21 May, 2007

Redefining “White” in America

Posted by Socrates in AmeriKwa, mestizos, Socrates at 1:46 pm | Permanent Link

This guy is White? This guy is also White?

Here’s a guy who was born in Mexico, but he’s listed as White by the federal government.

Who benefits when Mexicans are called “White”? All non-Whites benefit, since that alters crime statistics which mention the ethnicity of criminals.

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  7. 12 Responses to “Redefining “White” in America”

    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      This is AmexiKwa and these Apocalypto pieces of shit are White. There are 80+ murders in my city every year. If you didn’t count the Arboreals (blacks) and Mexies … there would be about three a year. Of course, the Latrinos are counted as White, unless of course they’re the victim!

      The right to bear arms was written by white men for white men. It doesn’t work with these subhumans. When do we get to stop pretending and live in an adult world?

    2. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      If you candidly asked these Latrinos if they were white and they answered honestly, what would they say?

      “I ain’t no white bread muddafugga! Sheeeeeeeet!”

      Are they white on their college.financial aid.welfare applications???

    3. John Says:

      Jews are defining what is white because we let them.

    4. -JC Says:

      I seem to remember being asked for documentation that Timothy Thomas Coombs, the apparent sniper-shooter of a White policeman, through his kitchen window, one night, while dishing ice cream for his daughter, was a Lenne-Lenape Indian, when the FBI listed him as White. Perhaps they are collecting statistics about bad White people and these State jurisdictions have some sort of quota to fill in order to get their federal money.

    5. Amy Says:

      I know someone who works in an agency that coordinates medical, food, housing, etc. benefits to women with infants. She deals with people who are poor or classified as underprivileged. She tells me that Mexicans and Hispanics usually identify themselves as ‘white’, but when she sees the hispanic surname, or visually summizes the ethnicity of the child, she corrects the application to reflect hispanic instead of white. White mothers of mullato children have the same tendancy. If one parent is white, then they feel their child is also white. It is as if they want to take advantage of the myth of ‘white privilege’ while they declare their hatred of white people.
      People in the social services sector have many stories to tell.
      When the white race regains control, there may be more than just a few corrections to be made.

    6. Eric Casavova Says:

      With you agument of white is great, you do fail to realize a few things. Fist most of the worlds suffering has be caused by whites. If you look at how white people treated slavery and how brutal. For example families were separted forever based on the system that was placed in the United States. If we look at other culture the slavery was only for a short period of time. Second, all man comes from Africa. In 1975 with this the discovery of “Lucy” the old remains that all man comes from her. With all this hate to non-whites you promote all you are doing is hating yourself. Lastly, to make the world a better place for man we need all races. All types of races has helped the human race. White all the hate you promote what does is do? It does nothing but hurt everybody with yourself included.

    7. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      For short periods of time??? There are millions of slaves in Africa TO THIS DAY. And you are deluded if you think you’d rather have a primate master over a human one. The Mugabe Mudmen are much, much more brutal.

      Yes, life started in Africa. The more evolved races got the hell out of that shithole. The races that couldn’t invent the wheel or develop a written language stayed stagnant.

    8. Varina Says:

      I was watching the news a couple of weeks ago and they showed some brown person who had committed a murder and they showed a document, probably the Wanted Poster, and I could swear I saw a “W” for race. They showed it for just a split second so I dismissed it and decided I was imagining things. Well, a week or so later I read an article on Amren about this and the article showed a bunch of Wanted Posters and there it was, all these dark people listed as White.

      We have to keep firmly in mind that we’re not losing our minds and we’re not imagining things. This shit is really happening. I truly believe that ZOG is trying to drive us crazy. I’m not trying to make a joke here, I’m serious.


    9. Anonymous Says:

      In several years, blacks will be identified as whites unless we are determined to stop anti-white/anti-Christianity Jewish terrorism in America.

      Many police departments, US media outlets, CIA, FBI, US Supreme Court, US Congress, White House Administration, Pentagon, and tax-supported factions, should be now classified as Jewish terrorism which involves in pushing for the massive illegal immigration and Middle East war. States can’t always do what U.S. government tells them. They must start making distance between themselves from Jews, Israel, and U.S. government. Vermont passing resolution to impreach our American president is a good example.

    10. Terry Phillips Says:

      Casavova wrote, “In 1975 with this the discovery of “Lucy” the old remains that all man comes from her.”

      No, dumb ass. This comment is as stupid as the rest of your post. ‘Lucy’ was an Australopithecus afarensis. The Australopithecus’ were on a co-branch of hominins and not a direct line ancestor.

    11. NortonRyder Says:

      According to Casavova

      “White all the hate you promote what does is do?”

      I think Pancho needs some lessons in grammar. To Paraphrase an old saying: ” Better to keep your inability to write in comprehensible English to yourself and be thought an idiot, than to inanely babble on the keyboard and remove all doubt.” I suggest you get up tomorrow, point your left shoulder toward the sun, and walk until they all talk just like you.

    12. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      How much you want to bet the powers-that-be used photoshop to lighten the skin of the first two criminals? Make them appear whiter to confuse the issue even more!

      Look at the first guy. He looks like one of those old, wrinkled Injun chief-alcoholics who’ve been in the sun too long. There’s no way he’d be that light-skinned in real life.

      AmexiKwa must fall!!! The sooner the better!!!!!!!!!!!!