3 January, 2007

RENOUF: Iran Conference Address

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20 minute Address to the Teheran Conference

December 12, 2006


Lady Michèle Renouf, London, U.K.

on the

Psychology of “Holocaustianity”

Thank you Mr Chairman.

Colleagues and our Iranian comrades,
I shall speak with pauses to assist our hard-working translators!

I am deeply grateful for this generous invitation from the IPIS [Institute for Political and International Studies] to take part in these historic two days we share.

As Dr Mohammadi’s Opening Address reveals, this Conference has given voice to an urgent international need – felt by so many suppressed academics and people of conscience … from so far and wide that the IPIS must have been overwhelmed with papers and willing participants! [UPDATE: Indeed, as the Iranian Foreign Office tells us, overwhelmed by some 800 papers ! ]

These two glorious, truth-expressing days remind me of a famous scene in Shakespeare’s play, King Henry V, when this medieval nobleman tells his modest band of comrades that those who where not here to stand firm with us, shall one day soon come to regret with shame and sorrow, their cowardice…

[ KING HENRY V, Act 4, Scene 3:

“…he which hath no stomach for this fight,
Let him depart…
That fears his fellowship to die with us.

…This story shall the good man teach his son;…..
>From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother…

And gentlemen in England now a’bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s{/’Saint Mahmoud’s!} day.” ]

…for, the instrument of “Holocaustianity” is set “to play off the nations” [in the words of Theodore Herzl] , upon a fabricated collision course.

In our era, we have precious few noble statesmen. So, I come to Teheran to congratulate the Iranian people who voted Dr. Ahmadinejad as their President. For, this valiant statesman – ( just like my noble Revisionist colleagues whose right of open debate I proudly champion ) – seek to speak the truth, bravely, no matter if to their personal cost in being demonised, ostracised, or even imprisoned for expressing their rational opinions.

Indeed, when President Ahmadinejad called the so-called “Free-World” grotesquely hypocritical for its deceit to impose its so-called “democracy” on the Middle East and Iran, he has been fully vindicated – (proved indisputably correct) – for we, from the so-called “Free World”, are only free to voice our [culturally Hellenic source-sceptical] views, in peace-loving Iran.

Now I must at once apologize to my respectable hosts who do not want to include in their programme, a critique of Judaism.

[[ RENOUF noticed and interrupts her text to ad lib as Rabbi Moishe Friedman, head of the Austrian Orthodox Neturei Karta gets up to leave the Conference Hall: ]]

I’m sorry for those who feel they have to leave the room in order not to hear de-conditioning!

[[ Rabbi Moishe, midst peels of audience hilarity, returns quickly to his seat! ]]

Thank you for returning Rabbi. Incidentally, Rabbi Moishe from Austria kindly asked me to help him put into “good English” the speech he delivered to you yesterday, so I am very familiar with his speech and grateful for him to have given me that chance.

Well, this session’s programme topic is ‘”Nazism, Zionism and Holocaust”, and, I am sorry to say, these topics will get us no-where, for they are red herrings, as it were, – distractions – that throw us off the scent of the truly dangerous quarry which actually prompted the creation of each of them.

Therefore, I must stress that I speak independently and only in my own name. No platform should be ‘tainted’ by any association or endorsement.

For I believe that the two great prophets, Christ and Mohammed, saw in Judaism a dangerously misanthropic tendency, and that they each held up a mirror to the fundamentally anti-gentile narcissism in the pious deceit aroused by a Jewish Godfather’s “Election” of Chosen Children.

When I was reading, for two years, for a Masters Degree at the Jesuit College of Heythrop (part of the University of London ), I saw its College Principal preach to Jewish congregations in Reform Synagogues, that the two Biblical Covenants stand side by side. Thus, in spite of New Testament theology, Jesuits now defer to the first Covenant of the Old Testament (or Torah) between only the Chosen Children and their Jewish Godfather.

Not only theologically, but psychologically speaking, the Judaic Old Testament proved disastrous for being based on a bad father role-model. For we know as parents that, in life, a father who favours one of his children above all the others will increase that child’s natural self-centredness and, unattractively, increase its motivation to sustain this selfish, actually loveless, sense of self supremacy … whilst, in the unfavoured children, a low morale or sibling rivalry will result. Both Mohammed and Christ warned mankind of this disaffection.

In the case of Christ, he warned us of the “brood of vipers” and “deceivers” and begged his Jewish brothers and sisters to disdain the anti-gentile oral teachings which later on became the written Talmud.

