5 December, 2007

About IQ

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Dr. William Pierce once noted that even when Blacks score high on IQ tests, it doesn’t really matter, because Blacks still have difficulty thinking abstractly (which is why there are so few of them in sciences such as physics). Pierce said that most IQ tests don’t reveal the “true mental gulf” that exists between Whites and Blacks [1]:


[1] Dr. Pierce on Blacks and IQ (scroll about 1/3 down the page): [Here]

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    1. Rudolf the Red Nosed German Says:

      Nein, nein, nein…the reason there are so few blacks in sciences such as physics is because of white racism!



    2. Hans Schneider Says:

      Most black peoples brains are slower and smaller than most white ones, however the blacks seem to run faster…

    3. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      They learned to run fast, while evading the cops. . .

    4. sgruber Says:

      While evading each other. Cannibals!

    5. Carpenter Says:

      They also have much fewer IQ outliers. All races except the White race are closely gathered around their IQ mean – and the same goes for every mental talent. Women are also more closely gathered around the mean than men, in IQ and music, in mathematics and spatial recognition, and every other field. Only Whites, and in particular White males, have a large portion of outliers. A lot of low values, to be sure – they will be working in easy jobs where they don’t harm anyone. And a lot of high values – the geniuses who write the best books, the best poems, the best clasical compositions; who invent the most advanced mathematics and physics and biology, and drag the rest of mankind along with them.

      The rest of us are here to give them something to stand on, while they come up with the things that the rest of us cannot. These men are almost only found in the White race. You will find a few in the other races, but they lack the large portion of IQ outliers necessary to maintain a high-tech society.

      About Blacks, then: only 13 percent of Blacks in the United States, who have twenty percent White blood and an IQ of 85, much higher than their 70-IQ brethren in Africa, reach an IQ above 100 – the White average. Imagine then how few geniuses there are in the Black race. If they are 1.5 percent of the White race, then what about Blacks? 0.1 percent? I will not speculate, but it is clear that they will never be wearing the white lab coats and write the pathbreaking papers, except in the Jewish-made movies.

    6. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      For blacks (negroes), itz around one in 8300, or 0.012 percent. Assuming genius starts around IQ 140. (140-85 = 55. 55/15 (one SD) equals 3.67 standard deviations. The calculator will give a figure starting with .999. Subtract that figure from one, and you get 0.00012. Divide that into one, and you get 8333.

      A handy bell curve calculator for you:


    7. volksdonner.achtundachtzig Says:

      Blacks have no imagination, it is only monkey see/monkey do which they excel at in their own pitifull way. When ever I enter an argument with some jew-brainwashed idiot about this, I always pose the challenge: Name 5 things a nigger has invented that have really impacted civilization in a profound way along the likes of nuclear fusion or the printing press. All they seemed to have mustered is the golf tee (Yes really, the golf tee, WOW!). Let’s be honest we had the wheel while they barely discovered fire (if at all!). By the way, most of modern civilizations great advances where made by Germans.

    8. volksdonner.achtundachtzig Says:

      Yes they do seem to run faster though… maybe because they can’t stay out of trouble!

    9. SAGE Says:

      In “wealth of nations” Germans post fairly high IQ’s. Ashkenazi Jews developed their high IQ’s while resident in this part of Europe. I expect there was a fair amount of gene flow from German men who had children with Jewesses; hence the blonde hair and blue eyes of many Ashkenazi. Matrilineal lineage determines Jewish heredity.

      What to make of the crazy behavior then of the Ashkenazi? Personally, I favor the “lets hide among other minorities in order to not draw attention” theory. When Jews are just one more minority, then they can gain wealth and power without drawing attention to themselves. You can always expect them to fall on the liberal side of any argument, and often do things that are suicidal for their cause. A good example is undermining apartheid in South Africa. The Jews of the region now have to leave with others in white flight. While many Jews have high IQ’s it doesn’t necessarily translate into rational behavior.

      Ironically, Ashkenazi returning to Israel have stirred up trouble there. The lower IQ Semitic Jews of the region find their European Ashkenazi neighbors to be superior and offensive.