23 October, 2007

Israel Wants UNESCO to Create Holocaust Curriculum

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As if the world needs to be reminded of the Holocaust, which is mentioned almost daily in newspapers, magazines, movies and TV shows. Holocaust remembrance is a very big business, and it serves world Jewry in a number of ways, e.g., it generates money, it fosters gentile guilt and it empowers the Jews politically [1]:


[1] the UN was founded by many Jews, including communists such as Victor Perlo, Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White. More about the UN: [Here]

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  7. 20 Responses to “Israel Wants UNESCO to Create Holocaust Curriculum”

    1. r Says:

      It never ends. The ADL has already undertaken to “target children between the ages of 3 and 5” for Holocaust programming: http://www.adl.org/education/miller/

    2. sgruber Says:

      It will end – but only when someone puts a bullet in these leaders’ heads. (My conjecture.)

      I don’t admire Stalin, but he said one interesting thing: “No man, no problem.”

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    3. r Says:

      There is a logical solution, not a practicable one.

    4. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Actually the solution is both logical and practicable. So is suicide bombing our enemies, any and all of them. Hell, I’m already incurable ill, and if I get too miserable….

      Those who are SERIOUS about ending jew tyranny on this continent will inevitably shift their thinking into a mode which resembles that of those worthy folk in the Levant, Hizb’ullah, hamas and Co. Killing jews and “white” collaborationists is a Beautiful Act, especially if it causes plenty of extra suffering to our oppressors at minimal cost to ourselves. I like the idea of using nuclear radiation on them in particular, a thing far more feasible than many VNN readers might realize!

      Aryan Revolutionary Optimism Kameraden!

      Thats our Ticket to Victory.

      Gerald Morris

    5. r Says:

      Those who are SERIOUS about ending jew tyranny on this continent will inevitably shift their thinking into a mode which resembles that of those worthy folk in the Levant, Hizb’ullah, hamas and Co.

      …and promptly run into a solid wall of self-righteous fear among their “comrades”, finding oneself quite alone in this newfound paradigm shift. I’m sorry, but it is, though logical and correct, mere rhetoric. We may yet see some truly fanatical soul blow himself up in proximity of some Jews, or whatever, but this would not alter the improbability of seeing this view flower into a movement or even a string of such actions. Despite the fact that only physical violence could, conceivably (again: conceivably), put requisite fear into Jews – quite aside from the willingness of Jews to capitulate to domestic terror, altruistic punishment from the government, rabid popular disapproval, etc. – it is yet another misapplied analogy, its most popular rival being the campy imitatio Hitleri. The distinction between logos and praxis cannot be brushed aside with a hopeful remark — well, it can, but it’s no more valid in assessment of the politically possible than saying we’ll sprout wings and colonize the moon.

    6. r Says:

      One more thing:

      I like the idea of using nuclear radiation on them in particular, a thing far more feasible than many VNN readers might realize!

      While this has the character of a daydream, which it is, such technology is not only feasible but, unfortunately, already in or proposed for use by the American and Israeli militaries:

      Not nuclear radiation, but a step behind it. The point is, we have no realistic means of physical defense at our disposal, or only those, such as small firearms, that are negligible in their restriction to the hands of a few people, who are generally not inclined to use them for offensive ends. Explosives of the type used in guerrilla warfare are also no forte among white nationalists; knowledge and skill in bomb-construction is normally diffused among a cohesive group of insurgents (that is to say in close quarters where it can be taught) which we are most certainly not, and this points to the insurmountable geographical problem in conceptualizing any kind of action against Jewry and/or the Government, quite aside from the futility of attacking “Jewry” through individual Jews. Again, we may see some fanatic using explosives, but it will not become a trend owing to the specialized character of the agent. I say this in hope that someone will do something like this, I simply do not believe we can expect it, nor that it would mean anything politically but in pushing us further down the hole. The sort of “Go Team” enthusiasm espoused above, though positive, is simply not relevant to an analysis of the situation.

    7. Hengest Says:

      Notice that as the holocaust recedes into history, the more we about it.
      How much more holocaust saturation can we take without being numbed by it like a boxer getting used to being hit?
      Zogs intent of course is to carpet bomb the minds of our children, to render them passive and helpless in the face of their own extintion due to immigration, diversity, integration, equality and therefore…. misegenation.
      My own seven year old nephew has already “learned” about Jewish suffering.