In the case of Mohammed, he warned of the same deceivers but said that Christians may be trusted.

Well, I am sorry to say that Christendom today has been so corrupted by the secular race supremacy religion of Holocaustianity that they are rendered quite untrustworthy by their collusion with Judaism.

Indeed, as Rabbi Friedmann has exposed in his speech yesterday, Holocaustianity has made traitors of Christendom. Christian leaders, drawn by an enthrallingly plausible holocaust narrative, began foresaking Christ’s warnings, officially since the 1960’s, to revere Auschwitz – the sacrificial burnt offering site of a so-called Covenantal bargain for Israel – as “The Holy of Holies”. Thus, theologically, Christian leaders no longer attest to the New Testament and its Only Son’s anti-vanity Covenant which was meant to supercede the dangerous election of one “Chosen” people above all others.

For pointing out in my university essays that this false and treacherous hypenating of Judaism with Christianity is like wearing a T-shirt saying:

“Jesus loves you… but I’m his favourite !”

…and thus this undermines completely, the humility message from Christ, and indeed from Mohammed –
I was asked to “study elsewhere”!

Now, I know from the anti-Zionist, Neturei Karta Orthodox rabbis that there is a difference of approach, between Judaism and Zionism, from the interviews their brethren in London kindly gave me for my film documentary entitled “Israel In Flagrante: Caught in the Acts of Twistspeak”.

However, it is my considered view – based on the parallel teachings of Christ and Mohammed – as well as from the Soncino edition of the Jewish law books called the Talmud (by which Judaists interpret the Bible) – that Talmudic laws authorize Jews to deceive non-Jews in their over-riding Jewish race supremacy interests… just as per the not less secular motto of the Mossad which is: “By Way of Deception”.

Judaism and its followers do have a right to exist. They do! And a safe place on the planet must be found where Jews can follow their beliefs but without interferring with other cultures and without their WMDs which, as per the tenets of the Talmud, they do not care to reveal to us. This is typical of the teachings of Talmudic legal twistspeak, by which the focus of attention is turned away from their secretive behaviour to charge other nations – Iraq for instance – and now, Iran, for so much as maybe planning any right to create defensive WMD. Given Israel’s borderless state intentions to claim for itself, a “Promised Land” from The Nile to The Euphrates, surely its neighbours would be justified?

The world now knows that we were lied to when we (the “coalition” of the duped) went into yet another inter-gentile war (this time on an innocent Iraq) for no side’s benefit save the usual third party’s. For, the true cause and effect facts are as follows:

Organised World Jewry, in its all visibility as the Zionist entity of Israel, does have WMD…(curiously, since the 1940s); Iran and Iraq do not.

Israel has driven Palestinians “into the sea”; Iran has not.

Our Western criminal laws are based on acts, not misquoted rhetoric! We must speak the truth – the whole truth, bravely – as Christ and Mohammed did and urge their followers to do the same!

Yes I, too, like the Neturai Karta, believe in a peaceful dismantling of the Israeli entity in Palestine. And, of course, one should add, the proper reparations from Israel for its criminal pirating of Palestine – a pirating, planned then announced in 1897 by Theodore Herzl, to “disappear” the Palestinians when, incidentally, Adolf Hitler was aged 8 years old !

Let’s get the cause and the effect straight:
Zionism predates Nazism by half a century;
likewise, Judaism’s anti-gentilism predates so-called anti-semitism (that is, anti-Jewishness, for you do not have to be genetically Jewish to be Jew-ish! ).

But, unlike the Neturei Karta rabbis, I do not believe the answer is to re-disperse among the nations the Jewish people who are anti-gentile by their own misfortunate Biblical definition and mission.

This dispersement is unworkable, as their history has shown. For the one question we never hear asked in public discourse is this:

Why has Jewish group behaviour throughout the ages – (and even well before the arrival of Christianity, according to ancient Roman texts) – met everywhere, eventually, with angry pogroms, the best publicised being the expulsion policies of the1930s and 40s across Europe?

This question is not asked because it is considered “anti-semitic” even to draw attention to the fact that World “Judea” had openly declared its economic war on Germany in 1933 and so, naturally, that “Trojan Horse”, as leading Zionist Chaim Wiezmann called organised World Jewry, were put into concentration camps. Other normal wartime actions against enemy agents, according to truthful jewish observers like Benjamin Freedman, were taken.

