2 October, 2007

New Revelations About the USS Liberty Assault

Posted by Socrates in Israel - the facts, Israeli war crimes, jewed Congress, jewed foreign policy, Socrates at 4:22 pm | Permanent Link

The behavior of the U.S. government toward the Liberty attack illustrates the awesome power of the Jews:


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  7. 16 Responses to “New Revelations About the USS Liberty Assault”



    2. dunkirk? Says:

      The $100 question is why would the jews put this on page 1?Read all the comments and feel the love.The article will vanish soon from the tribunes archives.Which brings us back to the $100 question. Why???Maybe a phony outbreak of antisemitism in amerikwa?Then some new laws enacted quickly to jail the small opposition?Alex would love your take on this.

    3. sgruber Says:

      It must be admitted that the jews create truly lovely fantasies…the “holocaust”…Iran nuking Israel…if only.

    4. Dies Irae Says:

      You do that, Andrei.

    5. Hilary Clinton Says:

      Look I don’t care if the truth is anti-semetic, as I have stated publicly “the U.S. and israel have an unbreakable bond” and will stay that way no matter what. Hilary for prez 2008 yay!

    6. Hilary Clinton Says:

      Look ppl its better to be down with the sickness, I know its made me millons

    7. Tommy Gun Says:

      Good BBC Documentary “USS Liberty – Dead in the Water” on Google video.

    8. Wade Thalweg Says:

      6.7 million to survivors.

      These snip-pricks get 20 mill from us each day!

      Fuck Isreal!!!!

    9. JD Says:

      I think the Israelis wanted to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians so the US would intervene. The Mossad helped knock off JFK so LBJ was in their debt and ordered a whitewash of the Liberty attack.

    10. EraseZionism Says:

      Or knowing that jews had murdered John Kennedy, a wealthy and beloved liberal icon, LBJ feared for his own life.


    11. R. Olds Says:

      At that point in time they didn’t need anyone to step in. What they were worried about, despite the article stating that they were only recording the Arab and Soviet communications, was that they were executing Egyptian POWs in the Sinai and it was broadcast over their communications systems. You can’t have them associated with that can you?

      You never see anyone ask the question what the Liberty could have heard that would precipitate an attack. Just TJB bloodlust and slaughter.

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      One important note to mention on this incident. After 20 years from this Israeli aggression, the military continued to teach students with the “need to know” in secret schools that the Russians attacked the ship. Usually after 10 years, most sensitive information becomes declassified.

      The purpose? While the Russians were trying to break away from the aggressive Bolshevic regime that had been hanging heavily for decades upon the Russian citizens, the infiltrated Israeli U.S. government wanted to keep the cold war against the Russians alive and well.

    13. R. Olds Says:

      I believe it is 25 years when top secret documents are declassified and become available to the public unless there is a substantial reason to leave them secret. The Freedom of Information Act is a very powerful tool for anyone doing historical research.

      “After 20 years from this Israeli aggression, the military continued to teach students with the “need to know” in secret schools that the Russians attacked the ship.”

      I have never heard of this. It has always been those Mother [email protected]#$%^& Jews did that on purpose. The only lie that was occasionally put forward for years was the canard that one particular jew general or admiral or whatever fuck removed the map marker for the Liberty at their command center because it had been up for a day and they knew all about the ship. He was to be their top fall guy if anything was to happen but nothing happened. Saying the Russian’s did it makes no sense at all in any US military classroom; however, you might find such BS taught in the State Department because it has been kosher as long the universities have in this country .

    14. Coup d'Etat Says:

      ” have never heard of this. ”

      Yes, I know. Most of the public has not. This was not the only propaganda to keep the war machines rolling for the Israelis.

      “Saying the Russian’s did it makes no sense at all in any US military classroom;”

      Yes, it does. When it comes to protect the interest of Israel, it makes a lot of sense. Besides, we were at odds with Russia for many years. What better country to blame this on.

      How the information first came about in revealing the truth, however, is a bit of a mystery to me. Why — after all this time? Declassified sensitive documents?

    15. Former Serviceman Says:

      No military school ever “taught” that the Russians attacked the Liberty. We were taught that it was a “mistake” by the Israelis, which those of us who were able to think independently knew was bullshit right away.

    16. R. Olds Says:

      Coup d’Etat I sat in a course where the USS Liberty incident came up and the instructor was forthright in explaining the incident and how it was recorded and how the Israelis perpetrated it. He would have looked very bad trying to explain how the Soviets did this decades before they ever constructed their 1 and a half aircraft carriers (now in India or China), how they would’ve acquired the French aircraft and PT boats… on and on. It would be a losing situation to do so in the face of the obvious. I would say your information is coming from a kosher source bent on disinformation.

      There are too many survivors from the ship, the people that participated in the collection and distribution of the information on the attack, and the regular declassifying process for documents. Documents are declassified in bulk and there are few “editors”. Not too many people seem to use this valuable resource so the heblews are not as worried about people filing for FOIA documents as they are the internet (BTW see the last weeks Forbes magazine for an attack on anonymity on the net by the heblews).