5 May, 2007

White Liberal + Hush Crime = Racist

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Read a first-hand account of a nigger gang-rape; or, one woman’s awakening to the reality of the New South Africa – Arsezania, as the master of the “Why South Africa Sucks” blog calls it.

Black on White Hate Crime: A Survivor Speaks

Any parent knows what a challenging (even if rewarding) vocation being a parent is. Any single parent knows how even more difficult it is to meet the needs of their children. As a single parent suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I know that being a parent in this condition is an often seemingly insurmountable task.

My five year old son and I are perhaps of the luckiest crime victims in this country. (If something as absurd as a “lucky crime victim” can exist.) On the 26th of July last year, three men broke into our home in Pretoria and woke us up at three am. We were sleeping in my bedroom because my son had been having nightmares and climbed into bed with me for comfort. We awoke to a man shaking me and telling me that our house was “full of niggers” (his words) and that if I screamed he would rape my son and then kill me as if it would be the most natural unimportant thing for him to do so. Somehow I did not scream and lay down obediently as he straddled on my back and tied my feet and hands together behind my back with my phone cable.

Some divine sort of calm came over me and I began negotiating for our lives. I told them that they could have anything that they wanted as long as they did not hurt my son. By this time my son was hysterical and the other two men gagged ! him and squeezed his throat until his mouth was torn and bleeding and the little capillaries under his eyes burst from the pressure of his screams. Still he would not stop screaming. I begged them to take me to my study so that I could help them find money that I had hidden in various places there. Somehow they agreed.

They took me and my son to the office at about ten minutes past three – I asked them the time before they stole the clock- and tied me to my chair at my desk. My son was still screaming despite being gagged and violently shaken by the men holding him. Eventually the man who tied me up believed me that if they put him on my lap I would get him to be quiet and he ordered the other two men to put him on my lap. And so we sat shaking for the two hours that these (there is no polite word) cleaned out our treasures and ransacked our haven.

They kept walking up and down the stairs. It was more scary when they were not in the room with us because I didn’t know when they would come back and what would happen when ! they did . All sorts of things went through my mind. They were armed with knives. I was thinking absurd thoughts about how I would try and die as ladylike death as possible if they slit my throat so as not to further traumatise my son. All the while I quietly chanted :PLEASE GOD KEEP US SAFE under my breath. This was peculiar for me as I was extremely sceptical (and still am) about God but perhaps he does exist because we are alive to tell the tale.

When they had stolen everything they could, they came upstairs again and the ringleader was somehow perversely excited by the wretched state I was in. I was shaking so much that my right breast was shaking visibly through my pyjama shirt and he started to fondle it while my son was sitting watching still on my lap. He then told my son not to worry and that he was going to have a party with me and that it was nothing to be scared of. Then God definitely intervened because I pleaded with him not to rape me – explaining that I never even kissed my child’s father in front of him. I did not get off completely because he forced an open-mouthed kiss and fondled my breast again but he did not rape me. After an eternity they left and locked me and my son inside the house.

With the help of my son, I eventually untied myself and we went downstairs to find help. That was just the beginning of a nightmare that continues even as I write this. How can you ever feel like a decent parent when your son has seen you negotiating and letting you be abused by such villains? How do you ever explain that you did it to save your and his life?

Two weeks after the attack, I had a breakdown and literally abandoned my life. I was too scared to be in the house ever again. I am fortunate in that I had somewhere else to go, a very supportive family and access to counselling and psychiatric help. Most of our rape victims do not have such luxuries – I cannot even begin to imagine how they cope. Although I have started a new life with my son in a different place and have found work and managed to sort of make a new home for us, nothing is the same and the costs and suffering as a result of those two hours cannot be quantified.

It is so difficult to look after my son because of the terror and guilt from that night. He constantly tells me the terrible things that he is going to do to the “baddies” when they come act. In many ways it seems that he blames himself for not protecting me that night and no matter how many times I tell him how very brave he was and how he did the right things, he does not believe it. THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY. They have robbed my son of an innocence that I will NEVER be able to replace.

Practically it is exhausting. I still struggle to sleep- even on medication. Sometimes it is worse than other times – for example when other friends or family fall victim to crime, it brings the reality home again. The lack of sleep and residual fear also rob the joy out of everyday moments that should be special and sacred. Sometimes when we read stories at night the cats will walk on the roof and my son or I or sometimes both of us get terrified. My son asks me to phone the police about three or four times a week. ( I don’t but trying to get him to feel safe enough to sleep and not have nightmares is an ordeal.)

