13 April, 2007

Racist Jew Jon Stewart Slurs Larry Birkhead as “White Trash”

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ADL Expresses Outrage at Racism on Daily Show

ADL National Director Alex Linder today called on Sumner Redstone of Viacom, Comedy Central’s parent company, to fire Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, aka “Jon Stewart,” host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, after he referred to Larry Birkhead, the recently confirmed father of Dannielynn Smith, as “white trash” on his April 11, 2007, broadcast.

[Video – may be temporary]

The Aryan Defense League (ADL) objects in the strongest possible terms to the disparaging of those of European origin, and notes that the practice of referring to those of European descent as ‘white trash,’ ‘Eurotrash,’ and ‘rednecks’ is longstanding at the comedy channel.

“It is long past time Jon Stewart were called to account for his insensitive and stereotypical remarks about Whites,” said Linder. “I urge Redstone to show that the anti-White bigotry called loxism will not be tolerated from a Jewish host on his network any more than he would tolerate a White host making fun of ‘kikes’ or ‘niggers.'”

Linder added: “Ordinary whites make up the bulk of Daily Show viewers and cable subscribers, not to mention the users of products advertised on Viacom. They do not deserve to be ridculed for their heritage, which includes the invention of the very vehicle Sumner Redstone and Jon Stuart Leibowitz use to mock and to profit from them.”


Alex Linder
660 665 8210
[email protected]


The Aryan Defense League is AmeriKwa’s oldest civil rights organization, dedicated to protecting the right of White Americans to live in an environment free of Jewish hate and hostility, also known as loxism.

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    1. Stan Says:

      I support the ADL and ask that Mr. Linder’s organization please provide a list of products advertised during the commercial breaks of the Daily Show and Comedy central as a whole. If needed I will do my part to provide entries to that list, that all Whites will know what products to avoid.

    2. Chris Says:

      LOL, this is beautiful. I hope it gets a lot of coverage/exposure


    3. Abe Foxman Says:

      Perfect!. These little fucking kikes have made enough rope…..now it’s time for a good old neck tie party starting with that little turd Stewart.

    4. Anti Says:

      Uh oh….here comes the magical Day of the Rope! Hyman quivers.

    5. Ha Ha Fuck You Stern Says:

      We all know every fucking jew on the planet was hoping their tribe boy Howard K Stern would be daddy and get that 475 million including the pharmacist jew bitch who prescribed the Texas blonde whore all that shit anyway.
      Every jew celebrity show in Hollywood was pulling for jewboy who was the most pathetic crybaby lawyer piece of shit ever shown as he coddled the little rugrat as if it was his own when he knew good and well Smith never once gave him a piece of her well used ass.
      Clearly the jews were a conspiracy to use Smith as their blonde ho to suck her dry and murder the 20 yr old son along with her and the baby was definitely next of the list.
      Jews murdered Norma Jean Baker aka Marilyn Monroe too as everyone knows who has seen her last days since she gave the kikes in Hollywood a hell of a hard time and this was her payback.

      One thing you can say about jews who actually do the dirtywork murder they are very discreet and use hard core drugs that their victims like so in the end they all go out the quiet way and just fall into a deep eternal sleep so fucking drugged out they dont know who they are.

      We know jews refuse to get their hands dirty with the other type of murder they cause in the military where blood and guts are everywhere. Jews will only delegate this dirty messy work like the Bush piece of shit is dictated to the lower class morons in sand nigger land.

      Fact is jews are pissed as hell about this rejection of Howard K especially his uglyass sister who makes it a habit of showing up everywhere trying to cash in the same way the Ron Goldmans did after the nig stabbed him and sliced his neck for fucking with another blonde bitch Nicole.

      Jews especially went after the Smith bitch aka Vicky Lynn Hogan mother Virgie Hogan and couldnt get enough of making her look like shit since this whole thing developed even though clearly the Anna Nicole ho had been jewed by Hollywood into rejecting her mother and family in order that they could slip Stern in to get the loot.

      Fact is Virgie the mom was a former Harris County Houston Texas sheriffs deputy law enforcement officer for 20 years and retired with outstanding merits. Obviously the problem came when jews smelled her fucking billion dollar fortune and jumped on her making her a big star bitch.

