18 March, 2007

Do Jews Control the World?

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Decide for yourself after looking at this remarkable collection of pictures.


George Bush, President of the USA.

Bush praying at Wailing Wall.Tony Blair with Britain’s Chief Rabbi.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Putin and Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Berel Lazar.

Bush and Angela Merkel (Angela Kasner).

Bush celebrating Hanukkah.Tony Blair.

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

Ukraine.Cheney.Stephen Harper.

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia.

Jacques Chirac, President of France.

Ronald Reagan.Jacques Chirac.

Jean Chretein, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Josefa Iloilo, President of Fiji.

Jose Barroso, former Prime Minister of Portugal.

Hillary Clinton, future President of the USA?

Joshua Bolten, Chief of Staff, USA.

Karl Rove, Deputy of Staff, USA.

Vice President USA, Dick Cheney, with Lubavitchers.

M Chertoff, Head of the American KGB (Homeland Security).


  • 23 Responses to “Do Jews Control the World?”

    1. SSteve Says:

      Not surprisingly, no problem with Church/State. One law for jews, another for yous.

    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      enough kikes to start another concentration camp

    3. FuckTheJew Says:


    4. ML Says:

      We’re doomed.

    5. jackumup Says:

      The enemy has a face

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      These are pictures that need to be made public which states, ” A foreign entity has invaded America, and the people who allowed the invasion to continue.”

      To hell with concentration camps. Torture them then kill’em. Hitler was already too lenient with these bastards. Look at where we are now.

    7. White Dragonslayer Says:


      Well, hell yes, they’re in control… and they’re surfing right along on YOUR consumer dollar.

      Do you think it might occur to you not to send money to cartels that have sworn to kill you, enslave your children and erase your civilization?

      The Revolution HAS to start from below because the kosherites have been subverting political structures (hierarchies) from the time of the Pharaohs. Pro-White orgs will always be doomed to cooptation, subversion and brimelowization if there is not a hidden army buoyed by a deployment-bound White *lifestyle*. You cannot be a crackhead (for “cocaine” OR “Seinfeld”) and expect the dealer/traffickers to go away.

      First step of empowerment is getting rid of Mr. Television and using the money/time you save to empower yourself and the Whites (especially the young Whites) around you. Under the kosher radar. They hate that.

      Or are you nits still going to wait for Uncle Adolf and Dr. Pierce to show up in a flying saucer?

    8. jimbo Says:

      correct me if i am wrong but the only national leader not smackin’ his chops seems to be Putin…..does this mean any-thing?

      re: ‘white dragon-slayer’: the ‘way to GO!’ is not ‘orgs’ but, of course, ‘leader-less resistance’ modelled on the ‘ghost cell’/flat, horizontal command structure: just like the Iraqi insurgents are doin’!

      that way, we can’t be “under-mined, infiltrated, co-opted or subverted”: our association with ‘orgs’ should only be of a loose, informal nature for informational purposes and/or the distro’ of flyers, news-pprs & stickers!

    9. Amos Jones Says:

      Well, I guess I’m going to skip breakfast now, as I feel naseuas. Makes you wonder how and why the jews in the pics got access to the leaders. Why? What is so important about them.

    10. Sándor Petőfi Says:

      I’m glad somebody pointed out “Merkel” as a Jew.

    11. abc Says:

      Ms Merkel’s name was Kasner, but it doesn’t mean she’s Jewish. Her father was a pastor. Merkel is her first husband’s name. I wonder why she kept that name after her divorce. Maybe she was already known by that name in politics?

    12. The Warlord Says:

      Big deal; the photos don’t prove anything other than that elected officials meet and pander to their constituants. You can probably find similar photos of handicapped kids but that wouldn’t prove that the kids rule the world. There may be some propaganda opportunities using the photos along with an article, but the photos themselves are meaningless.

    13. Amaethon Says:

      Not that it is that big of a deal but the picture labeled “Hillary Clinton, future President of the USA?” looks like the governor of Washington State Christine Gregoire.


      Anyway, Do we really need a picture to let us know Hillary is controlled by Jews? Her grandmother was one after all.

    14. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Setting aside for a moment just how malevolent these creatures are, I could never be a politician because if I ever saw a bunch of these goofy looking gnomes filing into to my office I’d be rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. I mean, if there was an annual award for the stupidest looking gang attire these clowns would win every year. Why in the hell are you giving these weirdos so much control over your lives, White men?

    15. sgruber Says:

      The photos prove little or nothing, but they do put a face on an evil the existence of which we’ve determined through experience and study.

    16. Arminius Says:

      So “Warlord” believes these pictures are meaningless, comparable to impaired kids visiting their country’s boss as a public relations stunt?
      Will “Warlord” please explain then why we had to wait to see the photos here and not on the frontpages of the Jewish media the world over? Perhaps because it would stir all and sundry how poor, suffering and persecuted Jews find always friends in the highest places?
      On the other hand, could “Warlord” or anybody else imagine the President receiving Alex or leaders of the NA in the Oval Office, listening sympathetically what they have to say about race problems or Jewish domination?

    17. alex Says:

      Christians can’t put a cross up on the city lawn, but jew freaks have highest-level access to presidents and chancellors, and even get them to light their hate candles and don their hate hats at the Wailing Wall.

    18. alex Says:

      Remember that the first thing these freaks do in the morning is pray to their Tribal Hate God Jahweh, thanking him for not making them dirty Goyim.

    19. Loren Says:

      I’m amazed that no-one noticed how a lot of these pictures are photoshopped.

      I guess you are all so afraid that you might seem like a “Jew sympathizer” or unfaithful to the Nazi party that you overlook obvious lies.

      Hitler once said “What luck for rulers that men do not think.” Reading this makes that quote seem all the more real.

    20. no matter Says:

      Angela Merkel is Merkel-and absolutely non”kasner”!

      And all the jews very soon will be gased!

    21. Uncle Sams' Misguided Children Says:

      Interesting assemblage of the most NAZI inspired scum ever to grace the planet. Wish I had a taser for each and every one of you. Your nut sack is a little too lenient for placement. Perhaps it would be better utilized on the scrotal extension that contains the thought processes that produce the unrelenting s–t extension of your oral oraface. Given that, I’m sure not a one of you is: 1) A Medal of Honor recipient 2) Ever faced an armed enemy 3) Has nothing better to do than practice anti-semitism. I would advocate placing you in an oven (alive, of course) so you can experience the joy of meeting your JEWISH MAKER! :-O) How’s that for poetic justice?

    22. BJORN Says:



    23. Jerzy Ulicki-Rek Says: