2 June, 2007

RADIO: EMJ on Sam Francis

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E. Michael Jones on Roman Catholic Radio, speaking about his speech at the Sam Francis memorial. He takes pains to distinguish his Catholic position from our racialist. Still doesn’t address the substance of our argument, though, which is that jews are a leeeeetle bit more than people who reject Christ.


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    1. fdtwainth Says:

      So much for E Michael Jones: I though he was honest in his mistakes, and it seems he was not, unfortunately.

    2. lokuum Says:

      Right, Jones forgets that before Chist the Jews saw God as someone that would deliver the world to them, something they still operate under as atheist.

      No one has a right to land, but Jews.

    3. New America Says:

      This concerns a talk – a radio interview – where Dr. Jones describes his speech at the recent Sam Francis Conference, and the responses to it.

      VNNers might want to skip down to Point 21; my Outline is pretty exhaustive because I want to place Point 21 and all that follows in the context that Jones used to define it.

      The conflicting definitions of Jews between Jones, representing Traditional Roman Catholicism, and Linder, can be summed in three words: “Doctrine versus DNA.” Jones defines anti-Semitism in the context of denial of Logos, denial of Christ as the Word made flesh.

      VNN sees Jews as Jews see themselves – as a RACE, and as nodes through which the process of Judaism operates. Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF CHRISTIANITY; they are the demons to Christianity’s angels.

      The power of definition seems to escape Dr. Jones. We shall resolve his intellectually muddled misunderstanding of the term, “anti-Semitic,” and ask this question:

      If the Jews can call us “anti-Semitic,” a term they deliberately never define, why can’t we, and why shouldn’t we, call the Jews “anti-Christian?”

      That is a term we CAN define, and we can define it easily, using Scripture.

      We CAN, and we SHOULD.

      1. Buckley was the ADL’s hit man to the Washington Times to fire Francis; he then went after Sobran.

      2. This was after the Fall of Communism – ’93 – and was the hallmark of the collapse of “Conservatism.” Communism was the glue that held Conservatism together; without Communism, Conservatism had to remake itself.

      3. Conservatism’s fault lines come to surface – Paleo vs Neo, ethnics (Catholics and White Southerners, with except of Paul Gottfried) vs Jews, Buchanan vs Kristol/Podhoretz.

      4. Competing paradigms – “Are you White, or are you Catholic?”

      5. “‘White,’ in American history, meant ‘not Black,’ ethnics became ‘White’ when Blacks moved into their neighborhoods. Ethnicity first, definition as White second.”

      in reply:
      This is the essence of error; ethnicity became first, because their definition as “White” was taken for granted, as was their identification with the Christian West. Ethnicity was simply the manifestation of ethnic religious division within the White RACE.

      6. “The forced integration of the ethnics with the blacks was done by migration from the South ‘pushed at this time by certain people.'”

      7. Wallace ’68 Campaign; “White doesn’t really explain anything; it’s a kind of mystification. The race wars of the ’60’s were not really racial; they were ethnic. Three way war, alignment: Protestants, Catholics and Jews. Most Negroes are Protestant.”

      8. “After Francis got fired from Washington Times, he became a RACE man, pretty much.” Conservatism doesn’t have much to hold it together, so Francis went to RACE as a principle of unity.

      in reply:
      Finally, after all else had failed, Sam Francis had arrived at the Truth. If you read his earlier works, and replace such buzz words as “Conservative,” “Republican,” “blue-collar Democrats,” “Middle Class Republicans,” with the words WHITE PEOPLE, they read just as well, and make much more sense.

      9. If you can’t answer the question, “Are Jews White?” then RACISM is a way to let everyone off the hook, as it is meaningless. You can’t explain Civil Rights Movement as a RACIAL configuration; Father Hesburgh worked for it.

      in reply:
      We can answer the question, using their own words; Jews AREN’T White, and are proud of that. They did not form the NAAWhite People; they formed the NAAColored People, and placed themselves in charge of the Other Colored People.

      And, while Father Hesburgh worked for the Civil Rights Movement, his parishioners all worked against it; Institutional Elites are like that, you know.