      The whole family knew jew boy had the small baby on his next hit list and this is why is took them all out of the country to the nigger run Bahamas where Howard boys family in Ca was paying all his bills hoping to get their cut of the loot in the end being declared daddy on the birth certificate. Damn what a rigged fucking set up.

      Will Birkhead be knocked off and maybe fat Virgie too now and the baby kidnapped? No way. Its all over for jew boy and they know it. All they do is whine and bitch. These Texans saw through jew Stern immediately and stopped their shit but only after it cost 2 lives and almost a 3rd.

      Yes we know Birkhead looks and acts like a pussy but he had to play nice guy to beat the jew and probably gives a damn about the kid but does have access to her 475 million. This proves clearly the Gentile has to use his brain to fuck the jew in the ass when the deck is stacked against him as it always is therefore Birkhead gets deserved credit.
      Gentiles can win. The jew looked like the gold digger he was. Its all about using your brain and out thinking the jew to gain PR in your favor.

      Imus can turn this thing around on the jew if he is smart too just like 3 Duke players turned the tables on the jewnig media circus too. CBS Viacom may have to explain their nig rap MTV slut shit now and in the end may be forced to rehire dead man Imus again who makes corspe look good.

    6. Rabbi Mel Turdman Says:

      Oh my gawwwd no! These awful Aryans asserting their right to decide their own fate is worse than the holocaust!

    7. Theseus Says:

      I upped the video here:


      . . . so you can display it in-line if you like.

    8. acolyte Says:

      I mean really, who but white trash would have fucked Anna Nicole Smith? A black guy from the Bahamas, a member of European royalty now married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, there was even a Jew in there at one point. And her son. I actually thought it was funny, like Imus’s comment was funny. Even though, no one who looks like Don Imus really has any right to call someone else ugly, or make fun of hair for that matter. You see the mess under his cowboy hat? Give me nappy any day of the week.

      Don Imus has the worst hair outside of Donald Trump. I choose to ridicule people based on their behavior, not simply by virtue of their heritage, but I think if you defend such a thing in one case, you must also defend it in another, even if it is directed at your own race. Now Al Sharpton, that fat nigger should does nothing but ridiculous things, and Birkhead should be made fun of because he screwed a slut.

    9. kathy mcferrin Says:

      Geezuz dudes and dudettes…this is my first time on this site and wow..what a bunch of moronic idiots post here..I am laughing my ass off!! I really want to know if this is a real site or a parody..
      I think it was a travesty that Imus was fired..but holy shit folks..you all need to come into the 21st century..or ..finish school! Yabba dabba fucking do!

    10. Hoosier Says:

      Geezuz dudes and dudettes…this is my first time on this site and wow..what a bunch of moronic idiots post here..

      I understand where you\’re coming from, Kathy. But we\’ve learned to \”tolerate\” the dumb Negros, the anti-racist retards, the arrogant Jews,
      and the silly women who bring up \”the 21st century.\” They show up from time to time.

      If you can get past those annoyances, you\’re home free. Yabba Dabba fucking do! Maybe you can do a little more reading in between watching your episodes of \”The Flintstones.\”

    11. jigaboos h. jigabooze Says:

      “I am laughing my ass off!! I really want to know if this is a real site or a parody’

      Niggers, jews and beaners (mexicans) are parodies of humans. The present “culture” is brought by IK (International Kikery), and is also a parody, as is your posting. . .

    12. Trafalgar in Flames Says:

      “Kathy McFerrin”? More likely Alan Silberman from one of too many Hillel House frat rooms in what used to be the United States. Or maybe it is some brainwashed, unable to think for herself white woman. All prepped and ready to be the next Channon Christian or at least the latest mud shark to be beaten by her cool black boyfriend.

    13. alex Says:

      I mean really, who but white trash would have fucked Anna Nicole Smith?

      Not the point. The point is that niggers exist and it’s forbidden to use the term in the MSM – which uses “white slur” minute-ly.

    14. alex Says:

      I support the ADL and ask that Mr. Linder’s organization please provide a list of products

      Lexus is one.

