3 August, 2007

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Top White Writers
Latest from Heretical’s O’Farrell.


Trentadue in Mother Jones
The fed-murdered man whose brother’s indefatigable work to discover the truth revealed that the SPLC and FBI and other hate groups knew about the Oklahoma City bombing before they happened – if indeed they didn’t plan the thing themselves, which is likely.


Jewing About Being a Jew
Jew Bronfman, one of them, flies 40 top kikes to Park City for confab. Fred Reed says Christians are worse than jews, sidestepping the pile of 100 million corpses murdered by jews last century. Alan Dershowitz, friend of jew Pollard, enemy of America. Jews who wouldn’t think of serving in the U.S. army, that’s for goy suckers, are happy to join the IDF for a year or two. Jews are loyal to jews, not to Aryan nations. All jews care about is what is good for jews. Here the jewalong cunt at Atlas Shrugged, making a fool of herself.


On the connection between art and religion.


State Control
Libertarians tend toward the abstract but much of what they say about power and government and general dovetails with what we know about the jews. Here on polygamy. Mormons – White – are treated more harshly than muddy Muslims.


Freaka Needs White Men to Function
One black gets it. Here on Regina Austin, a groid infra-sapper.


America First foreign policy. Here the Romney family video. They want Mitt to run. Wow. Unexpected. VNNF thread on “Who’s Your Caddy,” a jew Weinstein brothers attempt to trade on the success of Caddyshack, which featured white ethnics led by a jew overthrowing the WASP elite. This time it’s ghetto nigs, and you can bet it isn’t as funny as the original, despicable as were its politics.


Ron Paul’s words. Gibson continues to put his money where his mind is – pre-Vatican II Catholicism.

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    1. Tommy Gun Says:

      Re Zundel,

      The reason why Zundel was deported was because of one sickly jew going by the name of Michael Chertoff .. nothing more nothing less.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      Murray Rothbard was a jew asshole, just like his jew rabbi von Mises. I hope they are both burning in hell with their father the jew devil. :)

      Maybe, someone has a sound clip of von Mises, or Rothbard saying, “trust me.” ;)

      What a bunch of kikes.

    3. over due Says:

      I personally wish that funding for local school districts would dry up… That scam is supported by real estate taxes, primarily… “All rents of land shall go to the state”…. Another manifesto plank bboooooshwah item !!!

    4. over due Says:

      KICK EM’ IN THE NUTS, old dutch !!

    5. Angela Says:

      Here is a letter I sent to Ms. Paglia in response to her ideas about Art and Religion. I thought perhaps you all here might appreciate what I had to say about it.


      Hi Camille –

      This is a reaction to the above which I think was a speech given in Feb. I just came across it on the internet and I thought perhaps you might be interested in my reaction:

      “Art began as religion.”

      -Camille Paglia wrtes…

      “In the beginning was man and he created his representation of the world,” is the first line of my book.

      That “art” began as religion is a fantastic assumption.

      What is art? What is religion? By whose standards?

      This is not an argument for “subjective” interpretations, to fulfill a political goal or objective – these are serious questions to consider.

      There are those who gaze upon the statuettes of female figurines from Catal Huyuk and cry, ‘Mother Goddess! Fertility worship!” But what does that mean? And who is not to say that when man ventured out, lonely on his hunt, away from his beloved woman, he just wanted to carry a little statue of her with him. Is that “Worship”? Perhaps he wanted to carry with him, a representation of what he loves most – even to pleasure himself with it. Perhaps they were even mass produced and sold for this very purpose. Is this statue “Art?” Was it “Art” to him? Is it “Art,” by our standards and what we consider Art? Perhaps it was just man being man and carving out what he loved most, what he valued most, his woman in all her feminine glory, mystery, and robust beauty. – Is it “religion” in this case? What is worship? Was it the same for them as it is to us? The fact is, we will never know.

