16 July, 2007

Swedes Rally to Support Zundel, Thought Criminal Par Excellence

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Monday, July 16, 2007




Swedes Turn Out for Ernst Zundel – Mass Rally


Above are some photos from the rally! Ernst Would be VERY Proud of these brave folk.

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On Saturday, 7th of July, the Nationalsocialistisk front (NSF) in Sweden held a protest demonstration outside the German embassy in Stockholm, demanding the release of historian and publicist Ernst Zündel.


Ernst Zündel is imprisoned in Germany where he’s serving a 5-year sentence, which was also preceded by 4 years in custody while waiting for his trial. The crime committed justifying such a harsh punishment is Ernst Zündel having published books presenting new scientific evidence regarding certain events of the Second World War.


Despite bad weather and oppression from the police, the demonstration assembled just under 200 friends of free speech. By 2pm the procession of demonstrators began marching, lined up in columns with banners in the front, from the gathering point at Östermalmstorg towards the German embassy, with chorus shouting “FREE ZÜNDEL – MARTYR FOR THE TRUTH”. Many curious pedestrians stopped along the route to watch the march.


When arriving outside the German embassy the police had sealed of the area with a fence and a large number of polices where present. The standard-bearers lined up before the fence, while a public addressing system was set up, making sure no one in the vicinity would miss what was going on.


Three international representatives were present during the demonstration, from Denmark’s National Socialist Movement (DNSB), Nordisches Hilfswerk, and Russian National Unity (RNU). Together with leaders from NSF they
walked past the police fence, to deliver a written protest, demanding Ernst Zündel’s release, to the German Embassy.


The first speaker to address the public was Daniel Höglund, from Nationalsocialistisk front (NSF). Daniel spoke of how the Swedish “hate speech” law is used only to silence the national opposition in Sweden and the many juridical outrages Ernst Zündel suffered from American, Canadian and German governments. He also spoke about how historical
revisionism gains more and more influence despite the authorities witch-hunt on those who dare speak the truth.
Next was the representative from DNSB, Torben Have, who described how a certain ethnical group always seems to stand above laws who apply to other ethnical groups. He also spoke about how this same ethnical minority controls an disproportionate part of the media in the western world.


The last speaker was, from Germany, Stephan Günther, from Nordisches Hilfswerk, an organization that’s working to strengthen the bonds between German and Nordic nationalists. Günther spoke about the extremely difficult situation German nationalist are presented with, and described how the authorities through juridical terror and persecution are trying to silence the growing national opposition.


The demonstration marked the end of a campaign called “Free Speech is threatened” that NSF has held since three months
back. During the campaign close to 400 000 leaflets has been spread all around Sweden and public meetings has been held, all to enlighten the masses of how the so called “free speech” applies in reality, and how the democratic government
persecutes and imprisons nationalists who do not conform to the opinion approved by the state.


Pictures from the demonstration.









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    1. Carpenter Says:

      Let no more of our heroes go unremembered. The fight has begun, and there are movements that record the names and the deeds now. Well done, NSF.

      Ironically, Sweden and the U.S., two of the countries hardest hit by the Jews and the mud invasion, two of the countries with the most lemming-like peoples in the West, are also two of the few places where you can still expose the Holocaust lies without being jailed.