6 May, 2007

CASH: The Anti-White Draft

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By J.B. Cash

(5/2/07) There are two events each year that highlight the anti-white bias of the football establishment in America: college signing day and the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft was held last weekend and white players were treated the same way they have been treated for decades – poorly.

In honor of those good young men that were treated unfairly solely because of their skin color, Caste Football offers the following awards.

We announce the first annual Tom Brady Award, given to the white quarterback who clearly has the best tools of any prospect coming out of college and yet manages to be drafted behind the latest “great black hope.” All of which is part of the NFL’s never ending search for dominant black quarterbacks in their effort to remake every position in the game dominated by black players.

The recipient is obviously Brady Quinn. Quinn, the former Notre Dame superstar, is clearly possessed of all the tools to be a Super Bowl type QB yet found himself picked long after the flabby Jamarcus Russell. Last year Matt Leinart was passed over for Vince Young for nearly the exact same wrong reasons. Both men lost millions of dollars (that’s millions!) due to the anti-white/pro-black bias that is standard operating procedure in the NFL.

The NFL and its Caste System supporters tell us that whites cannot be drafted to play at running back and cornerback because all of the good players at those positions are black. Thus black players are the “model” for the position, and no white players can ever get the chance to prove that model incorrect.

Yet the “model” for a winning, successful, championship quarterback, is a tall, white pocket passer that has had success for a prominent national college powerhouse. Guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer. On the other hand, black QBs have had a poor record, failing in big games, are frequently injured, and generally play poorly. But in the anti-white NFL all that goes unnoticed and guys like Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell get picked at the top.

Why is the successful white “model” ignored and blacks given every chance to change the “model” but at the other positions mentioned whites are NEVER given the chance to change the “model”? Of course you know what the answer is so please remember it and if you get the chance ? tell a friend.

Another award, the Eric Crouch Award, goes to Jared Zabransky [above] of Boise State. The Eric Crouch Award is given to the white quarterback who is extremely physically talented but will never be given a shot to play quarterback in the NFL because the “model” for athletic run-and-pass QBs, like Model T’s, only comes in one color: black.

Zabransky was a prolific runner and passer at Boise State AND led his team to the most exciting victory in Bowl Championship series history, over highly touted Oklahoma. He didn’t even get drafted. Zabransky follows in the footsteps of not only Eric Couch, but players like Matt Jones, white QBs who are so physically gifted they are even given a chance to play somewhere other than QB, an option not given to even the best white college players at those other positions.

The Mike Hass Award is bestowed upon the best white wide receiver coming out of college that receives no respect from the NFL for his prodigious college production. Hass [above] was voted the best receiver in college football in 2005 but was drafted in the last round of the 2006 NFL Draft and was tossed aside even before the regular season began last fall. This happens every year, most recently to Hass as well as John Standeford, the Big Ten’s all time leading receiver (BUT was still not drafted), and far too many other talented white receivers to list (the Caste Football site has information on dozens of them who should be playing in the NFL but aren’t).

This year David Ball [top right] is the white man out. Ball, who set all kinds of records playing in Div II for New Hampshire, is a virtual carbon copy of another record-setting Div II receiver who went on to play pretty well in the NFL: Jerry Rice. Ball will not get the same opportunity as Rice because Ball’s ancestors came from Europe; Rice’s were from Africa. CASE CLOSED!

As Don Wassall of Caste Football writes:

“Ball’s tremendous production and his measurables are very similar to those of Jerry Rice in 1985, as both played at small programs, both are tall with great hands and tremendous determination to make every catch, and neither are burners. What a sad commentary on the mind-boggling, all-encompassing racism that motivates the NFL that Rice was a first round pick and Ball will most likely be yet another very talented white wide receiver thrown on the junk heap (which is pretty much the size of a mountain now). Great job by the media too, because 99.9 percent of the drunk white fans would laugh at the notion that Ball possibly has the talent and determination to be a great NFL player.”

There were other white players treated unfairly such as safety John Wendling, this year’s winner of the Dustin Fox Award given to the white defensive back that fought against the negative stereotypes of white DBs in college and proved them wrong, only to receive the same treatment from the NFL.

Another player drafted much too late was super athlete Tim Shaw, a linebacker who outperformed all other linebackers at the NFL Combine yet saw himself drafted behind a succession of black linebackers whose weaknesses were listed, among others, as “tackling.” Another advantage of being black, you can be a top-rated linebacker even though you can’t tackle very well.

This year’s Draft played out like Drafts in years past. About 28% of the players drafted were white, only 15% on defense. That means that the NFL will keep the decidedly dark hue of its players, especially anyone that runs or catches the ball and those that don’t kick or throw it, along with almost everyone on defense.

