9 May, 2007

Jew Auster Ouster

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Thanks to KT reader for digging this up. Some clown named Mills uses my words to bash jew Auster – well, to pile on after jew Auster was fired by jew Horowitz, which Mills, new to me, praises, even though he dislikes jew Horowitz.

Bottom line?

Over 100 White women are raped by niggers daily – and no one in the media will cover it.

Journalism 101 teaches budding bureaucrats that niggers and crime can only appear in a sentence focusing on blacks as victims. It is never appropriate, and always racist, to talk about the fact that niggers go out of their way to victimize Whites when they commit crimes.

[Following page has the article by Mills, with links to various back-and-forths among jew him and jew Horowitz and (jew?) Mills. At bottom are KT comments by Filles du Roi’s Boi including some background on Mills’s involvement with Dick Wolf, the guy who produces the Law & Order franchise, the stories for which are ripped from the headlines, as they brag. Yeah – ripped and race-reversed. Note that background on CSI is from jew Stix. He’s the jew Jared Taylor pays to write for AmRen, with whom I discussed our upcoming Knoxville rally – MAY 26 3PM DOWNTOWN! BE THERE! (precise location coming soon!)

Now read and learn how AmeriKwa actually works. It has all the production values of a jew-operated sausage factory selling triple-priced shkreepwurts made of rat crappings, lips, peckers, assholes, sawdust, gluten and impartially homogenized cockroach piss to shlemiels.

Are you as sick as I am of LCD politics? 99.9 type away on their blog, their paper column. Or they run their yap on radio or tv. In their wacky world, everything fits, meshes and dovetails. Any problems are no deeper than waterbug feet. Superficial things that will clear up with a little ointment and some fine words. In reality, niggers are raping, murdering, and stealing all the live long day. Invaders from South of the borders, and overseas, are spreading disease and soaking up tax money, entrenching iron-ass race-traitor bureacrats in their $300 chairs. Jews oversee the steady flow from your pocket to Israel, and out of the barrel of an Uzi into the nuts of another eight year old. Other jews ensure that anybody who raises a cry against this system is labeled or silenced.

When does it end?

Simple, my friend.

When I and you are willing to kill off our enemies and restore order.



  • 2 Responses to “Jew Auster Ouster”

    1. sfg Says:

      I think we’ve got the momentum going to finally get something done about all of this silence from the media on africa among us. I feel invigorated, and I have felt so depressed for so long. But depression isn’t going to get the job done, is it? No, we have to rally, and march, and pass out fliers, and do it all over again and again.

      And Alex sure can turn a phrase, can’t he? My my my.

    2. sherzad Says:

      hey mills i know who you are be good