21 February, 2007

Once You Go Mud, Your Future is Crud

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Mr Linder:

Here is a most interesting post that should be on VNN.



Gary Bontlebiase Said,
February 21, 2007 @ 12:29 am

About fifteen years ago I told a female friend (I thought she was) that she was making a big mistake marrying a man who was not a Negro, but a dark skinned Arab Berber. He was a Muslim (since to quit Islam is suicide, or at the very least total ostracism from all family) but “not very religious”. She got very upset, then ignorant. She married him and had three kids in five years (since he would not participate in birth control and apparently had a phenomenal sperm count.) Her life was misearble since he divorced her after he impregnated and ran off with a 21 year old half-Japanese college girl. The kids are uncontrollable. She called me up about four years ago and asked for my advice.

I told her that first, she had no right to do that because when I did that the last time it was the end of our friendship. After the crying ended i told her that if she really wanted to know, I would sit down with her and see what could be worked out, but if after i heard the information she gave me and I thought about it, she would either do exactly what I said or never, ever contact me again.

Both her parents had passed away (her disastrous marriage was only a small part of their many irrritations) and she had only one brother who was a flaming homosexual and who she detested. I met with her and we got in the shower.but
not for sex. I wanted to see if she was wired or had a tape recorder.

After we dried out, I sat down with her and wrote down some facts:her kids’ ages, her skills, what she did for a living, family, everything. We then went out and got a sandwich and watched a movie. When we got back to the motel I said what i had to tell her was something I would never say in public anywhere and would not be taped. We needed to go in the bathroom and run the shower. With the shower running in the bathroom bugging is virtually impossible.

I told her this: she had made a huge mistake in marrying someone of alien race and religion, whose kids were simply not capable of ever being compatible with being White. No, I explained, I did not hate non-Whites, I just knew Whites and non-Whites were incompatible, like certain kinds of dog breeds that do not get along. She had nothing holding her down and was a bright, educated woman, very sexually attractive (I was giving evidence of that in my shorts as we talked) who if she had a second chance could lead a good happy life.

“Well”, I said, “you do have a second chance”. I told her what she had to do: start a new life with a new identity, with absolutely no connection with her old one, simply vanishing as if she were abducted by a flying saucer. She would have to never contact anyone-not even me-from her old life ever again. It would be difficult, she would have to pull what we used to call a “paper trip” and start out all over again. She would need to take the bus or otherwise travel without ID to a new city and get all the documentation, which she could read about in some books. She could take some time to get it all ready but when she made her move, that was it. No turning back.

“But what happens to the kids?” I said their dad would have to take them, or else, worst case, foster home. You will be dead to them. They have to think you were killed or some other way vanished involuntarily. If you are ready to do this you will be able to. Nothing you do will change how they turn out, they will be just like their father, because it’s in their genes.”

She said OK. We left-she offered to “relieve my tension” but I said no, I came here as a friend to someone I thought was dead, and only that. I told her some titles of books and that before she made a move we could talk once or twice more, but if she decided not to, I could respect that. Either way she and I were never going to meet again in this life after she decided.

Well, a month or two later, she vanished. I saw in the paper there was a missing person’s notice, the kids were moved in with dad, the Japanese mutt puppy and their two kids (with a third on the way.) They found her purse and credit cards, driver’s license, at a shopping mall and her car in the parking

I got a letter from her about last October. It was a short note saying a friend from (name of town) had asked her to write, she got her GED and went to beauty college and met a White man and was pregnant with a White baby. He’s several years younger and a good kid but has some baggage of his own so won’t be too nosey or judgmental about her past if through most unusual means it came out. She’ll never be wealthy but they have a home and were able to travel, she was writing from a pre-baby vacation trip “Before the “First” Baby-it’s like I know!” far from her home “somewhere”. She sent a photo of a pregnant woman with a younger, blue collar looking man with her holding a fan over her face. No recognition. She’d done her homework and I think she’ll be a welcome re-addition to the White race. I wish her well, of course I burned the letter for her safety.

  • 17 Responses to “Once You Go Mud, Your Future is Crud”

    1. Jim Says:

      This sounds like a work of fiction.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Sounds possible.

      It’s very hard to do paper trips these days, though.

    3. Vic Martel Says:

      fiction or not, it’s a lovely story.

    4. Fissile Says:

      Paper trip? This sounds like a Hustler forum letter from 1977.

    5. anti Says:

      “White Nationalism — politics for women.”

    6. Davo Says:

      This “real life account” reads like something one of those 4 chan dorks would concoct in order to fool, and poke fun of, white racialists. She was making a big mistake by not marrying a Negro? That’s like saying she was making a big mistake by not having Paris Hilton perform open heart surgery on her.

