1 July, 2007

America’s 1945 Nuking of Japan “Inevitable”?

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The truth of the matter is that America should never have picked a fight with Japan in the first place. F.D. Roosevelt’s Jewish cabal began a cold war with Japan long before Pearl Harbor was attacked – in fact, America planned to attack Japanese troops many months before Pearl. FDR and Company knew that going to war with Japan meant going to war with Japan’s ally, Germany. That was the goal all along: to fight Hitler for the benefit of Big Zhid [1] [2]:


[1] in late 1940, president Roosevelt okayed a secret plan to train the Flying Tigers “volunteer” air squadrons to attack the Japanese in Burma and China

[2] FDR’s Jewish crew: [Here]

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    1. Steve Says:

      FDR and his Jewish cabal’s hostility towards Japan preceding their attack is a very important point that gets people thinking, the typical people who say “well Japan attacked US first”. Actually, our pro-communist govt under FDR showed the first hostility, and started the war, to fight the primary target, Germany, the lone country in the world capable of taking down the Judeo-Communist plot.

    2. cliff Says:

      Is it not the ultimate irony that a Japanese American, (Transport Sec., Meneta) is the biggest nail in the coffin of jew-viper Dic Cheney and his band of cohorts Meyers and Bush, calling for a “New Pearl Harbour” in the death to America document PNAC and kike Commie slave-masters over at AIPAC; Cheney is full of shit say Meneta and heard to be giving the order to NORAD and the USAF to “STANDOWN”

      It is doubly evil that the military and traitor Meyers of the Joint Chiefs were involved. The positive note is that a true patriot in the military must be plotting a coup at this moment. 100% behind U dude. Karma is here and the time is right for taking back the street of America.

    3. Cormac Says:

      If you listen to Alex Jones “Patriot for Profit” It’s merely “criminals of all kinds” that are ruling over us. It’s The British , It’s The New World Order,It’s the “Nazi’s”.

      Never mind that Roosevelt was a filthy kike with strong family connections to the Sassoon drug lords of China and that the pig who made the first Nuclear Bomb to be detonated on three cities, packed with civilians by the way, was a filthy jEW !

      The so called “Father of the Atomic Bomb” Oppenheimer !

    4. Japs-GIAPS Says:

      yes, the Lamonts skimmed $200,000,000 off the USofA taxpayers in the early 1900’s and loaned (?) those $$$ to JAPAN… the intent was to Build up a Japanese Fleet to COMPETE with the US Trade in the Orient !! Well the little NIPS BUILT up a fleet of SHIPS, allright..WARSHIPS,, the rest is history !! Why did the EMPORER of Japan not lose his Title after the War ?? Yep the NIP was put right back on his throne !! AAAhhhh isn’t ROYAL diversity great ?? Goofy Annan is da EL NEGRE’ Supreme God of Brillo Pads and Tarbabies Chicken pluckers married to a WHITE ENGLISH Fisher of mah dik !!!!

    5. Japs-GIAPS Says:

      who is the billionaire senator of west virginia that is permitting JAP coal mining in that state ?? Exclusive contract no less…The good ole white boys from west virginia that have been there for generations are forced to move out !! Who stole Steel Worker and Coal miner pension funds back in the 1070’s and went to Japan to re-tool the JUNK NIP auto industry resulting in todays HONDA and TOYOTA foreign owned auto MONOPOLIES ?? Tell the Damn TRUTH…Don’t cover up this JESUIT sellout !!

    6. Japs-GIAPS Says:

      correction to last post…1070’s should read 1970’s…

    7. Anti Says:

      Or maybe Hitler shouldn’t have bothered with a Japanese alliance in the first place. Ever think of that? Hitler the diplomatic genius.

    8. America First Says:

      The post here tell that if they are not enemy alien trolls, they surely need to read some real Japanese/U.S./British/Dutch/ju, history of what actually happened.

      Japan’s leaders had been 100% loyal to Western Nation, and it is they who were stabbed in the back and suckered punched.

      Any honest position on Japan can not attained with out some basic history of Japan since at least 1900

      VNN over the years has had some excellent history posted on Japan/Westen relations, especially in the letters section on the ju roll there, which is history now. VNN was a better quality perhaps before the Forum can along with the punks and trolls the numbers they are at now.

      The forum is imploding IMO. Hope that I am 100% wrong this opinion.