29 November, 2007

Germany Rejects More Holocaust Payments

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The Jews gave Deutschland a good milking, though: $38 billion since the 1950s. Of course, the Jews were largely responsible for their situation under Hitler – did they really have to declare “war” on Germany? After all, Hitler had only been in office for a month-and-a-half. How much oppression could they have experienced? [1]:


[1] the Jews declare war on Germany: [Here]

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    1. Dudeman Says:

      Note this part: “..most from the former Soviet Union, who became refugees as the Nazis conquered Europe but never lived under Nazi occupation.”. The sheenies will use any angle to get a penny or two. Chutzpathetic….

    2. anti hooder Says:

      did jew note the BOARD OF DEPUTIES OF BRITISH JEWS—– ARTICLE ??? HEY, WEREN’T THE JEWS BOOTED OUT OF “ENGLAND” IN 1290AD ?? WTF ?? Hitler should have invaded LONDON, first !!!!

    3. americafirst Says:

      City pulls diversity training video

      Denver is shelving a diversity-training video that portrays a white man as the sole racist, sexist and homophobe among a cast of blacks, Hispanics and women.

      The decision to pull the video, Laughing Matters – Think About It, comes after Dennis Supple, a white man who works for the city, complained that it was racist and violated his civil rights.

      The video about inappropriate humor in the workplace follows the antics of a bumbling bigot who is a white, blue-collar worker.

      “Make way! She’s backing up!” the actor yells when an overweight woman’s pager goes off. “Hey, somebody get the license plate of that truck!”

      In another scene, he pokes fun at gays and jokes about “more fairies than a Shakespeare play.”

      Supple said he didn’t find any of the vignettes funny.

      “It’s not a fair portrayal of white male trades workers,” said Supple, a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning mechanic. “This is just like treating white male trades workers like Stepin Fetchit, like we’re all a bunch of drooling, stupid fools. Well, that’s not the case.”

      Councilman Charlie Brown objected to the video after he was contacted by Supple, who lives in his district.

      Brown said the video makes a “mockery” of whites.

      Brown said that Supple and other white men had to sit through a diversity training class with their colleagues staring at them and thinking “you’re the cause of all evil.”

      “We all have these issues – all races do – and that’s not reflected in the video,” he said.

      Kathy Maloney, a spokeswoman for the Career Service Authority, said last week that the city was going to continue showing the video until a new one was shot next year or in 2009.

      “Following (an article in the Rocky Mountain News), we’ve had a number of other employees now voice their concerns and actively engage us, wanting to participate in the re-creation of this video. And, of course, we encourage that dialogue,” she said. The city will “suspend the use of the video” until employees have a chance to weigh in at an upcoming summit, she said.

      Supple said he is happy that the city pulled the video. “That’s half of what I wanted,” he said. “The other half – and I still want this – is for them to apologize to all the white male trades workers who had to watch the video.”


      JUST IMAGINE IF HITLER has gone got to business right away and smashed London. The out come would have been allot better for US today, for as in 1939-40 FDR and Cabal could have done nothing. FDR ran on a platform of NO WAR in Europe, that he was against WAR. Ha.

    4. americafirst Says:

      That was a mistake, pardon me.

    5. Fr. John Says:

      Well, perhaps Germany (der Vaterland) is coming to its senses. Now if they would only REPEAL the odious ‘Hollowcause Defamation Law’ and Free Ernst Zundel, I’d emigrate over there in a heartbeat.

      Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles……

      hee hee.

    6. jimbo Says:

      is non-repayment of the $$$trillion or so$$$ fraudelently extorted by the kikes apropos ‘the Holocaust’ sufficient reason to “wipe Israel off the map”, confiscate all jew holdings/assets/bank accounts (returning the sum total of same to the hood-winked white citizens of Germany, the UK, Switzerland and the US) and then turn most, if not all, jews on the face of the Earth into slave labourers in perpetuity until the debt is re-paid with compound interest?!?

    7. abe foxman Says:

      On the surface, it appears Hitler made the greatest mistake in not smashing Britain immediately after Dunkirk. The proposal by second in command of the Luftwaffe, Milch to use paratroopers to capture the southern airfields of England as a bridgehead could have worked and allowed the Blitzkrieg to smash it’s way to London and force the rout of goy Churchill and his jew cohorts.
      It may also have shown to Americans how much the jews within their country were formulating for war on the side of jews and possibly kept Roosevelt in check.
      It almost certainly would have allowed the Germans to negotiate a favorable treaty with those British sympathetic to a German/English alliance. I have no doubt England would have been freed of German troops within a short time, their Empire restored and peace established in Europe with the added benefit of a continent finally rid of the parasitic jew.
      So why was it not adopted? Maybe because Milch was part jewish and never fully trusted by Goering.
      Of course that scenario is now firmly in the ‘what-if’ basket but it begs the question was this due to Hitler’s folly and Goering’s incompetence or maybe their distrust of a dedicated national socialist or perhaps a perceived traitor that would have led German troops into a trap?
      Now the Jews run the Whitehouse and Whitehall, have control over most commonwealth countries, still extort from Germany and most of Europe and have made all those countries into a mud colored cesspool that will require extreme physical force to save whatever is left of the Germanic peoples.
      In hindsight, maybe it would have been a better gamble to follow Milch’s plan.

    8. Hans Schneider Says:

      The real and only purpose of the tribe, is to jew all gentiles as often as possible….

    9. ein Says:

      Dudeman Says: Note this part: “..most from the former Soviet Union, who became refugees as the Nazis conquered Europe but never lived under Nazi occupation.”

      I read in a news article, only several months ago (perhaps it was here) the current official definition of “Holocaust Survivor”. I wish I had saved it. This was in regard to the bid for payments for those [descendents?] who have been traumatized by the Holocaust. As best I recall, a “survivor” is now defined as anyone who has lived in an axis-occupied country, or one allied with the axis powers, etc. The terms are very broad. You need not have been in a concentration camp to qualify. I suppose it also stipulates that you must be a member of certain designated “minority” groups, otherwise any German or Pole would be a Holocaust Survivor and eligible for benefits We simply can’t have that, can we?

      Thus, a Jew living unmolested in Finland or Romania would be a “Holocaust Survivor”. So would the Jewish daughter-in-law of Richard Strauss, who was apolitical and lived in Germany throughout the war; she was never bothered. So would be Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas, wealthy American Jews living in France, who CHOSE to remain there and who ACTUALLY FAVORED THE AXIS SIDE, being supportive of the Vichy government and friendly with the Gestapo! [Yes!] But they would still qualify as Holocaust Survivors, just by the fact of having been there and they would be eligible to receive compensation payments. There were other very rich American expatriate Jews living in France who chose to remain there and who very comfortably rode out the war years (eg. Natalie Clifford Barney), when Europe was in ruins and the American dollar was king. Natalie Barney (a Cincinnatti heiress) lived like royalty. The automatic assumption is that anyone who was there was persecuted. Even Baron de Rothschild would qualify for payments! There were, in fact, a number of Jews who lived right inside Germany through the war, to the very end — and not behind barbed wire either — contrary to what we’re given to believe, that they were all being gassed and turned into lampshades.

      Does anyone have that article? As I said, I would love to save it.