The NFL also drafted another large share of past, present, and future criminals to wreak havoc on some unsuspecting segment of the population in a city with a pro football team. The NFL’s search for “character” in its players amounts to drafting any player that does not have a warrant out for their arrest. And a player’s past history is no indication on how they’ll act as a pro. Just ask former first rounder Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Here is a list of the white players and who drafted them along with a list by position. Thanks to the loyal Caste Football supporters that compiled this information. For more valuable data check out Caste Football’s discussion forum.

Breakdown of white players drafted by team:


Doug Datish

Marshall Yanda

Paul Posluzny
Trent Edwards
John Wendling
Derek Shcouman

Ryan Kalil
Tim Shaw

Greg Olsen
Dan Bazuin
Aaron Brant

Jeff Rowe
Dan Stanucci

Joe Thomas
Brady Quinn
Chase Pittman

James Marten
Doug Free
Nick Folk (k)


Drew Stanton

Allen Babre
Korey Hall
Mason Crosby (k)
Clark Harris

Kasey Studdard

Anthony Gonzalez
Quinn Pitcock
Brannon Condren

Adam Podesh (p)
Derek Landri
Andrew Carnahan

Michael Allan

John Beck
Drew Mormino
Brandon Fields (p)

Brian Robison
Tyle Thigpen

Clint Odenberg
Justin Rogers
Mike Elgin

Andy Alleman

Zak DeOssie
Kevin Boss
Adam Koets

Jacob Bender

Zach Miller

Kevin Kolb
Stewart Bradley
Brent Celek

Matt Spaeth
Dan Sepulveda (p)

Eric Weddle
Scott Chandler

Will Herring
Steve Vallos

Joe Staley
Jay Moore

Adam Carriker
Brian Leonard
Dustin Fry

Sabby Pisticelli
Chris Denman

Michael Otto

Dallas Sartz
Jordan Palmer
Tyler Ecker

Positional Breakdown(% of white players):


















Offense: 41% White
Defense: 15% White
Average: 28% White (excluding special teams)


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  7. 7 Responses to “CASH: The Anti-White Draft”

    1. Grog007 Says:

      Cash might want to compare the teams who drafted the most whites this year versus the teams who have had the most trouble (arrests, bad PR) with nigger players the last two years

    2. Uitlander Says:

      For 40+ years since I was a kid it was obvious big televized sports were increaingly black players, and I just felt they had NO INTEREST to me – unlike my dad who had been a minor league ball player until eye damage and who then had to watch sports “religiously” while lamenting the “good old” (white) days when he was a player… until he got active and played golf reasonably well with one good eye for the last 20+ years of his life.
      (Unfortunately, at that time he should have spent time effort & money on more crucial things to our people and civilization that improving his score.)

      I simply stopped wasting any time or money on “commercial” sports and totally avoided football, baseball, basketball, except PLAYING little leauge ball in an all-white area, and PLAYING basketball in a similar HS setting… and later I even found shuffleboard and later curling interesting in a white place where this was played by all ages and sexes of our people.

      Of course such settings become scarcer each year. Therefore…

      I suggest we INVENT NEW GAMES JUST FOR US ON OUR OWN PROPERTY. An empty field will do for a start. Play locally and as amateurs firstly.

      Matches of teams from two places could be cheaply TELEVISED ONLINE using new streaming video (see format used on http://www.myvideodaily.com) and form part of all-white online TV network programming 24/365…


      Design some sports pertaining to physically binding enemies, or targeting them etc. not just moving a ball. Shooting various firearms shoulD be a favorite OF white nationalist! (I’d love to develop cannoniers on my land.)

      Incidentally, while I worked in South West Africa under nominal “apartheid” in the frontier “war” area, we had LIFE full of activity, needing no “sports” except an informal game of soccer among us whites, while the black guys played among themselves (or just relaxed and drank beer.) And there was no television (or internet!) I didn’t miss lack of televised stuff one bit! I only suggest using internet TV since we are fragmented and need a link.

      DO NOT contribute a dime to “blackball” in its various commercial forms.

      “BLACKBALL Black-Ball” might be a good motto!

      Do something better with your time, effort and money, such as setting up an all-white team and league of some sport, or join one. Induce your buddies to do the same and stop worshipping other people. That only builds rich arrogant black “heroes” like O. J. Simpson… see what he did!

    3. alex Says:

      Another recent column from a CF writer…

      Nowitzki the Convenient Scapegoat
      by Kevin Roberts

      (5/4/07) It happened again. The Maverick’s blown first round series to the Warriors showed us all what a pathetic man the white athlete is. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. The Mavericks, the league’s best team and title favorites with 67 regular season wins, were downed by a more athletic and more aggresive team.

      And who is blamed? It’s not Anthony Johnson’s fault. No, even though he clearly couldn’t handle the pressure near the end of Game 4 when his mentor and former head coach of the Mavs was sitting on the opposite bench, booming with confidence. It couldn’t be the supporting cast’s fault. Impossible. Josh Howard only decided to show up in game 6, performing a wonderful disappearing act in Games 3 and 4 in the 4th quarter. And the rest of the supporting cast? They did just enough to make you believe that they were the Miami Heat. Which, interestingly enough, brings me to my main point.