      When an African carved a mask did he do it conscious of creating”art”? or was he just carving out a mask? Is the mask art? By whose standards? By whose values. What is “world Art?” If I claim that my son’s dirty nappy is Art, does that make it so? Does classifying something as Art make it Art? Does art have standards? And if so how can there be “world art?” By whose standards is art measured?

      “Art” is an abstraction. .

      Nietzsche said something to the effect that words are contemptible and hateful and once we speak them whatever we are speaking of is dead in our hearts. This is what Nietzsche was saying. Once something becomes something called Art, it is dead in our heart. Indeed.

      Hymns were not constructed or created to be “Art.” They were written to heal people, to uplift people spiritually, to inspire them to become closer with God – for the purpose of raising each other higher towards the spirit. They are not meant to be studied in a cold educational institution, which is a grotesque mutilation of a hymn, they were written for people who shared a world view, common goals and values, and they are only beautiful to people who find beauty in them.

      I propose this question: If a today’s modern “education” system was not needed in the first place to create “Art” how is an education going to create it now?

      All the education reform in the world is not going to create a renaissance in America in the Arts. Being educated about “Art” as some abstraction, divorced from the idea of organic cultures, divorced from sprit, even divorced from the nature of reality, is not what creates art. That is just an incredibly stupid notion. I actually maintain that it is this notion that kills the artist all together. In fact it kills everything and everyone. We can not just be “educated” into something we are not by listening to particular music or studying poetry.

      “Comparative Religious studies, is not going to make people more religious or better artist either. Because again, by what standard are the religions going to be compared? “Compared” to what? Are they all equal? Is Christianity superior, as most Christians believe? Or are we to learn they are all the same? And if you master them all how can you master one?

      “Comparative Religion” or an “education” was not necessary for the men who built the Brooklyn bridge or the masterpiece George Washington bridge or the beautiful Empire State Building. Men died building those works of splendor and awe and they did it for the people, for future generations to admire. They were European idealists, even the simplest Italian laborer was an idealist who admired beauty and greatness and understood that he was a part of creating it. They did it because they felt compelled to be a part of something wonderful, something that bonded them together and gave them pride. They learned their trade from other men, and they gave their lives perfecting it, and to them their martyrdom was worth the sacrifice. They never complained of exploitation, did they? They did not demand reparations for hardship or claim to be traumatized by their bosses, did they? Did they file law suits of harassment? Were they forced by guns and fear to create and to work? I am sure that is the academic view.
      As it is today, the grand infrastructure which by anyone’s standards is a miracle achievement in America is eroding, because that sprit is dead, and that type of sacrifice for others, or for the future, that idealism and love is mocked or just considered hysterical.

      American society is openly hostile towards the very people that created Western Culture, the very people who have proved themselves capable of what is considered by most to be great art, profound religious experience, and genius. America has been basted in all that is anti- white heterosexual male, anti European, anti-Christian propaganda for decades now. And it has been revolting.

      What value are the haters, the slave holders, the Nazis, “racists” and notorious “Anti-Semites” and “homophobic breeders” to anyone? Why would anyone care to learn what they had to say then or now? After all, Anti-Semitism is a constant threat and always flaring up in the heart and minds of Anglos somewhere – isn’t it? Anglos need to be kept in their place, because, as the myth goes they are foaming at the mouth and hungry for mass murder. Why would anyone care what they had to say? European and American Anglos, especially Christians, who have no political power whatsoever to translate their values into policy or reality – they have been completely demonized, and all other ethnicities and religions have been elevated. White people are Puritan, prudes, homophobic racists, and made a mockery of…It is so ugly so untrue and so incredibly unfair. Furthermore, the Bible is totally hostile to modern liberalism and lifestyle so why would anyone want to read it? What could any student gain from learning that they are all going to hell?

