6 September, 2007

VNNB Linder Radio – September 6th 2007

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With host Alex Linder.

Main subjects: Chris Bollyn article on 9/11 and Israeli connection; discussion of istina vs pravda, from Frank Ellis’ monograph Marxism, Multiculturalism and Free Speech; discussion of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminist techniques for soul-analysis and soul-spying as used and perfected by 200 years of revolutionaries, from end of ch. 1 of E. Michael Jones’s Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control; discussion of qualities sought in Mossad agents, from Gordon Thomas’ Gideon’s Spies. Listen live, you’ll hear a lot of music you haven’t heard before. Some of that makes it into the archives; some gets cut.

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    1. jimbo Says:

      nice one, Alex…..good to c u ‘up & running’ so quickly…..i’d be interested if u ever did a show on ‘white nationalist books….the best of’…..that’d be good stuff!

    2. WPN Says:


      Whose idea was it to attack these two little girls? Aint it enough that the nigs are raping our women and children? Now we have people assaulting two very racially conscience little White girls because somebody doesn’t like their music. I think their music is excellent even if for no other reason they give other little White girls a White message. If that article is from this sites people, then I, for one and done with this site.

    3. Mary O Says:

      Excellent ideas.

      You are right that we need to gain control of our language. We can’t win any arguments using Jewish terms.

      Too often a Liberal might say (for example) something like “But aren’t you Jews holocausting the Palestinians?” The argument doesn’t work, because the implication is that there was a real Jewish holocaust during WW2. You can’t get to the truth from a lie.

      Just some suggestions …

      For example, if we wish to abbreviate Nationalist-Socialist, we might say “NS.” Nazi (of course) has become too much of a pejorative.

      Example: “The NS supported family values.”

      Another example is “anti-Semite.” The true source of our problems is the Ashkenazi Jews who are not true Semites. Arabs are Semites. A WN substitute might be “opponent of the Jewish agenda.”

      Example: “Henry Ford was an opponent of the Jewish agenda.”

      The prime example of Stalinist agit-prop: the use of the word “Holocaust.” The word itself makes no sense in the context the Jews have inserted it. A holocaust means a sacrifice: something valuable offered up to God usually as reparation for sins. The offering is consumed totally by fire. How were the Jews valuable to the Germans? What sins were they atoning for? Why a Greek word?

      JMO: The Jews have some other constellation of ideas in their minds. Maybe the sacking of Khazaria c. 963 by the Rus (Vikings) allied with Greece. The Greeks had been the Khazar’s ally, but then decided to “sacrifice” them? Khazaria, we know, was completely destroyed. “Holocausted”?

      WN substitute maybe “to declare war upon.”

      Ex. “During WW2, the Germans were forced to declare war upon the Jews, who were virulent Communists.”

    4. Steve Says:

      Regarding reality, all truths that are not known or acknowledged by the majority can in some form be leveraged for power, either financially or psychologically. Knowing that white presence provides the wealth of an area, while others deny this, it’d be wise to buy land in strategic locations with a growing white population, areas in the early stages of white flight. I’m sure the jews already do this. Above all, a correct understanding of reality provides a distinct advantage for gaining power.

    5. jimbo Says:

      ‘wpn’ asks: Whose idea was it to attack these two little girls?

      wtf youse reckon it woz?

      …..that tribe which attacks any-thing good, decent, honourable or whole-some; to use a kike-ism: “they project”…..the disgusting, filthy nest of their own character flaws onto Aryans; hence the portrayal of white men in the MSM as, by and large, dangerous, degenerate, irrational, ugly, dis-honourable, immoral &, generally, hate-ful….basically: it’s an old Marxist-Lenninist tactic: “call your enemy what you are! accuse your enemy of what you do!“….this world ain’t gunna be ‘right’ until this reptillian cabal of repulsive alien scum are, basically, vaporised!

      NOTHING GOES ‘right’ UNTIL WE GO ‘white’!

    6. New America Says:

      The key to success is to focus your activities in one direction, towards one goal.

      I was the biggest critic of Linder bringing Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom within fifty miles of VNN, and my only hope was for some sort of Intervention to help straighten things out.

      This happened in VNN FTL 100.

      The good news, Linder is actually defining VNN in what it should be at the foundational level, and is moving forward from there, with nothing being allowed to get in the way.

      In the words of Chain, “THAT’S what I want to hear!”

      The old Forms are being either transformed, or removed. The Forum is beginning to be cleaned up, VNN FTL is actually beginning to have the focus it has long needed (thanks to Bud White, Dietrich, Mark In Cali, Briseis, Tony and others, and no thanks to MASHER). VNN Broadcasting is finally beginning to stop blaming undefined forces for its being easily neutralized at a technical level.

      At the beginning of this broadcast Linder spoke of, in effect, actually defining a Plan For The Future concerning VNN. If you would read through the archives, you would find VNN had, independently, pretty much addressed all of the issues for the development of our own Nation. It even included excellent advice for the young gentlemen seeking the attentions of the young ladies by “Elizabeth Bennett,” as well as foundational concepts on forming a Church using the organizational principles of the Mormons, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      I think Linder has pared down his work on VNN to defining the foundational principles of what could become a political force; if not formally, at least as a series of common themes that every potential activity can evolve.

      The three phrases:




      NO JEWS, JUST RIGHT defines The Struggle in the most basic of terms. Look at how desperately the demonic damn Jews are trying to co-opt anything resembling White Nationalism. They see what WE are capable of, and they know it takes something horrific to get us off our fat asses and actually DO SOMETHING FOR A CHANGE!

