25 November, 2007

“The Old World In The New: The Significance Of Past And Present Immigration To The American People”

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A book by Dr. Edward A. Ross (New York: The Century Co., 1914). Ross was a well-known sociologist. His comments about Jews are interesting. Ross also manages to give the Jews praise – perhaps he was an optimist, or a Christian, or perhaps he feared Jewish power. His comments about Jews can be found by going to the “Contents” section and scrolling to Chapter VII, “The East European Hebrews” (note: pages 207 and 210 appear just after page 144, for some reason):


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    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Most of what Dr Edward Ross described in the chapter on Hebrews was right on, in describing jewish racial characteristics in the last century. The weekly jewish newspaper, The Forward, has a section on the front page devoted to news from 50, 75 and 100 years ago, and it frequently describes crimes of arson, prostitution and domestic violence in NYC jewish neighborhood. Seems they were pretty unsavory characters, just off the boat from Europe. I think Ross was simply being honest when he described their good qualities as well. They do have a gift for math and chess, and their bargaining skills were legendary, even then, as Ross said. It would be interesting to know if the verb “jewing” as in, jewing down the price, had been ascribed to them, yet. Ross wrote that they never settled for just a fair deal or just a square deal, they always wanted more and more. Rude, pushy and demanding from the get go. Seems like an accurate observation, even today.

    2. sgruber Says:

      zoomcopter wrote: “Rude, pushy and demanding from the get go.”

      The shock of my life was as a middle schooler, when my jewess teacher screamed at me in front of the class for writing a paper about an pro-American Indian filmstrip. I wrote that the filmstrip author, who gassed on about the world-shaking importance of his “sacred heritage,” seemed ethnically biased, because he strongly rejected the common heritage of our proposition nation. (Hey, I was 13.) Her kinky hair and her spittle flew as she screeched “ONLY WHITE PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST!! ONLY BLACKS CAN BE VICTIMS OF RACISM!!!!” Her out-of-control anger and aggressiveness was remarkable and wholly uncalled-for.

      Later in Brooklyn EVERY TIME I stood in a queue, some nasty jewess would poke me in the back again and again (or slam her shopping cart into the back of my knees) and demand “ARE YOU STANDING IN THIS LINE, SIR?” with the same extreme hostility as my middle school teacher. (Trying to get me to give up my place.) Talk about “rude, pushy, and demanding.” The reports that kikes spit on Christians are entirely credible.

      What did ol’ Chuck Pearson say? “There is a reason these people are periodically herded into large enclosures and killed.”

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    3. yeeuh Says:

      Ah yes, VNN hits Google Books! keywords for the wn masses!