      These zit-ravaged, socially retarded, chronic onanists really need to get out of their sweat-sodden basements and learn how to talk to girls.

    7. New America Says:

      Fiction or not, it reveals an important idea that may well be developing beneath the surface.

      To all too many people in our society, “It’s just not working.”

      Remember, HALF of the (nominally) ADULT population in this society are on tranquilizers – HALF, because they simply can not tolerate the dramatic dichotomy between what the Propasphere tells them, and what their own senses tell them.

      I have yet to see ONE mixed race couple that has a remotely successful marriage; the man feels shortchanged, and the woman KNOWS she has been shortchanged, one way or another. God only knows how the kids are turning out, but I don’t want to be around when they try to deal with it.

      I firmly believe that, if they could replay their foolish choices, the White women would recognize that their foolish choice was an exercise in foolish rebellion, and would choose to be the best aunt possible to her relative’s children, rather than be trapped in a mud Hell.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. Johnny Walker Says:

      “I met with her and we got in the shower, but not for sex. I wanted to see if she was wired or had a tape recorder. After we dried out……….”


    9. Biff Baffelberg Says:

      Hilarious story, but not true. Oh, there might be some elements of truth in that lots of women have been given hard doses of reality by the muds, but this guy’s tale is ridiculous. We do have a problem with brainwashed women in the Kwa. No critical thinking, it’s all on directed emotions, and we know who’s doing the directing.

    10. Bolg Says:

      Who is this moron? I haven’t ever read that retarded a spoof. And I’ve come across some really untalented shit.

    11. Mark Says:

      He means that the guy was dark-skinned, but not a Negro. It was poorly worded.

      Definitely a work of fiction. Women don’t just leave their children, even if they’re mongrels. I’ve only heard of white women killing their white children, not mongrels, so we’re out of luck unfortunately.

      Berbers are often part Negroid due to their historical interactions with the Arabs and their African slave trade. So he would in fact be a Negro in this regard.

    12. zoroastro Says:

      well, to ride out of town and just kind of get yourself a new identity -doesn’t quite happen in real life. but the moral of the tale is pretty obvious. of course there’s always danger of any white heart, always prone to the excess of kindness and pity, to forgive way too much in many such instances where women make such fateful and stupid mistakes….

    13. Dave Jones Says:

      Sounds like a typical fictional slot licker fantasy article from some jew womens ragazine and about as real and true to life as the tooth fairy.

      Utter Bullshit I would say Alex……….

    14. Jackumup Says:

      What the fuck is going on out there. That guy is fucked up, that cunt is fucked up, if he was her friend why didn’t he go after that sand nigger in the first place, (Don’t give me that hate crime shit, it can be done)
      This why the fuhrer used trains and rehab camps because there are a lot of these nitwits around and operating right in your very back yard breeding like rats.

    15. Alan Shick Says:

      A “paper trip” was very easy to do in America until probably the mid-80s. It’s still possible, that’s exactly what the federales do when they have someone they put into rat protection. They do not have the ability (yet) to go into state databases and create false birth certificates, they use a dead person’s. Otherwise they could not get their people issued passports. Their minor children could not get in the military under their reassigned names.

      It’s harder because the states have made it tough to browse the files. You need a decedent who died young (generally) in a different state than in which s/he was born.

      Blacks have it easier than whites, because so many get whacked young and because, a not widely known fact, black parents have a tendency to screw up the kid’s paperwork. Bureaucrats allow for this.

      Women have it easier than men becuase….here’s the kicker…so few do it and also because they can get away with stuff like this more easily in general.

      The best paper people are not the government, not the Mormons (big on geneaology they have magnificent records, but are also law and order types that watch for this), not any spy agency or even insurance companies. The biker gangs like the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos are the best. They have all their wives and adult daughters get jobs at the DMV and Vital Records in most states and train them. What the governmen’t can’t legally do (yet) they damn sure can under the table. They can create bogus docs and put them in the files, and remove and destroy or replace real ones.

      It”s impossible in a lot of states to get a DL without a SSN and a SSN for adults is tougher to get than it was before 9/11. It can be done though. A lot of the high profilers they bust on “America’s Most Wanted” have airtight identities and get busted only because of their 3D image combined with their history.

      Until and unless a standard biometric is linked to birth certificates and SSNs paper tripping will be possible.

      A lot of states will issue a DL on a GOOD bogus CoLB (Cert of Live Birth) and SS card. If you never intend to get a passport and change employers a lot that is OK.

    16. George Says:

      That screed was a bunch of shit.

    17. Aherne Says:

      This story obviously has no truth in it. Even as fiction, it is unrealistic. She would never accept advices from a “nazi”. “I’ve done nothing wrong, it is his fault”, she would argue.

      That part with having a shower together… to see if she’s wired… is well, to say the least hilarious…