7 August, 2007

Letter to Fredlet

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This week’s Hell’s Lettres: Letter to Fred ReedTo: Fred Reed
John ‘Birdman’ Bryant (www.thebirdman.org)
Date: 31 July 2007


Dear Fred:


In response to your 30 July 2007 column on ‘The
Crimes of Jews’ at


I have just one basic thing to say: You are as DISHONEST AS HELL. While I have several reasons for saying that, the main one is just this: YOU REFUSE TO ACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH THE FACTS, EVEN THO THEY HAVE BEEN OFFERED TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER.


Let me explain. About 3 years ago, I wrote you the following letter which is permanently posted on my website at




In that letter I offered you the facts about ‘the crimes of Jews’, as you so mockingly refer to them, in the form of several urls. Basically what I offered you were two things: First, a collection of my own essays on
Jews which summarize and analyze the facts, and which are found in the
Jewish Question section of my website at




and second, a HUGE collection of articles setting forth the facts upon which these essays are based, and which are so voluminous as to require being divided into the following TWENTY-SIX categories:















Parasitism Power&Influence&Dominance


You can access this list of urls from the Articles of Others
section, located at




Just scroll down to ‘Jews’.


Let me say it again, Fred:




“I get a steady rivulet of strange mail telling how horrible Jews are. Apparently there is no crime of which they are not guilty. I find myself wondering: How do they find the time to be so evil? Are they on amphetamines or something? A curious odiousness runs through it. I don’t care whether you like Jews, but these birds need their heads examined.”


No, Fred, we do not ‘need our heads examined’ — rather YOU NEED TO EXAMINE THE FACTS. OK, maybe you don’t think they are facts. Maybe they have been blown out of proportion. Or maybe they omit vital information. But so far, no serious questions as to their veracity have been put forward. One thing that HAS BEEN put forward, however, is the laws of numerous countries which make it illegal to state these facts. And why would that be, Fred? There can only be one answer: BECAUSE THESE FACTS REFUTE JEWISH LIES AND EXPOSE JEWISH COVERUPS.


So maybe it is YOU who needs your head examined for ignoring the elephant in your livingroom while smearing the people who point it out.


Got that, Fred?


Love and kisses,




PS: Speaking of honesty, Fred, I have a very special way of guaranteeing that I am honest. Anyone who has a serious criticism of me will get an answer, and if there is any major substance to the criticism, that criticism (and my answer) will be posted on my website. Then my readers can judge for themselves whether I am honest or dishonest, right or wrong,
sane or crazy. As far as I know, I am the only website in the world that follows such a policy. So, based on the above policy, I am offering you a chance to embarrass me on my own website. Answer my letter, and I will post it, in however many exchanges of correspondence you want to have. Then we will let the readers decide whether it is you or whether it is I who is honest, or right, or sane. And you don’t need to rely on just my readers — bring your own by informing them of our correspondence. Or post it on your own site. But of course you won’t, Fred. You won’t because you are fundamentally dishonest. And ignorant. And planning to stay that way.


[Fred did not reply]

  • 15 Responses to “Letter to Fredlet”

    1. Mark Says:

      Ahahaha! Fred got called out bigtime! The usual response to such honest inquiries is either to dismiss someone snobbishly or ignore them altogether. Perhaps Fred needs to go ahead and kneel before Abe Foxman, and put a big “No Place for Hate” graphic on his website.

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      Why waste your time or conciousness on the likes of Fred Reed.

      He’s a big time Mexican lover. In other words he’s either demented or feeble minded.

      best to ignore him and his smug writing.

    3. curt maynard Says:

      Fred is a cunt, I’ll never read his bilge again.

    4. honkey tonk man Says:

      I read the birdmans daily posting all the time and have reviewed much of the material on his site. The man knows the score with the JEW.
      ***Attention…Dear Fred: “You are a JEWISH collaborater and many white resistance groups keep tabs on people like you .We know who the traitors are.

    5. Autisticus Says:

      Listen – why the fuck are you people getting so bent out of shape about Freddy? He’s just a minor evil, go fetch that fucking jewish cunt “White Jewish and Proud” on AmRen and, while you’re at it “Jewamongyou” these kike, ignoble tapirman freaks actually believe they are White nationalists. They must be exterminated immediately, where the fuck is the tweezerman when you need him?!

    6. Craven Pragmatist Says:

      The funny part is that after The Great Housecleaning, the Republic of New America will have a section of the Department of Justice dedicated to hunting down those who collaborated with the *JEWS*.

