5 May, 2007

Winograd Report Details Izzy Failures in Assault on Lebanon

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Here’s a little something you won’t hear from the Christians – you know, the “compassionate” folks who want to bring peace and love to the world by funding then covering up jewish atrocities.

From a jew cited in a jewish source (Forward):

In some cases, the reservists were told to hit too hard, said Vadim Kelebeyev, a 29-year-old artillery reservist. He and his fellow soldiers were surprised one day when they got an order to shoot cluster bombs into Lebanon.

“We were shocked,” said Kelebeyev, a Bible teacher from Jerusalem. “We had never used them before — even in training. But that was the order. So we shot them, a lot of them.”

“After the war, Halutz said he didn’t give the order,” he said. “That’s an order that caused me a lot of frustration and anger. I read that it killed a lot of innocent Lebanese. It’s on my conscience. We shot tons of ammunition, and for nothing.”

English summary of report (full report Hebrew only!)
Van Creveld on Olmert’s responsibility (van Creveld)

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  7. 2 Responses to “Winograd Report Details Izzy Failures in Assault on Lebanon”

    1. Tom Dublin Says:

      And there is a telling postscript to this.

      Olmert is being hounded out of office for his ‘handling of the war’.

      In other words the butcher didn’t kill enough Lebanese. He should have spilt more blood and maimed more Lebanese. This is what his constituents wanted and they are not happy with him. His failure is that he didn’t kill more.

      Remember,this is what the average Israeli citizen is judging him by. Not infrastructure, road maintenance, Hospital service, Education funding….

      No, it is that the fucker didn’t kill more Lebanese in cold blood. NOT Enough Bloodlust.

      Neutral Jew? What is that concept?

    2. Lina Says:

      I guess it only would have been a good thing if they had wiped out all of Lebanon and then gotten the united states to step over into Iran?