29 October, 2007

Medved’s Open Letter to Ron Paul

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The Jewish community is getting more and more nervous about Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. It’s not even 2008 yet, but already Paul has a large following – especially on the internet – and he has raised some serious money as well. The Jews are worried that Paul’s message of freedom, smaller government and “isolationism” in foreign matters will become way too popular. The Jews see Paul’s message as running counter to their usual agenda of big government, Zionism and globalism.

Note that Medved is an Orthodox Jew. Will Paul reciprocate and write an open letter to Medved, asking him if he embraces all of the tenets of Orthodox Judaism? [1][2]:


[1] about Halakhah laws (i.e., Jewish religious laws), which are central to Orthodox Judaism: [Here]

[2] about Paul’s popularity: [Here]

  • 18 Responses to “Medved’s Open Letter to Ron Paul”

    1. Fred Says:

      If you can’t win against their ideas you insult them. Medved trying to discredit RP to the masses.

    2. Vaultner Says:

      I hope he doesn’t respond. If I wrote an open letter to George W. Bush do you think I’d year anything back. I doubt it.

    3. HATE Says:

      Agree. Best bet for RP is to ignore paranoia yids.
      Ron Paul voting record makes him a Nazi already.

    4. Tim Harris Says:

      Someone should write an open letter to Giuliani observing with pain how many jews support him and asking him to publicly disavow association with anyone that refused to repudiate the Talmud.

    5. Wolf Says:

      If Ron Paul is courting Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers and 9/11 “Truthers” then I have egregiously misjudged the fine doctor. Sadly, I seriously doubt Mr. Paul would embrace such sane and sober points of view. He has in the past agreed with the official fairy tale explanation for the events surrounding 9/11. Introducing the racial question in his next debate is a non starter and forget about a Holohoax campaign plank. Let’s get real people. Medved is trying to bait him.

    6. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Yesterday on the televitz Glen Beck was interviewing the two American separatists, Thomas Naylor and Michael Hill on his show and from out of the clear blue sky he blurted out “Are you anti-semitic”? “What about the jews”? Naylor and Hill were so taken back by this injection of insanity that one of them responded, “This has nothing to do with the jews” Beck of course continued with the line of questioning and insisted on trying to interject racism till finally they both had enough and stated in unison, “This has nothing to do with the jews”!!! Beck realized he was getting no traction, blowing his cover and finally backed off

      Michael Medvic’s a sanctimonious jew prick. “Oy! “Amerikwa the greatest nation on gods goyim earth”!!

      It looks like the kiken vermin are getting worried. Keep on hammering the jews out one broadcast at a time. Go VNN!! Run jews run!!!

    7. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Under the surface Beck knows that secession is just a reaction and rejection of the jewish controlled state and if they don’t nip this in the bud it might catch on and that would spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the jooz.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Dear Guiliani, Obama and Hillary:

      Do you know that your respective campaigns are attracting jewish supremacists, black supremacists, neo-communists and gringo hating mexicans? What are you going to do about this? Will you publicly condemn these groups and return all monies. The rightful white owners of America urge you to do so.

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I just love it when the jews are scared. They endlessly smeared and castigated Buchanan in 96′ when his campaign looked to be a formidable opponent to the system approved candidates. The jews bare their fangs when it looks like normal, heterosexual white people will organize to thwart their genocidal plans for our race and this country.

    10. Mark Says:

      I recommend Ron Paul neither confirm nor deny. :)

    11. AmericanVet Says:

      An open letter to Michael Medved

      You work for a media that is controlled by people in this country that hold duel citizenship. Their loyalties are with the state of Israel, they spy on our country and they also kill Americans here and in Israel. They commit crimes here and then flee to Israel where they are free from prosecution. They have also been behind the murder of two American presidents, the killing of Robert Kennedy, the shooting of George Wallace, the killing of an American hero, General Patton and countless more. This group has also attacked an American Navy ship, killing American military personnel. They have been tapping the phones of our represented government officials, all the way to the top, they control our elected officials either by intimidation, bribery or blackmail. This group’s elected officials are currently behind the passing of bills that are slowly taking our rights and freedoms away, they did these same things in Russia. They were behind the mass killings of millions of Russians and are currently killing thousands in the middle East. They have attacked all the neighboring countries around them, they are the only nation in the world without legal boundaries and that is because they plan on expanding. They also have extremist organizations in this country that spy on us, just to name a couple, ADL, AIPAC, and countless more. Their American sons and daughters train in the Israeli military but they do not fight in our “Wars for Israel”. Their Talmud is one of the most prejudiced and hateful religious books ever written by mankind. Michael Medved, they are one of the most hateful and hated groups on this planet, they have been behind the most mass killings of people on this planet than any group that ever walked this earth. They invented Communism and still are behind pursuing it as the “New World Order”. Every nation that has taken them in, they have destroyed from within and then been expelled from, such as Russia, Germany, and Spain.

