2 January, 2007

White Archaeology

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“It ain’t what you don’t know, it’s what you know that just ain’t so.” – adage

Realize that wherever jews have incentive to lie, they will. It is their ‘religion’ to do so. If most of what you know you learned in school, and school’s agenda is set through textbooks whose guidelines were prepared by jews, then damn near everything you know is a lie. Your position, as I’ve said many times, on any matter on which you have never specifically pondered, is jewish. That is, by default, you believe what the jews want you to believe. “‘The'” “‘Holocaust'” is only the most prominent of the lies. It’s not just recent history jews falsify, they lie about the ancient past too. One of the truly wonderful, dare I say loving, things I found as a newcomer to racialism was the genuine anthropology is championed. Stuff I had never heard about but was hungry and fascinated to learn. For you see in anthropology as in racial science and politics and other areas, the real work must be done by amateurs since the professionals must sign on to some variation of marxism to keep eating.

They call us the haters, but the label fits them. They deny our Aryan past even as they work against our Aryan future. DEATH TO THE JEWS.

Dear Mr. Linder, you may find this blogsite of interest, Rense posted an article back in 2001 an article citing this woman’s work. Here is something new she has written and she has since posted many of her AMAZING photos on the Intenet. Please consider posting this awesome info.

Here blogsite is here http://mooring-stone-theory.blogspot.com/

New Thinking on the “Mooring Stone’ Theory

By Judi Rudebusch

Thank-you to Judy M. Johnson for contacting me with an invite to show my findings. As I can not be in attendance, I also thank her for reading this. paper and presenting my book of a Portion of the material, photos and maps that I have accumulated. I have sent contact cards for any who would be interested in contacting me.

First off, I must thank Lee Pennington, Kent Budden, Marion Dahm, Parks Canada, Valdiroar Samuelsson, and Jan Erickson for some of the photos printed in this book. Another person who works endlessly on our mapping is Bruce Kunze.

My research started seven years ago by ‘refinding’ the Horn Rock (fig. 23) on my Dad’s old home-place. Since then, we have also identified a knife rock carving also. This past summer it was molded and a small archaeology dig was done by retired geologist Bob Johnson and Janey Westin.

It soon branched out to seeing my first stoneholes and finding Marion Dahm. His encouragement led me to finding over 70 stones that are now platted in North East South Dakota.

At first, all I wanted to do was find more stones with holes- then it became a passion to find answers. I realized that these stones NEEDED an answer. I read all material – pro and con – on the subJ_ct and soon realized that this had many different extensions coming off from it.

The first contacts I had with the academic field were disheartening. From emails that started “we have already told those people what they have ­natural made holes in rocks, to get a geologist, to being one of those people. I did get 2 geologists- and they laughed – these were man made holes, they could see that! !

I was told that the collection of data- not just ever changing stories- would be something I could go back to and count on. That has’been _l1}ainstay.

Two years ago, Bruce Kunze and I started mapping out all the stoneholes by means of GPS and mapping ITom the land conservation mapping service.

In some cases, we sent maps to the landowners to mark where the stones were, then Bruce plotted them. We also have photos from most places. The map at the front of my book is of my study area- the North Fork of the Whetstone Valley, Roberts County, South Dakota. This is just one map that we have made from sites in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, many locations in Canada, Newfoundland, Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Wales and Sweden. (fig. 1-22)

By doing this mapping, it becomes quite clear: we have many different elevations. Could the water have gone up-down up-down, or the land the same? In my study area we have over 100 feet difference in elevation in 7 miles- that made me wonder if all the stoneholes had the same purpose. I had a soils man come out and do coring samples and at 15 feet down we did not show defining horizons in the soil. One should have seen this – had there been an extended time lake in my valley.