      10. High point of the Jewish-Black Alliance was the Civil Rights Movement. Murray Friedman book, “What Went Wrong?” on the Jewish-Black Alliance, worked for the AJC all of his life. Jews are altruistic, Negroes are ungrateful. From Leo Frank forward, every Black leader was the creation of the Jews. Robert Scheer created RAMPARTS Magazine, created Eldridge Cleaver, flaming Jewish revolutionary. “‘Soul On Ice’ is a creation of Scheer and RAMPARTS Magazine. “Jews worship Heaven on Earth.”

      11. “For at least fifty years, the Jews tried to turn the Negroes into revolutionaries to destroy the South.”

      in reply:
      We agree. Now, they are trying to use the Negroes, and the Mexicans, to destroy the rest of the country, as well.

      12. Decades long campaign to destroy the South, it’s ethnic, “these people use their ethnic groups that don’t like other ethnic groups, by this point Sam Francis and I belong to two different ethnic groups that by this point were demonized as wicked – Southern White Protestant, Northern Ethnic Catholic.” Sam looked at Jones and saw another White Guy; Jones looked at Francis and saw a Protestant.

      in reply:
      Foolish Sam.

      The Jews looked at Francis and Jones, and saw White people; their hereditary RACIAL Enemy.

      13. “America is like Yugoslavia…made of three ethnic groups based on three different religions…fell apart along ethnic lines around the same time… Communism held everything together.”

      in reply:
      An excellent point, and one worth considering for America’s future – each true Culture derives from its unique Religion.

      14. Jones book, “Slaughter of Cities,” destruction of cities were to destroy ethnic enclaves in cities, and move them to suburbs, MAKE THEM WHITE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF ETHNICS – use class to replace ethnicity – plan of social engineers – no real Community – the point of Community is now Income – money – what does your house cost – Class is not a great unifying principle – “Religion is the basis of group identity, and is the only basis in America because we have no traditions, or anything else.” Ethnic neighborhood test – house up for sale, same people buy it, tear it down, rebuild a bigger house – American model is price for house alone .

      in reply:
      At the same time, they were all SEEN as White people by their RACIAL Enemies, the Jews, their Faithful Colored Companions, and their Colored Attack Animals.

      The Jewish purpose, above all, was to weaken the ethnic foundations and manifestations of their RACIAL Identity.

      15. Jones claimed Sam Francis converted to Catholicism on his death bed. Very contentious statement. “This shows RACE and religion are two competing paradigms, and they’re not going to mix. One will win out over the other.”

      in reply:
      Actually, RACE and religion work very well together; Buddhism has never made substantial inroads in the West, and Christianity has never made substantial inroads in Asia.

      16. “The Civil Rights Movement is basically Jews manipulating Negroes, trying to turn them into revolutionaries; therefore, our Enemy is the Revolutionary Jew.”

      in reply:
      And who is manipulating the Illegals?

      The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles is certainly taking their side…

      Who gains from the institutional permanence of the Civil Rights bureaucracy, Affirmative Action?

      Why, it’s our New Commissars, the Jews.

      Finally, what is the so-called “Civil Rights Movement,” but the political manifestation of the mandated equality that is at the very heart of “Liberalism,” the tool the Jews use to divide, and conquer, along ALL lines, except for their own RACIAL line.

      17. “What is the Revolutionary Jew? Is it because he has bad DNA? No, it’s because of rejection of Logos, and rejection of Logos leads to Revolution, and no society will tolerate thus. It destroyed Russia, and now the grandchildren of the people who ran the KGB are now running Fox News in America, or something like that. David Horowitz is a classic example. He went from being a Communist to being a Neo-Con, who now goes around and tries to get students to inform on their teachers at colleges across the country. This guy, he wants to be a Commissar, he never got over the idea that he wasn’t a Commissar.”

      18. “Well, lots of Protestants wanted to be Jews. You could say the Puritans were exactly that, they were Judaizers. Read the great, blind Puritan poet, Milton.”

      in reply:
      Well, yes, there it is. The Jews realized that Christianity was their only really effective Enemy, so they decided to remake it into JUDEO-Christianity, which is like saying Satanic Christianity, as Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity.

      19. Definition of Logos begins with the Gospel of St. John. Order in the Universe comes from God, the Objective Reality, and the Mind working with It to see It. “The Jews rejected Logos when they rejected Christ.”