When I am not with my son, I am constantly anxious that something is going to happen to him and that I won’t be able to protect him. This may sound trivial but it is overwhelmingly exhausting because it affects my ability to concentrate and focus at work and sometimes the anxiety gets so bad that I cannot go to work at all.

Strangely, it is not the overt violence that terrorises me. It was how relaxed they were and the things they did like urinating on my floor instead of the toilet, extinguishing cigarettes on the floor etc. that terrify me more. The hate in these actions is beyond my comprehension. I can understand theft as a result of starving but I cannot understand that hate. More particularly that hate directed at a small defenceless innocent like my son.

This lack of comprehension has affected my moral foundations. I have become prejudiced despite my best efforts to rationalise the situation. I have started believing that firing squads are moral necessities and this goes against everything I ever thought or believed before. I would advocate vigilantism. What terrifies me more, is the fact that if I – such a relatively unscathed victim with such a tremendous support system am so badly affected, what is happening to our society and families when just about everybody has been affected by violence in some way.

I am writing this because the worst part of this whole ordeal has been the fact that I want to do something to stop this violent crime. I do not want to leave South Africa but if I live long enough to complete my degree (that I am doing through correspondence while I work) I think that I will have to emigrate to a country where the enemy is not so invisible. Living in South Africa is almost worse than being in a war because anyone could be a villain. For my son’s sake I will leave in a heartbeat if things have not improved.

The costs of the suffering and loss by crime in South Africa cannot be quantified. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. What can we do to make it STOP? Schools and a decent police force are the obvious answers but will take so long and with children growing up in devastated families whether by crime, poverty or illness, the picture looks pretty bleak all round.

Having said that, some things that have helped me not lose hope are the following:
• An extremely supportive network of friends and family who help with the practicalities of childcare when I cannot manage.
• When I am functioning, I try my best to discuss it with my son. I try my hardest not to dismiss the issue when he brings it up. I also try not to lie to him and do not promise that it will never happen again. Instead I show him tangible things that I have to prevent it happening – example a sensor system that alerts us to intruders, a cattle prod and pepper spray to vend off attackers.
• When I am functioning, I try and keep to rituals and routines that bring structure and meaning – meals together, reading stories etc
• When I am not functioning, I try to let my son play with other children at friends that I trust etc. If he does see me crying (from exhaustion, terror or frustration) I assure him that it is not his fault in any way and that I love him unconditionally.
• We talk a lot more about things since that incident that I had tried to cocoon him from. We talk about violence on TV (I try to limit as much as possible) Harry Potter helps in talking about good v bad and whether violence is the best way to solve things
• We talk about the reality of poverty and how some children have very sick parents.
• We talk about sex if he initiates it (which he does after the whole breast thing)
• Basically I wish I had spoken to him about these things before because it would have given us a broader base to go back to and work from but they are issues that I think most parents try to deny to give their four year olds as innocent and cocooned existence. Also it is difficult to know how to discuss these things. I try to take my lead from him.

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    1. Antron Says:

      OMFG that is so horrible. Please buy some guns and learn to use them effectively. I wish there was something I could do.

    2. killthekike Says:

      My post to the blog – wonder if it will be ‘allowed’?
      The cancer is a two headed monster – the black “leaders” who in fact encourage and sponsor all of the open expression of this fully natural, inborn black behavior and the ‘tribe’ from the middle-east that has created the atmosphere, the conditions in SA, the USA and most of the White West that makes it possible. The conditions that brainwashed whites in to being cowards. The conditions that have made it criminal for whites to fight back, to be punished with prison for taking it to any non-white savage or any member of ‘the tribe’. All whites need is truly organized, concentrated resistance. That isn’t going to happen until the US and W. Europe have a sudden, brutal economic collapse. That day is inevitable. That is the day the media won’t be able to control the masses. Whites should abandon SA and let the savage ground apes feed on each other, feed on the “Oppenheimer” crowd and their ilk, who think they’re above it all.

    3. Tom Dublin Says:

      You cannot tell me that the cunt doesn’t know. Of course, she knows. She knows just as the child knows she’s been raped by a dog collared Felcher.

      For public consumption, she’s flying the banner for Yahweh. Like Dorothy, when she pulls back the curtain, she’ll realise there is only one conclusion.

      Like Schweitzer, she will realise that there is no living among them.