I do not want to see any race or species of flora and fauna on our planet, eliminated. Equally, I do not want my own race eliminated through the mass migration policies, curiously undertaken as a global strategy since the establishment of Holocaustianity. The differences in our races – (and their cultures created authentically out of their placement on the planet where each is a part of its particular flora and fauna environs), is the glory of our planet.

We are being persuaded, by political mispackaging, to diminish the true nature of our races and cultures in this disastrous mass multi-cultural, multi-racial experiment – which curiously, is to be inplemented everywhere except Israel…and at our general self destruction. There is no hate in what I am saying – as will be smeared over me, of course, in the usual bid to discredit any critique of Jewish group behaviour. In truth and practice, I speak no negative hatred; I speak up positively for the planet and its peoples, as created.

In conclusion, let me repeat, this session is about “Nazism, Zionism and Holocaust”. In my view, these are red herrings – diversions. The real issue behind them all is the conflict between Judaism’s basic, anti- gentile supremacism, and the revisionisms of it – as I see it held up for us, to reflect upon the dangers – by the two wise prophets, Mohammed and Christ. As role-models they teach us to speak the whole truth, bravely.

No race, no species need be killed. Truth alone renders harmful liars impotent.

But if we fail to address the whole truth, and instead collude, like cowards, with useless half-truths (like being only anti-Zionist), Judaism’s chameleon tenacity to dupe the nations into bowing to its supremacy, will mean we keep performing inter-gentile wars by proxy for its sake, alone – like those of WW1 and WW2 and on Iraq … (and next on Iran, we’re told). That is, wars for no benefit, ultimately, to either side’s eager pro-Zionist coat-tailing, gentile party: only to their usual third party “Trojan” beneficiaries.

Now, because of the big lie about Iraq – a big lie which has brought blood and shame upon all who were in the thrall of pro-Zionist foreign policies – the world is ready for realising that the instrument of “Holocaustianity” is set to “play off the nations”, big time culturally, upon a fabricated collision course.

“This story shall the good man teach his son…” about the perils of jewish “Election”.

I thank you for your patience with my point of view.

  • 12 Responses to “RENOUF: Iran Conference Address”

    1. fdtwainth Says:

      Good speech, the lady Renouf said precisely what should be said. We ought to commend Dr. Irving for bringing this courageous lady to our side.

    2. H.Schneider Says:

      eloquent, well phrased , honest presentation !

    3. MB Says:

      This is an excellent speech that covers much ground.

      I can’t find the rest of the speeches made at the conference anywhere online. I’d think the revisionist sites would all have them listed but they don’t. Where’d you get this?

    4. apollonian Says:

      Renouf Analyzes Judaic Demented “Religion”
      (Apollonian, 3 Jan 07)

      I see Hal Turner (HalTurnerShow.com) has been attacked and evidently downed for former website; Overthrow and VNN are still functioning for some kind of antisemitic voice. I understand fm Hal Turner, VNN was also targetted. Bill White (OverThrow.com) says Hal Turner is lying. But hey, we all want to achieve sufficient epiphany (for the volk) one way or another. Lady Renouf does well enough herself for her observations and analysis on Jew religion; she only over-complicates problem, which is socio-biologic.

      I have to say Hal Turner has always done brilliantly and forthrightly, and Hal will do so again and soon, indubitably. It was a tremendous conspiracy which has struck a fellow Christian soldier, Hal Turner, and the rest of us patriots are lucky a great soldier like Hal absorbed such a heavy onslaught–it wasn’t Hal Turner’s fault–rather, it is real conspiracy which Hal Turner has uncovered and smoked out. Brave point-men sometimes work in such manner scouting out and taking first fire fm the enemy lying in ambush, as we see.

      Meantime, I see the dear Lady Renouf, fm above 3 Jan 07 VNN blog, has checked in for a word upon Judeo-cultural problem which is, most simply (to begin), the Orwellian “perpetual war” fm the magnificent “1984.” Renouf additionally throws in some Shakespeare for us.

      Socio-biologically, I’m sure our Prof. Kevin A. MacDonald (U-Cal., Longbeach, who wrote his classic “Culture of Critique”) would agree it’s matter of countering and managing Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity.

      Bircher, G. Edward Griffin, as in his magnificent “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” would indubitably bring up the immensity of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam, surely one of the most successful “big lies” and frauds ever perpetrated in this era of Spengler’s “Decline of the West.”