      Fred will hide. But we will find him. Even if it takes decades. He’ll be in a nursing home in Costa Rica under an assumed name. We will return him via clandestine means, try him (for at least a few minutes, while we eat our lunch) and publically hang him.

      The future is coming, Freddy. See you there!

    7. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Reed’s had some interesting things to say about race, nothing especially insightful for most White Nationalists, but useful for educating his lemming readers. I don’t know how many people that would be, I’d never heard of him before the internet and I was reading a lot of pro-White material back then, from CofCC stuff to “The Truth at Last” and William Pierce, and I don’t recall any of them ever mentioning him. But it’s clear that he has a real problem with the truth when it comes to Jews. He apparently is as sneaky as he looks. If he doesn’t give the birdman some honest answers here it’s time to put him on ignore.

    8. Tom Dublin Says:

      Felching Freddy will not reply to Birdman for precisely the reason Birdman stated.

      He is fundamentally dishonest and it is good to see him called on this publicly.

    9. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Who let the Jews out?

      Check out this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1_nShdq6vc

      A Jew informant and con man (aren’t they all) calling himself Randy Glass allegedly warns the US about 9/11 by telling Jewish state senator Ron Klein about it. Kike Klein then passes it on to Bob Graham, whom I don’t believe is Jewish, and who also gives a correct answer as far as CIA/FBI/congressional duties in his answer to the splittail, airhead reporter who instead of believing Senator Graham, believes Graham’s Jewish press spokesman named Joel Greenberg.

      You want to find evidence of Jewish influence, power and troublemaking in the US…. it’s like fishing with dynamite.

    10. Great White Master Race Says:

      VNNstein and all others pretending to hate jews can get off their dirty knees and get the jewnig dick out out of your mouths since you been sucking away for years on that foul kikekoon cock. Who the hell are you bastards trying to kid anyway? You are either fucking jews or jew tools just like all the cuntheads of the north and west who caused all this fucking shit yet refuse to acknowledge or take blame since it was your ancestors. Bull fucking shit you cocksuckers.
      You like the dyke Clinton bitch running for prez who refuses to get AIPAC cock out of her large sized asshole at her old age apparently loving it since Bill is now off fucking the nigga bitches in Harlem where he works making more millions off his books and articles.

      Whose fault is all this shit anyway? Who fucked up? Who was the race traitors? Sure as hell wasnt the goddam southern whites who were prepared to die and lose it all to get away from the yanks who kept fucking them up the ass with 60% taxation and jealous as hell of their friendships with Europe who hated the north and west industrialist lying GOP fuck assholes.

      Do you claim you claim your fucking ancestors and all the great things they did for their commie jewnig cunthead tyrant who Bush loves and sucks off in his dreams? As you watch the cocky lyin roid bitch Bonds break the homer record in a game he wasnt even supposed to be playing in and that he or his didnt invent just like all the rest of them they are taking over as he fucks his white whore wife and creates those filthy half breeds like the millions of others?

      Yea and the lyin revisionists claim the south was nothing but inbred hillbillies rednecks trailor trash white trash honkey racist illiterates when hell if you destroy the whole goddam nation and cast a blanket over it to punish it while coddling your coons and stealing their land after you burned raped stole ravaged looted murdered and raped everything goddam thing and then kept them down for the next 100 yrs, what the fuck do you expect?

      And now we see it was all a jew marxist bullshit plan to remix the races taking the lame weak ass yanks who were stupid enough to go kill other whites who knew the niggers place as a cursed Hamite slave since they were already here brought by the jew slave traders and sold off to the highest bidder to work on the big plantations doing soft labor cleanin house or pickin cotten in exchange for everything free when in fact this turned out to be not only the biggest error in white history but the worse of all eco systems since 50% of farms went bankrupt with the expensive upkeep of slaves when in fact hired help or share cropping was much more feasible.

      Wouldnt you know it that jew vipers saw their big opportunity in slave trading big bucks and remixing the races taking down the superior supreme white blessed chosen race since the jew satanics were equally cursed as their nigger Hamites sent to the dark jungle to live with the wildest of animals with animal genetics cannibalizing each other like animals do. Jews knew who the weak ones were and thats who they used as tools.

      Southern superiors who founded created and developed this Euro melting pot for whites only writing all the documents outlawing non-whites as equals or citizens and relgating them to 60% that they were happy to be anyway since they sure as hell did not want to return to Africa cursed continent and found bleed heart pity in the white race traitor yanks.

