28 February, 2007

White Nationalist Basics: Deadly Plunge

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    1. sgruber Says:

      Reminiscent of Fred Reed’s latest “The National Character.”

      But Reed doesn’t go far enough, as usual. Here’s the email I sent him. Tried to write in his style to inspire him, probably kicking a dead horse.
      Frederick, Re. yours of 02/26 “The National Character,” you know very well why America went into security mode since the magnificent Sixties. Blacks. The ruins of Detroit. White Flight. *The Dirty War.*

      Snivel Rights let loose the manimals upon White society and the former committed an ungodly lopsided number of violent crimes against it. Besides which their “mainstreaming” or “norming” at gunpoint – do you recall Eisenhower’s 101st? – sent social pathologies and other unpleasantness cascading through the hapless Ozzie and Harriet’s backyard and schoolyard.

      “We used to be able to leave our doors unlocked,” goes the classic refrain, “then times changed. For some reason. We can’t say why. No, we LITERALLY can’t say why unless we want our reputations to be as blackened as everything else is.”

      This assault on a formerly White nation known as the USA was not the whole bushel of straws, but maybe one or two dozen of the final ones (including the commie/nazi/disloyal hippie lurking ‘neath every bedspring) that broke the back of the home of the brave.

      Thomas Jefferson said of blacks and whites, these two peoples “equally free, cannot live in the same government.” He had in mind a free republican government. He was right; we are today held together only by increasing tyranny. The state treats of its subjects more and more as if they were children; because a considerable contingent of them are, mentally.

      If tomorrow wild gorillas were declared human by court decree and tanks were sent in to enforce gorillas’ “integration” into the classroom, the boardroom, the whole society – and if people accepted that they somehow had to get along with the new Gorilla Americans – what kind of legal system might this lead to? What kind of culture? A culture of checkpoints every mile? Try every three feet.

      THIS is the real reason for the creeping, presently bounding, tyranny: nonwhites. I don’t mean to pick on Afro-Americans. Jose the niece-raper and drunk-driving polymorph-pervert and murderer requires jest a lick more supervision, too.

      You know these things (or things touching on them), damn it, so say it. Or say it again. Or, stop refraining from saying it.
      Compare Deadly Plunge to Fred Reed, and you’ll see Reed is Deadlier – to truth.

    2. alex Says:

      This is a brilliant analogy:

      [ Note: Weak-brained liberals acknowledge that there are totally incompatible men and women, and support easy divorces to accommodate that fact, but while denying that there are incompatible ethnic groups unsuited for social integration! ]

    3. Timothy Says:

      There will always be the Fred Reed’s of the world who dance around the truth and palm themselves off as daring truthtellers when they are nothing of the sort.

      These buzzing flies don’t matter and never have. Ignore them.