    8. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Hand-wringing whining and defeatism unfortunately DOES pervade the rank and vile (no sic) of “white nationalism” already, just as it does the majority of the american sheeple. Such is to be ignored until its’ more noxious agents can be disposed of, along with those jews defeatists grovel to. Practical, expedients used by better people than the amerikwan coprophage should be tried, and those which produce the best results adopted. The very same “boo-hoo, we can’t win no matter whut” bullshit used by armchair cowards to justify their own inaction as a cover for ineptitude also extends to rationalize the abysmal failure of “american whites” to even organize themselves.

      I’m not waiting on that sorry lot any longer. Since these types clearly are beneath redemption, I’ve actually left them to their kikes for the most part and now seek out Humans with some substantive testicular mass. I wound up selling 10 of my Fuck Israel T-shirts to Mexicans for every ONE sold to a whitey.

      When we had that big protest in front of the Feddy Bldg last fall, where the jews mustered their goons in opposition to us, the goons were the “whiter” mob, by far, flying their I$$ie flags like the good little flaggots they are. I’m sure that any closet jewloving defeatist could find plenty to be proud of in that bunch, all so “white” and law abiding as they were, flying their Stars of David right alongside of the Stars and Stripes.

      Yes, “white nationalism” has a LONG way to go alright….


    9. r Says:

      That was at once predictable, uncalled for, and a sorry attempt at imitating my style. Anyway, t-shirts and bluster don’t matter — and one day, deep down, you’ll realize it. If you, or anyone here, should acquire some RPGs or M18A1s, let me know and I will be more than happy to throw in with your guerrilla combat.

      Until then you are d a y d r e a m i n g.

    10. r Says:

      If anyone doubts what I’ve said – not the part about bombs and RPGS: that should be obvious – they can make a very simple experiment which will prove, hopefully, that the need (which, again, I do not dispite) for violent action on our part, which anyway, because we lack the circumstances, geographically and demographically, for appreciable guerrilla warfare, will never rise to the pitch where our enemies (Jews, the Government, the capitalist system, and the people) are forced into revising their machinations. Make a poll on the forum, also on other sites like Stormfront and MajorityRights, relating to this subject; for example ask: How many of you would be willing to engage in unsupported guerrilla activity against “ZOG”? If you are not banned on the other two sites, even on VNN, which is all about violent rhetoric, you will find that people are unwilling to entertain the possibilities of violent action, and most will decry you as a spy or the like. Why is this? Because people are naturally cowards, in this especially so. Why? Because they are covetous of their private lives, they are comfortable and not willing to risk anything; only our public lives have been taken from us, made profoundly uncomfortable. But so long as we have a private life to flee to, where indeed white nationalists and simple racists carry their discontent with public life, there will be no suicide bombers or snipers to carry out a programme of revenge on “ZOG”. Again, there may yet be McVeigh types, but these are useless and serve only to tighten the screws holding us down. The point is: because under a materialist system we are provided with the means to spruce up our private lives, unable to effect change public sphere, discontent takes place in a culture of self-satisfaction (or personal comfort) which does not meet the conditions for violent public dissent. This is especially the case for European-Americans, who have long prized the sanctity of home and all that rot. Until private life – which is all we have left, really, to content us with life – is systematically poisoned by government interference (not just the occasional manhunt or child-snatching), until we are actually deprived of the means even to communicate and feel comfortable with ourselves, as for example in Soviet East Germany with its poisonous culture of suspicion and fear, we will not see public action of the kind you all like to envision. Indeed, even then we will be paralyzed in a different way, and still probably won’t see anything like the fantasies you cherish. It isn’t as simple as defeatism, or rather isn’t the kind of defeatism you think. I was banned from VNNF three times for proposing – and why not propose it? – this sort of thing, and 90% of the people who paid attention, maybe a handful anyway, were instantly convinced that I was “spy” or whatever (VNNites just love these stock canards: spy, Jew, defeatist, etc., which they use to dismiss uncomfortable considerations), and a few actually wrote to me privately to say they would “turn me in to the feds” if I kept talking that way! In short, I was “defeated” as much by logistical difficulties (acquiring weapons, planning, MONEY, etc.) as by the fear and smugness of the white nationalist camp, who are quite happy, thank you very much, with their delusions of having a “movement” or waiting for a “great collapse”, which puts them at about the level of the followers of Jim Jones.

