitalist world around them.

2) Ways of issuing and effective operating of unsecured WN debt instruments as Arbeitswecksel. Since access to credit for White Nationalists is either restricted and is available on unfavorable conditions, creation of unsecured debt instruments within WN community shall be given a priority, despite the serious obstacles, that so far limit scope of their use in WN organizations.

3) A peer-reviewed concept of Aryan credit unions (ACU) would be presented. Aryan credit unions is our best hope of providing WN community based deposit, payment and credit institutions, able to offer basic checking and savings accounts, mortgages and personal secured loans, and money transfer that would save WN activists exuberant fees they are paying to banks and other financial institutions, as well as spreading the concepts and policies of sound, European finance.

4) Main financial, credit and insurance instruments available to American and European customers would be reviews in detail, and the general ways and places to invest in these instruments would be suggested

5) Business ideas, best ways and pitfalls of creating a sound small business for White Nationalists. Franklin once said “Keep the shop and the shop keep you”, and those of us who follow this time tested advice, rarely face financial troubles.

6) Important economic, political and social events, as well as practical suggestions to improve policies of White Nationalist organizations and mass media, so as to make them more effective and efficient.

7) Free stock, bond, and currency advice, that if followed consistently, results in consistently good results for WN investor.

An important feature of VNN financial column is its interactivity: questions and comments from respected VNN readers are always welcome and replied to. Year 2006 witnessed a growing amount of questions and comments of ever better quality from respected VNN readers: this means that financial and economic literacy of our readers is improving, which is definitely an achievement. Now you can also leave your comments and suggestions at “Working” subsection of VNN forum, where they would be discussed and debated in depth.

An important thing to do for every WN web site is to establish objective metrics, available to all White Nationalists active at the web site: such metrics help to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of WN web site policies, and provide a tool for every WN activist to see how his activities contribute to the development of the whole web community. What metrics should be employed? I suggest for indicators: two absolute and two relative:

1. Total number of daily unique internet address daily visitors: this is our audience by this number we can know where we stand in comparison to other WN websites.

2. Ratio of this week number of daily unique internet address daily visitors to last week number of daily unique internet address daily visitors: this number shows whether the policies and content on the White Nationalist web site are actually attracting the new audience.

3. Total number of VNNF members: this number is a proxy to how successfully we are turning our readers to WN activists.

4. Ratio of this week number of VNNF members to last week number of VNNF members: this number shows whether are recruiting policies are successful or not.

Some of respected VNN readers would definitely know where VNNF stands today. Well, the last three months were very successful: according to alexa.com (http://alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details?url=vnnforum.com) we increased our readership by 61%, adding a thousand new members, most of whom are dedicated WN activists. In 2007 VNN will continue to grow rapidly, and our respected readers can expect more quality content and interactivity features, even better shows and more opportunities for activism.

Important changes are happening in the creative movies industry. Sonic Solutions Inc. is introducing on Thursday the Qflix system for adding a standard digital lock to DVDs burned in a computer or a retail kiosk. What this means is that the movie now can be downloaded on the internet for a fraction of the regular distribution costs, and then burned into DVD, that can be seen elsewhere, including regular DVD-players: what is required is DVD disk and DVD burner. This technology is likely to significantly affect the industry: now independent movie companies like October Sun films would be able to directly distribute their product to customers on the internet, limiting the number of times it can be burned into a DVD, yet providing its customers with the opportunity to comfortably watch the product. Thus given the costs of WN movies are in the lower dozens of thousands of USD; it is possible to establish low price policies, yet reap significant profits from a well-done product. This technology encourages a revolution is also encouraging a revolution in movie distribution business.

* * *

The market is down to 12 422, with investors pricing for forthcoming recession; and is likely to correct further to 12 250-12 350 range within two weeks. I am looking into BBI – the stock is significantly overvalued with negative income for the last three years, and negative tangible assets (intrinsic value of max 3.57 vs. current value 5.79). This is a good target for 6-12 months short selling.

  • 18 Responses to “Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice”

    1. Roger Says:

      Thanks for the good advice. I’m glad there is a bit more sophisticated economic commentary within the WN community beyond just “itz the jews who run all the banks”.
      About time we rationally examine the intracacies of economic factors and trends.
      Although I still doubt the depression melt down theory so popular in WN circles.
      Things still just chug about….

    2. Steve Says:

      There are a few companies whose stock price remains relatively constant for long periods of time, but which give annual dividends in the 8-10% range of the stock cost. If you find one that is pretty stable company and not antagonistic to white interests, it’s worth getting a few shares and enjoying the 8-10% dividend yearly.

    3. Lee Luttrell Says:

      I really like the “Credit Union” Idea.

    4. Kievsky Says:

      If I had a local economy going, I think we would just use silver dollars. Right now they cost 15 bucks (spot price is around 14) and they aren’t susceptible to counterfeit or fiat printing.

