2 July, 2007

Libby’s Sentence is Commuted

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Former Cheney aide Scooter Libby, the Jewish staffer who was due to serve 2 1/2 years in prison, has had his sentence commuted. How many phone calls from powerful Jews did it take for this to happen? (And, will another Jew, Jonathan Pollard, also have his sentence commuted?):


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    1. Cleaner Says:

      I heard that as I was driving home listening to weiner savage go on about how “bush did the right thing”. He’s such a filthy kike. What a travesty of justice. Now zog-boy bitch bush wants to get putin on his zio-jihad. When will it fucking end? We need to start assassinating people folks…this is bullshit.

      BTW, I liked it better when you combined division and multiplication in the antispam edit box. Most groids and morons don’t understand that basic arithmetic law. ;)

      – Martel

    2. jackumup Says:

      I can’t understand how they let him get convicted in the first place, his only crime is that he tried helped to his goyium buddies. Besides I thought they were all busy investigating insurance fraud of Silverstien at the world trade center

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Bush is playing hardball.

      I hope the Democrats, though I don’t care for them, go after the moron, and go after him good.

      I would love to see the closet dude start squirming, and hitting the bottle again.

    4. Jeni Nadja Says:

      Wow having to do these math questions to post a reply on here is taxing my brain…..4+3+2=Huh?
      The timing on this is classic we’ll all be drunk on the 4th of July tryin’ not to blow our peckers off with Chinese fireworks. Thursday no one will care. The working man was sold out by these people years ago. My favorite code phrase is “The job Americain’s don’t want to do”….Hoard your bread……….We’re all gonna die. Have a nice 4th Scooter.

    5. cliff Says:

      The phone call was from the zionist commie filth inside the Bush monkey brain.

    6. America First Says:

      The only reason Pollard did not get out on the Clitooon exit was that the Captain of the U.S.S. Liberty was protesting at the White House not to release him, and being a MOH reciepiant made it hard to tell him to get lost or to hustle him away.

      What % of Alphabet cops are now White and straight? Any one have a number on that.

      There is less than 50% White males, that I would bet on.

    7. cliff Says:

      Things I would love to see, (I am a lover):

      WN putting up the funds and organising a huge memorial in Washington for the Liberty. Maybe the Captain will help too.

      A .223 shell casing with the name SCOOTER on it–after it hit its target.

      A huge statue to my hero, the honourable member of the United States Senate one Joseph McCarthy, visionary and genius of 20th century American politics.

    8. muhfuh Says:

      Libby knows a bunch of stuff.

      Thought of the pardon, and so did you, good people, long time ago, before the boy was even convicted.

      So predictable. What a pattern, it’s.

      All hail the man who speaks from the side of his mouth.

    9. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      What’s infuriating me is hearing all these White males with southern accents call in to CSPAN this morning to defend this. One caller just said he supports the “Libya” pardon. What this was all about, of course, was Libby being part of a neocon attack on those who tried to hold Bush accountable for starting an illegal war, FOR ISRAEL, and scumbag Jews like Libby were ecstatic at the thought of sending young southern White boys off to die for the Kingdom of the Kikes. What in the fuck is wrong with the White race?

    10. can shooter Says:

      Libby canned beans suck……So do bush canned beans …. Damn beaners…

    11. co sacks Says:

      one of the oldest ENGLISH CORPORATE CHARTERS IN THE WORLD IS “THE MUSCOVY COMPANY”… England and RUSSIA have an old relationship …Wasn’t Katherine the Great a Sister of Queen Elizabeth I (the virgin Queen)? Who were those “7” sisters, hhmmm…”Vagina Power” straight from SYRIA ???? The TRUE MEANING of babel “FISH”…. Or FISHER of men ! yep, THE “GAP” !! A douche’ eliminates the fishyness but that honey pot still RULES..

    12. Junghans Says:

      Filles du Roi’s Boi says “What in the f… is wrong with the white race?”

      Sehr einfach, Volksgeno├če. They have a genetic mental flaw that has allowed the predators to prey on them for two millennia; they are easy to deceive and don’t know the difference between friend and foe. They are silly putty in Jewish hands, full stop! That’s why Amerikwa has become a de facto Jewish colony.

    13. dq Says:

      That compassionate menatl flaw is one real flaw that the media does not want to address. But we also have the best reasoning skills wich can overcome the compassion. When we overcome the compassion like in Spain, Germany, France, ect we can as Rockwell says destroy the jews like putty inour hands. Speaking of putty remember how Hitler said arguing with the jew is is like trying to grab slime they just melt out and reappear somewhere elso. But next time we squeeze them there will be nowhere that the can reappear at.

    14. dq Says:

      I didn’t check over that last comment and made quite a few mistakes.
      the in stead of they