I have studied the other ideas for these stoneholes- blasting, stones for foundations, geology testing, surveying in the 1800’s- and found ALLwanting in presenting valid conclusions. I interviewed my ‘oldsters’ in my area who did early blasting. None made a hole. They used a few sticks of dynamite and ‘mudpacked’ it. I also had a blaster from the quarry to view the stones as to the idea of black powder use. He could not see how at hole approximately 1 inch by 6 inches could hold enough powder, packing, and fuse to do anything to a rock that is mostly in the ground! When our ‘oldsters’ made rock basements, they made many holes in rock. This was in a straight line to make a straight crack. This makes sense. Most of the rock in my area are glacial granite. Granite minerals go this way and that. One hole in a rock would not make it crack straight- much like when a stone hits your windshield- the crack line goes this way and that. To achieve a straight line, one would need a number of holes in a row and preferably half the depth of the stone to be cut.

Upon studying the 1860, 70, and 80 census, I found no one but a few trappers in the Big Stone Lake area in the 1860’s. Settlement did not come into my area until the end of the 1870’s.

When I asked Birgitta Wallace for her “systematic surveys” as repgrted by her in the Chicago Symposium- 1982- I received none. She has consistently said that these holes are ‘blasting stones for foundation stones’. Our assistant state archaeologist stated that a stone that is blasted is acompromised rock. The concussion makes thousands of tiny fissures that absorb moisture and will become crumbly in a short’time.

1800’s surveys for statehood run into another problem- these stoneholes are not on mile or section lines. They do follow the valley and extensions of the valleys in most cases. Surveying markers of the 1800’s had an identifying marking on them.

Lightning and its effects on some of our “shattered” looking stones needed to be addressed. I contacted Robert Bednarik who specializes in lightning effects on rock (fig. 41). I sent numerous photos of stones that had a partial visible hole with the radiating lines outblooming from it. He wrote that “these boulders are imbedded in sediment which might get pretty soggy in rain, and thus providing better conductors.. . .the holes holding water during rain with lightning seeking conductivity- were attractive.”

Of interest in my area, are the Horn Rock, Knife Rock, Medicine Stone, and the carvings at the Whitmyre farm in the upper Coteau. (fig. 23-27) The Horn Rock is carved deeply into granite- something only hardened iron could produce. The old Scandinavian way was to make use of a horn in ceremonial drinking and in land transactions. The knife, also, as used in land transactions as far back as the 1100′ s. * see url http://medievalwriting.50megs.com/samples/knife.htm *The Medicine Stone was kept by the Native Americans near the Missouri River of South Dakota. It had been kept in their possession for many generations. Note the Cross in the indented center and the ‘trees’. (fig. 26) Then, please look at Figure 27, and the very same markings closely resemble the runes on a Swedish runestone!Weare now just looking into the carvings at the Whitmyre site by rock carving specialist, Janey Westin.

In the last year, we are addressing holes in a more scientific sense. Cal Coumeya of Alexandria, Minnesota, formerly of 3M company, has developed a way of molding the stoneholes to discern the weathering ratios on the sides and bottom of the holes. Tooling, also, becomes apparent. He has molded the Horn Rock and two other stoneholes in my area (fig. 1,3,40). Used with known dated holed stones, this project should bear reaidating possibilities.

Another project was the coring of a rock that was part of a massive laid- in rock foundation. This foundation was dated fall of 1899. The stones natural flat glaciated surface was used for its inside flat wall- and out of the weather all these years. I dug it out thinking that I now had a dated hole from the1800′ s- only to find that the rock was cleaved across the top to make for the next row of rock. I now had my dated 1899 surface- and the stonehole. What would the stonehole show? The same weathering at the cleaved 1899 surface? We took the rock to the quarry to core out the hole intact, core the1899 surface, and the natural glaciated surface. (fig. 42) These were taken to the labs of Scott Wolter in the Twin Cities. He split the cored hole and put the cores under 10 X magnification. His report (fig. 43) states that thetrihole core show more weathering than the 1899 core…… makes one wonder – who, why, when????

