12 November, 2007

“Why The Ron Paul Campaign Is Dangerous”

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Ron Paul’s opponents, whether left-wing or right-wing, should be nervous. Because Paul’s ideas – such as “isolationism” in foreign matters and reforming America’s money system – could spread far and wide. And some people, especially Jews, don’t want that to happen. They want America to keep fighting wars for Israel. They want unconstitutional laws to be passed, or to remain in place. They want the public to remain ignorant about how things really work in America. Paul’s ideas could make people start to ask questions about the federal government, foreign policy, taxes and the Federal Reserve system. Who knows where that could lead?


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  7. 17 Responses to ““Why The Ron Paul Campaign Is Dangerous””

    1. Fred Says:

      That was a hit piece. Plain and simple.

    2. Oldright Says:

      That story is so full of errors it’s hilarious. The content is below what you get on most GOP neocon blogs. His one factual point about Paul’s polling numbers being below 5% just became obsolete. I’ll save everyone the trouble of reading all four pages (split up to increase the site’s ratings) and post the key section:

      Why is the Ron Paul campaign dangerous?

      Despite his very real popularity across the political aisle, he is not likely to get enough people to switch parties in order to win the RNC nomination. But he is doing a great job of validating the perspective of all the negative propaganda uttered by leftists against Bush, Republicans, the War on Terror and national security. That’s not good.

      He is also doing a great job of helping the left undermine the war on terror and that’s why he’s so popular among anti-war leftists, including in the press. This is bad.

      No, you neocon stooge, this is good! The war on terror is a war on the american people for Israel.

    3. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      “Dondero continued, ‘Since 9/11 Paul has become a complete nutcase conspiratorialist quasi-Anti-Semitic leftwing American-hating nutball.'” — This blurb smear from this judeophile catamite, Dondero, sums up the entire tiny mentality of american “conservatism” such as the kike have reduced it to, and to which americans happily mutter their mantra “ditto.” Revolutionary Aryan Nationalists can but use Ron Paul’s pitiful reformist charade as an example of the absolute futility of participating in any american political process aside from armed struggle against the american system, and those who support it. Americanism, contrary to popular white nationalist delusion, has never served our racial interests because the jew-masonic artifice called “America” was created with jew supremacy as its goal. jews funded the bullshit little “American Revolution” which amounted to nothing more than a polite secession from the British crown; which had been thoroughly emasculated and put under jew control by their hireling Cromwell in the century before the creation of the Big Farce.

      Paul will merely add some slight interest to the otherwise morbidly dull Republican “campaign” which will inevitably produce some repulsive loser who will make Hillary Clinton appear to be the most desirable “choice” to the voting idiots, who will then stampede to legitimate what the jews have planned since 2000, namely, that Hillary Clinton will take the White Trash House after Duhbyuh Bush, and then continue to back their psychotic jewsade, apologizing for it all the while with the fait accompli that her IQ 90 cretin predecessor created the whole mess and that she is “just doing her best under the circumstances.”

      There is nothing to be gained by our participation even in discussing the merits of any of these circus clowns. Our decisions need to focus on which sorts of small arms to hoard up and distribute to guerrilla’s and where we are going to obtain both personnel and logistical support for the long overdue, grossly needed war of extermination we’re going to have to wage both on this continent and abroad. These are the issues we need to ponder. Our entire attitude and position regarding these absurd lemming popularity contests must be “don’t touch!” Then we can follow up with “We told you so” afterward. Thus we gain credibility with the folks who matter, Humans, not amerikwan-lemmings.

      Aryan, not “white,”
      Human, not “american”
      Revolutionist, not reformist
      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    4. Heather Blue Says:

      I changed my registration to Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primary next year. As for being dangerous to the Republican Party, let us hope so. I hope he is dangerous to the Democrat Party. I hope he is dangerous to the Conservatives and the Liberals. I hope he is dangerous to the entire political establishment. It is time we had someone dangerous to the whole miserable mess in Washington, D.C.

    5. Oldright Says:

      Before we go the revolutionary route lets give voting one last chance with Ron Paul.

    6. 2050 Says:

      i will vote for ron paul, but i think G morris is right.

    7. Rudolf the Red Nosed German Says:

      Ron Paul, Les Paul, Pall Mall…it matters not, not at all, which Paul gets the call.

      “Death to tyrants!”

    8. Wolf Says:


      Our decisions need to focus on … where we are going to obtain both personnel and logistical support for the long overdue, grossly needed war of extermination we’re going to have to wage both on this continent and abroad.

      Good luck with that.

      Who’s going to be exterminated?

      Most Whites in the jew-masonic artifice called “America” are ant-racist. They love their pet negroes and their entertaining Jews who produce the cultural filth that makes them very happy.