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      We know the pure whites of the south USA and southern Europe will ultimately reclaim the planet and create a 3rd new world order with their 500 million total numbers of which only 100 million are the supreme elite white ruling class chosen master race as the creator demands.

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      The ancient white man religion book of Revelation explains all of this and how the end result will be a jewless nigless spicless fagless inferiorless new white only world with the superior white 100% race running the show as the 60% inferior whites are used to blue collar labor work.

      This is already occuring by the way. We do not want any future 60% whites to committ suicide because they will be used for their labor and the serve their white 100% master race elite supreme superiors once they kill off the 7 billion inferiors.

      You know who you are. We know who you are. You cant run or hide or you will be eliminated before the great new world white order begins. We need your labor. Do not do anything stupid. You are watched and accounted for. The great new white master plan is evolving as we speak. Do not try to fight it. Do not reject it. If you are a chosen elite 100% supremist then you know it already. Otherwise prepare to get busy in short order depending on who you are assigned to. We will not hesitate to kill you if you fail to heed to your orders. Let the NWO great white master race plan begin …We have much work to do …

    11. Chris Says:


      Those Jewws you mentioned don’t think THEY are WN, they just want YOU to think they’re WN

    12. Red Says:

      You know the House Nigger? Fred is the House Racist. The Steppin Fetchit sideshow for conservatives who want to entertain a few politically incorrect thoughts about spics and niggers, but not give up their cushy corporate jobs, think tank gis, or banging their mail order spic and asian brides.

      Fred is tolerated as long as he names everything but the Jew. Fred’s problem is that if you start naming the nigger you end up naming the spic and eventually you look at the history of nigger and spic infiltration (not to mention arab infiltration) of europe and north america and discover, like a tick buried deep in the hide of a dying dog, the Jew. So the more he educates his readers about race the more readers he loses as they realize he’s covering up the most important part of the story.

    13. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Fred’s a spic loving jerk off anyway. He’s lived in mexico for so long that he’s gone native on us. I think within the last 2 years Freddy wrote an article positing that jews are responsible for making America a first world economy and their genius gives us our leading edge in all of the technology fields. I wrote Fred several years ago after he wrote an article claiming that black males are much tougher than white males. I asked Fred if that were true, then why are most local “toughman” champions white as are the majority of ultimate fighting champions. I received no response from fearless Freddy. As a side note, professional boxing is now dominated by white men from Eastern Europe and Russia where there isn’t any multiculti, “the nigger is your superior” propaganda.

      Fred has a significant internet following, so it was only a matter of time before has was co-opted by jews. He’ll write articles critical of minorities to attract disaffected whites then when he as a large audience he’ll write something laudatory about jews as if they have no character defects whatsoever. He’s a fraud. Mexico can have him.

    14. Diogenes Says:

      Anyone who has read MacDonald’s Culture of Critique cannot escape the conclusion that organized Jewish interests of various sorts have put a concerted effort into changing our nation in ways they think will be in the long-term best interests of themselves, rather than us. In fairness, it should be noted that MacDonald’s work also points out that the number of people who strongly-self-identify as Jewish and who participate in these groups constitutes a distinct minority of the Jewish people.

      At the same time, a fair-minded and rational person realizes that outnumbered such as they are (and always have been), the primary blame for the alien invasion of our nation(s), etc. cannot be laid at the feet of the Jewish people as a whole. Rather, the primary blame lies fully on the shoulders of persons of European ancestry. This is the part that Birdman needs to understand, and without understanding will never be able to change things.

      Look at all the various things blamed on the Jewish people in one form or another. Pornography. WHO buys it? Mostly European-derived males, the primary audience of this website. Does some Jewish fellow hold a gun to the heads of white males and force them to buy the filth? Or do they do it willingly, thus funding further atrocities against themselves and their people with their own money?

      How about slavery of Africans in the New World? Forget who allegedly owned the boats. WHO bought the slaves? If there were no market, all the boats in the world would have been meaningless. European-derived people bought them. Were they FORCED to by a cabal in Jerusalem, or did they do it of their own free will? If you read the articles of secession of every Southern state, every single one of them cites the necessity of the continuation of the institution of slavery. They were essentially *begging* to fill their borders with Africans. Were all the Southern legislatures filled with Jews? Or were they filled with white men who wanted an economy supported by slave labor?

      It is said that you cannot cheat an honest man. Perhaps, European-derived peoples HAVE been cheated, but if we have it has largely been as a result of our own dishonesty. The desire for a free lunch. The desire for greater profits. The desire to look at beguiling pictures. The desire to sit on our fat rumps and eat without working or to profit from other peoples’ labor.