      ‘An extremely supportive network of friends and family who help with the practicalities of childcare when I cannot manage.’

      Bet you they are white friends.

      ‘Harry Potter helps in talking about good v bad and whether violence is the best way to solve things’

      Harry is white….get the fuck out of there and give your kid a childhood.

      ‘I think most parents try to deny to give their four year olds as innocent and cocooned existence. Also it is difficult to know how to discuss these things. I try to take my lead from him.’

      Be a fucking responsible parent, and let the kid connect the dots. The chimps will spoil, abuse or liquidate the kid. You are complicit in the kid’s destruction if you do anything less than not instruct him in the way of clear and imminent danger.

    4. Tom Dublin Says:

      Sit down…take a deep breath…arch your back…look at the big bearded guy in the sky.

      Repeat after me…..in a sonorous, sarcinarious tone…

      ‘Oh Lord….. I truly am a useless Cunt….smite me for my nequience…..I truly do not deserve your abundant oxygen.’

      Does that feel good?

    5. Luek Says:

      This female is typical of the dysfunctional White family structure in Western societies. She acts like it is a badge of honor to be called “a single mom.” How can women like her use a small child as her emotional support system when she obviously can’t form and maintain a relationship with an adult man? This is IMO a form of the worse type of child abuse. And just where in the Western world does she expect to go to get away from the racial genocide in SA? Move to Knoxville, Tennessee? Besides, she can’t get into any other Western country not even decadent Britain with the ease a non-white can. She has to apply for immigrant status and that can take years since the West has decided that the racial genocide in SA and the former Rhodesia are not a priority. She can’t even claim refugee status. Didn’t the white South African’s vote in the majority to end the safety of apartheid and hand over the government to the niggers? They are reaping what they have sown so enjoy your destruction.

    6. John Says:

      I thought the white Boer Afrikaaners wanted to make an independent white homeland within South Africa. They had their chance to do so and didn’t so are now in a fairly precarious position for their future at the mercy of this new south africa.

      It appears that the only White country making a stand against mass non-white immigration is Russia. Ironically this being the very place the yids started their political control conquest.


    7. -JC Says:

      Commander George Lincoln Rockwell had an older Victorian house with a lovely porch that extended the full width of the house. This was in 1966 and I believe it was on Randolph Street, in Arlington, Virginia. This was not his final headquarters. There was a large sign over the porch that said, “White Man Fight. Smash the Black Revolution Now.” My understanding from a neighbor was that there was never violence against the house and my conclusion is that it inspired sufficient respect to prevent it. And, at that time, it was easier for locals to see Blacks as the problem.

      Communities then as now had their hands tied in establishing their own standards, whether it is natural anti-homosexual bias, not to mention not renting to them or accepting their push for marriage and adoption, or the same for aliens. The federal judiciary has taken over and that trickles down to the local system.

      Racial minorities are not afraid of police. Two officers were demoted or reassigned after the Invader’s Day MacArthur Park incident in Los Angeles. Bush has led the way with a Black Secretary of State and Mestizo Attorney General but, as we know, they are not the tap root of the problem. Civil Rights Act enforcement means that, if political correctness doesn’t get you locally, the feds will. Expect more Shaun Walkers; they are barometers of organization effectiveness in the current climate.

      I don’t know how to suggest we take back or territory but think that awareness of the problem is a good place to start. Downloading all audio– particularly Dr. Pierce, starting in 1976 and working forward, so you have something to work-with for those who can’t or won’t read past anything difficult or disturbing, is a place to start. Changing paradigms takes time and repetition. It also takes credibility and that means being at least as solid in character as those who have the job of maintaining peace and order and are clearly not doing the job.

      VNN is industrial-strength and not for the unconverted especially. From the perspective of the average bleeding heart liberal and probably most women, it is, in many if not most cases, simply going to be too much. At least at first. If helps if someone has had their personal ox gored and can understand the underlying reason. And that is where you can help. Midwifing the racially aware, much less birthing a full-blown activist, is tedious work and not for the impatient. Shock alone will not do the job. Most will turn away and their fear will shut their eyes tighter.

    8. -JC Says:

      And how do most women find themselves in such predicaments? And by that I mean not only being feminized to the extent that they are unable to support their men. I believe it is a lack of responsible behavior on the part of their fathers. And that is not necessarily fathers that are unwilling to work, etc., rather fathers who are not willing to do the work that must be done including routing the usual suspects, the feminists, Blacks, and Mestizos.