      Do you, Michael Medved welcome- or repudiate – your employment and support of such a faction? Do you have sons, daughters, nephews or nieces in the US Military at the present time? Are you a duel citizen and if so which country are you true to?

      As a employee of such people, will you now disassociate yourself, clearly and publicly, from the poisonous propaganda promoted on your program?

      Will you now answer these pressing questions, and eliminate all associations between your employer and the most loathsome group in American society?

      Along with “TRUE AMERICANS” I eagerly await your response.

      Un respectfully, An American Veteran

    12. Amy Says:

      This open letter attacks Ron Paul supporters, and not Ron Paul ideas or campaign promises. If this is the worst the Zionists can come up with, I think it is very revealing.
      –Disavow anyone who questions the holocaust or 9/11.
      –Stop supporting national soveriegnty.
      Only a jew would ask a candidate to disavow his own supporters and usurp the very ideas that put the candidate in the forefront.
      Ron Paul is unstoppable.
      The Jew is stoppable.

    13. Slobodan Says:

      AmericanVet: General Patton was no hero, he was a Germanophobic cunt.

    14. Terrorsaurus Says:

      “AmericanVet: General Patton was no hero, he was a Germanophobic cunt.”

      Wrong. General Patton was as fooled as the rest of the American people by the poisonous anti-German propaganda spewed from every corner of the Jewish controlled media. Yes, Jews controlled the big papers and outlets in those days too.

      Once he got on the ground in Europe and later Germany, he became acutely aware that something was very wrong. He advocated strongly for taking out Russia while the time was ripe but to no avail. They got rid of him when he started to get too troublesome. He had finally become aware that the Allied forces had been horribly used by their Zionist controlled governments. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin ALL had Jewish backgrounds. Eisenhower was known as the Terrible Swedish Jew at Westpoint, where he was near last in his class.

      Even great men can be easily deceived when they are unaware that their mass media is in the hands of a hostile alien minority with a deadly agenda.


    15. Joshua Says:

      Ron Paul on abortion, and by illustration the Holocaust.

      “Unlike Nazi Germany, which forcibly sent millions to the gas chambers (as well as forcing abortion and sterilization upon many more), the new regime has enlisted the assistance of millions of people to act as its agents in carrying out a program of mass murder.”

    16. Coup d'Etat Says:

      This just goes to show which side the jews are on. They are definately not on Ron’s side, but are on the side of Hillary (the largest socialist and supporter of slave labor which the jews are in orgasim over) following in her line are Guiliani (part of 9/11 who knows what really happened but is keeping his mouth shut), McCain (large supporter of illegals), Romney (side kick to Kennedy who supports amnesty to illegals and open borders, and who is a pretty boy), John Edwards (…another pretty boy with $1,200 haircuts and is only concerned with saving the poor, but not the other important issues like aggressively rounding up the illegals and kicking them out of the USA or stopping the war), and the rest of the candidates who simply just don’t have the backbone to stand up to the jews. Tancredo is 50/50. He won’t tolerate illegals or amnesty, but supports the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      If anyone should disassociate with anyone or any groups in the USA, it needs to be jews. Jews are the terrorists. They have the largest terrorist network in the world. They love to go around and intimidate and make death threats to anyone who doesn’t support their damaging socialist cause. They are the most foul, greedy, disgusting, lying, condenscending, race-hating, child-molesting, manipulating, back-stabbing, troublemaking, incompetent pieces of filth ever to exist among any nation, any race in the world, not to mention they have the largest criminal network in the world.

      Ron Paul knows how to stand up to anyone, jew or not, who is in favor of destroying the USA. This just goes to show that jews want and are destroying the cultural, economic, and legal foundations of this country just to suit their own needs while our basic freedoms are being destroyed.

      All the candidates that I mentioned above have the support from white-haters, including the nigger, mexican, and jewish socialist groups. Obviously, the jews don’t have the balls to admit that they are in favor of Hillary the most because she is in line with their further destruction of the USA. Cowards they are!

    17. Nach rechts Says:

      Ron Paul? AYFKM? (Are you fucking kidding me?) Give me a fucking break.

    18. Fr. John Says:

      Well. It is clear that ANY ‘political conservatism’ ANY JEW may profess, STOPS dead at the Bris mark…if you know what I mean.

      I think the American Patriot’s letter should be bought and put into every paper across the country.

      excellent, sir.

      As for Medved?
      Anathema sit, you Christ-killing two faced Deicide!