      But hey, once again, if anyone should mount a one-man assault against “ZOG”, I will be rooting for them.

    11. Will Stuteley Says:

      Responding to r: Your comments above are pretty much spot-on. Whatever e-attacks you may have come under at VNN or elsewhere, rest assured that even your attackers AGREE with you. 99.9% of the people on this and other boards, whatever they might SAY, have no intention to attack “ZOG” militarily. They vote with their (in)actions everyday. (So do I, by the way.) We have to come to terms with the un-heroic and un-romantic nature of the situation.

      The vast majority of people simply will NOT endanger what little comfort–or private life–they DO have, in order to strike a largely meaningless blow against a system that shows every sign of continuing, at least in the near-term. It’s foolish to expect people to sacrifice themselves or even their livelihoods unless they feel very certain that their actions will PAY OFF. We haven’t got to the point yet when active resistance will be more ADAPTIVE than inaction. This is human nature–precious few are willing to stick out their necks if the prospects for doing so are so dim.

      Needless to say, this is an extremely frustrating time to be a Euro-Nationalist. No person or group has yet reached CRITICAL MASS–that point at which they have shown a distinct and confidence-inspiring PLAN for achieving white nationalist goals. Once this critical mass IS achieved, then the fight will ALREADY have been won for all intents and purposes. When the “movement” has more benefits than costs, and is more ADAPTIVE than penalizing, then it will no longer have to bend over backwards to find converts. They will be pouring in on their OWN initiative, because it BENEFITS them directly.

    12. Booger Says:

      Unfortunately,”r” is right.Demonstrations,placards,t-shirts,and the like will not effect positive change for our people.The crisis is COMPLACENCY with our private lives.Once again I refer to the “Matrix” as demonstative of the mind-set of most-plugged in to the milking machine,eating that tasty steak provided by ZOG.Until SOMETHING happens to “unplug” the ignorant masses,personal preparation and local networking are all we can do.All else is happy daydreaming IMHO.

    13. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Until the time is right for ‘lone wolves’ the least we can do is prepare and propagandize. Actually, that is an inappropiate word, better, educate and inform. The truth is getting through…..slowly.

      As Sun Tzu said, the superior general is one who convinces his opponent that he cannot win. Well, ZOG through his agents of paralysis in the media is trying to convince White people that their cause is lost and that they lack the necessary courage.

      We can win this war and since when have White people lacked courage.

      Don’t worry, we can rely on jews with their arrogance and hubris to provoke a backlash.

    14. r Says:

      We have to come to terms with the un-heroic and un-romantic nature of the situation…It’s foolish to expect people to sacrifice themselves or even their livelihoods unless they feel very certain that their actions will PAY OFF.

      Couldn’t have said it better. We’re animals, we want rewards for stirring from our comfort-zones. And very few people reach the level of consciousness at which symbolic action becomes possible; our social conditions do not regularly produce this mentality. Even if they did – and that would presuppose an entirely different social dynamic, a “critical mass” as it were – none of it comes even remotely close to a guarantee of success, and anyway what is success?

      Best thing to do is find a place on earth where one is not so alienated publicly. Here, not here, anywhere one can manage it. The sad fact is that for those aware of what is happening, the most they can do is try to limit the level of public discomfort. Some will do it, most will loiter in the kwa and blow off their steam online.

    15. sgruber Says:

      Piffle. As Alex Linder conjectured, if just one neocon columnist were to fail to report to work one morning, the rest would be 25% more circumspect.

      You can’t tackle a big problem all at once. Common sense says you take care of small pieces of such a problem one at a time.

      In my opinion, an opponent of government policies doesn’t have to fight and defeat the entire United States military (“ZOG”). That’s a straw man that supports, yes, defeatism.

      What is the idea behind letter-writing campaigns, if not that a letter to one person about one issue contributes to making a difference? Do advocates of letter-writing campaigns believe their letters will up-end the world and institute a new government? No. It’s called influence. Of course, some may question the wisdom of writing letters at this time.

    16. r Says:

      The only straw man here is this need to believe there’s a “war” going on, you’re the guy who’s going to win it, and anyone who says otherwise is a “defeatist”. But there’s a name for people who believe in letter-writing, too: pathetic.

