9 December, 2007

Free Talk Live Monday 12/10/07 – Get the Led Out!

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Free Talk Live Monday with Yankee Jim & Stan Sikorski presents…Get the Led Out!The icons of Aryan musical genius and muscle are back! The band that has influenced and entertained millions have decided to return to the stage in London, England for a (hopefully not) one-off reunion show.

FTL will be featuring the music of Robert, Jimmy, John & John all evening, as well as all the racialist news and views from a White perspective, without the jews between us and you. Current TNB, TJB, TSB, TQB, OGB, etc…

What’s that you say…you don’t know what TNB, TJB, TSB, TQB, and OGB is? You’ll just have to tune in to learn!

8:00 PM EST: Pre-Show Music
9:00 PM EST: Full-On Talk

Click HERE to listen

Show Thread: HERE

Visit Led Zeppelin’s web site for more reunion info: LedZeppelin.com

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    1. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Led Zep played blues, which is black music. Loud, annoying, peacockish blues, but blues.

      White people should either be honest and admit that, even if living amongst them is a bad idea, the blacks have some desireable attributes, or stick to White music only. Classical, or European folk only.

      There’s show tunes, too, but they are not only heavily influenced by Blacks, all the standards writers but Cole Porter (confirmed fag), Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael were heebs.

    2. Fr. John Says:

      Yup. And here is the problem. As a friend of mine (who is a college music prof noted: “as long as whites think that Rock is ‘a viable genre of music,’ the future of the West is that much longer denied.”

      “Back When the Yids of Tin Pan Alley started to destroy our culture, and then Gershwin brought in the ululations of the brothels into the Concert Hall via ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ etc., he did in reality, what Scott Joplin had barely done, some fifty years earlier. While Joplin played ragtime in brothels, it was looked on (correctly) as ‘darkie musc’ – it was shunned, therefore. But, by Gershwin’s day, and with the influx of ‘kulturlos’ Jews and Marxists, (and Bolshevik Jewish Marxists) to NYC, his ‘legitimization’ of nigger music for a white audience of intelligent, erudite WASPS, spelled the death knell for an indigenous ‘American’ music. ”

      “Why, even Dvorak thought that slave (nigger) music was the ‘real music’ of America, when he didn’t realize that his trips to his ethnically pure Czech enclave in Spillville, Iowa, (while he was director of the American Conservatory of Music) was a tacit acknowledgment that, while he spoke about the ‘glories of multiculturalism,’ 1890’s style, his true heart lay with Europe- which was the ONLY true home for “REAL” American music, and not the twangings of the watermelon and banjo crowd.”

      I could not have said it any better. Rock is merely nigger music (Back beat, lyrics suggesting anarchy, present-oriented pleasures, and unabashed sex) ‘whitewashed’ to appear White.

    3. ZatVosZen Says:

      I can’t see that Led Zeppelin have done much other than harm to the White case. The concert is in memory of “Turkish Muslim” Ahmet Ertegün, who I suspect was ethnically jewish. He certainly behaved like a jew:

      Ahmet’s older brother Nesuhi introduced him to jazz music, taking him to see the Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway orchestras in London at the age of nine… The brothers also frequented Milt Gabler’s Commodore Record Store, assembled a large collection of over 15,000 jazz and blues 78s, and became acquainted with musicians such as Ellington, Lena Horne and Jelly Roll Morton. Ahmet and Nesuhi staged concerts by Lester Young, Sidney Bechet and other jazz giants, often at the Jewish Community Center, which was the only place that would allow a mixed audience and mixed band. They also traveled to New Orleans and to Harlem to listen to music and develop a keen awareness of developing musical tastes… In 1946 he became friends with Herb Abramson, a dental student and A&R man for National Records, and they decided to start a new independent record label for gospel, jazz and R&B music. Financed by family dentist Dr. Vahdi Sabit, they formed Atlantic Records in September 1947 in New York City, and the first recording sessions took place that November.


      Jewish Muslims have played as an yet obscure role in Turkish history and were possibly behind the Armenian genocide:

      The Doenme were an underground sect of Sabbetaians, Turkish Jews who took Muslim names and outwardly behaved like Muslims but secretly believed in Sabbetai Zevi, the 17th-century false messiah, and conducted carefully guarded prayers and rituals in his name.


    4. Pony Says:

      In 1996 I was asked by my agent to split a rehersal studio in Hollywood with Jason…..what a total drunk lush. He didn’t learn a thing from his father, even how to play drums…he’s terrible.

    5. StuGavin Says:

      Jim and Stan successfully bridge the gap between pop culture and White Nationalism. The way they go about it is exactly what works in recruiting new people.

    6. Hengest Says:

      Like it or not, rock music is here to stay. And though it may have its roots in negro blues and r’n b it has morphed over the decades into a White cultural phenomena, so let’s not get all puritanical and censurious about it.
      How many blacks listen to Led Zep or rock in general?
      The problem I have with it is with the behavior of its “stars”…… decadence and hedonism; drugs use and promiscuity.
      Though I like much of the music, I do see that the rock n roll lifestyle is culturally and socially corrosive.

    7. Stan Says:


      “StuGavin Says:
      Jim and Stan successfully bridge the gap between pop culture and White Nationalism. The way they go about it is exactly what works in recruiting new people.”

    8. New America Says:

      One thought for Yankee Jim:

      If you have time on your hands, and someone is needed to baby-sit VNN Radio’s real-time feed, why don’t you consider running the feed for VNN Radio in your spare time?

      Thanks for the surf guitar music!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    9. John Smith Says:



    10. Steven Lee Says:

      Although Jimmy pages guitar riffs and other arrangements will likely be remembered for centuries to come, its important to note that he is part Asian. Hardly an Aryan.

    11. Stan Says:

      Yeah, his mom was 1/4 Chinese. That makes him 1/8 right? I used to jam with a guy back in the 80’s that was 1/8 Chinese and with the blonde hair and Scandanavian facial features, he buried it well.

      The concert they just played was a tribute to Atlantic Records bigwig Ahmet Ertegun who recently kicked the bucket. Although Turk, Ahmet was no jew:

      Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Ahmet and his family, including elder brother Nesuhi, moved to Washington, D.C. in 1935 with their father Münir Ertegün, who was appointed the Turkish Ambassador to the United States in that year. Münir Ertegün was a Turkish Muslim and raised Ahmet as a Muslim.[2] In 1934 it was decreed that every Turkish citizen was to choose a surname; Münir chose the name Ertegün, meaning “living in a hopeful future.”

      We have made some waves with this broadcast. Many folks have opinions regarding the racial worthyness of LZ and rock music in general. My bottom line is that LZ was the news of the day, and branding the show episode towards that news is one way to bring in some that may have gotten our words of White rebellion lodged in their brains between songs. If even one White person ends up on the forum, and even better turns to activism because they were listening to the LZ show, then we have done our job.