      Dirk Nowitzki, arguably the best player at his position, and in the top 10 in the NBA, is to blame for this quick exit. But why? In a blog by former NBA player Eddie Johnson, Miami Heat stars Dwayne Wade and Shaq are defended to the death after an early first round exit by the reigning NBA champs at the hands of the Chicago Bulls. These two stars are the sole reason why the Heat won the title last year to begin with, just as Nowitzki is the reason the Mavericks made it to the Finals last year. So why should their scrutiny be any different, any less painful to endure? Why is Eddie Johnson writing an article saying that the Heat’s woes and the reason for their non repeat is because Jason Williams is slowing down or all Jason Kapono can do is shoot threes? If Antoine Walker can’t shoot 3’s and Udonis Haslem isn’t what he was last year, then why are they even playing?

      My point is, I am tired of seeing the white star athlete, who is rare enough in basketball and football because of the Caste System, be barraged by reporters with questions about how they underperformed, while their supporting cast remains unbothered. In the Heat’s case, the two (back) superstars, who are the face of the franchise, and the leaders of the team, are not the scapegoats. They are the martyrs. But with Nowitzki, even though he is getting fouled every time he shoots and no one cares, he is still deemed the reason for the failure. He is the red-headed step child, if you will.

      The beautiful thing about this is that it cycles itself all the way back to last year’s NBA Finals. In that series, Dallas, the obviously deeper and superior team, was up two games to none and looking at making it 3-0. And then what happened? The referees let the Heat hassle Nowtizki and the Mavs even more than usual, as well as gave Wade phantom fouls whenever he snapped his fingers. Wade later went on to say that Nowitzki was the reason why the Heat beat the Mavs. Nowitzki was weak and let it slip away. Wrong.

      Nowitzki is cracking folks, but not under the pressure. He is beginning to see something that I have seen for a very long time. The white athlete does not get the calls a black athlete does. Who can possibly AVERAGE 11 free throws a game? Honestly, that doesn’t even make sense. Wade clearly won the hearts of the NBA nation, and apparently, the hearts of the referees, during last year’s finals. And it appears that this year, Baron Davis and the hot-shooting Warriors have done the same.

      So what next for the infamous Nowitzki? Maybe he’ll go back to Germany and get a tan, in an attempt to look more like his counterparts and blend in a little. Maybe then he’ll get more fouls called.


    4. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      An NFL team should never draft a QB with a low IQ. Every player is given the test. Anyone know how JeMarcus Russell did? Not surprisingly, centers and quarterbacks have the highest IQs. Center (another position that is mostly white and requires a lot of study) outscores even the QB! (I’m sure the Atlanta QB — his name escapes me at the moment — is dragging the position down a bit with his pea brain …)

    5. Jim Says:

      If the average white moron would stop watching niggerball then the nigger players wouldn’t be able to afford white wives. The white man is his own worse enemy.

    6. Lutjens Says:

      The NBA and its officiating is fuckin retarded. I cannot even believe people watch that fuckin girly sport. Nowitzki will leave Dallas because he can’t stand that little chimp of a ‘coach’ screaming at him with his dumb ebonics. The reason Dallas lost is because Don Nelson outcoached the little spook and Nowitzki’s ape teammates failed to show up and produce. 20 points isn’t enough, he has to score 40 or 50 because the rest of the nigger slackers just plain fuckin suck. Losing Nash did them in.

      JaMarcus Russell is a mental retard. Oakland stunk last year because they have NO offensive line, even with big bad Robert Gallery in there. They can’t play. The most important aspect of an NFL team is the OFFENSIVE LINE. No line, no blocking, no offense = losses… simple as that. I don’t give a fuck how fast and big he is, he is stupid. Denver, San Diego, KC all have top-rated defenses (maybe not KC). You think Manning and Brady are any good without those 5 guys in front? Fuggedabotit. Brady Quinn will be the darling QB of this draft. Cleveland will be winners once they get rid of Romeo Crennell. Watch Beck on Kolb also…. they have high upsides. Intelligence.

    7. alex Says:

      The value of Caste Football is in spreading the idea that Whites are discriminated against at running back (RB) and wide receiver (WR). Given that mass sports are an approved outlet for White male, this is an avenue that can bring in new people. What is needed is a formal writeup documenting the charges made by Cash and Wassall. The apparent discrimination against Whites at the prestige positions is the perfect example of default judeo-liberalism. That is, as soon as one specifically thinks about something, he realize his position on the matter is a swallowed assumption fed him by the judeosphere. In fact, there is no field whatsoever that jews aren’t trying to drive Whites out of, whether media or medicine or mass sports. We must wage battle on every front.