    5. van helsing Says:

      I have a financial advisor. They really want me to put money into REITs. Real Estate Investment Trusts. Usually for resorts etc. Now who goes to resorts anymore… and kicks all but the jews out…

    6. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Kievsky

      Yes, our first experiences with ADs show, that they work pretty well, the only problem being than most are saved so far. In a week I intend to do a detailed column on what we achieved through them so far, and what obstacles we met.

    7. fdtwainth Says:

      2 van helsing

      REITs used to be good, especially 2-3 years ago, when prices were lower. Now property prices are falling, so it is necessary to watch carefully what exectly is bought.

    8. Eumaeus Says:

      George Lenz, this is probably the most practical and best article I have read on VNN in over a year or more. I tell you what though, White Nationalists are among the most incompetent and unruly of folk and can barely get together to raise a barn let alone issue a private currency.

      I hope you keep writing this, but don’t waste your time at the goatfuck of a forum or addressing the various fools who will come on to the comments section to spew their mostly worthless thoughts.

      Kievsky, you better believe silver dollars and coins can be counterfeited. If you’re interested in learning about this buy the PCGS guide to coin grading. here’s the title:

      “The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit
      Detection Edition #2 (Official Guide to Coin Grading
      and Counterfeit Detection) “

    9. Eumaeus Says:

      I might add, it doesnt help that any Jewish cunt can come on here and post a comment, posing to be a White, or register at the forum and do the same. Most of what I see here and almost all of what vomits forth at the forum, is totally unscreened, unedited baloney, a steady stream of it, which causes VNN readership to continue at a low level because most people do not have the time or inclination to sit around wading through the mud looking for the occasional gem.

    10. fdtwainth Says:

      2 Eumaeus

      Thank you for your kind words of acknowedgement for my modest abilities. Yet I sincerely believe you are underestimating the power of VNN. The local volk is common and may look simple for a discriminating reader, yet is brutally honest, hard working and gets things done under appropriate leadership. For me most of them are like the Poles: sometimes simple and unruly, yet able to achieve good results as all Whites, if direction is given and will power is applied.

    11. sgruber Says:

      fdtwainth, my apologies for “dissing” you a while back. After careful study, methinks you generally know whereof you speak. However, “Aryan Dollars” seems to be a project for the future, after the beat-down of the kike is underway. Good that someone is creatively thinking of such things in advance, though.

      Question: why do you say the following?

      “Total number of VNNF members: this number is a proxy to how successfully we are turning our readers to WN activists”

      Not every activist joins the Forum. I stay the hell away from it because it seems full of garbage (witness certain criticisms of you) and maybe I could be tracked more easily if I join it. But I’m active.

      My concern is that VNN will morph into a rip-off money-making scheme. We’ve seen a number of these schemes in WN over the years. I hope you’re sufficiently hip to this kind of concern.

    12. fdtwainth Says:

      2 sgruber

      Thank you for your comment. I always welcome constructive criticism, and don’t have bad feelings about unconstructive criticism, especially given that most of the criticism of Aryan dollars I rceived so far at Stromfront and VNN are variations on the theme, initiated by a certain incompetent jew, who does not know what he is talking about.
      I regards Aryan Dollars as important current project, not something to be done in the future. The reasons for that are simple: the jews get the bulk of their power through on-going depriciation of people’s savings by the means of paper money creation in a banking system, and if people don’t save they don’t have the means of breaking jewish and masonic economic power and becoming independent. Hence reducing the power of the jews and masons in White societies requires creation of parallel sound currency, that would protect the savings of the people and led for stable eventually falling price level., thus encouraging thrift and industry. That’s why the concept of Aryan dollars was created, peer-reviewed and put to work – and it is working and spreading around, albeit very slowly. The beauty of Aryan dollar is that the minting of it can be easily started at low costs or discontinued for a time without significant losses to the holders of coins, and when it circulates it focuses trade and gains from it in the local White community generally and White Nationalist organization specifically. Next I intend to do an in-detail review of the our first experiences with Aryan dollars.

      Speaking about why we do need to connect activists at WN web boards, the answer is simple: a conncted activist is much more productive, since he can be more effective in propaganda, recruiting networking and project collaboration. It is true that some WN activists, actively fighting the democratic system, stay away from WN forums, yet for most WN activists it makes perfect sense. VNN acts as a biggest connecting platform for WN activists in North America, and grows more and mor successful in it.

      If by “rip-off scheme” you mean that WN activists would be asked to increase their contributions to VNN, you are quit right. Currently VNN contributions barely cover current production and running costs which is simply not acceptable: in a WN organization full time activists should have a monthly salary sufficient to keep their family at a middle class level, and focus on the struggle. The result of underfinancing of VNN is that many shows do not run as often as they should, news papers cannot be printed, and VNN video news cannot be started wich is a must have in modern world of communications. Look at example of Fred Phelps, no matter what we think of his ideas, his launching of video news significantly upgraded his profile: allegedly more than 50 000 people download them within first seven days of a news clip launch, and what could happend if such news were avilable at VNN and included carefully selected material instead of religious stuff. So far our people can read our words and listen to our voices, and they should see us, normal White people too. A different thing is VNN does not compel, but encourages contributions from activists on their free will; which makes the team spirit of VNN even stronger.