    15. Coup d'Etat Says:

      It never ceases to amaze me how the jews can murder anyone while keeping their hands clean. I believe the more we expose them for the evil they are, more people will realize that the only way to get rid of them is to organize a true Holocaust. One which the jews can never brag about.

    16. Hvidtskrald Says:

      How can i be ok for someone to make very harsh racist comments, while on the other hand calling Jon Stewart racist?
      The term “white trash” refers to (according to wordnet) “an offensive term for White people who are impoverished”. I realise that there are other definitions, but isn`t it possible that Jon Stewart (being white) didn`t mean to offend every single white person in the world?
      A more radical idea also, on the same note. Isn`t there just a teeny tiny chance that non-white people are NOT in a giant conspiracy against the rest of us?

    17. Joel Siegelman Says:

      I assume the “Aryan” view is that Jews are not white.

    18. Victoria Says:

      No, Jon Stewart is not “White”. He is Jew. No, Jews are not of the White race! Quit calling yourselves White, whenever it suits the agenda you are after and Jews when it fits your agenda! When you commit crimes you label yourself as “white”. When you molest little boys, you label yourself as “white”. If you are a homosexual, you label yourself “white”. Jews who run the Internationl pornography ring, label themselves “white”. Jews in the “Italian mafia”, label themselves “white”. Jews in the Russian mafia label themselves “white. The bolshevik Jews labeled themselves White Russians, of course. When you are out to use your bags of tricks, you label yourself as “white”. Get the idea?

    19. CELTO-GERMANIC Says:

      Kathy- you can’t even think- or compose a dynamic thought. It’s yabba dabba DOO! DOO, kathy. Did you actually ever watch Scooby Jew? Do would be used in a sentence or question like; what DO you DO when you get car-jacked for the first time? maybe you can tell the misunderstood, oppressed negro that he needs to get up to speed with the times, man, it’s like, 2007 or something. and I bet you’d say Before the Common Era instead of Before Christ, right? Let’s ask kathy mcbrainwashed where she lives…. kathy? do you live in a predominantly white or black neighborhood? why? …sigh- soooooo many whites in denial- I used to be like you, kathy, briefly, in a moment of idealistic rationalizing and bargaining with reality to filter what I’d known since I grew up in black Detroit. ..so sad to see how many Mics (mostly female) are so distant and living in a transitional time period where the effects of the jewspiracy are not fully evident to those still asleep… not me- never again. Hvidtskrald, Joel Siegelman, you ‘chosen’ ones know you’re oversimplifying the concerns of Aryans and reducing our liberation to incidental hatred. Do you think most of us just woke up and said: hey, I think ah’ll wake up and hate me sum niggers and jews today- no partikalar reezun, I am just a hate filled, insecure monster. If that makes it easier for you to live with your own demonic blood and motives, or in Kathy’s case,her bubble of misinformation (it’s clear she doesn’t- and you two don’t, read or research ANYTHING), so be it. There’s a tiny chance, in another reality perhaps, but as Agatha Christie’s Poirot intoned “there are too many clues…”

    20. Mr. Gordy Says:

      CELTO-GERMANIC hit it right on the head. I’m an Italian American that has recently (past few years) woken up to this shit excuse for a country, thanks to the secular Jews running the media, and subsequently molding mainstream American thought. I cannot believe how shitty things are. All I have to do is turn on Comedy Central and see Jon Jewart or that immoral half-jewed fuck Bill Maher. But we’re all “racist,” and “intolerant” right? And of course, they are not. BULLSHIT.

    21. Mr. Gordy Says:



    22. Winston Smith Says:

      “Gentiles can win. The jew looked like the gold digger he was. Its all about using your brain and out thinking the jew to gain PR in your favor. ”

      I’d love to think so. This whole thing seemed like some sort of long running, modern old testament exploit. I get depressed when I think about all the good and just pharoahs they deceived in their own sick accounts. But this contemporary non fiction actually had a happy ending.

      Only Jews would ever have the unbelievable sense of entitlement with which they treated Arthur at her OWN daughter’s funeral! I just wanted to take the shovel out Arthur’s hands and beat the Khazar troll siblings to death with it.