We also, as of September 9th-OS, sent iron like substance samples to be tested in Ames, Iowa. Samples sent will discern the components of each. We have samples from a wide spectrum – metal from a ring pin from a Viking harbor used from the 1400’s through the 1700’s (fig. 44), and a nail from Fort Sisseton, South Dakota dated from a building built in the 1860’s. (fig. 53). In between, we have 3 samples of ‘unknowns’ that came from rock holes here in South Dakota. (fig. 46-52) We will be anxious to see the report and begin balancing it against other artifacts metallurgical tests. I could not have endeavored this without supporters who helped in the financial end of this project.

Now, I come to a totally new thought and aspect for these stoneholes.. This could easily be a ‘good marriage’ of the stoneholes at lower elevations closer to today’s water level and the much higher stoneholes. . .. … And it could end a century-long fight with geologic studies.

Last winter I found a mountain of material ofHjalmar Holand at the Green Bay Wisconsin repository. Think back- he was the first person to call upon our conscience that these were moorings for boats, such as in Norway and Sweden. In his books, he shows all of his moorings and they are near to today’s water levels- for example the Lake Jesse stone is right at the edge of a modem day lake. He classified some of the higher elevation stoneholes as possible blasting or childs play.

Where did this change and ALL stoneholes- regardless of elevation- become moorings for ships?

In the early winter of 2004, I contacted Valdimar Samuelsson ofReyakvik Iceland. Be is a tireless researcher who specializes in cairns. He became interested in the GPS locations I had sent to him.

He asked a very good question- why couldn’t some of the lower elevation stoneholes reflect possible moorings – and- what is an age old tradition in his country- boundary, marking and witness stones- possibly be the reason for the higher elevation stones?

The photo (fig. 5) ofa stone found on the lower levels of Big Stone Lake with a hole clear through it so closely resemble ship stones found in Viking Harbors today. (ref. Ludwig Kristjansson)

He sent me a map of where the earliest Icelanders settled. They went up the rivers and streams and settled. It was unlawful for any man to take someone else’s land. They had to claim their hunting, fishing, pasture and settlement holdings. The old Icelandic law book “Gragas” tells extensively of early (ca. 900 to 1250) laws concerning land ownership. The marking was to be made by boundary, marking and witness stones.

One line that really stood out for me- if you had trouble with your neighbor over the boundary stones, you were to call the warranty man and he was to meet you at the mooring stakes (fig. 28)!! I had never seen these two words used in a non nautical usage. I also found these stones in older Norwegian law books.

Now, where do we go to find these old land markers? In reading Kirsten Seaver’s book “The Frozen Echo” I found references to land given in a marriage dowery in the early 1400’s in Greenland. The dowery consisted of land in Greenland and Iceland. (Chapter 6- Diplomataruim Islandicom 3: no. 398). I had Valdimar, who could read the old Icelandic, research the old diplomas concerning land boundaries and their stones markers. He found many references. As to the original wording in Icelandic – festar haell – he looked primarily for this. It seems that the later years of 1390’s, they were establishing the “old” boundary markers.

In the Diploma about Einar Thrashi – Book III, letter number 397, dated1392 – reads, “below the farm there is a stake *haell-stake* and-Horn the long pond south” . . … now this land of total volcanic rock-where else would you put a stake if you meant it to stay there? Jon Dauson’s book also tells of this way of marking land, plus a book written after “Gragas”, “Jonsbook” tells in its land settlement chapter *pg.153* of these stones, rivers, streams, mountains and other natural setting to be used in land division.

So, how do we frnd these ancient Icelandic marking stones and possibly connect them to our tri-shaped hole stones? Valdimar went walking- but not looking for his cairns- but for these stoneholes. He started by looking for stones used in the old diploma farm sites. Would we find stones with triangular shaped holes- YES. (fig. 29-39) At two different Southwestern Icelandic sites, one ca. 1250-1400, he found them.

As these frnds are just now evolving and being researched (September -05), we are excited by the prospect that these stoneholes we have here in the U.S.- and other places that are clearly high above or away from today’s lakes and streams- may be connected. We may be able to show a time honored way of marking ones “spot” in the world by using a very common symbol to the earliest Icelander or Scandinavian explorer- A HOLE IN A ROCK.