      “The basis of all social ills has a theological foundation.”

      20. “The Culture Wars began at the foot of the Cross. The consequence of Jewish rejection is Revolution, the destruction of temple in 70 AD reduced Judaism to a debating society.”

      “The only group qua group that rejected Christ is the JEWS; …no other group in the world rejects Christ this way, not even the Muslims.”

      in reply:
      They didn’t REJECT Christ.

      They MURDERED Him, and they MURDERED millions upon millions of His Followers in the Ukraine, alone, during the Thirties.

      21. At 44:46 on the mp3:
      “One of the interesting responses was Alex Linder on Vanguard News Network. He gave a line by line exegesis of my talk from the racial point of view, and, in a sense, he did us all a service, because he put the whole race issue up front and out in the open. Well, I mean, basically, what’s he’s saying, Jews are wicked because of their DNA. they are racially…they’re bad because of their RACE; and there’s nothing they can do about that, and there’s nothing you can do about that. So, if you don’t like them, you’ve got to get rid of them. You have to exterminate them. And then he goes into this long thing about how the Church failed after two thousand years to deal with the Jews, but Hitler in twelve years did more than the Church did in two thousand years. So, he’s obviously a fan of Hitler, and, according to his premises, the only way to deal with the Jews is to exterminate them. Now, that is not my position, so I wish people would stop calling me an anti-Semite because that (Linder’s) is the anti-Semitic position. We have to be very clear about what we are talking about here. That (Linder’s) position has never been the position of the Catholic Church. My position is the Catholic position, which is basically that the Jewish Identity derives from the rejection of Christ, and that all the Jew has to do is reject rejection, that is, accept Logos, and that’s the end of the problem.”

      in reply:
      “Welcome to the National Football League!”

      Welcome to The Big Time, Dr. Jones!

      Slight problem, though.

      The goddamn JEWS THEMSELVES describe themselves as a RACE, and the members of the Jewish RACE serve the RACE, First, Foremost, Forever.

      If you know them by their fruits, do I give you Exhibit “A” : Jesus Christ arising from the River Jordan, fabricating a weapon – a cat of nine tails-like whip – and entering into the “Synagogue of Satan,” where we used brute force to kick ass, AND disrupt their unGodly business practices?

      Or, do I give you Exhibit “B”: The Crucifixion?

      THAT is how Christ treated them, and THAT is how they will treat His Followers.

      22. There are those in the American Catholic Bishops who believe the Jews need not convert, and said so in a paper. Rome disagreed, the paper was withdrawn. Cardinal Kospar (sp?) said, “The Jews don’t have to convert.” This is heresy, contradicts the clear words of the Acts of the Apostles, all of Scripture, and all of Tradition.

      in reply:
      Read Maurice Pinay; there is even a blogspot devoted to Pinay’s comments.

      The demonic Jews will not become Christians; they will make Christians become the servants of Jews, in all but name, by transforming Christianity into JUDEO-Christianity.

      You DO know that a member of the ADL was recently made a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory, don’t you?

      He’s not the first Jew in that Order, which, as I understand it, is the highest Order in the Church…

      23. “There is only one rational definition of anti-Semitism, which is the one I’ve given you. Basically, that Jews are a prisoner of their DNA. There’s nothing they can do about it, nothing you can do about, they’re wicked because of their DNA, and so they need to be exterminated. That’s the anti-Semitic position. That’s not the position of the Catholic Church, and that’s not my position. My position is the Jews have been causing trouble, Revolution, because they reject Logos. If they reject the rejection of Logos, that’s the end of the problem. The full rejection of the rejection of Logos is known as Baptism, and Baptism means that, if you say that the Jew still retains this wickedness after Baptism, you’re calling into question the whole Sacramental Foundation of the Catholic Church, and that’s something I deal with in my forthcoming book.

      in reply:
      No, it’s not their “rejection of Logos” that is the hallmark of the spiritual foundation of the Jews.

      It is their ACCEPTANCE and glorious exaltation of Evil; Jesus did not use the term “Synagogue of Satan” without understanding who the true Master of the demonic Jews was…

      Was, and IS.