      And THEY know, Something Wicked This Way Comes…

      I think Covington has just flat nailed the overarching theme that should dominate VNN’s long-term goal.


      Look at the Three Phrases that now dominate Linder’s writing on this blog; the first two define what we are against, and what is against us, the demonic, relentless Goddamn Jews. The third defines what we must define all of our efforts in terms of, with an explicitly RACIAL focus, developed from a Positive Theory of RACE.

      The Foundational Conception of FAMILY, RACE and CULTURE was developed by Peter Shank, who I hope will, one day, after we get competent at doing this, return to VNN Broadcasting.

      If you think about it, from Family, as the microcosm of RACE, to RACE, as the macrocosm of Family, is pretty obvious. From RACE to NATION simply falls into place from there. From NATION to STATE is another level of abstraction, based, in part, on formally recognizing the overarching Unity of the RACE.

      It’s when you go from NATION to COUNTRY that everything finally falls into place.

      This is where Covington gets First Prize.

      THIS should be the overarching theme of VNN, in terms of politics.

      “Just what do you people want, any way?”

      “We want what the blacks want for their RACE, what the Hispanics want for their RACE, and what the Jews want for their RACE. We want our own LAND, our own COUNTRY, just like ALL of the other RACES.”

      We do this in microcosm, daily; a lot of money has been made in real estate by providing the next exit up the highway for White flight, which is is simply White people – OUR People! – fleeing the Jew-determined racial warfare into which we have been drafted.

      In short, we have been living in our own NATION, without being Aware of it, or articulating the issue in those very explicit terms.

      As well, we have been seeking our own COUNTRY, in microcosm, by fleeing the jungle savages, using distance as a proxy for taking the responsibility and initiative for developing a countervailing force.

      Look at Zimbabwe, and look at South Africa.

      THAT is the future the demonic Goddman JEWS have chosen for us, actively, and we will support, by our inaction, unless we begin to move in one Direction, one overarching Direction for all of our efforts.

      I’m not saying we should all drop everything tomorrow, pack up, and move to the Northwest.

      Although that would be nice…

      I am saying that VNN has long needed an overarching theme in which to place all of its Ideas, and Covignton has just flat nailed it.

      For the first time, we have something to be FOR:


      FAMILY, as the microcosm of the RACE.

      RACE, as the macrocosm of the FAMILY.

      RACE, as the Living Bridge between FAMILY and CULTURE.

      NATION, as the expression of the CULTURE manifesting as the Collective Consciousness, and…

      COUNTRY, as the PLACE where none may make afraid.

      I note that these Principles have worked for the demonic damn Jews, and they should certainly work, for us. Remember, the Jews are simply parasites, and have accomplished what they have accomplished from draining the energy of the Host, while replacing the Host’s Dreams with theirs…

      Incidentally, on a more substantive note, I am mailing fifty dollars to Linder tomorrow.

      I can not imagine a better investment for money I would otherwise spend on a damn cup of coffee, and a damn fattening donut.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Tim Harris Says:

      I think the Prussian Blues are 14, maybe 15 by now for all I know, so I think it’s time to stop referring to them as “little girls.” I think the “little girl” shtick was a bit overdone even when they were younger. Let them stand up and decide whether, now as young ladies, they wish to voluntarily keep going down their path — and if so, let’s hope they learn to sing harmony, or at least in tune.

    8. alex Says:

      The criticism of Prussian Blue is just that – criticism. They’re not little girls any longer and they must learn to handle unsugared reaction to their music.

    9. UberFuhrerMetalGod1488 Says:

      Another great show. This one had no dropouts that I noticed.

    10. Stewart Gavin Says:

      This is my favorite radio show on VNN. I like how it is only one person talking to the audience, it is more relaxing and you can concentrate while listening to it.

      Linder knows so many different subjects and when he quoted the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s famous statement “You can’t step in the same river twice” I couldn’t believe it. Totally awesome!!!

    11. Alex Linder Says:

      I appreciate the feedback. What we’re trying to do is give Aryans a context in which to place themselves, so they can understand their lives and what is being done to them and their people. This is accomplished through close readings of great texts, relating their knowledge and themes to the things we read in the news.

    12. 2050 Says:

      hey alex.
      adam weishaupt was a jew.
      i did my high school research paper on him.

    13. Aryan For Aryans Says:

      Whose idea was it to attack these two little girls?

      It was the creep who calls himself “Iranian For Aryans”.

      Once again, the suspected crypto-kike showed his true colors.

    14. State Line Star » Blog Archive » On/Off for a bit Says:

      […] Alex Linder Radio: here. […]

    15. Tim Harris Says:

      Alex, I was disturbed by your statement, around 3:15:27, where you say you lied twice on this show, therefore, you could be wrong. “I not only lie, I could be wrong about things.”

      Were you kidding? If not, what did you mean?

    16. Mike Wittmann Says:

      Enjoying the show and some of the music too. Never heard that Red Ingle song(“Timtayshun”) before, and the stripper in the minivan was good for a chuckle but it seems “Jimmy Krewson” is a homosexual jew from the Catskills. He’s like a specialized shel silverstein, doing cuntry style only.

      Search his name or check his myspace page. Latest tune is apparently a fantasy of his about giving a trucker a blow-job.

    17. Kike Herder Says:


      You’re overlooking the Masons, which is the management system tying Judaism to Communism in all revolutions. I think possibly even the American revolution was Masonic-inspired. But this would mean even our own revolution was jew-inspired. That’s an abhorrent thought.

      See Haym Salomon and the Sons of Liberty. He was called the financier of the American revolution. Every time I see the word revolution, I find Masons, jews and Communism.