Thank-you for listening to this possibility and feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

Respectfully, Judi Rudebusch

[email protected]

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  7. 19 Responses to “White Archaeology”

    1. CZ Says:

      The future of archaeology will show that America was inhabited by whites (as was the entire landmass before a catastrophic shattering into the continents we know today) and later invaded by non whites who slew the red and blond haired inhabitants. Nature does not change. The kindness of whites even in prehistory gets them killed in the end. Once it is discovered that whites were in massive amounts around the area know as South America when it was attached to Asia, the rest of whites migratory movements will make more sense.

      South and North America were once connected to Asia as any person can see, and the area of the break is where whites inhabited the areas, this accounts not only for their teaching of the peoples of the middle east mathematics, but also for the phenomenon of the pyramids both in South America and in Egypt, which were a white Aryan designed structure.

      The intermediate history is a muddle, but if you were to cut out a map in an atlas, put the pieces together and then place the origin of whites where Haiti is now, it accounts for the migration of whites, the kennewick man and the spread of knowledge throughout the world, and away from the point of the shattering continents.

      Genes do not change and whites have always enlightened the world, and gained the punishment of Prometheus for it. Even Archaeology is a white construct who but White people could come up with the idea digging up the past and analyzing it to better understand ourselves?

      Look at the Japanese, before we dealt with them, they were a savage warlike people barely past the stone age, and now they all wear suits and relish technology based on white breakthroughs. Such is the case for every race we deal with. Africa and the Middle East would never have created the cell phone or the light bulb, only those from the pyramid building ancestry.

      Cowboy Zeke

    2. Bolg Says:

      Very intriguing. Those interested might want to take a look at this too:


    3. Steve Says:

      “if you were to cut out a map in an atlas, put the pieces together and then place the origin of whites where Haiti is now, it accounts for the migration of whites”

      White origin from the island of Haiti?? What in the world do you mean?

    4. Mati The Estonian Says:

      In accord with CZ’s posting – guys look up man named Michael Tsarion and his writings. Very intresting atleast …
      Its all about the origin of white race and his history and about life itself. I dont but Tsarion as centepiece of my world view but like I told – its VERY intresting.


    5. MB Says:

      I don’t know anything about continental separation but it looks to me like the Americas were once connected to Europe and Africa, not to Asia – except maybe at Siberia/Alaska.

    6. CZ Says:


      I mean from that area, not from that particular isle. There is much that is sunken there from changes which took place around that area which I believe to be the point where whites spread out into the world at one point in pre history.


    7. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Readers might be interested in the writings of James Maxlow, since the topic has come up. He posits the theory of Global Expansion Tectonics. While it doesn’t allow for any effects on human history due to the great geological ages involved, it does offer an intriguingly different view of tectonics and how the earth has evolved.
      You can find the information at this site:

    8. Sándor Petőfi Says:

      Read Thor Heyerdahl, brilliant and beloved archaeologist and writer of veiled works on the white origin of civilisations and the racial theory of history. His logic is flawless and his facts are irrefutable.

    9. Dudeman Says:

      Jews are not a race. I know that I am going to cause an outrage on this forum for saying this. But what they are is a mongrolized horde that believes they are a race. I have to say that the Nazis were wrong in the assumption that they are a race.

      The jews themselves want us all to believe they are a race, but they are not. There is much of the way that they act that is trained from a young age by the indoctrination of their perverted ideology. But believing that they are a race plays right into their hands. By being a race they try to entitle themselves to all the benefits that go along with racial identity. And we should see them for what they are and not buy into that. That is my stance.