      24. “This ugly idea entered the history in Spain in the Fifteenth Century, and it found expression in the Roycelean Seffelcorn (sp?) Controversy in the Sixteenth Century in Germany, but it’s not the Catholic position…Before that it didn’t exist at all, there was no idea that there was some type of racial taint to the Jewish RACE, it didn’t exist. The Jews were blind, they were carnal, they were blind because Christ came and they didn’t see Him, didn’t accept Him. (Interviewer: “Because of their doctrine, not because of their blood.”) Yeah, that’s right. It’s significant because we must define this position as the Catholic position.”

      in reply:
      This is an inherently false duality; the Jews rejected the Doctrine BECAUSE OF THEIR BLOOD, their belief that they are RACIALLY superior to all other RACES on the Earth.

      The Lubavitch – the Jesuits of Orthodox Judaism – make this abundantly clear in their writings.

      How often do Christians ask, “What does it mean to be a Christian?”

      And Christians NEVER ask, “Is it good for Christians?”

      25. “What could possibly be another definition of anti-Semitism? What’s the Jewish definition? They will never tell you, because they manipulate this ambiguity for their own political benefit. So what’s the Jewish definition? Someone who criticizes Jews? Well, Jesus Christ criticized Jews. (Interviewer: Latin Mass being blocked because part of it during Holy Week services called for the conversion of Jews.) With Nostra Tatae (sp?) we’ve had this element of ambiguity introduced into the Catholic Church, in which it seems – I’m giving you the Jewish version of Nostra Tate (sp?), which is, basically, up until then, the Church was wrong and it was wicked. After that, it’s OK.”

      in reply:
      The Jewish definition of anti-Semitism is very easy to understand.

      Everything the Jews do not totally and absolutely control is anti-Semitic, or potentially anti-Semitic.


      Anti-Semitism is a term of art the goddamn JEWS use to make sure you waste your time in fighting the smoke and mirrors, while they are fighting your RACE, as they did your Christ.

      26. “Well, I’m sorry, this is a preposterous statement, and no Catholic can accept it. It’s Modernism, in a specific form. What it has done is, it has erected a kind of Chinese Wall across Catholic Tradition, and people are doubtful now. People just have these doubts. I mean, I experienced this first hand, with meeting with Dominicans in Washington. I told the story of Saint Raymond of Penuforte (sp?), this is a Saint, a Dominican, introduced a former rabbi, Nicholas Donan, to Pope Gregory the Ninth. The former rabbi said, ‘Do you know what’s in the Talmud?’ The Pope said, ‘What’s the Talmud?’ then he talks about the Blasphemies, the Pope says ‘This is terrible. I want you to put the Talmud on trial, and if it is found guilty, to burn it.’ The Dominicans have this look of horror on their face. I said, ‘Wait a minute. This guy is your Saint! He’s a Saint! Are we to say now he’s not a Saint, that he’s a wicked person? Well, yes, that’s what the Jews want you to say, and we can’t do that. And that’s what’s got to be clarified at this point.”

      in reply:
      Read Maurice Pinay, “The Plot Against The Church.”

      Vatican II was the triumph of Judaism against the Catholic Church.

      Did you know a member of the ADL was recently appointed a Papal Knight?

      The JEWS sure did.

      It seems the Roman Catholic laity didn’t, and if they did, they sure don’t ask questions.

      JUDEO-Christianity, Dr. Jones, and remember which part of that compound word goes First, in a Leadership Position.

      27. “(Interviewer: This is going to the very heart of the Roman Catholic Faith,…the very heart of truth, of Logos.) Exactly. And that’s why this is the most significant battle on the horizon right now. This has to be resolved. It’s going on too long already, it has to be resolved. This Pope has said he’s looking forward to the Conversion of the Jews, so he’s already distanced himself from what Foster Kaspar (sp?) has been saying, but the other side of the coin is, Why hasn’t Foster Kaspar (sp?) been fired? I don’t know. I can’t explain that.”

      in reply:
      I can.

      JUDEO-Christianity, Dr. Jones.

      The triumph of Judaism over Christianity.