      Last night, Rice was on the Electric Jew being interviewed by Charlie Rose[n-something] and was blathering about our responsibility to the Iraqis to establish democracy and control their borders. Yeah, like our one “man” one vote system and the way we control our borders. Believe it or not, more people can get through a half-hour of that without puking or being frightened than will ever see the above columns condemning home invasion victim, right or wrong.

      Men posturing as tough guys having had-enough need to put their foot down about persecution of those working for Black voter registration and border sanity. A place to start is the parking lot of Home Depot: If Home Depot and the local police won’t run invaders-off, then make it clear to the GENERAL Manager, who is largely compensated by a bonus based on volume, and support anyone who promises to change the local government power structure. Support those standing against farm invasions in Douglas, Arizona and elsewhere: The judiciary handing over a man’s ranch to an invader who had his civil rights violated by a vigilante– a compliment, by the way, and not a smear, is an unconscionable crime. Tolerance of that kind of behavior by the powers that be, as yet another way of sending a message to those even considering activism, should be a wake up call to those looking for where to begin cleaning house.

      Forums are a good place to send people to get their spines stiffened and to realize that others are fed-up, too. But if those promoting a cure don’t sound like tolerable leaders then no one will follow. And, if a wife reads some of this stuff and considers her husbands associates, much less her lot if, say, widowed, running the gamut from intelligent anti-feminists to heartless woman-haters, she is certain not to support her husband. Rome neither fell nor was built in a day; it was built on the backs of White MEN, lapsed into decadence and race-mixing from imported slave labor– much like South Africa and America today, and stumbled and staggered toward her final fall because MEN didn’t put their collective foot down timely.

    9. -JC Says:

      For William Pierce, Ph.D. (physics) audio, start here: http://www.natall.com/cgi-bin/audio.cgi?year=1976

    10. P. McCauley Says:

      I am sorry for your nightmare past which was racist in nature and’
      very mean spirited. I have not the answers nor explanation just
      to say stay strong. Love congures all . I say this as an African
      American who is on the side of righteousness and morality.

    11. Ed Watts Says:

      Well, I have the answer(s)! To start, are you an African OR an American? Like a Frenchman OR a German, you simply can’t be both; Africa and America are separated by so much more distance, climate, culture, and so on than France and Germany that being “African” and “American” is even sillier than the French/German analogy.

      That you are some sort of [hyphen]American is both a symptom and a cause of what is wrong here today. When people came to America a hundred or so years ago, they no longer wanted to be citizens of their former countries; they came to be Americans — no hyphen. That people no longer feel or bear sole allegiance to America will result in the eventual division of America into a group of nations, many of which will be at constant war with one another.

      The race, immigration, lying press, and other problems we have in America today are a direct punishment from God for ever having become involved with slavery. Were it not for the relatively large percentage (about 12% at the time) of what were called “negro voters” in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, none of this “civil rights” and “politically correct” nonsense would have occurred. Those folks were here, of course, as descendants of the former slaves.

      There was never any large group of Africans immigrating into the United States…unlike Italians, Irish, Germans, all of the Eastern Europeans, etc. The Africans had not the money, technology, nor desire to come to America. As time went by, the relatively few former slaves reproduced exponentially until they became a sizable minority. Our spineless politicians, in order to garner votes, caved in to any and all of the demands made by the race hucksters of the time; other “minority” groups jumped on the bandwagon, and here we are.

      The media have not reported honestly about what is going on since the beginning of all of this integration/”civil rights” nonsense in order to convince everyone that all is well. Most of the minority groups don’t want to be forced together with whites any more than the converse. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will admit that the blacks hate everyone but the blacks, the Mexicans hate everyone but the Mexicans, and so on.

      The ruin of what was once America has come at the hands of the courts, which are under the control of judges. Almost every judge was once a practicing attorney. Who are the attorneys? Look in your telephone directory…Abramowitz, Cohen, Rosenberg…the list goes on. Not all attorneys are jews, but the jurists who have found all sorts of oddball stuff in our Constitution which was used to destroy America all were/are.

      Most of the problems we have as a nation today are a direct result of America’s failure to follow the counsel of the Founders, who universally mistrusted jews and warned against foreign entanglements. If we had avoided both…”What a country!”

    12. White Russian Says:


    13. Long Live The Confederacy!!! Says:

      When every white in South Africa was forced by law to carry a gun and niggers were forbidden from possessing them these sort of things never happened, go figure!!!