26 July, 2007

A Blog

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]

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    1. spinner Says:

      I ain’t no damn GENTILE and the jews are nothing more than gentiles that moved EAST….. Names such as Norma Gentile and her FAMOUS HEALING CHANTS or Douglas Gentile- PSYCHOLOGY, studying the effects of TV on children and adults…..PAVLOV and B.F.Skinner ;PHASE III………..But, one man’s study does create JONESTOWN martyrs and MARTIN LUTHER KING apparations, eh ?? ooouummm numb nuts of the the mind !!!

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      Very interesting link which I am sure I will return to. It is a rare pleasure to read insightful, well reasoned essays which describe the jewish problem without deception. So much is written where things are implied or left unstated. It is very time consuming to sort out the nuggets of wisdom from dung piles. Very often I have to read between the lines or filter out outright lies and deceptions. It is very refreshing to read an intelligent essay, even more so since the author is female. It seems many men see the problem we face but much fewer women. I am reminded of the B flick ‘They Live’ In the movie, once you put on the right eyeglasses, everything begins to make sense and the motivations of jews become obvious. Jayne is wearing the right eyeglasses.

    3. Biff Baxter Says:

      The world is so topsy-turvy that any writing that is clear, well-articulated and grammatically well structured is regarded as somehow “hateful.” Sorry, you know it’s true. Healthy value systems are so inverted in the West that everyone is expected to write no better than jews, who have to be some of the world’s worst writers.