7 June, 2007

SCRoberts: Bush and Jews Plan to Nuke Iran

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Typical Girl touch in the last paragraph. The nazis are the most reviled regime in history? Maybe by the jews – the neocons – the communists – they fought a hell of a lot more successfully than the Pauli Girl paleocons have managed. Let me say that again: the truth is that the Nazis fought the neocons of their time, then called communists. Today, in America, those communists are called  neocons. Both times they were jews. That’s what matters.

If You Think Bush Is Evil Now, Wait Until He Nukes Iran

By Paul Craig Roberts

The war in Iraq is lost. This fact is widely recognized by American military officers and has been recently expressed forcefully by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of US forces in Iraq during the first year of the attempted occupation. Winning is no longer an option. Our best hope, Gen. Sanchez says, is “to stave off defeat,” and that requires more intelligence and leadership than Gen. Sanchez sees in the entirety of our national political leadership: “I am absolutely convinced that America has a crisis in leadership at this time.


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    1. abe foxman Says:

      As usual, Alex is right on the ball. This smear technique is typical of a Jew chameleon….changing shape whenever the mood (what benefits me) fits. Whatever the message, the big bad evil side has to be equated with National Socialism or Hitler.
      Of course the awakened among us have long since realized that the opposite is true. For the few short years prior to and during WWII and not since the great days of Bismarck, Germans and its like minded NS cousins from all over Europe experienced a great awakening of identity and spiritual freeing from the yolk of mammonism…like a man having his shackles thrown off and seeing the sunlight after years of darkness. Why else would would this volk fight to the death against overwhelming odds? The Third Reich had shown them Utopia and by god, they weren’t going to give it up without a fight.
      And fight they did. Honorably with honorable treatment for friend and foe (http://www.pegasusarchive.org/pow/frames.htm) unlike the current Kwan regime and its Talmudic structure demonstrated by Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. Comparison? There ain’t none..at least none that a length of rope won’t fix.

    2. Junghans Says:

      PCR can write some excellent articles, but he is continually compelled to add an anti NS blurb for some twisted reason. If you want to get a handle on this queer-bait’s personality, go to the The Politicalcesspool.org site’s archive and listen to him a couple of months ago. He’s a very fruity “conservative” reactionary if I ever heard one.

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      From the article:

      Bush has taken every desperate measure. Enlistment ages have been pushed up from 35 to 42. The percentage of high school dropouts and the number of recruits scoring at the bottom end of tests have spiked. The US military is forced to recruit among drug users and convicted criminals. Bacevich reports that waivers ” issued to convicted felons jumped by 30 percent.”

      So the U.S. military is becoming a multi-cult mercenary force of thugs and losers, unable to fight humanely, much less competently.