      If, however, by “rip-off scheme” you mean that activists’ contributions benefit primarily the VNN owners, you are gravely mistaken. VNN crew is a team of WN activists, that has a proven track record of WN activism, unquestionable integrity and untained reputation, that allowed them to become the leading WN web community in the North America. Those honest and courageous men and women that constitute VNN often do their VNN duties at significant personal sacrifice to themselves and their families. VNN is led by Alex Linder, in my humble opinion,one of the most able young WN Leaders in the United States, whose particular strenght are original yet practical ideas, accepted and admired by WN activists.

    13. sgruber Says:

      Instead of going the amateur route of “increasing contributions,” why not charge for downloading shows? Not every show, just “Goyfire,” for example?

      You yourself cite Phelps phans downloading “within first seven days” his video clits 50,000x. I’d pay $2 per “Goyfire” without batting an eye.

      I am ignorant of “Goyfire” listener stats, but surely listeners/downloaders can’t often number much less than 1000. No security issues involved with listening; we suspicious types could be directed to PayPal.

      All this “send us a regular check for us to do with as we like ’cause we’re good people” is bullshit and isn’t viable (cults aren’t viable). Try putting part of the media operation on a business basis.

      Imagine! Even charging $1 per Goyfire download would generate some good cash – and HONEST cash. That show is incredible.

    14. sgruber Says:

      Accompanied by open financial statements. “Here’s what we took in for GF last month – and here’s where it goes (general statements like 40% overhead including technology, 40% salaries for the talent, 10% for tapir upkeep – etc.).”

      Start with GF 50.

      Not much accounting necessary. Just tech setup

      Forget coffee mugs and contribution drives.

    15. fdtwainth Says:

      2 sgruber

      Thank you for an interesting suggestion, comrade. I looked into it in detail yesterday: it makes good sence for a business.

      VNN, however, by its nature is not a business: it is a political NGO. Its mission is to deliver uncensored news and commentary from a WN perspective to White Americans. Political means it is about power, not about money, and NGOs do not charge for their services but are supported by volunatery contributions. If the product or service they deliver is good, people contibute generously: the example of Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance demontsrates this clearly. Hence introduction of fees for Goyfire would result at first at reduced audience for it and effectiveness of the Message of Hope it delivers, and would eventually the spirit of volunatry coopertation and credibility on which the survival and advancement of VNN depend.

      Thus, if you want to help out, send a donation: VNN truly needs it.

    16. sgruber Says:

      VNN is officially a Non-Governmental Organization??? News to me.

      The way I understand it, NGOs are lobbying groups whose distinction is that they are backed by “muscle,” i.e. an army or a fortune. An example is all those NGOs that count on the USA government, or the UN, or both, to use sanctions against “non-democratic” states, up to and including sending soldiers.

      I don’t think VNN could be persuasive in the same way, unless it has a militia.

      Nor do I believe its financial power could buy any government officials.

      NO, we must go the persuasive route in our above-board activities. How to do this effectively. Well, look at the jews. How did they brainwash the culture? They took it over. What does that mean, exactly? It means they created media empires – businesses. They offered entertaining shows and people paid dollars…and the empires grew! (Helped along by lobbying, of course, but first there had to be something to lobby for.)

      CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, WP, AP et al. did NOT start out by saying “send our leader a check to support the cause.” They took over because they were businesses. And look how powerful their jew agenda is in this country.

      Five- and ten-dollar personal checks and a few bequested estates, or whatever, do not a mass media make.

      And there is enormous potential for White mass media! Alex Linder said it best once: a TV show of “America’s Stupidest Niggers,” showing and laughing at TNB weekly, would have a mass audience so large and enthusiastic it would make your hair stand on end. Assuming we had a free country and such a show would not be stopped, it would command top advertising dollar.

      Money IS power. Money is the means to an end. If you can keep the means and end straight, there is nothing unAryan about having and using money.

      I am unaware if VNN as an organization has a special legal set-up – I don’t believe it’s a 503(c), for instance, and its being an NGO seems a tad far-fetched for reason given above – and so am ignorant of what is permitted to you, but ain’t nothing wrong with running an HONEST business. Certainly, charging for downloads of GF is that. (No special need to have other shows charge.)

      Thanks for reading my suggestions.

    17. The Swineherd Says:

      Ah the issue of financing again. I think there are some super efficient projects at vnn, starting with vnn itself, which Linder has always run on a shoestring from what I hear and believe. And it continues, like Chain and his vids, or Rounder’s papers, what have you. Very efficient. Big bang for the buck compared to other nonproductive organizations.

      But VNN will never attract bigger money for more complicated projects because the personnel such as they may be, new guys and the old ones too, are all to freakin unruly and uncooperative to get anything too complicated done. Nobody with half a brain is going to piss hard earned money away on shepherding cats around.

      THats ok I guess better than nothing.

      B ut dont look to this crew to be able to set up a damn credit union for fuck’s sake.

    18. The Swineherd Says:

      also whos the author geo lenz or fldwaith or whatever? what does fldwaith mean anyhow, is that Welsh?