    9. abe foxman Says:

      Save your breath with Ron Paul. He’s been at it for 20 years and no one took his message then so why now? The reason for his popularity is not what he can give but what the rest are abysmally unable to give.
      Besides the US is a basket case. In it’s death throes and it should be left to die from the terminal sickness caught over 100 hundred years ago when the Jew was let loose on this continent by the same mindless libertarians this man used to belong to. Ron Paul will be the fall guy for decades of sloth and mammon.
      I do not doubt he is being levered into the debacle to take the dumb voter’s attention away from the mess made by the Jew and to give them the illusion that the country is somehow worth saving.

    10. Biff Baxter Says:

      That’s the real danger of Ron Paul’s campaign. It’s based on the assertion that America is still a democracy, when it fact it’s just a shitty little slave colony of Israel. The best way to throttle the Israeli blood lust is to take away their dairy cow. Oy vey, thirsty I am!

      Let’s all pray for a just God to see to it that the American dollar soon reflects it’s true worth in shekels. That alone will put the kibosh on the kosher kill krew if they don’t have the resources via U.S. tax revenues to fund their ever-widening campaign of universal extermination against the goyim worldwide. Oy! Like a snake, the best of them killed should be!

    11. Ron Paul IS THE MAN Says:

      Jews everywhere HATE the intelligent ex-baby doctor Ron Paul and for good reason since he gives them a dose of their own medicene as we know the trick a snake one must use his own tactics and hebs are all snakes every single one of them.

      Ron Paul leaves the jew media, AIPAC and the brainwashed tools like McCain and Guiliani in state of turmoil and they dont know how to take him since he makes 100% perfect sense and is 100% more intelligent than any of the bastards running or reporting from their ivory jew towers so they try to censor or ingore him but the people wont allow it. His life could be in danger therefore.

      You see Ron Paul is beating the snakes at their own game and not insulting them and this eats them up inside as they dont have an answer for him. One day people will learn that to beat a jew you must beat him at his own lies and game and do it nationally and publically since those who insult only fall into their trap and thats exactly what they love although you need to do this in order to alert others to their evil game.

      Ron Paul is a most perfect candidate with full credentials and demeanor to drive a stake through the vampires heart while he lays sleeping in his coffin and so he wont come out at night to inject his fangs into the throats of the unwary billions and suck the blood out killing the victims only to have them live eternally as their dead tool servants stalking and killing more victims.

    12. Big Effer Says:

      When everything falls apart Whites will be able to step in and eventually create something new. I have no doubt whatsoever. The old US is dead and gone. This ball-licker, JB Williams, is as bad as the guy at this blog: http://flapsblog.com/. This guy and Williams and the others want to keep their meager advertising coming in, never mind them most likely being fairly comfortable so they don’t want change. “Who cares if the US falls apart or is filled with mudmen? I’m doing OK!” We need the collapse, we need the struggle. Ron Paul’s treatment by the MSM is just more proof of who’s in charge.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      If Ron Paul is defeated, we will have to ask ourselves seriously if our morality is working for us, or against us.

      The enemy has no morality and lies about us all the time. Are we hampered by NOT lying, by NOT spinning things? Is it immoral to lie to an enemy, one who would take our children to fight in a war for God-knows-what, if not the expansion of Israel?

      I am going to court soon on a traffic violation, which I consider to be harassment. I am not going to lie, but I am going to act like Bill Clinton or John Kerry:

      Judge: Did you have your seatbelt on?

      Me: Your Honor, to the best of my recollection, I did not drive that
      day without my seatbelt. (I did not say I had it on!)

      Screw the government. They are our oppressors. They are shooting young Blacks with hairbrushes today. Tomorrow, I will be Kent State redux for Whites.

    14. Carpenter Says:

      “if allowed to continue, he will take votes away from the most conservative Republican candidates in the party, not the most liberal.”

      Umm, the whole piece is about Paul being a liberal (without a single example of why), and then this? How could he possibly take the most conservative votes if he is the most liberal candidate?

      Neocon lackeys…so full of bs.

      His one piece of “evidence” of Paul being a liberal stooge is that Paul supposedly gets a lot of money from Google. (gasp!) And Al Gore is in Google’s board of directors. So? Is Gore controlling Google? And are they supporting Paul because of liberal ideas (which?) or because they just don’t to invade more countries in the Middle East?

      Only a “handful” of Republicans are against the Iraq war. Right. Bush is the most impopular president ever. Handful indeed.

      As for the phony phone polls that show Ron Paul having little support, here are some ways to distort a phone poll: (1) you choose which districts to call, (2) you push the undecided to choose a candidate, in which case they almost always pick a mainstreamer – and more than twenty percent are always unsure of who to support when you call them. (3) You mention, at the beginning of the poll, only the names of the mainstream candidates. This is actually being done right now.

    15. ajiarcher Says:

      I’m going to write Ron Paul in if he doesn’t get the nomination. I couldn’t vote for either Bush or Kerry in the last election, so I’m not worrying about the (waste the vote) bullshit.

    16. Fr. John Says:

      Anyone else see the new name for Mrs. Clinton hitting the airwaves?

      Love it!

    17. Fr. John Says:

      or is it spelled “Hitllary” ?

      anyway, same difference