      The overwhelming majority of board members of corporations who support both illegal immigration and H1-B visas are European-derived. They support such travesties against our people because of a pure and simple PROFIT motive. They do not see the wider wellbeing of their Folk as important, and consider themselves to be “citizens of the world.”

      Long before there were any Jews in Scandinavia, Vikings were raiding Irish towns and selling Irish women to Arabs as slaves. Long before there was such a thing as a printing press, the majority of the grain used in Europe was produced with slave labor. The slaves were OUR OWN PEOPLE.

      I have read that the Federal Reserve was a Jewish conspiracy. Maybe so, since every Fed chairman since the inception of the institution has been Jewish. To chalk that up to coincidence would strain credulity. At the same time, the Congress and President who passed the Federal Reserve Act was overwhelmingly white with probably no more than a handful of Jewish people present. At the time, our media was still largely a European-American enterprise as well. So maybe some Jewish fellows wanted to sell our Congress on the Federal Reserve Act – but WHO passed it? Were guns put to their heads? No! They passed the law because they saw it as a way to spend our grandchildren’s money without having to incur the public wrath for tax increases in the present. They wanted a free lunch.

      Folks, I’m sorry. I won’t defend Fred Reed because he is clearly out of touch with the reality of the fact that organized Jewish interests habitually act in a fashion contrary to the best interests of the people whose countries they inhabit. The evidence, as the Birdman points out, is simply too pervasive to ignore. (I am speaking of organized Jewish interests rather than “all Jews” because even our most heavily documented academic studies of the issue do NOT support the notion that “all Jews” are trying to harm us. (See MacDonald, Nuenke, JTR etc.) Anecdotes of individual cases are interesting, but not dispositive.)

      But at the same time, notwithstanding the best efforts of such organized interests, they have only gained a toehold or any power at all because of the desire of our own people to either spend money they haven’t actually earned, view the degrading of their own women, or profit from the labor of others. The desire for a “free lunch” today at the expense of the future has driven European-derived peoples to destroy themselves.

      But my point remains. The Birdman endlessly obsesses on “The Jew” as though all of our problems have external causes. By doing this, he removes the solution of the problems from our own hands and disempowers us. Within that sort of context, the only “solutions” are of the sort proposed by Alex. (Mainly, though sometimes couched a little, genocide.) The problem is that the core of the problem, what has made us vulnerable, lies within US. Even in a world without Jews we would still have all of the same problems because the core drives that cause them – lack of maturity in the desire for a free lunch – still remain.

      Instead of endlessly documenting every time a Jew passes gas, the Birdman, as a Mensa genius with dozens of books to his credit, should be working on materials to help raise up the quality of our own people. It is only through self-overcoming that we will ultimately prevail. As such, focus on the “other” — be it Jews or anyone else — diverts us from our most crucial task.

      So the Birdman needs to roll up his shirtsleeves and get to work. It is our own sickness that has left us with a compromised immune system – so we are easily attacked by people who do not have our best interests at heart. Instead of worrying about Jews, the Birdman needs to apply his rare mind to something truly valuable: a mechanism and a plan for circulating a cultural meme that will impart a more mature grasp of reality to our folk, thus rendering us immune to the appeals of our enemies.

      It is hard to look inside and acknowledge our own flaws. It is so much easier to blame all of our problems on someone else. That, too, is a result of emotional immaturity that transcends IQ. SO I know what I am asking of the Birdman is a tall order; but I think if he reflects a bit he will find himself equal to the task. It will be a lot harder than gathering material on Jews, but in the long run it will be much more effective.

    15. America First Says:

      Great White Master Race Says:

      8 August, 2007 at 8:59 am

      Heres a crazy idea, Fred has most likely read “Culture Of Critique ” and has been here enough times to understand , but hell having worked for the filthy news papers does any one here really believe Fred does not smell the stinch of the enemy aliens?

      Fred has a job, and has fled the hell of homo land insercurity, maybe he even sends a few Pesos to VNN !

      Mexican criminal POS’s come here and go wild raping and child molestin with other numberous criminal activity too Of course not all of them just most of them do so, but they like it here allot better than in Mexico, because in Messyco will do deep six criminals, though they officially have no death penality.

      One thing for sure Fredoneverything, ameren.com and NNN, O.D. etc, all their roads will eventually lead to VNNF, so relax. Hey Fred at least you had two beautiful White daughters, good for you.