      Thus I point out we antisemitic patriots have great initiative still with the continuing INTERNET of mightiness, though still not perfectly foolproof to Judeo-conspirators as have struck so effectively at fellow soldier and patriot Hal Turner.

      CONCLUSION: The point then is Judeo-conspirators ISOLATE themselves evermore as they make use of fraud and lying, Jews foremost liars (subjectivists), even as they begin with themselves for their collectivist mentality, hysteria, narcissism, obsession, persecution-complex (founded on holohoax), etc. Thus Jews are insane, though sublimely so, working meantime as marvelously effective parasite disease-of-opportunity, etc. Lady Renouf does well as she details the Jews attempting to compel the gentiles to worship Jews, overthrowing Western, Christian culture, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    5. Angle Says:

      This is what an intellectually mature woman sounds like. Rarer than platinum, itz.

    6. alex Says:

      I can’t find the rest of the speeches made at the conference anywhere online. I’d think the revisionist sites would all have them listed but they don’t. Where’d you get this?

      Over the transom. Like I said, there ought to have been a website established long before the conference, then its url could have been promoted to the world, and the papers posted online at the appropriate time.

      Supposedly there’s a committee working on the next conference, and Renouf is on it; I would assume someone is thinking along these lines.

    7. Jim Says:

      “…you do not have to be genetically Jewish to be Jew-ish! ).”

      A brilliant observation. Look around you and most of the white fools you see will qualify.

    8. Beast Says:

      Excellent comments from Mrs. Renouf. Indeed we must name them as jews and as nothing but jews. Subgroups and sects within the plague of humanity will not cut it.

      Hooray for Ahmadinejad. Hero of his country and international defender of absolute free speech! Hail hail hail!

    9. alex Says:


      Lady Renouf is too extreme even for the BNP

      Below: Lady Renouf and Irving: BNP has banned her from talking at meeting. [Unfortunately the Evening Standard pictured the wrong Lady Renouf; the real Renouf is seen above with President Ahmedenijad in Nov 2006 in Teheran].

      Evening StandardIN THE fight for free speech, this must be a bizarre first. The ultra right wing British National Party has banned holocaust denier Lady Renouf from addressing one of its meetings — on the grounds that her views are too extreme.

      The ex-wife of the late New Zealand financier Sir Frank Renouf has been warned that she will not be welcome at the event, to be held by the Croydon Branch of the Party on Wednesday evening.

      “I can confirm this,” says a BNP spokesman. “Lady Renouf was going to speak to our Croydon members, ostensibly to give them an update on the David Irving situation. She’s been promoting him in Canada and America recently She was also going to be selling copies of her new DVD, Jailing Opinions. But someone higher up than me thought her presence would put the BNP in a bad light. She was going to talk about history and revisionism.”

      LADY Renouf is no stranger to being reduced to the status of a pariah. In 2003 the Reform Club expelled her after more than 70 members signed a petition calling for her head. They’d found out that she had entertained infamous historian David Irving on the premises.

      She has maintained her friendship with Irving ever since, even protesting outside the Austrian embassy in London following his imprisonment in Vienna a year ago.

      In a newspaper interview with The Independent in 2003, described Judaism as “a creed of domination and racial superiority”. Australian-born Michele Renouf says the BNP is cowering to political correctness and bullying from the Jewish community “It’s extraordinary to be banned by a right wing group,” she says. I was hoping to promote my film which is about freedom of speech. I agree with BNP leader Nick Griffin that multiculturalism hasn’t worked and that we should be celebrating different races. I believe Islam is standing up for the rights of its own communities.”

      A BNP spokesman confirms that not all members are happy that Lady Renouf has been banned: ‘A lot of members are quite annoyed about this, but the people at the top said it would be unacceptable if Lady Renouf turned up so they’ve put the dampners on it.”


    10. Timothy Says:

      BNP and Jared Taylor’s AR are two turds of a bowl. Symptoms,never Jews, is their motto. Our motto should be: Fuck these deflectors obfuscators and bought-whores.

    11. Agis Says:

      Lucky for the jews that the BNP censors scholars like Irving and runs off wealthy eccentrics like Renouf. They might actually get somewhere beyond marxist-imposed ‘civility’.

    12. sgruber Says:

      “Someone higher up than me”
      “People at the top”
      Wonder who these mysterious figures can be?
      Alex has said it a thousand times: ANY GROUP NOT OPENLY ANTI-JEW WILL BE TAKEN OVER BY JEWS. Use the rat poison or say goodbye to the grain.