    17. r Says:

      And that isn’t meant as an insult. Well ok, it is. But I can tell that you’re the kind of guy – I used to be too – with visions of sniping and pipebombs dancing in his head. Generally, anyone who comes on with the guerrilla warfare routine, admirable an idea as it is, believes theirself to be a potential agent of such activity, and that points to a vanity which will certainly never find outward expression in deed. It isn’t that such activity is now entirely impossible or unnecessary: rather that such thinking is a symptom of a general state of inactivity. It is all too easy, even without all the inducements of fiction, film and real-life terrorist activity, to come to the again quite logical conclusion that guerrilla activity is necessary and would yield notoriety for our case. What isn’t easy is thinking through the political ramifications of one’s own ideations and especially whether one is not, perhaps, a victim of self-suggestion.

      I’ll give an example which I think particularly illustrative of the sterility of this mindset. As I’ve intimated, I used to be obsessed with this very fantasy. Once I encountered a Scottish WN who sort of “spoke my language” in this regard; he would post on various fora, including VNN, and on his Yahoo group that

      “Whites need to cultivate the MARTYR MENTALITY. We have to stop thinking of the future, and sabotage THE NOW.”

      I thought that was more or less in line with my own conception of the matter, and sent him a note from as secure a server and e-mail account as I could manage. We started off tentatively, but I was troubled, from the outset, by his not dropping the preacher act in private correspondence — I mean he kept up the same didactic “voice”, as though he didn’t realize that someone was trying to sympathize and maybe work up a plan of action. When he finally did realize what was going on, he reacted as I had predicted, and has so many had and always do: he freaked out, called me insane and a spy, threatened to report me to Interpol, etc. This bigmouthed prophet of martyrdom couldn’t manage for just one moment the personal courage of suspending the all-too-typical WN suspicion (actually a cover for personal cowardice) and considering that something real might be planned and carried out.

      Now, perhaps I went about it the wrong way. Perhaps it really has to be “lone wolf”. Logistically, I believe that is the very nadir of guerrilla activity. And if WNs who like this fantasy insist on making comparisons to Islamic terrorism, then I must insist that cases of group coordination have been more influential than isolated suicide-bombings. Our conceivable targets are in any case so protected that none of it could be a “one man job”. There is however romanticism in the idea of the “one man job” which is hard to overcome, and when one does, one quickly finds a total lack of potential contacts. Everyone is skittish, afraid, covetous. This forces one back upon oneself, usually a more desperate idea of “lone wolf” activity — and that point one starts to think: “This would at least mean something symbolically: people will take notice, especially with my well-worded manifesto mailed to twenty cities domestic and foreign.”

      And so on. It’s all incredibly morbid and droll and sterile, and eventually, I think you’ll grow out of it. You’re not as dense as the cheerleader type, the rah rah rah we’re gonna win go aryans! crowd, probably in your twenties, no great attachments. That, indeed, more than anything else tends to product the mentality obsessed with guerrilla activity against the powers that be.

    18. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Well, we can all do something that is completely legal, unheroic and entirely unromantic, namely help those you recognise to be your racial brothers (or sisters).

      The ‘help’ can be as unremarkable as fixing his car, but it is a sure step to winning converts and extending the boundary of WN mutual aid.

    19. Boatawn.Com » Israel Wants UNESCO to Create Holocaust Curriculum Says:

      […] wrote an interesting post today on Israel Wants UNESCO to Create Holocaust CurriculumHere’s a quick […]

    20. Beth Says:

      Why do you hate Jews? The contribute a lot to science and medicine. They don’t kill and rape people like the negroes do. Likely you have had Jewish doctors. If you vaccinate your children against disease, a Jewish scientist is who you can thank for that discovery. Why are you siding with the Muslims against Jews when it’s the Muslims who WANT YOU DEAD! Are y’all idiots or what?? You should be fighting the Muslims and Arabs, not the Jews. The Jews don’t care what you do or how you live your life, but the Muslims/Arabs would like to slaughter you (remember 9/11) and steal your stuff and they were doing BEFORE Zionism so you can’t blame it on that.

      i can see being angry against negroes for black crime because frankly, they don’t contribute anything of value to society except for a few blacks. But the hatred for Jews? That just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. You are living in the past, mates. Muslims are the orcs, the boogie man, and you are in danger.