13 November, 2007

The Anderson Address

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Wow. This statement could become popular if various politicians endorse it. (Furthermore, regarding Congress and impeachment, which is mentioned in the Address: Congress refuses to impeach Bush not so much because the liberals want to use Bush’s policies for their political gain in 2008, but because of the opposition to impeachment by America’s powerful Jewish lobby. That lobby worries a) that impeachment could lead to an American withdrawal from Iraq, which could lead to anarchy there and from that anarchy could emerge a hard-line Muslim leader; and b) that impeachment could derail any aggressive plans for Iran. In other words, impeachment isn’t good for Israel):


  • 4 Responses to “The Anderson Address”

    1. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Mr. Anderson has a way with words. Powerful stuff indeed!

      Impeach the chimp, his whole GD adminstration, and run the Jews out of the USA…FTW.

      The American people will never know what hit them when the military dictatorship arrives. Because they won’t be ready for CWII.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      I am tired of these bastards.

      I bought two bumper stickers. One says, “Buck Fush”; the other says, “Fuck Bush”.

      I am mad enough to display them, but several people have told me I could get arrested for pornography or something.

      Does anyone know?

      If so, I will stick with the one that says, “Bush is a Dumbass”.

    3. Fr. John Says:

      I have already seen the first bumper sticker in a liberal state in the upper midwest.
      It looked pretty worn, so it must have been on there a while.

      Better, yet, get a Ron Paul sticker.
      really get them mad!

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Fr. John, I went to two different police stations today, and I said, “If I put a sticker on my car that says, ‘Fuck Bush’, can I get arrested?”

      I never did get a straight answer! But, to be honest, they were very considerate, and did not give me any dirty looks or such!

      But I have no illusions about them.

      The law is whatever they want it to be, and they can harass you in any way they wish, on the slightest pretext.

      Ron Paul is the man!