      28. “What you have is this AMBIGUITY again. Well, what does the Church believe? Was Saint John Capistran (sp?) a Saint, or was he a Wicked Person? Well, Heinrich writes in ‘A History of the Jews’, says he was one of the most wicked people in all European history. There’s no compromise here! Was Saint John Chrysostom a Saint, or was he an anti-Semite?…Let’s talk about it this way, let’s bring it up to speed.”

      in reply:
      The easiest way to resolve ambiguity is to look at the actions.

      Ambiguity is simply a tool for stopping your side, while their side moves forward.

      This is the Self-Selected Impotence, of being Rational, with the Irrational.

      29. “Does the Catholic Church have a right to name people saints without conferring with the ADL? What about Saint Isabella, the Queen of Spain? She’s not a Saint. Why is that? What about Father Dahong, in Paris? It’s been a couple of years, we’re still waiting. Do these people…? Apparently, they have veto power over the Saints now. This is an intolerable situation, and someone’s going to have to clear the air here. I’m going to emphasize, this is not anti-Semitism, I’m sorry, it’s not. It’s not anti-Semitic to criticize Jews when they misbehave, when they engage in revolutionary activity. We did that with the Communists. OK? Even in a secular context you’re allowed to do that. Well, things have changed. We’ve got to get some kind of equilibrium here because we have a completely untenable situation in both State and Church.”

      in reply:
      Your first question addressed the issue of “ambiguity” very well.

      Let’s look at it, and answer it, in Light of Practice.

      “Does the Catholic Church have a right to name people saints without conferring with the ADL?”


      The JEWISH members of the Papal Knights – the Order of St. Gregory – will say, No.”

      Incidentally, their “NO” is strong enough that the Pope can not say “Yes.”

      Half of their winning the battle is stopping you from taking the field of battle.

      30. “(Interviewer: The issue of Doctrine versus DNA, Church versus Racists.) That’s what I staked to my claim in Washington, and that’s what caused the big blow-up, because there are people who want the racial position.Well, that’s not the position of the Church. This is not racial; this is Logos.

      If it comes to that, I’d be willing to go to Rome. If they want to put it on the Agenda, it needs to be clarified. We can’t go on with this ambiguity any more, there’s too much at stake.”

      in reply:
      The goddamn Jews staked their claimed on DNA, and are changing YOUR “Doctrine” to suit their DNA’s purposes; growth, by any means necessary, and war, by means of deception.

      Look at the compound word, “JUDEO-Christianity.”


      The attempts to resolve this conflict neutralize you, and your Church.

      You spoke of converting Jews to Christianity.

      Dr. Jones, you misunderstand.

      The Jews are NOT converting to Christianity.

      The Jews are converting Christianity, to suit THEM.

      The Jews are converting – conversion through perversion – Christian Doctrines, to serve their RACE.

      As they believe you will, knowingly or unknowingly, one way, or another.

      Don’t forget the Crucifixion, Dr. Jones.

      That was their trial run.

      And they have Plans for you, and the rest of us, as well.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. Mark Says:

      E. Michael Jones doesn’t understand what white means? Is he an idiot? He claims that Northerners never had a racial identity, only cultural, ethnic. It was the Southerners that created a racial identity. Just another reason to dislike the North then. Are Jews white? No. White = European. There, very easy for you, Michael. Protestant or Catholic? I couldn’t care less.

      At least he addresses how the Jews have trained and funded all the significant black leaders.

    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      “Such a desperate, thoroughly evil, poisonous and devilish lot are these Jews, who for these fourteen hundred years have been and still are our plague, our pestilence, and our misfortune.”

      “Their breath stinks for the gold and silver of the heathen; since no people under the sun always have been, still are, and always will remain more avaricious than they, as can be noticed in their cursed usury. They also find comfort with this: ‘When the Messiah comes, He shall take all the gold and silver in the world and distribute it among the Jews.’ Thus, wherever they can direct Scripture to their insatiable avarice, they wickedly do so.”

      “Therefore know, my dear Christians, that next to the Devil, you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement and enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are surrounded with their blood and circumcision. In history, therefore, they are often accused of poisoning wells, stealing children and mutilating them; as in Trent, Weszensee and the like. Of course they deny this. Be it so or not, however, I know full well that the ready will is not lacking with them if they could only transform it into deeds, in secret or openly.”

      –Martin Luther

      More here:

    6. D.MORRIS Says: