19 November, 2007

More on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Latest Book

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It still hasn’t been published in English, which is rather odd given Solzhenitsyn’s fame, but which also isn’t surprising, since most Western publishing houses are either owned or run by Jews [1]:


[1] more about the 1905 Russian revolution, which is mentioned by Braun (note especially the bottom of page 313 and the top of page 314. Click on any image to enlarge it): [Here]

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    1. sgruber Says:

      Jews are demons. No doubt about it. It’s either normal humanity and a life of dignity – or the madness of the jew and total destruction.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    2. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      No doubt, the decisive role of the fat jew pig-financier, Israel Lazaravich, called by the alias “Parvus” by his hirelings, gets mention in this, since Solzhenitsyn mentions his part in the 1917 Revolution in his piece, “Lenin in Zurich.” Since Parvus operateddick-in-hand with “Western” financiers in Berlin, London and Jew York, it comes as NO surprise that Solzhenitsyn’s work now isn’t getting published in English, the default slave-language of the judeo-saxon empire, lest some uppity english-speaking Irish lads like Yours Truly make further polemical use of it!

      Death to jewry!
      Death to freemasonry!
      Hail Aryana!
      Erin go Bragh!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    3. Gerald Morris Says:

      It is NOT odd that Solzhenitsyn’s latest work wasn’t published in the judeo-saxon empire, given that the 1905 Revolution was mostly the brain-baby of fat ugly jew financier Israel Lazarovich, alias, “Parvus,” who also arranged the GERMAN funding of the 1917 October Revolution and the transportation of Ulyanov (“Lenin”) in the sealed railroad car back to Russia. Solzhenitsyn’s authority is more than anglo-jewry can handle; so they’ve opted to suppress this new work through negligence; for fear that some english-literate Irish inmate of america like Yours Truly might use such Truths to further indict their kosher-kabbala.


    4. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Some comments here:


    5. Tim Harris Says:

      I have the German version and plan to translate it and put it on line, unless someone else spares me the trouble. However, I’m curious why the cryptocracy allowed it to be published in German, given how the Germans are even more clamped down than we. Anyone have a theory?

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      An author of Solzhenitsyn’s international standing cannot be ignored. The weight of truth is starting to sweep away the dam of jew lies.

    7. Tim Harris Says:

      Yes but the question is, why is it published in German but not in English?

    8. Jewedamerica Says:

      England, the United States and Canada are under far greater jewish domination than most of continental europe. That’s why the jews were able to stop it here.

    9. ein Says:

      “That’s why the jews were able to stop it here.”

      Exactly. They go where the power is. This is where the power is.
      (For the moment, anyway.)

    10. sgruber Says:

      These aggressive parasites burrow right into the heart and brain of the strongest host. I say we take an appropriate pill!

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    11. paul maleski Says:

      Do you want the English speaking jew to pack their suitcases?!

      If the answer is YES! Mother Russia, confiscate the stolen/looted assets of the billionaire Russian jew! And buy (legally), as much of the English speaking world media, as is financially possible. The dollar and pound are set to collapse, the jew has seen to that–do not throw away a golden opportunity. Then we will see, if the jew really does believe in the freedom of speech.

    12. Richard Fuerle Says:

      In the article “Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Jews” By Friedrich Braun” you may wish to mention that the book is being translated into English at: http://www.ethnopoliticsonline.com/archives/ais/ais%20main.html
      Donations are requested.