      Ok, I’m ready to catch hell for those statements now… ;)

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      I agree with Dudeman – they aint race. Like some of them himself are telling they are kazars – that means asiatic people like mongols. Living so many centuries among white people so via inter,marriage (and just fucking around) they are become looking like us mostly. It was little bit different in like 100-200 years in past but now its mostly genetic level and Talmud …

    11. Dudeman Says:

      Thanks for the agreement. I think we understand one another. They craftily try to play that race card like they’ve done since King Casimir III’s time. Only the foolhardy and/or dispensationalist, or stupid would buy into that mark (lie). The jew is part of a cult that has become an institutionalized belief system, that worldwide, is recognized as a religion. “A religion”. What a fucking farce!

      If you trace it back through the ages is an ever shape-shifting greed driven, snake oil selling cult. And sadly enough we’ve all bought into it indirectly (With the other secondary abrahamic beliefs that followed).

      Our roots were that of being part of tribes. That’s it, tribes. Celts, Gauls (myself), Visigoths, Goths, Slavs..(hell, even the Romans). Just read Tacitus and you get the idea. Even the Indians of America and the Africans (though I will always and forever oppose their integration into white culture) were tribals that have bought into their lies.

      I stand forever with my people.

      We all have to shrug off this jewish yoke that has been imposed on us first. That includes Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is a huge task, but it is necessary I am afraid. The weasel’s will crawl out of the woodwork and say he’s a lunatic, oh he’s wrong for pointing to your true beliefs. The kike-god is the only true god. Horseshit. Lies from the snake-oil cult that made us buy into loving our enemy….and look where it got us.

    12. Agis Says:

      The Kensington Stone was found in western Minnesota around the turn of the last century. It is covered with viking runes which when translated reads:

      FROM EVIL.”

      And on the back:



      Seems like they weren’t exactly ‘dancing with wolves’ back then. It is a historical fact that the Vikings inhabited N. America long before its ‘offical’ discovery. How long they were there is anyone’s guess.

      You sure as hell, won’t learn about at during Afreakin Amerikwan Mumf or any other ‘Mumfs’ for that matter.

    13. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Dudeman:
      I think that part of the problem is that it is not easy to define race. We know that it exists. A Dane and a Hutu are obviously members of two distinct races and are about as different as it is possible to be and still be considered members of the human species. However, problems arise with hybrids. For example, when does a white man cease being racially white? Are Sicilians, Greeks, Turks, Armenians and Chechens white? If they are should we consider Syrians, Palestinians and Persians also white, because it is often difficult to tell them apart from the first mentioned group?
      The jews of the world today are divided into two hybrid racial groups: the Ashkenazi and the Shephardic. The former, known as the Khazars, are a eurasian group which first became known to history around the fifth or sixth century between the Black and Caspian seas and today make up about 90% of jews, while the latter are descendents of the semitic hebrews of Biblical Israel. Since the Khazars have no semitic genetic heritage we cannot consider the jews a race in the same sense that an Englishman or a German are considered white. However, they behave like a race and are, in fact, the most ethnocentric group on the planet. As has been argued elsewhere racial quality is often exhibited in the character of the people. Quality of character can be transmitted genetically. Perhaps the vile character that was inherent in the semitic jews because of their vile tribal laws transmitted to the Khazars and became an essential element of that hybrid people over time. No doubt the Khazars were an unpleasant group to begin with, like many of the Turkic peoples, but the combination of Talmudism and their natural character gave us the clever monsters who now threaten us all. This character obviously transmits because the offspring of a mating between an aryan and a jew almost always exhibits more of the jew character rather than the aryan character. How many breedings would have to occur before the jew character is completely diluted I couldn’t say. One of the dangers of the jews is that they are not readily identifiable to the mass of the white race unless the population group has been specially sensitised to them, eg the Germans and Slavs. One of our tasks is to help identify them. I would bet that most Americans are not able to identify the neo-conservatives as jews despite the damage these scum have done to their country. Certainly, it is harder for members of other races to realise that jews are not members of the white race. As a result, we take a lot of the flak for the actions of the jews.