      We are also witnessing the tragedy of the European Wars, WWI and WWII, that Americans cheer and glorify. It is profoundly shocking to me that people are so idiotic to actually really believe that millions upon millions of European Anglo people can be massively slaughtered in 2 wars – and all kinds of peoples of colors and faiths can invade every single one of their nations, virtually all their lands, while they legalize and glorify abortion, birth control, and sodomy but, yet, somehow, by the forces of magic, apparently – European “culture” and what is revered about it – its Art – is just going to go on as usual! This is just amazing for me to wrap my mind around.

      The notion that great art, which is the result of a unique representation of the world, by an even more unique and special people, can just be created through education reform is a form of mental illness.

      But also consider that if educational institutions are set up mainly to cater to all different minority types, where are original traditional European values expressed then? If all of society is just a bunch of minorities demanding love and rights, where are the values nurtured for Western European Christians or Western reactionaries? Where are the “Western” voices? You do not just merely “become” Western because you move to America or Europe. An address is not a man.

      The very people that need to be appealed to are the very people that are taught to hate themselves. The very people that proved themselves over and over again to be capable of unique genius, aspiring to an ideal, are daily being convinced that their very instincts are evil, and they are prone to racism, which is a lie. As a matter of fact as statistics show there is far more black rapes and murders of whites then visa versa. And the numbers are staggering and totally shocking and appalling. Killing whites is a sport. Raping white women is professed ”fun.” It is also a fact that blacks were safer and more creative in America under segregation. Why is this? I do not like segregation nor am I an advocate for it, but why is this? Why are black neighborhoods so riddled with violence, is it the fault of white people as they like to claim? That we have to carry the burden of all of their problems, and all the problems of the Latinos and the Jews who are endlessly and relentlessly whining about some kind of anti-Semitism and trying to pass laws to prevent Christians from exorcizing freedom of speech, is becoming a massive psychological menace, and it is very distracting, and the silence in regards to it is deafening..

      Europeans have been the most genius and most creative people in the world and have given more to humanity then any other race. Apparently, it has all been in vain. And people will come to this realization far to late to do anything about it.

      The European spirits have been killed, and all of our beauty has been debauched and made ugly. That is why art is dead.

      And that is the truth.

      When will this realization be understood? When will the misplaced faith in Education finally wane. How much more money does “education” need? How many more times does it need to be “reformed”? And “reformed” for what? For who? For what kind of society? How many more people need to become “educated” without any effect on material reality before people realize that a true “education” is only necessary for a few? A few of the very best minds. A true education is only what one can give him or herself.

      When will the materialists realize that their religion and their alter is far more dogmatic and profoundly destructive to human beings then religion? When will it be understood that religion comes from the sprit of the people, they create religion and Art, not visa versa. We create the institutions, and the works they do not create us. We are not manufactured like an automobile. History is merely a record of actualized destinies and thwarted ones. And “Art” never “began” as religion, we just likes to share our representation of the world, our ideals and what we treasure, covet and love. And for greatness to emerge a people have to be present, alive and awake with common values to recognize it and value, treasure and nurture it.

    6. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Great reply, Angela! You tore that shabby piece of writing to shreds.

      Of the linked stories on the previous page, the one that besmirked my face was Camille Paglia’s. Why should we be subjected to such unlearned and stupid opinions posing as those of a scholar and academic?

      Anyone who praises that Jew’s Cecil B. DeMille’s “Ten Commandments” should immediately be suspect. Maybe their opinion of that tripe can be used as a litmus test? We surely need some sort of arbitration.

    7. Angela Says:

      Camille Paglia seems to want to have her cake and eat it too. Even I was enchanted by her for a brief time, because she is a great writer, but more important, what does she say? On close examination Camille Paglia is nothing more then a base materialist.

      She believes we can put a sweater on a dog and change its canine nature. Her philosophy is Freudian, and Freud is a Jewish pervert, who tells us we are nothing more then our sex impulses.

      She helped to destroy the very people she now mourns the loss of. What a cretin!