4 May, 2007

An Unpoliced Internet = Not Good for God’s Pets

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Care to guess where this idea is going? And a question: why is a Jewish senator on a Homeland Security committee in a gentile country? And what does Lieberman mean by “our” enemies? In fact, America didn’t have many enemies until the Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948:


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  7. 6 Responses to “An Unpoliced Internet = Not Good for God’s Pets”

    1. abe foxman Says:

      What amazes me is there’s always a Jew installed to solve a problem yet their problem solving skills operate under one and only one simple standard procedure…..and it invariably uses money and therefore their need to control this commodity.
      ‘Bait line, cast line, sucker Goyim, reel in Goyim, retrieve bait and put Goyim in tank for later consumption. rebait line and repeat.
      Note: Bait should be increased for bigger Goyim catches.

    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Here is the jews reasoning;

      “Hacking into legitimate websites and posting training manuals deep in subdirectories where no one is likely to notice them.”

      That sounds like how every company stores their training manuals.

      “Developing video games that spread “a simple but seemingly compelling message: Islam is under attack and young Muslims have a personal duty to fight.””

      And Grand Theft Auto with blacks commiting drive bys and pimping out represents the rich diverse tapestry of America.

      Using hip-hop and rap musicians “whose catchy, melodic messages contain calls to violence.”

      Well then, this has been going on for years with the focus of the attention towards whites, strange how MTV is not listed. And melodic? Give me a break. There are no melodies in black music.

    3. Beast Says:

      The internet is not a “tool”. It’s a global network of interconnected machines and the JEWS and their TOOLS can keep their fuckin’ filthy claws off it. They can’t control it anymore than they could have created and maintained it. All they can is attempt to censor and control – good luck trying to shut the white man up, kike.

      Report says = kike bastard writes up a fiction essay and sells it to the controlled media.

    4. Rex Reed Says:

      The Zionists are really rattled as the light of truth is being cast upon them. They are running for the shadows and trying every trick in the arsenal of lies to stop the truth from getting out. Well FUCK YOU JEW!

    5. alex Says:

      The U.S. is going to develop a compelling counter-narrative, eh? Yeah – the only compelling counter narrative the U.S.-under-the-jew has is censorship.

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Doesn’t this raise the question on why the jews are always the first to mention the diabolical nature of “enemies”? Doesn’t it seem rather suspicious that the tactics they mention that the so called “enemies” are using are more than likely the same tactics the jews are using? No question about it. The jews are covering up their diabolical nature by making statements that seem rather exaggerated.