29 June, 2007

The False-Flaggers Strike Again?

Posted by Socrates in England, false-flag operations, Israel, satire, Socrates at 1:43 pm | Permanent Link

Who last drove the explosives-packed Mercedes found in London?

1. Adolf Hitler

2. Amelia Earhart

3. Howdy Doody

4. Israeli agent and amateur proctologist Shlomo Goldsilverfeldwitz


About Israeli false-flag operations: [Here]

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  7. 15 Responses to “The False-Flaggers Strike Again?”

    1. Charles Martel Says:

      Hmm, HD is a puppet I think…Hitler is dead. I know cause they got his skull in russia somewheres…Must be that Earhart character! She is still alive! I knew it!

    2. chris Says:

      Hmm, I’m going to go with #4 “Israeli agent and amateur proctologist Shlomo Goldsilverfeldwitz.”

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Couldn’t possibly be Shlomo the well known ‘civil rights’ lawyer and chairperson of London’s Council for Racial Equality. The family are veritable pillars of the community, his dad, Ira, is a public spirited guy who owns a string of abortion clinics!

    4. noose neck Says:

      Trying to explain the “Great Grand Masonic Lodge of Israel” to the world is like talking to a ROCK type feller….. Guess what ?? there was NO solomon’s temple !!! the historical proof is NOT allowed fresh air !!! There was NO ISRAEL !!! it has been a watering hole for camels passing along the trade route from sheeneies bergenfeldersteinowitz’s alladin’s magic carpet hoax then flying on into India to get religion from the humpback 6 arms turbanned foozebags that copulate with komodo dragons…. offspring= well, the nose knows !!!saith the lord!!! baggdad zit : 69.69 ……. ouuummmmm

    5. el efant Says:

      Why would someone want a GRAND Masonic Lodge in that sand dune area ???? HOW could a WHITE rational thinking GOD survive in 130 degree heat without getting heat borne parasites and heat stroke ….Whites cannot stand HOT WEATHER !!! Beaners,arabs, niggers and foozebag HINDUDES thrive in it as do sand fleas, blow flies and rattle snakes !! !!!

    6. dingy star Says:

      GOOD NEWS…GODSPELL #6.4b2……..Israeli President MOSHE KATSAB vill be shteeping way down….Maybe he will be going to the slammer….again… this time for good ! ashkenasim/greek/ berber/arab/hindude kikes and liars !! This is standard bearer for ALL those middle Eastener Swindler’s RELIGIONS !! before the GODSPELLS the swindlers were called diadorchi !!! same old lying swindlers with a new golden calf—–> WHITE BOYS !!

    7. America First Says:

      I was going to say the English deserve their mess, because of their fighting against Europe on the side of Stalin, but really they were forced in to against their will.

      There were dozens’ of higher ranking English were jailed for opposing it in Parliment and others, as well as Neville Chamberlin being removed from office as PM, and who slandered to this day, in favor a fat filthy drunk W.C.

      Let us not forget that the British men of 1939 ran away from the fight and left for England on the Dunkirk Beaches, and A.H. persoanally let them go against his general advice.

      No good deed goes un punished sometimes.

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Yes, indeed, the war in the Middle East must continue with the killings of White men. Kill them all. Whatever it takes, juvenile bombs and blaming them on al Qa’ida so the public will be furious, and the United Kingdom will be even more determined to continue the fight under new leadership. Have a jew a two say, “Yes, it’s true, it’s al Qa’ida again.” (What goy will know any difference? They are all stupid. The American people believe everything we say.) Chutzpah!

      NEWSFLASH TO ALL JEWS: You are lying again!

    9. Seasalt Says:

      No Koran in the trunk? No forgotten Arab passport in the glove?

      Evidence like that would have nailed the case against Iran.

      Mossad just isn’t what it used to be.

    10. Hans F.Schneider Says:

      the jews are and were very good at that …..

    11. FeralWhiteMan Says:

      America First wrote: “Let us not forget that the British men of 1939 ran away from the fight and left for England on the Dunkirk Beaches, and A.H. persoanally let them go against his general advice.

      No good deed goes un punished sometimes.”

      Hitler let them go for a damn good reason. If the Axis had proceeded to slaughter the men at Dunkirk, there would have been no chance for peace. It would have been called the “Dunkirk Massacre” or something and would have steeled English resolve and actually give them a REASON to fight. Something which they never really had. Hitler continually tried to end the needless war against the British Empire.

    12. NSN Says:

      Er… actually no one knows for certain why Hitler allowed the BEF to escape. David Irving thinks it was because Hitler planned to use the SS to annihlate the BEF, but they were being regrouped and refitted at the time and couldn’t get to Dunkirk in time. Another plausible theory is that Hitler left it to Goering who wanted to destroy the BEF with the Luftwaffe alone.

      The idea that Hitler secretly allowed the BEF to escape as a good will gesture to an anticipated peace offer is also plausible.

      One thing for sure, no one expected the British to successfully evacuate. That’s one up for the British I’d say…

      Oh, and BTW, “America First” which side was the good ol’ US of A on in their “fighting against Europe on the side of Stalin”? Just remind us all will you?

    13. Opportunity Knox Says:

      False flags benefit Jews. It does not follow that everything benefiting Jews is a false flag. Remember Occam’s razor.

    14. America First Says:

      FeralWhiteMan Says:

      29 June, 2007 at 10:03 pm

      NSN Says:

      30 June, 2007 at 7:06 am


      We have no argument at all.

      A.H. I personally believe never even considered slaughtering the men on those beaches back then.

      A.H. him self wounded, and went back to the front more than once, and lost brothers in arms.

      A.H. knew an Alien Regime had fully taken over England with the King removed, and Neville Chamberlin removed, and WW 1 English officers put in jail etc.

      He also knew exactly what F.D.R. and his Cabal was and that an alien regime had taken U.S. since at least the S.T.D. Woodrow Liar Wilson got US in the so called WW 1


    15. van helsing Says:

      All I could say after the last few days is: they sure are in a hurry.