6 July, 2007

Outrage in West Palm Beach

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Remember: the slimy jew controlling the media and Congress say it is “liberation” to let these ferals in among you as equals. When do we stop playing charades? When do we admit that niggers aren’t our equals, and start killing them – and the jews who sicced them on us?




I can’t even describe it to you.


Just read it.


Read it and spam it.


Dear (nonexistent) God!



Eric in NJ.

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    1. ddk Says:

      Unbelievable. Look at all the money wasted on this human garbage in the form of subsidies and welfare and this is how they pay us back. We don’t need them here, slavery is a hundred years in the past and they’re too many cheap labor units walking around to fill the shrinking job pool. I hate to admit it but it will take a long time before whites realize that we’re sinking into an african/mexico type society, such is the power of the media, couch potato culture.

    2. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Are the victims non-white??? Please ease my mind a little with some good news …

    3. Verbannter 6 Says:

      We know the Final Solution, don’t we?

      Miniguns und Rammstein…life is gut.

    4. Verbannter 6 Says:

      The Link, properly coed.

    5. teachers Says:

      Many of the “christian” teachers colleges, ie,WESleyan.and many others have graduated multicultural glassy eyed lip movers and 1965 revisionist rose colored glasses wearing “god” is for all colors robots…..They encourage and damn near require via mental torture the reading of Frederick Douglas and the PERVERTED DREAMERS….Huck Finn is one of their target books to be burned among many others… Homeschool your kids !!

    6. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Dunbar Village Housing Projects is a public housing apartment complex in the North Tamarind area of West Palm Beach, Florida Which is adjacent to the neighborhoods of Pleasant City and Northwest and is the northern part of the city. The complex is often called Dunbar.

      Built in the late 1940s for West Palm Beach’s low-income African-Americans, Dunbar Village is one of the first housing projects in the state of Florida.


    7. Verbannter 6 Says:

      CODED…Damn, I can’t type today.

    8. Steve Says:

      Are the victims human or not?

    9. sfg Says:

      Does anyone know if the victims are white or black? I’d bet my last dollar that they were white. When is the last time you heard of black males doing this to their own kind. I don’t think since the sixties have they raped and tortured their own kind. Once integration hit, we became the targets. And they’ve been taking their savage anger and barbarism out on us ever since then.

      Is there anyone who can just call the WPB police department and ask a secretary if these victims were white or not?

    10. Lutjens Says:

      “Steve Says:

      6 July, 2007 at 4:58 pm

      Are the victims human or not?”

      Of course they were. Niggers don’t have homes in WPB. They have low-income dwellings, or slums.

      These niglets need to be lynched publicly in a very bad way. I bet they will ultimately get released because some fucking Jew judge and nigger-loving attorney will feel sorry for them. They’ll figure out how to pin this all back on whitey.

    11. anders Says:

      “The victims were active in their church and several members of the large Haitian congregation have tried to reach out, said the woman’s pastor.”


    12. Lutjens Says:

      Haitians…. they have been known to make fun of African-Americans. Payback maybe. Illegals? Perhaps.

    13. Roman Says:

      If the victims had been white, they would’ve both been butchered.

    14. proud white redneck Says:

      St Croix contains about 39,000 missing links….The chimps TAUGHT these groids………….. THOUSANDS OF CORN ROWS ALL IN A ROW ……….Ever seen a nigger eat LEAVES off of a tree??? GO to st. croix and enjoy …. BRING PLENTY OF BODYGUARDS …

    15. Kevin F Says:

      Read about the Winnipeg teen who targeted nine innocent victims in separate violent attacks due to his crack cocaine addiction that was raging out of control and left him desperate for money.


    16. Oskar Says:

      There are more blacks (swedish: negrer) here in Sweden every day, and they cause a lot of problem. Some people actually believe that negrers are human, but that must be a big misunderstanding. But of course, we have jews (swedish: judar) running our media here too.

    17. Socrates Says:

      Oskar Says: “But of course, we have jews (swedish: judar) running our media here too.”

      If you have details about that [i.e., Jews in the media in Scandinavia, e.g., which positions they occupy], please send them to VNN.

    18. Jewsmasher Says:

      Ready to Roll!

      I’ve got a new HK for both Alex & me (plus 7,000 rounds of ammo). I’ve already put out the word in Kalamazoo and challeged all the niggas to a showdown in the parking lot of the motel, right after the rally.

      Let’s kill all these niggas! Heil Hitler!

    19. scandinavian media kikery Says:


    20. Original Man Says:

      bahahaha!!!! you rednecks are a riot! you recessive-gened bitches didn’t even know what was going on before you let the shit dribble out the corners of your holes. You fools bore me…I’m going to sodomize one of my white bitches with this oversized hose while reading the autobiography of Malcolm X.

    21. charlie Says:

      Sweet, get em where it hurts, Original Man, and know that these retards do not represent the white status quo..

    22. Einar Says:

      Original Man and Charlie must be licking each others asshole out on a regular basis. Original man is a Fucking Nigger Sub-Human, (who gets to wear Man Pants on his Lower Arms) and he knows that.
      Charlie, if he is actually white, is obviously a punk bitch waiting to happen. Tell ya what, Charlie. Go into that very Nigger neighborhood and walk around letting these Coon-Assed Sub-Humans ‘Feel’ your love for them. They’ll most likely Rape YOUR stupid white ass, too.