    14. Dudeman Says:


      Yes, I’d agree with most of that assessment. It’s the behaviour passed on genetically that I am not quite certain of. I think that most children are born with genetic markers that one would call instinct, but most of the infants brain could not fathom being a criminal, agressive black for example. It barely has the programming to breath and shit and scream for food. So I’m not so sure about that, though I am open to other opinions. I am certain that their traditions and teachings pasted on in the formitive stages of their life is part of the “we are superior to everyone else” indoctrination. I would favor to bet that that accounts for the vast majority of why they are the way they are.

      I see more of the genetic characterizations as those things which can be empirically proven, i.e: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Unlabeled_Renatto_Luschan_Skin_color_map.png, or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craniofacial_anthropometry which is used by most modern CSI’s to ident corpses. But you are right in mentioning that there are grey areas. It’s not an exact science. And yes, because the jew genetically diversifies itself opportunistically it makes it hard to identify.

    15. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Nigger babies, for example, behave much the same as white or oriental babies. ( Many studies show that nigger babies develop faster physically than white babies; this is generally the case in nature with more primitive life-forms. A white baby is more complex and takes longer to develop) At any rate, a baby can’t physically be a criminal. However, by the age of fifteen most niggers have, what civilized whites would consider, criminal tendencies. Of course, in their natural environment in Africa that is normal nigger behaviour. The strong prevail by crushing the weak. Really no different than the behaviour of most animal packs. This is why not even a hundred thousand years of contact with white civilization would not civilize the nigger. You really can’t take the jungle out of him. He is just not programmed or equipped to be civilized. Likewise, the jew is, to a great extent, programmed to either be actively destructive to white society or to support and protect other jews who are. Whatever the causes for their behaviour we must all recognise that they are a dangerous threat to our survival.

    16. Theseus Says:

      A heads-up for racialists–what these assorted disciplines are finding is that civilization has existed in places to the extent to which Whites were present. A good many in the anthropological community are horrified–I know this for a fact.

      One quick example has to do with a long-standing Chinese mystery: How/Why did they invent the stirrup, gunpowder, paper, etc, then fall silent for thousands of years, happy to till the soil in non-advancing squalor? What we’re finding is that Aryans were there (which also explains the horse tech). I’m young, so just coming into realization of what goes on in the publishing anthro community. I imagine the sentiment is a slow realization of “OMG, I was afraid of this!”

      Between the Tocharian mummies and the Clovis/Kennewick finds, the discipline is being turned on itz ear, not to mention the discoveries made in the young field of linguistic-anthropology w/r/t/ Aryan languages.

      Overall, it’s only serving to further politicize science. So, this is how/why stale ideologies hide from and suppress the truth.

      I like to ask boomer/yuppie journalists and movers/shakers how fun it was to smash the civilizational icons during the 60s. After they reminisce fondly, I say “Good, can’t wait until it’s our turn to smash all the lies your generation now upholds with failing resolve.”

    17. Grudge Says:

      This is the history that will give the white race its meaning. It is the real mythology: “History became legend, and legend became myth …”

      The story is so stark and terriftying, in its elements: White Man travels world, brings civilization. Great mass of brown men eventually over-swarm White Man, Race fades, civilization falls. Basically the history of the world.

      Read Heyerdahl’s account of Easter Island. White builders create great monuments — lazy Amerindians sneakily revolt and try to kill ’em off — eventually Polynesians arrive and hey guess what’s for dinner.

      Lotsa good articles in the archeology section at this blog: http://www.thecivicplatform.com/

    18. Curt Says:

      Gentlemen, consider the new “Kennewick Man,” she’s known as “Brazoria Woman,” and boy have the anthropologists been silent about her. She’s believed to be 15K years old, making her the oldest skeletal remains ever found in the Western Hemisphere. How much do you wanna bet she manifests Caucasoid features???? She was found in Brazoria County, about 50 miles south of Houston – ever heard of her>???? Ask yourself why not. They found her in the summer of 2002, pleanty of time to have done a thorough forensic examination.

    19. Jewboy Says:

      “Genes do not change” what???? of course they do, its called evolution and it seems that you evolved into a angry moron